Nama : 1.

Cicik Pitasari

2.Dinda Amelia D.C


To apologize is to tell someone that you are sorry for having done something that has caused him
inconvenienceor unhappiness.

Making apology :


2.i am very sorry

3.i apologize for ....

4.please excuse me.

5.please accept my apology. stupid


Eccepting apology :

1.never mind doesn’t matter

3.that’s all right

4.that’s ok

5.please don’t be worry

Dialog expressing apology :

Septi : i am astoundingly pitiful for my blunders

Jerri : that is ok

Septi : i apologize i hurted you sentiments

Jerri : forget about it

Septi : i am astoundingly pitiful i had various blunders

Jerri : yes , it doesn’t have any kind of effect