Interactive Learning Activities

Website’s Name Website’s URL Description of the Interactive Learning
ABC Mouse This website provides an online
curriculum for children ages 2-8, including
activities regarding reading, math and
Funbrain Funbrain allows students to browse
educational games and reading sources
based on grade level, from preK to eighth
BrainPOP Serving as an educational website for
school-aged children, BrainPop covers a
multitude of areas including health,
science and English.
Starfall Starfall provides the basic elements of
reading and writing, and is geared
towards preschoolers and
ABCya This website serves as an educational
game center for students PreK to fifth
How Stuff Works While this website is not grade level
based, it provides endless opportunities
for learning in subjects such as animals,
culture and entertainment.
Scholastic In the kids’ section of this site, children
have the access to books, games and
videos pertaining to various age groups.
Khan Academy With access to Khan Academy, children
can access math by subject or grade,
science and engineering resources, and
Math Games Math games provides a great resource for
children, ages preK to eighth, to not only
work on math skills, but also enjoy
playing numerous games.
Story Bird Although this website is mainly English
based, Story Bird provides children the
creative freedom to create their own
works of literature.