Snow Shovelers by Jacob Getlar Smith 1934
This painting show widespread cooperation.
The Flame Jackson Pollock, 1938

This was supposed to symbolize the confusion and mass panick that spread after the start of
Fountain, Marcel Duchamp, 1917
The fountain is actually a urinal that was turned upside down.
Polio Prevention

Polio was a disease that spread throughout the AMerican population that ended up with the
victim being paralyzed.
Communist Building
The building show is of a communist design. You can tell because the building is large and
meant to make you feel small in the presence of it.
Coca-cola Posters
During WW2 Coca-cola was popular because the soldiers who were stationed outside the US
enjoyed the beverage so much.
In this poster the government is promoting citizens to make their own food so that there is more
food for the soldiers.