The Warrior soul

The Warrior is one of the seven soul types or roles in essence. The Warrior�s
specialty is forceful interaction, especially with those who oppose or threaten.


�I came, I saw, I conquered.� � Julius Caesar
�Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and
hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.� � Winston
�I keep waiting to meet a man who has more balls than I do.� � Salma Hayek
Rising to the Challenge

Warriors are forceful souls; they embody qualities of strength, courage and

Like Kings, Warriors are action-oriented beings, and therefore down-to-earth,
single-minded and very wilful. Unlike Kings, however, they tend to be more
attracted to the cut and thrust of battle (whether real or metaphorical),
preferring to just get stuck in rather than to stand back pulling all the strings.

Warrior souls tend to see life in terms of confrontations and rising to the
challenge. There are causes to serve, struggles to be overcome, battles to be won.
They like to be on the front line with their trusted comrades, and strongly value
both courage and loyalty.

The basic drive of any Warrior is to uphold something �right� and defeat something
�wrong�, however those two are defined. A Baby Warrior, for example, might fight
against law-breaking in the local community. A Young Warrior might fight for his or
her country against foreign threats. A Mature Warrior might fight against social
injustices such as starvation in Africa. Even in the entertainment industry,
Warrior souls approach their work as a kind of personal battle or test.

A perfect example of the Warrior�s relentless commitment to a challenge is the
long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad. Diana first tried to swim the 100 miles of shark-
infested ocean between Cuba and Florida in 1978, aged 28. On her fifth attempt, at
the age of 64, she finally succeeded. The 15-minute TED talk she gave after that is
well worth watching:

Warriors are invariably attracted to some sort of challenge. The challenge could be
anything � the forces of nature, an invading army, undesirable elements in the
community, social injustice, racial prejudice, or oneself. Fulfilment, for the
Warrior, comes in the form of victory over the given challenge.

Positive and Negative Poles

[As a reminder, any manifestation of consciousness has both a positive pole and a
negative pole. The positive pole is an expression of the true self or soul; the
negative pole is an expression of the false self or ego.]
In the positive pole, persuasion, a Warrior is forceful and effective without being
overbearing. In other words, respectfully persuasive, courageous and protective.

In the negative pole, coercion, the Warrior descends into intimidation and brute
oppression. The ends justify the means, and any approach that gets results may be
perceived as useful, no matter how unpleasant for others.

in the movie Gran Torino, Clint Eastwood (himself an Old Warrior) plays a character
whose journey is one of moving from the negative pole to the positive pole of the

Facially. Young Warriors are attracted to the macho action hero archetype. Warrior Characteristics Warriors are distinctly solid and physical. Churchill and Eisenhower. try to throw their forcefulness into more meaningful challenges and causes such as acting (Judi Dench) and writing (Bram Soker). Famous Young Warriors in power include Ivan the Terrible. their faces tend to be quite firm and angular rather than soft and rounded (unless they happen to be overweight). Warriors are often characterised by low eyebrows and an expression that says. Mature Warriors. Some famous examples of the Warrior soul: . Old Warriors like Igor Stravinsky and Clint Eastwood become more philosophical and seek pure self-expression through mastery of their forceful nature. Like Kings.� Or perhaps it�s. leaders and athletes. they can be aggressively sexual. all souls progress through five cycles of self-evolution in physical form (see: Reincarnation: the 35 Steps.� Not necessarily aggressive. Their politics becomes more about fighting for the underdog. Warrior Soul Evolution As a reminder. Warriors find their feet in physical form during the Young cycle.) Baby Warriors tend to be at home in law enforcement and the armed forces. which is focused on individual accomplishment. ready for action. and tend to seek glory as �invincible� soldiers. very much at home in their bodies. Mike Tyson is a Baby Warrior in the largely Young Warrior world of boxing (a challenge indeed). even in a small child. In both male and female form. Mao Tse Tung. �Come and have a go if you think you�re hard enough. by now disillusioned with warfare and violence. you are probably looking at a Warrior. Whenever you see that look in the eyes. �Don�t fuck with me.Warrior spirit. just ready for a bit of action.