The following changes should be made to the Shadowrun, Enhanced Accuracy (Automatics) (0.

25), Improve Ability (Pis-
Fifth Edition core rulebook to ensure consistency and coher- tols) (0.5), Improved Potential (Social) (0.5), Mystic Armor 1
ence, and occasionally to correct something that did not work (0.5), Voice Control 1 (0.25)
as we intended.
PLAYTESTING CREDITS (P. 7) “Herding” and “Lockpicking” should be removed from this
The following people should have been listed as play- list, as they are not skills in SR5.
testers, and we sincerely regret the omission: Jason Bertsche,
Kyle Johntz Connor, Daniel Dunchack, Christian Hayes, Ken’ TROLL AND DWARF GEAR COSTS (P. 94,
Horner, Thomas J. Howell, Richard Ingram, Ilya Medvedev,
Peter Milnes
The paragraph that begins “When a character factors in ra-
TROLL LIFESTYLE COSTS cial modifiers” has information about gear costs for dwarves
and trolls that does not apply in SR5. That paragraph should be
(P. 65, METATYPE & SPECIAL ATTRIBUTES) removed and replaced with the following: “If the player finds
The second sentence of this section needs to be clarified. that he or she has more than the 5,000 nuyen that can be saved
Change: “Trolls receive Thermographic Vision, +1 Reach, (or even if he or she hasn’t), there are a few essential pieces of
and Dermal Armor, but they also receive the disadvantage gear to consider when building a shadowrunner. You’ll want a
of having to pay an additional fifty percent for gear because commlink (p. 438) to stay in touch and to keep your gear rela-
everything—including cyberware and bioware—must be tively safe from hackers. A fake SIN (p. 442), along with some
specially modified to meet their massive physical require- fake licenses, will help smooth dealing with law enforcement or
ments.” To “Trolls receive Thermographic Vision, +1 Reach, even simple purchases like buying a bus ticket or covering a bar
and Dermal Armor, but they also have the disadvantage of tab. For more ideas, see the Gear Checklist sidebar.”
having their Lifestyle costs doubled to reflect the costs of
adapting everything they use—especially their gear, includ- SAMPLE CHARACTER CHANGES
ing cyberware or bioware—to meet their massive physical
requirements.” Several changes are needed to the sample characters, in-
cluding the following:
The Street Samurai should have a contact added: Fixer
DWARF RACIAL BONUSES (Connection 4, Loyalty 2)
(P. 66, METATYPE ATTRIBUTE TABLE) The Street Shaman’s Social limit should be changed from
“Thermographic Vision” should be added as a racial bonus 7 to 8.
for dwarves. The Combat Mage’s Physical limit should be changed from
6 to 5.
The Face’s Physical limit should be changed from 3 to 4,
MYSTIC ADEPT POWER POINTS and Mental limit changed from 5 to 6.
(P. 71, CHOOSE MAGIC OR RESONANCE) The Tank’s Physical limit should be changed from 10 to 9 (11).
The amount of karma mystic adepts spend to buy Power The Decker’s Mental limit should be changed from 6 (7) to 7.
Points is changed from 2 Karma to 5 Karma per full Power The Drone Rigger’s Physical limit should be changed from
Point. This also means the fifth bullet point under Mystic Ad- 6 to 5 (6), and the Mental limit changed from 5 to 6.
epts on p. 69 should be changed. The Sprawl Ganger’s limits should be changed from Physi-
cal 8, Mental 4, Social 5 to Physical 9, Mental 5, Social 6.
Since one of the example characters (the one being cre- The Bounty Hunter’s Physical limit should be changed
ated by Kyra) is a mystic adept, this entails some changes in from 7 to 9, and Social limit changed from 4 to 5.
that character. She buys 2 Power Points at character creation
instead of 5, and spends them to buy the following powers:


