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anvil and stick Containing a 60 piece brass ensemble. The percussion section section majestic. In addition to this we created a percussion countries. 10 Bass Trombones. cellos. section comprised of 15 bass clarinets and 15 contra brasses (60). bassoons & a high woodwind section comprised of 10 alto flutes. expressive dynamic bowings and several other double tongue. master patch that just works … straight out of the box. The bass (30) and cellos (30) sections are the largest ever sampled and the gorgeous. mixes. The brass ensemble consists of 10 Cimbassos. The brass ensemble contains all the core building blocks you need from sustains to staccato. staccatissimo. marcato. bartok. . gran cassa. powerful. which is the largest ensembles. With two separate woodwind sections.OVERVIEW Majestica is the largest symphony orchestra ever sampled. expressive arcs. 10 flutes and 10 piccolo flutes. col legno. trills. tam-tam and gong ever sampled & utilising players flown in from six different ensembles. 30 French Horns and 10 Trumpets. The sound of the low The massive 100 piece String Ensemble spread across ensemble is unbelievably rich while the sound of the high basses. which takes your the (20) violas and (20) violins just makes the entire string boom to the next dimension. tambourine. The woodwinds contains sustains. The sound is not just bigger then anything you have ever heard – it is also different. The string section woodwind ensemble can penetrate even the densest of contains legato. marcato and several articulations. We also recorded cymbals. regular and fast spiccato. contains dedicated tom-tom. violas and violins. timpani ensembles to snare. The String Ensemble can both be soft & different types savage FX. airy sound from With a 20 piece percussion ensemble. rips to note bends. A low woodwind containing over 240 players divided over strings (100). marcato to expressive arcs. woodwinds (60) and percussion (20).

any of the following may cause engine conflicts CC 74 .Filter Sustain CC 79 . and the hall microphone stems such as Decca & Far.Filter Low Pass CC 75 .Causes standard keyboard functions which may disrupt usage .Filter High Pass CC 76 .PATCH DESCRIPTION CONTROL LIST “Majesitca” The Main patches contain carefully CC 01 . We reccomend not using the Mix along with any other positions as this could lead KEY .Round Robin Reset to phasing. this includes the CC 11 .Filter Decay CC 78 .Filter Attack CC 77 .C8 .Dynamics selected microphone positions.Filter Release CC 82 / 124 .Expression over all Mix.

Welcome to Majestica . This allows you to select what articulation is currently playable.the largest symphony orchestra ever sampled articulations The Articulations page has a very simple layout. consisting of a few but crucial controls. . The most important of which is the articulation window.

from RAM. use the small dropdown arrow located directly above the top cog wheel. Be it a velocity range. Therefore saving valuable system a key switch.SETTINGS PURGE By selecting the settings icon you can choose how You can load and unload each individual articulation each articulation is activated. loaded (or loading) and available to be played. or a range within a particular MIDI CC. use the small dropdown arrow For global purging. . located directly above the top purge button. For global selection. You can fully customise each articulation to best When highlighted this indicates the articulation is suit your personal work flow. resources from being taken up by unsused sounds.

and backwards in the sequence. the articulations names.This will return the sequence back to the You can even switch between 4 different sequences begining.This will randomise every slot. Use the neighbouring settings cog to live using whatever control method you require. This is great for chaining sequences together with. the sequencer allows you to pre ARROWS .This control will clear the entire sequence. control how it is activated. RESET . “Load/Save“ dropdown menu.Select this to insert a rest into the sequence. out having to play them in live.By selecting the settings icon you can sequences between different patches using the choose how each page is activated. Simply select what RANDOM [?] . Further more you can even export and import full SETTINGS .SEQUENCER CONTROLS When open.Use the relevant arrows to move forwards determine the order of your articulation changes. REST . articulations you want in the sequence by clicking CLEAR . .

allowing the flexibility to dial in the perfect sound for you. simply click on the name of the desired microphone position and select an output from the dropdown menu. MIXER The Mixer page has a very familar layout. containing controls that allow you to alter the volume / pan / solo / mute for each microphone position. Further more you can even export and import mixer settings between different patches using the “Load/ Save“ dropdown menu. .MAJESTICA contains multiple microphones positions & mixes. To adjust the output routing.

