Read the following reply to Nancy So’s complaint


Richardson Electronic Pte ltd
89 Short Road
# 08-09
Singapore 789456
Tel. No.: 223 4590
Fax No.: 223 4591
Email address:

28 May 2001

Block 23
Lee Yang Street 25
# 13-131
Singapore 945078

Dear Ms So

Sunshine phones

Thank you for your letter about your recent purchase of one of our handphones.

Your home area is currently being upgraded with the latest technology available in power transmission. This will
allow you to receive and make phone calls on your handphone which you are at home by the end of this month.

We have high quality control standards at Richardson Electronics. If any equipment is in any way below standards, it
will be replaced immediately. Therefore, I am happy to enclose a replacement leather case for your handphone
with this letter.

To lock and unlock the keypad, you must press the asterisk button within three seconds on pressing the main
button. If this does not resolve your problem, please bring your handphone to the shop where you bought it or to
our office in Short Road, and we shall try to solve the problem.

Finally, I hope you enjoy your handphone for many years to come and thank you once again for making your
purchase with Richardson Electronics. Should you have any more queries about our products, please contact me

Your sincerely

Fan Geok Hwee
Public Relations Manager