Over the course of this school year and last year’s I feel as though I have improved greatly.

My pre-writes have gotten better, which leads to my elaboration increasing in skills as well. I’ve
learned to put more thought into brainstorming which has led me to being a better writer.
Choosing topics to talk about has been a weakness in the past that i have now overcome. The
short story assignment somewhat helped achieve that as well. It gave an opportunity to my
creative side and let my imagination run free, which helped with the creation of it even though it
didn’t get finished. In order for me to began writing, my first step has always been a brainstorm
or pre-write to organize of of my thoughts, then on to paragraph separation and which topic
goes where, then separating and adding details, which all leads to the finishing touch of my
essay or writing.Writing to me is something that should be done with time and deep thought put
behind it, with those two key aspects, the writing should be wonderful. If there's no thought put
behind it, it would be just another story. Effort is key as well, if there isn't any hard work put in to
the assignment, then it won't be a strong piece. It should reveal your emotions towards the
topic, now just scrape the surface My goals for next year would be better wording and
vocabulary, as well as introduction sentences. My wording of my thoughts aren’t always in the
best order or great phrasing wise so there’s always room for improvement. With my introduction
sentences, I never know how to address the topic in the correct form, so I’m seeking information
of how to do so, Overall, with each piece of writing I have grown and expanded in my writing
style, with the help of my teachers, as well as practice.