Juan´ birthday party

Blas: hello josue
Josue: hi blas
Blas: ¿how are you?

Josue: i´m fine thanks.
Blas: tomorrow is juan´s birthday.
Josue: ¿what time is his birthaday?
Blas: it´s ten o´clock at nigth.
Josue: ¿where does he live?
Blas: he live in the city center on independence avenue.
Josue: ok.
Blas: call me to go together.

The next day
Josue: hello blas i´m ready.
Blas: ¿let´s go by bus or in your car?
Josue: in my car.
Blas: ok, i´m going to your house to go.

Josue: ¿juan where are your parents? Juan: are on holiday in hawaii. brown shoes. Juan: ¿how are you josue? Josue: ¿i´m fine thanks. Blas: he is julca a friend. Juan: ¿yes what food do you like more? Blas: i like roast chicken. Josue: ¿excuse me juan where your bathroom is? Juan: head on of the corner to the left. Juan´ birthday party In his hous of juan Juan: hello welcome to my party. Juan: ¿what do you do blas? Blas: i´m stadying. Josue: i do not i like drinks wine and beer. Juan: hello josue. Juan: ¿and you josue? Josue: i aslo study. jeans blue. Blas: the food is Delicious. . Blas: ¿and your sister i do not see her? Juan: she is ill her room. Josue: ¿and your broder´s? Juan: is there wearing White shirt. Josue: ¿how old are you juan? Juan: 18 years. Has headache and stomach. Josue: hi juan. and you? Juan: all rigth.

Juan´ birthday party .