Common errors at CAE

Common language Punctuation
errors at CAE: Commas
What Iike best, is the sense of atmosphere.
Writing and Speaking (x)
What like best is the sense of atmosphere.

Grammar (.,;) The man in the comer who is from France
Agreement: nouns and pronouns very nice. oo
My father lo ves to cook. He often makes meals for ftet his The man in the comer, who is from France,
friends and they ask ftet him for recipes. is very nice. (.,;)
Agreement: subject and verb There are many things ra love to do such as, climb
Information on the new system t'Jfe is hard to ñnd. a
The company's two Directors, who had original/y set up the tum, mountain. (x)
Wt:ti were caught embezzling funds. There are many things l'd love to do, such as climb
To me, tite music is the purest art form there is. (.,;)
The bold painting at the very end of the exhibition is a Question marks
perfect example of modernism.
How many exams per term should pupils
Verb tense have. Research suggests that three is too
First she lwtI researched the market and then she many. (x)
planned the producto How many exams per term should pupils
The course ~ has been running for three years now. hove? Research suggests that three is too
Verb formation many. (.,;)

The course would have interested me if it v'v'ou/d ha ve had I wanted to ask how you came to that view?
included more practical work. (x) I wanted to ask how you came to that view.
I have f7eiftg been thinking about this idea for some time now. (.,;) Apostrophes
~ He/ping my local community is real/y important to me. The schools headmaster has resigned.
I recommend you ~ see the new play at the National
Theatre. The school's headmaster has resigned.
Irregular verbs
It is expected that student's results wil/ improve. (x)
The group's new album has ffiféfted caught the
public's imagination. It is expected that students' results wil/ improve.

Word order (.,;) Ilove eating nsh and chip's. (x)

We have rare/y had fflfe/y a student drop out. I lo ve eating nsh and chips.
Quotation marks
I wonder whatwili such companies will produce in the next
The future is in wind power, said the director. (x)
ñve years.
The future is in wind power,' said the director
What do you think did happefl happened next?
(.,;) Hyphens
Linking words and phrases
His eighty year old widow spoke movingly
She thinks it's a good idea. Simi/ai /y, Converse/y, he hates it.
of his /ife. oo
Clothes made of natural materials ttttmeIy such as cotton
His eighty-year-old widow spoke movingly
are popular in hot weather.
of his /ife. (.,;)
It was a tough project but we got there at the efld in the end.
They had a twe minute wait for the train.
COfltfdry Compared with my titst Job, the second one was (x)
simple. The company was qteat, and at afly rate what's more They had a tive-minute wait for the train.
even the (.,;)
food was good.

recommend 6 Although it was an unfortunate occurence. Use the notes on common errors to help you. (vi) Letter 7 I received an email yesterday asking me a purely order peice (X) rethorical question . (vi) I hadn't thinking about that. inpossible (X) 5 People often finds it difficult to accept criticismo impossible (vi) 6 Shefinished the work he starts the previous day. What's your view7 (vi) A: Well. there/their/they'r e weak/week I wanted to askyou where you buy your clothes? too/two/to 2 The local schools'resultswere excellent . apologise (vi) 5 Young people should take a more responsable attitude reccommend (X) towards their studies. It seems to be raining all the time. sorry.Spelling Activities 1) Ornission of silent letters Find and correct the grammatical mistakes in the's the best school in the area.what are your view? Let'sconsider this idea. Why don't we discuss about this? A: Let's hope it improves soon! (x) You make a good point. I think ít's an important issue. Hornophones 7 He'snever been teached to behave politely! right/write/rite 8 It was a difficult task but at the end we completed it. (x) B: I hadn't thought to probably wouldn't I can't go along with that. comprehensable (X) 3 I wonder what might Sue be doing on Saturday evening. we may not have much choice.the punishment was necessary. I can't take that. whole/hole accept/except 2) Find and correct the mistakes with spelling and punctuation in the sentences. (vi) B: Yes. sychiatry (X) psychiatry (vi) 1 Hardly he had finished the work than the boss arrived. comprehensible (vi) 4 The boss proposed we working overtime. (vi) A: The weather is strange for this time of year .what do we start with? B: Let'sconsider about this idea first. I can't take that. calander (X) 9 It's a pretty difficult situation said my sister. (vi) 2 A: I think that we should accept the new contract after al!. I think lt's a terrible idea. (x) 4 A: We need to talk about these ideas on the task sheet . 5 A: lt's important to study hard befo re an exam.l'd rather discussabout this one first. Use the (x) That's my feeling.pointless! piece (vi) 8 The man who's car is parked outside is my boss. (vi) be too difficult to rearrange my diary.I am agree with you. calendar (vi) 10 Can you tell me how often you get the chance to go to the cinema? Sorne interactive spoken language I am agree with you. Letter doubling 3 Our three week holiday turned out to be very expensive. A: Sorry. You give a good point. but we refused. lam (x) lamb (vi) What grammatical area is each mistake in? Use the notes on common errors to help you. Suffixes and prefixes 2 She lent him the book she had borrowed from library the previous week. You'regood at thinking outside the box! A: lt's called lateral thinking! I hadn't thought of that. 3) Find and correct the mistakes in the conversations. notes on common errors to help you. What're your view? (x) 3 A: We could always change the appointment . appologise (X) 4 I think it's a shame that more girls' dont play footbal!. B: You give a good point. (x) B: No. 1'11 do my bestl A: Me too' .