We can describe the material of this report there are still many short comings
and weakness. We realized it’s still far from perfection. We also grateful to those
support and guide us in making this report. Hopefully, this report is useful for us
and especially for the readers in general. Such review this time, may be useful for
you and also inspire.

During the interviewed or hunting Tourist activity in Borobudur temple, we
got a lot of learning and also experienced when we talked many tourist from many
country in the world. Our group also enjoyed the magnificient of Borobudur

However this assignment sometimes made us felt surpressed and very busy
for a moment. With this activity we can learned and improved our English direcly
to foreign tourist. Interact and talked with tourist was fun and also nervous. We
realized our English still far from perfection. But, now we knew when we do
something with fun and encouraged it will be easier than we thought.

During the hunting tourist avtivity, we realized that our English still simple
and we must improve it and use it sometime in the future, because the English is
the international language. We much hope to the readers, providing constructive
criticism and suggestions for the perfect of this report. Experience is the best
teacher, because you’ll never knoe till you have tried.