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Inductive Grammar Chart
(Unit 1, page 4)

GRAMMAR. Information questions with be: Review
Look at these questions and answers.
Information questions Answers
Whoʼs your teacher? Sheʼs Mrs. Nieto.
Who are they? Theyʼre my classmates.
Whereʼs she from? Sheʼs from Argentina.
What city are you from? Weʼre from Los Angeles.
Whatʼs his e-mail address? Itʼs
What are their names? Andrea and Steven.
How old is your brother? Heʼs twenty-six.
How old are they? Sheʼs twelve, and her little sister is eight.

Circle the correct answer.
1. What questions words begin questions about:
a) people? _________
b) people? _________ or _________
c) things? _________
d) ages? _________

2. What comes first in information questions with be?
a) the subject b) the verb be

Top Notch 1, Second Edition Unit 1
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