Well-People’s Life

How people organize themselves for productive enterprise
Operation Manager
How goods & services are produced

Production Operation Management Understand what operations managers do

OM is a costly part of organization

Providing Goods & Service

v Effective Application of the Changing in MO Concepts
Transferring of Ideas, Concepts, Tools & Technique Cost Focus
Product & Money at of Operation Management Early Concepts (1776 – 1880)
Electronic Speed Scientific Management Era (1880 –
Functions 1910)
Mass Production Era (1910 – 1980)
Quality Focus (1980 – 1995)
Customization Era (1995 – 2010)
Changing Global Economy The 10 OM

Service Goods

Global Focus Difficulties of Service Productivity
Just-in-time Measurement
performance Labor Intensive
Supply chain Unique individual attributes
Productivity Challenges
partnering Intellectual task Measurement Variables
Rapid product Un-mechanize & un-automate Reducing Input Labor
development Hard to evaluate quality Increasing Output Basic Education
Mass customization Diet of Labor Force
Empowered Social Overhead
employees Improving of Living Standard Vary Interpretation Capital
Environmentally Quality may change
Outcomes Investment
External elements
sensitive Use fewer resources Inflation & Taxes
Precise units of measure may
production Interest Rate
Committed employees be lacking
ethics Management
Ethical climate The Use of Knowledge
The Application of Technology
Ethical Challenges