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Origami: The Japanese Art of Paper- Folding

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The Researcher

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INSTRUCTIONS: Put a check on your desired answer.
1. Do you find origami interesting?
2. Is origami well known ?
3. Do you think that origami is useful to make a place or
surrounding look attractive?
4. Do you think that origami is useful to make gifts & presents
for several occasions, events, &, the holidays?

can you use other materials like cloth or plastic? 10. Division of City Schools Olongapo Wesley School. Do you think that origami is a waste of paper? 9. Do you find origami complicated & had a difficult time following the instructions? 8. Olongapo City Tel. Inc. Do you consider origami as a piece of art? 7. (047) 223-2804|(047) 222-2701 5. # 890 Rizal Avenue. Besides paper. Nos. Do you think that origami let’s a person express His/her artistic side? 6. East Tapinac. Do you consider the origami crane as the iconic symbol for origami? Origami? .