6 Strategy plan

There are actually plenty of activities involving the target market strategies such as the
selection of the target market, the setting of a marketing objective, the development and
maintenance of a marketing mix and other activities that will produce satisfaction for our target
market. Usually the marketing strategies consist of four major steps or better known as the 4P’s
of marketing. If these steps are followed and planned carefully, it may produce and result a
creatively combined interrelated and independent marketing activities.

Team Ohhsemm has bright future to succeed in this business industry and is expected
to produce larger profits due to several factors. Our company will be providing excellent
products and services to satisfy our customer and at the same time making some profit as well.
In achieving our target, our company will be executing the marketing strategies by introducing
the product and service offered, price determination, locating a strategic place for our company
and also doing some promotion

In other words, marketing strategies plays an important role in achieving our company’s
objective by introducing and attracting the customers. That is why team ohhsemm is setting
the marketing strategy based on the 4P’s formula that stands for:

i. Product
ii. Price
iii. Place
iv. Promotion

Product The first marketing strategy in 4P’S formula basically begins with the product and service offering. our target is comes from children. Based on our target market that is students. Basically student age is range between 12 years old until 28 years old that study in many institutions around Parit Raja. . This surely can attract them to buy our products and can promote our products too to their friends. Example design that we use to decorate our cakes is by decorate the cake with various beautiful icing. Parents surely will interested to buy our products for their children. we have different strategy in our business to attract these type of our customers based on their age and life style to choose our products. As we know. To attract our customer. we will give them special discounts such as for the first month our business started will get 30% of discounts. we also provide our product likes cakes and creampuff that comes with many design and flavour to attract children to choose our products. We made up some strategies to promote our products to customers by planning some price tactics in our business: Discount Pricing Every month. we can focus on our products by packaging method. We think that it is not right for our company to only concentrate on getting profits without giving our customer’s the best service and product. This tactics will surely attract many customers and existing customers to our products. So. Lastly. This also goes to food. we will come up our products with special discounts to our customers in first week of every month depend on products they buy. So. creampuff and shawl for their friends as present. This is to make sure that our customer’s needs are not neglected and for them to feel comfortable coming to our café. Customers that buy our product in many quantity. children and adults. Most of the students like to buy cakes. children love something with variety of design and type. By designing our package box with unique and beautiful feature. Price The second most important strategy in business is price strategy. Our mainly target customers is comes from students. we will be offering them high quality product and serving them with the best services at a very reasonable and affordable price.

It also can giving them more time to do their work. it is the place that our supplier stay so it will easier for us to get all the products. This will be some of the promotional strategies that we will be implementing for our business: . we must first consider the location that we choose on building up our business company.Promotional Pricing Our team also will offer promotional pricing to our products in some important day such as promotion for Simulasi Perniagaan FKMP. The main objective of conducting a promotional strategy is to make sure that the customers are well informed about our offer promotion and discounts. we also provide product bundle such as buy 2 set box of cakes that comes with 1 box set of creampuff with special price or buy 3 box set of creampuff with 1 box set of cakes. It is located in the center of attraction and has a large target market. From this. Customers will have many choice in their buying. We also used free home delivery strategy that provide free home delivery to kolej kediaman & homes for select places. Another reason for promotional strategy is to attracted potential customers to come to our place and at the same time can promote our business. The reason supporting our choosen location. Promotion Team Ohhsemm used plenty of methods and approach to advertise the product and service offered. Sukan Muafakat FKPM. We will give special price to every products they buy. and Deepavali. due to student busy day. Besides that. our income will increase more and at the same time attract our customers too. That is why before setting up any business. that will be in Taman Universiti is due to its strategical location. surely they don’t have much time to buy our cakes. Place The place or location plays an important role and is surely to affect our business. Besides that. This is very important since it has been seen that a good promotional strategy may influence and increase our income. Product Bundle Pricing Besides that.

Flyers We will be spreading our flyers around Parit Raja and Batu Pahat to inform the people about our new business and the type of service that our company will be offering. So we can attract many customers in large scale and this can surely increase our business income greatly. we also take opportunity to promote and sell our product and service in all over the country by using internet as a medium to expanding our business opportunity. Telegram. By using internet ads that being offer by famous hosting website such as Whatsapp. By doing so. Internet Ads Besides that. . we are hoping to attract them to come over to our place and try the service and product that we are offering. Facebook and Twitter.