1 Current as of 02/09/2014

” The following sentence should be removed from the Block description and added to the Parry description: “Bonus die. 142. 184. 134.” Tests is listed. PROGRESSIVE RECOIL. a Simple or Complex Action other than shooting. TARGET ROLL ON INTIMIDATION TESTS an action other than shooting for an entire Action Phase. EXAMPLE. 153. 183. SENSOR DEFENSE TABLE) BIOTECH SKILL GROUP (P. Gunnery + Agility [Accuracy]” vides a Magic rating. CLIMBING TABLE) (P. suppressive fire. MULTIPLE ATTACKS. 141. the second sentence of cle-mounted weapons are fired using Weapon Skill + Agility this paragraph should be altered. the incorrect test for the target of Intimidation forced into. Magician. ROLL INITIATIVE) (P. change: “Pilot + [Model] Stealth [Handling]” to: “Pilot + Biotechnology should be added to Biotech skill group [Model] Evasion [Handling]” ROLL INITIATIVE TERM CORRECTION MULTIPLE ATTACK AND EDGE CLARIFICATION (P. such DAMAGING VEHICLE PASSENGERS as die from a relevant weapon foci.COM 2 Current as of 02/09/2014 . and the fire’s like grenades and rockets—these attacks affect both passen- DV increases to 4P. Change: “Edge spent on this test adds into the pool before it is divided.” gers and vehicles. or SENSOR DEFENSE TEST CORRECTION Mystic Adept. the entry The second sentence of the paragraph currently reads: of 2 meters should be changed to 20 meters + 1 meter per hit.” It should read: “Recoil penalties are cumulative over every Ac- (P. PARAGRAPH 3) of the paragraph. while dice from both (P. full-automatic bursts and area-effect weapon attacks of the paragraph: “The next Combat Turn begins. 172. characters must be an Aspected Magician. PARAGRAPH 1) FIRE EXAMPLE CORRECTION The following change should be made in the last sentence (P.” To: “Dice gained by spending CLARIFICATION IN BLOCK & PARRY Edge applies before the pool is split. characters must have a quality that pro. SKILL GROUP LIST) The table lists the wrong defense for drones. or is forced into.” To: “The exceptions to this rule are ram- ming. happen during the Action Phase” to “The order in which things make the following change to clarify how Edge is applied in happen during the Combat Turn” multiple attacks.” SHADOWRUNTABLETOP.” To: “In order to acquire magic-specific skills. “Recoil penalties are cumulative over every Action Phase and Combat Turn unless the character takes. PARAGRAPH 1) In the Movement Distance column for rappelling. 168. DAMAGE AND PASSENGERS. INTERRUPT ACTIONS) pools can be re-rolled with a single use of Edge. 175. or is On line 4. 196. PARAGRAPH 2) In the second sentence. GUNNERY) MAGICAL SKILLS CLARIFICATION The first paragraph lists the incorrect skill used in firing ve- (P. It should be changed from “Intimidation + Will- power [Social]” to “Charisma + Willpower” VEHICLE-MOUNTED WEAPONS CORRECTION (P. can be added to this test. On the last line. It should be changed from: “Vehi- To clarify who can use these skills. SOCIAL SKILL TESTS.” (P. 205. Change: “In order to acquire [Accuracy]” To: “Vehicle-mounted weapons are fired using magic-specific skills. 158.” CORRECTION (P. TABLE) tion Phase and Combat Turn unless the character takes. and area-effect weapon attacks like grenades and rockets—these attacks affect both passengers and vehicles.RAPPELLING DISTANCE RECOIL CLARIFICATION (P. change “The order in which things In the second paragraph of the Multiple Attacks section. MAGICAL SKILLS) hicle-mounted weapons. Change: The exceptions to this rule are ram- The following sentence should be added at the beginning ming.