resources from being taken up by unsused When at the default value (CMD + CLICK) these microphone positions. *We would recommend that when using secondary microphone positions that you unload the “MIX“ position in order to avoid phasing. When highlighted this controls will automatically bypass in order to save indicates the position is loaded (or loading) and on valuable resources. . Therefore saving valuable Presence for each individual microphone position.DROPDOWN PURGE By using the dropdown menu you can You can load and unload each individual microphone access controls for the Stereo Spread and EQ position from RAM. available to be played.

alters the attack envelope of the patch.OPTIONS CONTROLS The Options page allows you to access further DYNAMICS [CC1] . . RELEASE TRIGGER .adjusts the overall volume of a patch. The LINK icon links the two controls together. ATTACK . EXPRESSION [CC11] .alters the volume of the natural release sounds.adjusts the overall sample offset. OFFSET/SPEED [CC16] . and randomisation.allows you to crossfade between controls that alter and customise the playability different velocities and filters. and sound of a patch.

. This is great for customising the patch to work with your given controller.VELOCITY Use the controls available under the velocity sub menu to alter the velocity sensitivity of the patch.

. And let you get back to making great music even faster.We wanted to put the most important controls right at your fingertips. The BLUE keys represent the natural playable range. KEY MAPPING If keyswitches are active the RED keys indicate available articulation keyswitches while the CYAN keys represents the currently selected articulation.

To auto scroll up and down you can click on the bottom left / right. top / left right or middle left / right.The Effects Engine is perhaps our most elaborate feature. this will auto scroll to the approriate position. effects The Effects page consists of multiple rack effects. To scroll through the available effects you can use the neon blue scroll bar on the far right. We wanted to take the concept of chance and extreme tweakability and port it to our user-interface. .

RANGE alters the amount of available randomisation. FINE & COURSE TUNE of every single sample (pitch unavailable in Beat Machine). allowing you to tonally play any desired sound. and the 3 activation buttons allow you to choose what parameters will be included and adjusted under randomisation features such as CHAOS. . Simply play the sample via your MIDI controller and adjust the parameters. ON NOTE will randomise the activated parameters upon every new note played.KEY CONTROL allows you to change the VOLUME. STRETCH takes the last played sample and chromatically maps it accross the keybed. The CHAOS control randmises all the available parameters dependant on the included settings. PAN. The Settings page consists of several basic parameters.

GROOVE allows you to switch between 4 user assigned sequences on the fly. To see what keys are being triggered. and STEPS selects the amount of available steps in the sequence. LENGTH alters the duration of each sequenced note. To access the sequencer module. RANDOM applies human-esque qualities to the sequence. RATE alters the time signature of the played polyphonic sequence. This allows you to alter what keys are being triggered for each step in the sequence. . select KEY on the lower left hand side of the SEQ module. which will bring up the active sequencer table. The default view shows you which velocities you are triggering for each given step in the sequence. simply select the MAIN/SEQ tab. slightly nudging each note progressively out of time.SEQUENCER contains a polyphonic step sequencer.

The settings page consists of a PANNER control allows you to pan each successively played note in a different direction depen- dant on the WIDTH value. To alter the arp “type“ simply choose from the PRESET dropdown menu. this is used for drawing the velocity automation for the arp. while LENGTH adjusts the amount of time a played not will be held for. LATCH will hold the note progression even after releasing the keys. RATE allows you to alter the time siganture of the ar- peggiations. STEPS adjusts the amount of steps available in the SEQ panel. MAIN/SEQ opens up the sequencer panel. SWING will adjust the swing amount while OCTAVE selects the range the arp will play.ARP The arpeggiator has all the function you would expect and more. while PRESET CC allows you to select a CC to control the arp “type“ PRESET list. REPEAT allows you to select how many times you would like each note struck. STACK (only available when GLIDE is bypassed) will underlay any arpeggiation with the full untouched chord itself. which is a great tool for altering the direction of the arp mid sequence. .

These smooth filters can be directly controlled by the interface. . We also included RATE which adjusts the speed of the sequence remaining synced to your host tempo.FILTER controls an independant LOW PASS [CC74] and HIGH PASS [CC75] filter. VINTAGE enables a subtle phaser affect which is great for adding a thin resonant level of air on top of the filter. and the Sequencer buttons which allow you to choose which filter is type is controlled by the sequencer. The Settings page consists of the Envelope buttons which allow you to choose which filter type is controlled by the envelope. You can even automate the filter with the included sequencer. you can hit CHAOS in order to randmise every relavant parameter. STEPS which adjusts the available amount of steps in the Sequencer and ON NOTE which will restart the sequence upon every new note played. And Of course. or by the included ADSR envelope [CC’s 76-79]. located on the SEQ page.

