Health and Environmental


The Challenge
New eco-trends and health and environmental legislation require product
compliance by manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, and distributors across the
globe. How does your business plan to meet new and ever-expanding global
requirements today and tomorrow?

The Solution
Intertek offers a comprehensive portfolio of services that will enable your
• REACH company to meet your global compliance objectives:
• RoHS • Green certification
• Stategy and consulting solutions
• Packaging
• Supply chain implementation solutions
• Proposition 65
• Green Claims • Corporate education and training
• E-Waste • Information collection and verification solutions
• Restricted • Product compliance testing
• Carbon Footprint Intertek offers the complete solution for health and environmental compliance,
• Greenhouse Gas providing sound traceability systems and strict enforcement of due diligence
policies. Intertek does more than simply help our clients comply – we give them
the competitive advantage they desire.

For more information on Intertek’s services, please contact us:

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