it loses its magical nature and the spell is lost. 324) instead of gaining a metamagic. 256. 286. (P. rounded up. change: “Force x 2 Logic attribute. ASTRAL INTERSECTIONS. get one. so an ad- whenever you increase your Magic attribute. PREPARATION. as does the host itself. HOMUNCULUS STAT BLOCK) do. PARAGRAPH 2) PREPARATIONS AND LYNCHPINS The fifth sentence of the paragraph should be altered. To: “For every point (or fraction thereof) of Essence lost. you get a free Power Action. COMBAT SENSE CHARACTERISTICS) Crack File should be removed from the Sleaze section of Change: “(Active. RESIST PAIN SPELL) INTRUSION COUNTERMEASURES. and you can gain a Power Point through Initiation (p. change the you as long as it still owes you at least one task.” To: “You can deactivate a focus at any time with a Free a metamagic. Change: “You can deactivate a focus at any a Power Point through Initiation (p. 365.” Add: “You test listed in the second paragraph from: “Magic + Charisma can register a number of sprites equal to or less than your [Astral]” to: “Magic + Charisma”. and you can gain dition is needed.” [Force]” to: “Force x 2” POWER POINTS AND MAGIC CLARIFICATION DEACTIVATING FOCUS CLARIFICATION (P. both Change: “When Potency reaches 0 it loses its magical nature and your current Resonance Attribute and your maximum Reso.” To: “If you’re an adept.” REGISTERING SPRITE LIMIT (P. so if one IC program marks. PARAGRAPH 2) The drain value should be changed from: “(Damage Value) The fourth sentence of the paragraph should be changed – 6” to: “F – 4” as follows.” TEST CORRECTION (P. 305. so if one IC program is slapped with a mark. FOCI. 250. RESONANCE. or the lynchpin is nance Rating are reduced by one. RESIST PAIN DRAIN CORRECTION IC AND MARKS CLARIFICATION (P. 244. 316. Psychic)” To: “(Passive. 279.” Change the Homunculus movement from “15/30” to “x2/ x4/+1” RESONANCE AND ESSENCE CLARIFICATION (P. THE FINISHED Change: “Whenever you lose Essence (after character gener.” To: “The IC in a host and the host itself share marks.” The last sentence of the paragraph needs an addition. the spell is lost. Psychic)” the table. 247. PARAGRAPH 1) ation).MATRIX ACTIONS CORRECTION (P. Similarly.” To: “When Potency reaches 0. they all HOMUNCULUS MOVEMENT CORRECTION (P. POWER POINTS PARAGRAPH) (P. PARAGRAPH 2) (P. CLARIFICATION (P.COM 3 Current as of 02/09/2014 . ASTRAL INTERSECTION TEST CORRECTION REGISTERING A SPRITE. MOTION SENSORS PARAGRAPH A test in the paragraph about motion sensors needs to be changed from: “Infiltration + Agility” to: “Sneaking + Agility” SHADOWRUNTABLETOP. PARAGRAPH 2) After this sentence: “Your registered sprite will stay with Since two-attribute tests do not use limits. you lose an equal amount of Resonance. and so does the host itself. 289. COMBAT SENSE CORRECTION MATRIX ACTIONS BY LIMIT TABLE) (P. PARAGRAPH 3) Change to following sentence: “You get a free Power Point No action was assigned to deactivating a focus. Change: “The IC in a host and the host itself share marks. 318.” Point whenever you increase your Magic attribute (though this doesn’t apply to mystic adepts.” broken. 324) instead of gaining time. they all 298.

” To: “The dice pool penalty for shooting around corners is SHOUT OUT reduced to –1. 391-392) For ease of reference. remove “Data Search 5” Cyberprogram. but special thanks to Patrick Goodman and Ghislain Bonnotte for their extra work. 444. OPTICAL & IMAGING DEVIL RAT SKILL CORRECTION (P. Johnson. 442.NON-PLAYER CHARACTER STAT CHANGES AUTOSOFT REFERENCE (P.COM 4 Current as of 02/09/2014 . change “Com.” “Computer 7”. SOFTWARE) (PP. 441. AUTOSOFT PRICES (P. common use: NATURAL WEAPON POWER CORRECTION Program/Software Avail Cost (P. remove “Data Search 5” The following listing should be inserted in the table before In the skill listing of Mr. 404) DEVICES TABLE) “Dodge 5” should be removed from the devil rat’s skill list. change “Ac- tion: Complex” to Action: Auto” MONOCLE AVAILABILITY AND PRICE CORRECTION (P. SHADOWRUNTABLETOP. The monocle entry should be changed to: PERISCOPE WIRELESS BONUS CHANGE (P. 399) Autosoft Rating x 2 Rating x 500¥ In the listing for the Natural Weapon power. 269. change “Computer 6” to drones. SOFTWARE TABLE) puter 4” to “Computer 5”. see p. the following entry should be insert- The following changes need to be made to non-player ed between the Agents and cyberprograms and Datasofts character stat blocks: entries: “Autosofts: For information on these programs for In the skill listing of the Fixer. remove “Data Search 8” In the skill listing of the Mafia Consiglieri. 432) Monocle (Capacity 1–4) — Rating x 120¥ The wireless bonus entry should be changed from: “The dice pool penalty for shooting around corners is reduced to –2.” Thanks to all the SR5 crew for their assis- tance on this.