autumn2017 volume 50 issue 1

Our children and teenagers are being challenged more and more for the
reasons of their faith: at school, in the media, online and with their friends.
They are living in a hostile, secular community and as a result, our kids are
needing more solid answers for not only WHAT they believe but WHY they
I attended a worthwhile seminar last term on “Reason For Hope”. It was both
timely, and challenging. It confirmed my conviction that our children today
will not survive spiritually on 2nd hand faith or borrowed faith from their
parents. As I listened to the statistics of how many fall away from their faith
once they go to University or once they have left home, my alarm bells were screaming. On a conservative
approach, 61% of our young people are losing their faith, and some studies are showing up to 88%.

THE REASON for this: a lack of robust spiritual training, resulting in featherweight faith.

We have to have an intentional plan to develop our children and they need to have
their own faith. We, as parents, grandparents and teachers, need to be there to
correct their misunderstandings from their friends, media and school worldviews.

Questions to Consider:
How do you know Jesus existed?(outside the Bible)
How do we know Jesus was the Son of God?
How do we know He rose again from the dead?
How do we know the Bible is Truth?
These questions are by no means exhaustive, however they are a taste of where we need to be heading with our
Christian education. If we are not educating ourselves to educate our children, a secular worldview will take over.

“Teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the
road; when you lie down and when you get up.” Deuteronomy 11:19

We MUST train our children in not only the “what” we believe but “why” we believe what we believe.

At CBM, our aim is to impart critical, robust teaching that will flow through our camps, our
discipleship material and our training with teachers and parents. Let’s be committed to equip,
prepare and respond effectively to these reasons of faith with confidence.
We’re praying for you!
*Kia Kaha-Be Strong, Kia Mia-Be Steadfast, Kia Manawanui-Be Willing*

Mike Buckley ,International Director
Marion West, a much loved team member since 1985,
has gone to be with the Lord after a 12 year battle
with cancer.
A qualified pre-school teacher, Marion joined the
team after completing Bible College at Orama
Christian Fellowship. Children loved her
life-related storytelling in our Camps, Bible in
Schools, Clubs and Children’s Church. Many are thankful for the follow-up in the Bible correspondence course
they did with her after they came to know the Lord.
She had a passion for working with the 3–6 year olds and initiated the production of our Ready-Set-Go
curriculum. Our International students were greatly impacted by her vision. Vasanthi Sandarabose, our CBM
Singapore Director, picked up her mantle for Singapore and the neighbouring regions and as a result has done an
outstanding work with that age group.
Declining health caused Marion to concentrate her efforts on serving customers in our bookshop and through mail
orders. Her thankful attitude in all circumstances has greatly impacted our lives.

Thank you Marion for dedicating your life to reaching children of N.Z. and around the world.
This is goodbye....for nown

international happeings
Seven international students joined us for four months
training. They were from five countries, four of which
we had not had students from before – Fiji, Myanmar,
Papua-New Guinea and Malawi. We are extremely grateful
to those who donated towards the costs for two of them.


Mackinly, from Malawi, has recently
completed initial training with a church,
where the leader said afterwards,
Grace teaching
“I have heard Matthew 18 in a the children in
her children’s
different way. May you pray for me so home
that God can forgive me and my church
for being a stumbling block to
children for so long.”
international happenings CON’T
I n d i a Tr i p 2 0 1 6 The Odisha training was in a very remote place,
reached in turn by plane, by train up through 50 tunnels in the mountains, and then by a four
hour road trip, half of which was over bad roads through jungle areas
where bears and tigers roam. Jean was very disappointed to see noth-
ing more than a few monkeys!
The course itself was attended by over 60 people including those
from interior places that had no Sunday Schools. Several churches
purchased the Oriya curriculum so they can begin spiritual ministry to
There are many Naxalites (communist guerrillas) in the area so we
could not walk in the streets, and in the week after we left there was a big shootout between Naxalites and the
State Police with 20 dead and others brought to the local hospitals. How good is God’s timing!
Two courses followed in Jalandhar, Punjab, where the Punjabi curriculum was introduced, and in Goa where 60
attended from six Indian states.

20th Anniversary
In March we publicly celebrated the 20th anniversary of CBM’s ministry in India. For those who
could not make this evening, a booklet is available giving an update on the work of the four CBM
branches there, and the professionally made video we showed is also available.
We are delighted to report that Maureen Ravuri who graduated from the CBM
course in 2010, has just received her M.A. in Professional Counselling. Maureen is a daughter of
Sam and Veronica Ravuri who began the India work. Veronica was able to visit the States for
Maureen’s graduation.

Our desire is to keep the artwork in our curriculums updated, but it is an expensive undertaking!
We were greatly encouraged by a donation to pay for new artwork for our series of eight lesons
on the Life of Moses. Of course, the next financial hurdle will be to get it printed at a cost of
Translations of the ‘Life Changers’ curriculum continue, with Year 1 of Portuguese and Year 3
of Garo now in progress. We have been asked for Spanish, and we are praying for the person
to do the translation. Please pray for the person God will bring!

