Extra-Curricular Proposal

Guitar Excul:

Citayam, 30 May 2017


Dear Mr./Mrs.

Based on the interest of several students in the body of Music, this letter is a proposal to form an
Music (Guitar) club or extra-curricular class in Narada School. The main goal of this class is to provide
a fun opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge in Music, to better equip the students to
compete in Music and to prepare the students in taking Music study in university particularly guitar

It is our hope that this proposal will be approved. Enclosed with this are the planned activities
(syllabus) along with minimal purchases needed to conduct the class in 2 semesters. Feel free to
contact me with any questions you may have. Thank you for your consideration.


Septian Dwi Cahyo

To help them to play classical guitar.  Student also will have another experience to playing music instruments together with their friends. Semester 1 1. 3.1. 4. etc)  Guitar Techniques (ThisTo play a music instrument. playing an instruments. Venue. For music video example. including its techniques) 2. BENEFITS TO STUDENTS By doing Music projects students will:  Have much less difficulty in understanding music theory.1. create composition. arranging. Understanding Basic Music Theory and Guitar Component Day 1 Understanding basic music theory: Time Signature.  Foots tool.  Loudspeakers.1. we have to knowing the basics.  Have better opportunity in music competition or festivals. Each student will use one music stand to put the score that they studying. Page 2 of 3 . This is actually basic parts of music that students could apply in many music scene such as composing. Notes Value.  Projector. etc. Extra cupboard or table may be needed to store the tools and equipment. Tools and Equipment. TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT 3. This activity also could shape social interactive among students. To play music example. This topic is essentially:  Music Theory (Music Theory is the basic knowledge of music that could implemented to play some instruments)  Solfegio (Solfegio is a hearing practice to spread musical sensivity particularly in hearing and will help us to play instruments.2. SYLLABUS (DRAFT) 4.  Develop structured and creative thinking through music.  Music Stand. so student could read the score easily. music lab will be used. TOPICS The Extra-curricular topics relate to the implementation of music theory and its application using guitar. 3.

Understanding More Advanced Guitar Techniques 2. Composing a short composition for guitar instrument 5.2. Arranging for guitar instrument 4. Reading Score/Partitur Day 3 Reading Guitar Score/Partitur Day 4 Reading more advance Guitar Score/Partitur Day 5 Simple Sight Reading guitar score/partitur 4. Student Projects Day 9 –  Solo Performence Day 16  Ensemble Performance 4. Working With More Advanced Guitar Repertoire 3. Semester 2 1. Individual projects  Solo performance  Ensemble Performance  Arranging/Composing for guitar instrument Page 3 of 3 . Understanding Basic Guitar Techniques Day 2 Right hand and left hand techniques 3. Understanding Guitar Components 2. Ensemble Day 6 Playing guitar with Duo formation Day 7 Playing guitar with Quartet formation Day 8 Playing guitar with more than 4 performers (Ensemle) 5.