ABSTRACT “Minimally Invasive in Restorative Dentistry”

Dr Andrew Brostek

“Scientific Meeting and Technology in Dentistry 2010, Faculty of Dentistry.,
Prof. DR. Moestopo University.

Minimally Invasive or Minimal Intervention Dentistry, is the modern update in
Dentistry to replace G.V. Black concepts for the 21 st century. It involves an
understanding of the causes of caries disease, modifying patient behaviour, as
well as the practical applications of minimal cutting and destruction of teeth.
Learning objectives will include -
 Understanding caries disease
 The importance of individual Patient Caries Risk assessment
 Specific patient tests for dental plaque and saliva
 How to implement these concepts into a busy general dental practice
 Protocols for use of therapeutic chemical treatments
 How to carry out minimal cavity preparations and restoring of teeth with
aesthetic posterior restorations