AFRICA Congo AFRICA zambia
Rodney Devdas from our Mumbai Branch will be After our course there was called off at the last
conducting four days of training in Brazzaville
minute in 2016 due to post-election riots, we are
(Rep of Congo) during September. This is a
French speaking country which has two million returning to Zambia in August!
children and over 40% live below the poverty Hugh Dickey will run four days of training for
line. While half the population are Protestant the local Children’s Ministry Network in
Christians, our friend in Gabon, who organises our Lusaka, assisted by our 2017 graduate,
Francophone courses, tells us that there has previously
Mackinly Kbaghe from neighbouring Malawi.
been no training for children’s ministry in that country.
Therefore, Rodney will be planting in virgin soil and will WILL YOU CONSIDER PARTNERING WITH
need our prayers, and also provision for his airfares and other US TO MAKE THIS POSSIBLE ? (Cost $2600)
course expenses. ($2000)
Holiday Camp
We are so thankful that Jesus has real
answers for very real life traumas! At
times, it seems the stories we are hearing
from children and the circumstances in which they are living, are getting worse!
Praise God we are able to offer HOPE!
As we prayed with so many kids last holidays, we reminded those children who were brokenhearted in
spirit, that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is available to them at that moment, to heal and
fill them with His love. As they saw this for themselves, they released the mountains of hurt they had on the
inside. Smiles returned to their faces and sorrow turned to joy as they encoun-
tered the Lord through prayer, devotions and praise/worship.
In the second week of camp we saw God move very powerfully,
especially among our Maori children. They sang an amazing worship song
called, “Kia Kaha – Be Strong, Be Steadfast, Be Willing”-- It took off! They
wouldn’t stop worshipping! We stopped playing, they kept worshipping!
Thank you Lord!
We saw over 50 children receive the Lord for the first time and many, many more ministered to as
they responded to various challenges throughout the week. What a privilege it is to be there for them in their
time of need.
Much Back Pet
Goodbye & Thanks So
er, Chan
and Kimb
Patrick and Heather
We farewell Patrick and Heather
Watson after nearly six years
serving the Lord as Cooks at Camp
Raglan. They have made many Peter was
children, leaders and staff feel so on the team
much at home, as they have not only seven years
dished up amazingly delicious food, ago and
but loved us dearly with their massive we warmly
hearts. Patrick now has his gold card welcome
and is retiring and Heather will have them back to
a rest before looking for some work in Whanganui. They will Camp Raglan. Peter comes to us as an
both be thrilled to be closer to the grandchildren and children. experienced cook and we are all really
Thank you Patrick and Heather for your incredible faithfulness looking forward to having them back as
to the Lord and all of us at CBM. part of the CBM team.

Mobile Mission Maintenance
MMM are coming back to camp in August to help us with some maintenance and
project work. If anyone has one or more spare days to help out, please let us know.
MMM have stood by CBM /Camp Raglan for over 20 years. Without these incredible
people who volunteer their time, labour, and skills, our camp would not be as beautiful
as it is. Thank you MMM for your tireless love and dedication in serving organisations like ourselves. You
always come with smiles on your faces and your servant hearts are something we all admire!!
New Zealand Training
The first term is always a busy one for the training team, with our
regular courses continuing at HQ in Auckland and also in churches around
the country. Team trainer, Donna Funk, was recently in Wellington
(see picture to the left), giving specialised training to a church on ministry
to children with special needs. Many doors are opening for Donna to go
and offer training and consulting in this vital area of ministry.
This same course, “Special to God”, will next be held at
our Auckland base on 19th August. Anyone with a child in
their family or children’s church with emotional/learning disabilities and challenges, will get lots
of practical ideas from this day...SO SPREAD THE WORD!
As a regular part of the training in New Zealand, the team give three days of teaching to stu-
dents at Faith Bible College. We were encouraged recently when we were back at Faith, by a
testimony from a student who had attended our training the previous year.

“The children’s ministry class really changed
my perception on children. It also gave me
a love for kids that I never thought I’d have.
Just want to say that the harvest is in the
children. It is a very crucial part of
ministry.” Cynthia (2nd year student FBC)

Our 8th annual Kids Connect camp
was held in March this year. Looking back, it’s
interesting to see how the camp has evolved
over the years. We originally targeted children with
physical disabilities but more and more
we see children coming with learning
difficulties and children on the
autistic spectrum. It’s a joy to minister to
these young people, regardless of their
disability (or as Donna has coined,
“diffability”- different abilities) and to
see many of them come back each year. This year’s theme was “Kids Around
the World” and as usual the leaders, buddies and campers all entered into the
fun wearing great costumes.

Tool Time: Saturday 24th June at Auckland HQ 9-3:30pm
Topics Covered: Using the Bible with kids, Object lessons,
Prayer, Games, Music, Art as Ministry
Ministry to Young Children: 5th August in Hamilton
(Call the office for more info)
Special to God: Ministering to Needs of Special Kids
Saturday 19 at August HQ 9-3:30pm
Master Storytelling 9th Sept Auckland HQ 9-3:30pm
CBM bookshop
The CBM Bookshop is an important part of the CBM ministry. We aim to provide
quality and valuable resources for those working with children.
We sell CBM produced children’s church curriculum and a massive range of
visualised lessons, as well as quality and competitively priced children’s
reading books, Bibles, devotionals, CD’s & DVD’s, resource books and
discipleship studies.

You can visit us at 9 Walters Road, Mt Eden, AUCKLAND 09.630.5271
Open Monday to Friday 9 to 5pm (except in school holidays) or
shop on-line from the comfort of your home anytime or anywhere. www.shop.cbm.org.nz
Check out NZ’s largest range of children’s ministry resources and books in one place at CBM

all purchases over $10 made before 5 July 2017
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#God’s presence in our holiday camps and all the children who came to know the Lord.
#Twenty fruitful years of ministry in India.
#Provision of two new vans and a car to replace our old ones. (These were paid for from our vehicle
replacement fund)
#People challenged and encouraged as a result of our training courses both in New Zealand and overseas.
#Provision of a Raglan Camp cook.
#God working through our India staff in recent summer outreaches to children.

#Provision for our two upcoming Africa trips – airfares and course costs.
#Wisdom and endurance for those translating our curriculum.
#For the health of the CBM Staff and their families
#Our July Survival camp that God may deeply challenge and touch these 11-14 year olds.

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