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Animal Cruelty in the Circus
An essay by Wesley Beattie for a wonderful teacher at Marshall
Academy who is is going out of his way to offer me a special
exception to my grades.
Wesley Beattie



Animal Cruelty in the Circus
A Bengal tiger at Ringling Brother’s circuses is forced to pose in front of a camera in
uncomfortable pose while the trainers beat him. He hardly ever gets out of the cage and when he does
this is how he is treated. The tiger is scared and desperate to get away and see this as his chance he
lunges at the trainer, Richard Copperfield, and attempts to attack but the trainers brother was quicker,
he throws the tiger into a crate and locks him inside. He then pumps five bullets into the tiger at point-
blank range.

This is one of many stories of animal cruelty. Animal cruelty is grossly over looked. These
animals have been taken from their homes, brought to a training facility to beaten and tortured into
being submissive, and then put into performance. Trainers are taught to beat the animals for any reason
to keep them submissive. These trainers have killed animals. Ringling brothers circus alone has killed at
least 30 elephants since 1992, four of which were baby elephants. A 4yr old elephant drowned while
swimming unsupervised. A 3yr old elephant died after being forced to perform with respirator diseases.
A 8yr old elephant was killed after both hind legs were fractured when it fell off a circus pedestal.

Animal cruelty is in no way justifiable and it is downright inhumane. This is the Holocaust all over
again. I know I may being hurting people but these are beings and they have been alienated of their
inalienable rights. These animals aren’t aloud to roam worry-free in their natural environment because
of the circuses and poachers and other organizations that hunt these animal for sport and
entertainment, just like the Jews . The animals are aware of what Is happening and they hide, just like
the Jews. The animals if caught are beaten and treated worse then scum, just like Jews. Many Jews were
treated like this and many were killed; more than animals, but animals are only kept alive for show.
Many Jews went into hiding including the famous Anne Franke family.

Many people feel that animals are lower than them and it is not always their fault many have
just grown up in a society that doesn’t think otherwise likewise the one we have today. My own English
teacher (whom I hold nothing against I am merely using him as an example) said to me while discussing
relating animal cruelty to the holocaust: “There is a difference between the death of an animal and a
human”. Yet there isn’t they are both beings and deserve rights. When I expressed this to him he replied
with, “Well look at what your eating”. I looked down and realized he was talking about my beef stew.
Though God has given us the right to take what we need and eat meats after the flood, as stated in
genesis 1.29-30. He also gave us the responsibility to take care of the animals, not beat them to death.
Some people however have realized what really has happened like Miami Herald he stated on
Jan 5,2008; “As his family stood in the cold, drizzling rain outside American Airlines Arena, waiting to see the
new Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus show Friday night, 14-year-old George Fuentes stood
transfixed by a protester’s DVD. It showed circus elephants being whipped by trainers. The video was part of
an exhibit by the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida. ”It’s horrible what they did. I don’t feel like watching
the circus anymore,” said George, who lives in Miami.” If a 14yr old boy can understand why can’t the rest of
the world.

So I leave you on this note hoping you’ve realized that animals don’t belong under the big top and
hoping that you have learned something.