Alex Milan

LHE Colloquium

Tuesdays, 7-9:20

Quarter Learning Summary: Winter 2017

In the winter colloquium, the leadership and self-care sessions. The leadership session focused

on leadership from the perspective of managing relationships and communication. I find this to be a

perspective that is meaningful. This was an important conversation because it allowed me to build reflect

on skills I already use in this perspective and to add more skills to my toolbox. The self care discussion

was helpful in connecting with others and getting an idea of the experience that others were having as a

graduate student. Knowing that your worries and stresses are shared by others is like a benchmark to

know that you are experiencing things how you should be. However, it was challenging to have the

discussion about guilt free self care. In wanting to be the best version of myself and offer what I can at

the highest level, it is common to feel like there is more I should be doing. I have learned to

compartmentalize well in most areas, but in time that is 100% mine, I feel like it needs to go toward an

achievement. However, the idea of guilt free self-care is that you can have time for yourself that is truly

just for yourself.

This quarter, I also took the course on Leadership and Management in Higher Education. I have

generally focused on leadership as a combination of managing people- identifying strengths, motivating,

communicating needs, developing ideas together- and shaping action to meet needs. The Leadership

and Management course helped me to see leadership through organizational perspectives- politics,

structures, environmental contexts. We also discussed crisis management and image management.

While I am most comfortable thinking of organizations and workplaces in terms of relationships between

people, it has been eye opening to view it through these alternative perspectives. I feel more prepared to

work in different types of institutions and to navigate organizational structures. I also feel more informed

about processes in high levels of organizational structures.

Leadership in particular has a wider meaning to me now than it did at the beginning of the

quarter. It is much more complex, and involves being able to understand community, political climate,

organizational needs and people. In addition encouraging and strengthening those on their team, a
leader should be able to navigate many different types of situations and see things through many

perspectives. A large piece of success is recognizing complexity and honoring it. Utilizing your skills in

the best way possible to meet the needs before you. Learning and growth are always skills to be utilized.

Know the outcome that you are striving for and follow a path that takes you there with integrity.