First, we want to say thank you, for your trust in our product and this sampling-project.
We worked very hard to make a dream come true:
Realistic, energetic string-lines on your DAW, without loosing your flexibility.
Orchestral String Runs 2.0 is a huge step forward to realistic string mock-ups.

We wish you all the best in using OSR 2 in your upcomming projects!

Manfred & Hendrik

1. Downloading
Please download all 10 packages (.rar)
in one destination-folder on your computer.

2. Un-rar the packages
Please click on the first package „orchestral_string_runs_2.0.part01.rar“
To open this file you need the software „win-rar“ or the free software

With opening the first file, all other files will be opened or extracted.
Now you can choose a destination-folder, where you want to un-rar OSR 2.

Please be shure, that you open the first rar-package only to extract.
All other parts will be extracted automaticly. Otherwise you´ll get error-messages.

3. Add OSR into Kontakt 4.1
Please open Kontakt 4.2.3 or Kontakt Player 4.2.3 or higher.
On the left you can see all your installed libraries in the browser under "libraries".
Please click on the button "add library".
Now you choose the folder, where you have the "un-rared" OSR.
After this process, OSR is listed in your librarie-view in the browser-section.

For OSR 1-owners: Before you add OSR 2 to your Kontakt library-section, please click on the „gearwheel“
of the OSR 1 entry (library-browser) and click on „remove library“.
Now you can add OSR 2 (see above).

4. Registration
Please use the NI Service-Center to register you copy of Orchestral String Runs 2.
We´ve send you the serial-nr. in a e-mail.

For OSR 1-owners: You don´t have to register OSR 2, when own a OSR 1 license.

5. Done!

Please read the OSR MANUAL 2.0 for further information.