RANGE which alters the amount of randomisation under both MOTION and CHAOS. which is extremely useful for carving out new and interesting sounds. We also have included a CHAOS control. . Such as MOTION. this allows you to randmise every value. CHAOS is purely random based on a value below your current settings and the RANGE. which constantly randomises and animates every relevant parameter.EQ controls an 3 band Equaliser. And the CHAOS / FLOW switch which changes the type of randmisation available. we have included a handful of useful presets to help you in scullpting your sound. whereas FLOW analyses and adjusts your current settings depending on your RANGE allowing you to have a more subtle evolution of randomisation. The Settings page consists of a few vital controls to help control the CHAOS switch.

whereas FLOW analyses and adjusts your current settings depending on your RANGE allowing you to have a more subtle evolution of randomisation.DEGRADER consists of a BIT CRUSHER and a DISTORTION unit. which constantly randomises and animates every relevant parameter. which allows you to randmise every value. . RANGE which alters the amount of randomisation under both MOTION and CHAOS. which is extremely useful for carving out new and interesting sounds. Of course we also have included a CHAOS control. And the CHAOS / FLOW switch which changes the type of randmisation available. CHAOS is purely random based on a value below your current settings and the RANGE. Such as MOTION. The Settings page consists of a few vital controls to help control the CHAOS switch.

you guessed it. they will bypass themselves in order to save your CPU load. this allows you to filter out certain frequencies only in the feedback of the delay ensuring it doesn’t conflict with your main sound. . And. Each delay has a wet MIX parameter. and FEEDBACK and PAN controls to help control the style and poer of the delay. we included a CHAOS control. so you are able to randomise every relevant parameter. meaning if you are not using them or they are set to a minimal value. We also went a step further. and added a a LOW and HIGH PASS filter to the end of the chain. a tempo synced TIME control. creating some truly amazing delay patterns.DELAY consists of 2 sequential delays. this allows you to build complex rhythms and sequences by simply using different time values. Both delays and the filters also work intelligently.

simply select the preset dropdown menu. we have included a handful of our favourite custom recorded and designed presets. to car crashes. which will randomly assign a preset for you. From fog horns. To change what convolution is loaded. . engine revs to world ending drones. and of course a HIGH and LOW PASS FILTER. which allows you to shape the frequency of the impulse convolution layer. and load any of our hand designed impulse responses. The included controls can help you further shape the convolution.TRANSFORM contains a powerful impulse convolution with some truly strange and wonderful presets. as well as alter the available controls for some truly esoteric results. such as MIX which alters the wet value of the insert. PRE-DELAY which adds a small delay before the impulse is triggered. you can also select the CHAOS control. SIZE which stretches or compresses the impulse. If you are feeling indesisive.

of real acoustic spaces we use and love. We have also crafted a quick and useful room positioner tool. As well as a few not so acoustic spaces we equally love. This can be bypassed by using the DIGITAL ON/OFF switch. This is a great tool for quickly placing your sound in designed space. The included controls are similar as to the TRANSFORM module except REVERB has a digital counterpart. We have included a variety. To change what convolution is loaded.REVERB contains a powerful convolution reverb partnered with a digital reverb. . cathedrals and halls. by clicking anywhere in the “ROOM” area you can access a variety of crafted presets which load custom settings ontop of your chosen convolution reverb. Or of course you can select the CHAOS control and let the engine do the choosing for you. simply select the preset dropdown menu. and load any of our custom recorded impulse responses. churches. such as recording studios.

