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The Myths and Realities

of the American Dream

Winter 2016 Room 14 Jones -Carter

American History

In this project we will look at how Americas

history has been shaped by the American
Dream. We will examine the theme of
PARALLELS throughout the different eras we

Stories of American
Dream Seekers

In this project we will research how people

throughout history have experienced the
American Dream. Using primary sources,
articles, music, and other texts, we will explore
the stories of seekers of the American Dream.
We will share these stories as spoken word
poetry with a wider audience.

The history of America and its people is inextricably tied to the notion of the American
Dream, which suggests that anyone who works hard enough can become successful in this
land of opportunity. In our present day, where the wealth inequality gap has widened,
people are questioning whether the American Dream is a myth or a reality. In this project,
we will look at the origin of the American Dream, its role in shaping our countrys history,
and we will examine how various groups experiences connect with this dream. We will
study how and why different groups in our country have or have not been participating in
achieving this dream. We will connect with various community members to hear about
their personal experiences and how the American Dream has played out in their lives. By
doing this project, we hope to uncover the meaning of, and perhaps even redefine, the
American Dream.
Issue #: [Date] Dolor Sit Amet

What You Will Learn

About American History:
Revolution and Independence
Slavery and Civil War
Westward Expansion
Industrial Revolution
Womens Rights/Suffrage
Civil Rights Movement
Post Civil Rights Era
About American Dream Seekers
About Current Events and Present Day Marginalized
How to:
Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to
breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. To spread Analyze literary and informational texts for
the light of liberty worldwide through every land. Emma Lazarus theme, point of view, overall structure,
Analyze multiple accounts of the same event
or topic

Essential Draw on multiple sources and integrate

information from several texts
Questions: Write poetry, opinion pieces, informative/
explanatory text, and narratives
Reflect on historical events and present day
How has the American Dream shaped
our countrys past?
What You Will Make
How have different groups of people
experienced the American Dream A time line that portrays the spectrum of
throughout history? experiences during that time
A mural and spoken word piece that
connects the experiences of different people
What does the American Dream for through the course of history
people now?
An expository essay describing the
experiences of different groups of people
Is the United States the land of during a time in history
opportunity? A piece of performance art