Soalan Rubrik Penskoran Markah
1 (a) Germination of seed 2
Discovery of new hanpdhone
Occurrence of day and night
Construction of skyscrapers

(b) i) True 1
ii ) False 1
2 (a) X = Burette 2
Y = Measuring cylinder
(b) i) Vernier Calipers 1
ii) 2.80 + 0.06 = 2.86 cm ( unit must be correct ) 1
3 (a) A = Cell wall
B = Cell membrane 4 =2m
C = Vacuole 2-3 = 1m
D = Cytoplasm 1 = 0m
(b) i) Plant cell 1
ii) Have a cell wall / 1
Have a fixed shape /
Large vacuole
4 (a) Object State of matter
Chair Solid 4 =2m
2-3 = 1m
Cooking oi Liquid 1 = 0m
Steam Gas
Iron Solid
(b) Heat water and add salt mixture and tea leaves and 2
evaporate the solution
5 (a) 3 =3m
Epithelium X 2 = 2m
1 = 1m
Sperma X
0 = 0m
(b) i) Respiratory system 1
ii) - She is having flu/influenza 1
- Prevent infectious disease to others 1
6 (a) - Reproduction is important to increase the number of 3
organism/elephants/of the species
- To ensure the continuity of a species so that it will not
- The future generation still can recognise or see the

Blood vessels inside the skin constrict 1 (d) Enables enzymes to function optimally at 37ᵒ C to regulate 1 all chemical reactions inside living cells 8 (a) Oxygen 1 (b) To absorb sunlight energy 1 (c) Water + Carbon dioxide Glucose + Oxygen (d) . green plant use oxygen and 1 give out carbon dioxide at night. (b) .Regulation of temperature 1 (c) .Reserve the honey/nectar 1 (Coarse and sticky pollen grains/ large flowers/ sticky stigma/ easy to attached to insects) .: Any suitable answers .The body shivers 1 .: Any suitable answers ii) P1 .: Any suitable answers 10 (a) i) Pollen grains 1 ii) To receive pollen grains 1 iii) Sugar solution will be secreted/ pollen tube will grow 1 (b) i) Cross pollination 1 ii) Malinja Rice / MRQ50 / MR211 / MR 220 1 .meat / milk / egg 2 . 9 (a) Mother’s milk has a balanced diet/ contains all the 1 essential nutrients for a baby.Regulation of water content 1 . 7 (a) i) The maintenance of the internal environment in 1 the body of an organism (b) .It is not suitable 1 .Petals with attractive colours 1 P2 . which are male 1 parent that carries male reproductive cell (sperm) and female parent that carries female reproductive cell (ovum) whereas asexual reproduction only one parent involved.Contains antibodies that can protect a baby from certain 3 diseases .Relationship between mother and baby will become closer and it is important for the emotional development of the baby .: Any suitable answers (c) i) Fruit sweeter/ bigger/more resistant to insect attack and 1 diseases .rice / bread 2 Protein . Thus.Because during respiration. it competes with human for oxygen.Has better digestion compared to formula milk (c) Carbohydrate . (b) (i) Vegetative reproduction 1 Tissue culture 1 Sexual reproduction involves two parents.

The zygote will formed 1 .The distance between particles is far 1 .Ligation method is permanent and cannot cause Amran’s 1 wife get pregnant again 13 (a) i) The materials separated and form a layers in a large glass 2 because these materials have different density .Keep gas cylinder in a vertical position 11 .Kinetic energy of particles contain in butane gas tank is 1 high ii) .A larger air spaces/ 1 .Embryo will implant to the wall of the uterus 1 (Menstrual cycle stopped temporarily/ The woman become pregnant) (b) i) Mechanical birth control: 2 P1 – The husbands using condoms E1 – Avoid semen from enter the female reproductive system Or P2 – The wife using IUCD E2 – To avoid the implantation of embryo Or P3 – The wife using a diaphragm E3 – To block sperms from entering the uterus ii) P1 – Ligation methods 1 E2 – This method to prevent the fusion of ovum and 1 sperm E3 – Fertilisation does not occur and the zygote will not 1 formed iii) .Do not put hot objects near the gas cylinder 11 (c) i) Aerosol can 1 ii) Aerosol can are sensitives to high temperatures and can 1 explode 12 (a) i) Blood / lining of the uterine wall /dead ovum 1 ii) .11 (a) 1 The air particles far apart from each other // 1 The space particles is large// 1 The air particles has high kinetic energy (b) i) Gas is easier to compressed to high pressure liquid because .Amran and wife want a temporary method / They still 1 want children .

The 50 cents coint is placed in the middle of both set-square. The difference 1 between both readings is the answer for the diameter of the 50 cents coint.House works become easier and efficient 1 .Easy to use 1 .Clean indoor air pollution 1 SKEMA PEMARKAHAN TAMAT .Use buoy during swimming 1 . ii) 2 Water Evaporate Corn Palm milk syrup sugar Increasing density iii) .Sucking the dust in the house 1 .90 = Mass 30 1 Mass = 8.Air is less dense than water makes it float on water 1 (c) i) E 2 A B D C ii) Density = Mass Volume 8.Popcorn floating above mentioned materials 1 . 1 (c) i) Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 1 ii) .Popcorn has lowest density 1 (b) .Cleaning process become faster 1 iii) .90 x 30 Mass = 267 g/cm3 1 (Unit must be correct) 14 (a) i) 18 cm2 1 ii) 15 cm2 1 iii) 22 cm2 1 (b) Diagram: 1 Explaination: Place the meter rule on the table.