and not elsewhere. Any rights not specifi. performance. LIMITED WARRANTY/LIMITATION OF LIABILITY By downloading or installing any 8Dio sound library you accept the following product TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW. TITLE. is protected by copyright laws and inter. which computers shall be owned and used by you exclusively. for commercial and non-commercial use DAMAGES FOR LOST PROFITS. the product ends up in other people’s music. the following sections This license also expressly forbids any inclusion of content contained within this library. This license agreement is effective from the moment the product is installed by any means. for the purpose of re-recording or reproduc. You may use this product on up to two MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW. If you need NOR THE AGENTS OR EMPLOYEES OF THE FOREGOING WILL BE LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT. FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. cal measures of protection and information provided by 8Dio which identifies the products. you will be held legally responsible. EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. broadcast or similar finished USE OF THE PRODUCT) WHETHER OR NOT SAME HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF content-creation and production use. ITS SUPPLIERS. REFUNDS Downloaded libraries can’t be returned. mixing. documentation and musical performances included in this product. re-sampling. embedding into software or hardware of any kind. The license is terminated if you break any of product(s). in addition to any other remedy at (b) You agree that this license contains the complete agreement between the parties hereto. SUCH DAMAGES. The bution to 8Dio. In the event of termination. In the event of any claim cally granted herein are reserved by 8Dio. 8Dio retains ecuted and performed therein. Please note that the product has been imbedded (c) You acknowledge that you have read this license and understand it and agree to be bound by with a digital watermark specific to the serial number you have been given for this product. any products provided to you for an EDU ticulations. Notwithstanding other sections of this license. 3.8DIO GENERAL LICENSING AGREEMENT LICENSE AGREEMENT 4. SPECIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES OF ANY SORT. WITHOUT LIMITATION. and law or equity. as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties. It is unlawful to deliberately circumvent. to you by 8Dio. TERMS for commercial recordings without paying any additional license fees or providing source attri. 4 and 7. Upon termination you agree to destroy all copies and contents of the product at your own expense. TO THE The license for this product is granted only to a single user. (INCLUDING. but not sold. RIGHTS/WATERMARKING POLICY GENERAL TERMS The product. ex- national copyright treaties. This license is non-transferable and expressly forbids resale or lease of the license will remain in full effect until termination. relating to the subject matter of the license. product are licensed. and shall constitute a violation of law. injunctive relief. . sound-effect. the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs. 6. LICENSE GRANT FACTORY QUALITY. IMPLIED WAR- RANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY. in educational institutional facilities and must not be used for commercial purposes. pons. and shall entitle 8Dio to. into any other virtual instrument or library of any kind. DISTRIBUTORS. audio/video post-production. brought in those courts. AND NON-INFRINGEMENT. OR OF ANY CLAIM BY ANY OTHER PARTY. Only the California courts (state and federal) shall have jurisdiction full copyright privileges and complete ownership of all recorded sounds. other 8Dio library. isolating. or its sounds. including accompanying documentation. WITH REGARD TO THE PRODUCT. BUSINESS INTERRUPTION OR LOSS OF DATA ARISING OUT OF THE in music. any proceeding involving such a controversy shall be ming. over controversies regarding this license. arising from the breach or alleged breach of the terms of this license. supersedes all other communication. 8Dio allows you to use any of the sounds and samples in the library / libraries you’ve purchased 5. NFR and EDU copies are exempt from update or upgrades or additional discounts. sales or cou- tion as part of any free or commercial library of musical and/or sound effect samples and/or ar. This license forbids any re-distribution method of this product. Inc. All sounds and samples in this QUENTIAL. without our express written consent. NFR (Not for Resale)/EDU (Educational) Sales: through any means. including but not limited to. This license shall be governed by California law applicable to contracts fully negotiated. (2) separate computers. 8DM DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES licensing agreement: AND CONDITIONS. in Los Angeles County. Any unauthorized use. WARRANTIES OF SATIS- 1. 2. instrument program. If its terms and conditions. or any of this license will survive: 2. BUT NOT LIMITED TO. Please choose your selection carefully. so we ask you to keep this product for yourself. special arrangements may be made on a case-by-case basis. alter or delete technologi. You further agree to take all reasonable steps to protect this product from unauthorized copying or use. staff and administration attending or working on a stand alone basis. INCLUDING. CONSE- more. or any form of musical sample or sound effect sample playback system or device or purpose shall only be used by students or faculty. Inc. so we can’t provide refunds. unless specified otherwise. its owner and the terms and conditions for its use. 3. DEALERS. distribution or reproduction of the product shall not be permitted. (a). the terms or conditions of this agreement. processing. NEITHER 8DIO. or All 8dm libraries are subject to the terms of this license agreement.

family and of course countless discussions with a variety of great composers and producers. John & Petr for keeping it together and dealing with our mad brains. but also a product of patience from friends. Cam.8DIO THANKS THANK YOU Thank you so much for shopping with 8DIO The production of our libraries are not only a product of our own vision. love-letters or hate mail feel free to send it to Love. If you have any questions. A special thanks to Tawnia. concerns. Troels & Colin .


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