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Emma Lambert

Social Justice


Social Justice Advertisement Project

The poaching crisis has taken the world by storm. Poaching is the illegal killing of

animals for resources that they may provide. Elephants and rhinoceroses are common targets by

poachers due their tusks providing ivory and their horns providing keratin. Poachers have to use

violent and painful ways to remove these elements from the animal. For elephants their horns are

rooted beneath their skin, therefore drastic measures are taken to remove them. As for

rhinoceroses, their horns are being sawed off at the base where it meets their skin. Poaching most

commonly occurs Zimbabwe along with other countries in Africa. Due to this growing trend,

poachers have moved from the wild to zoos. Therefore, one zoo in the Czech Republic has begun

cutting the horns of their rhinoceroses in order to prevent poachers from breaking in and killing

them. Zoos are no longer a sanctuary for animals. Poaching has taken the worlds by the masses,

leaving no safe space for elephants and rhinoceroses to live without threat.

My advertisement sheds light on this issue through many aspects. I show clear photos of

what the horns and tusks can become. By showing the transition of elephant to horn to jewelry it

puts the process of poaching into perspective. I also have provided statistics that a viewer cannot

ignore when they consider the magnitude of what actually takes place. With photos and statistics

the advertisement portrays the message without gruesome content.

In order to get the advertisement distribution, it would go through the internet. Social

media is one of the most efficient ways to start conversation and debate. Therefore, the

advertisement would be plaster on social media sites such as facebook, tumblr, twitter, and
Lambert 2

instagram. Through this people will reblog or repost and that will get the message across to

people around the world.

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