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Social Justice 3rd Quarter Final Assessment

Emma Lambert

What are the most important aspects to making a positive impact on Social Justice Issues?

Use specific examples and information to support your points that include issues,

organizations, movements, etc?

Today social justice warriors are making a positive, indefinite impact through various

forms of action such as having the courage to voice their opinions, peacefully protesting, and

advertisements through social media.

Even though as a country the United States has come far within womens rights, it still

has not reached full equality. Many women still face the fear of using their voice. This is due to

years of being told that their opinion does not matter. Only 97 years ago, did women gain the

right to vote, and before that they were viewed as housewives and child-bearers. In the past

women faced discrimination in the workplace and were discouraged from any form of

education. This oppression of women has caused many to view speaking up as a negative

option. Therefore, a possible solution is to teach girls from a young age that there voice is valued

and is important. Also it is important to establish a safe environment for women of all ages to

discuss issues of gender inequality. Girls On the Run, has made it their task of teaching girls

grades 3 to 8, how to use their voice. They also teach girls to accept themselves for who they are

and that their opinion matters through exercise. This organization is step in the right direction for

teaching women to use their voice. The stigma that womens opinions are inferior must be

removed in order to create a healthy environment for all. By doing this it is encouraging women

to say what is on their minds. When women state their opinion they are contributing to society.
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Whether they are fighting for their own rights or for others they are making a positive impact on

the world by sharing their opinion.

Another way to make a positive on social justice issues is through peaceful protest.

Protest has been used as a form of pushing for ones agenda and is still common today. In the

past one of the most famous movements was led by the suffragettes. In 1913, suffragists in

Pennsylvania Avenue and marched for their right to vote (Pous). Little did they know that this

protest would have an impact on the government 6 years later when women gained the right to

vote in 1919. Now protesting is shown on a broader spectrum as seen through the Womens

March. This march took place all over the United States as well as other countries across the

world. Every women that attended the protest was there for their own reason. Due to the

magnitude of acceptance and love that was spread throughout the protests, it sent a clear message

to the current administration and the United States. The Womens March established that women

will no longer be victimized for their bodies and that they should receive equal opportunity.

Today the gender pay gap is still prevalent in todays society where women earn 79 cents to

every dollar a man makes. This issue has not gone away and does not have a clear site of path for

equality. However, through protest people from all parts of the world can help fight for gender

equality and hopefully make an indefinite impact on the world.

With growing forms of social media platforms a person can get their viewpoint out in a

split second. In the past advertisements would be plastered on windows, billboards, and doors. In

recent times society has moved to the digital world, therefore the marketing industry is

following. The way to spread the word now is by using a hashtag. Some well known hashtags for

womens rights are autocompletetruth and 100women (McKenna). Hashtags allow people to

connect with others like them and start a discussion for change. Not only do hashtags help but
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group chats through social media allow activists to organize events to promote their movements.

Social media has so many opportunities for advertisement whether it is personal or organization

based. Twitter is known for being a great platform for social justice issues, because it allows for

quick replies and advertisements. Through advertisements one is able to push for their social

justice agenda and get recognition on social media.

These options of fighting for social justice allow people to get involved in their

community and partake in the action. Making a statement, protesting, and advertising all leave a

positive impact on the world. These techniques allow any person to make a change in the world

for the better.