MET5: Carcamo Vilchez, Noemi / Crespo Ames, Adrian

Route Map

Unit 5/ Lesson A: Food and eating habits.

Before the class Search information about food and heating
Maximize our vocabulary about food.
Objectives: -To talk about food and eating
We created 4 activities according to the
Act. A: Familiarize students with the
Act B: Exposing students to the expressions
and questions.
Act C: To check if they understood the
expressions and questions
Act D: Communicative activity, Students
have to use the vocabulary, expressions
and questions in a real-world task.
Lead In T shows in a power point presentation
different kind of food in a limited context
(Breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Ss have to guess the different foods, even
in Spanish it is okay.
If students don’t know how to say that
words in English, teachers clarifies and give
them some clues.
Set Up Seating arrangement
Lead-in: U form
Act A: Individual, then in pairs. (Face to
Act B: Pair-work (Face to Face).
Act C: Individual and then Pair-Work. (Face
to Face).
Act D: Pair-Work. (Face to Face).
Explain each task simply and clearly.
Example What do you have to do? Yes,
That’s right / Maria can you help Juan to

Post activity . Here we can help them with some mistakes or doubts that they have. Keep an eye on students as they finish (If they need extra time give them 2 or 3 more minutes). Write the next activity that we’re going to Run the activity do. We stop the activity and help them with Close the activity the activities receiving feedback from them. Ask for volunteers to act the last conversation. As students start doing the activity. We have to walk and check if they are doing the activity.