The “Top of the

Food Chain” Cure
for Obesity

Alicia Micozzi, BA, WEMT
with Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D.
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The “Top of the Food Chain” Cure for Obesity

What the bear knows… thereby getting plenty of meat, fats, and essential
One thing the bear knows…it’s lonely at the fatty acids (the omega-threes and sixes). But nor-
top (of the food chain). mally, the only way to get enough nuts, berries,
and other foods to feed a bear is to cover a lot of
There’s a remarkable thing about nature: In all territory and keep other bears and predators away.
the various environments, or ecological niches, an-
imals sort themselves out in a kind of “pyramid And herein lies the secret…
scheme”…with the biggest animal species at the The “top of the food chain” cure for obesity:
top of the food chain. Eating like a bear
In the ocean, the big fish eat the little fish, and After trying various fad diets that most young
the little fish eat the littler fish, and the littler fish women fall victim to these days…I decided to stop
eat…the plankton. But keep in mind that the and take a cue from Nature. I guess somewhere
biggest fish (actually a mammal returned to sea, along the line I picked up a good deal of knowl-
probably related to the hippopotamus), the whale, edge about science and biology from my father.
actually feeds on plankton by straining tons of And after taking a few advanced courses in biol-
water through baleen (or whalebone) instead of ogy myself…I came to follow what I call simply
teeth. How can tiny plankton cells feed the largest “The Bear Diet.”
creature on the planet? The secret is volume and It was the healthiest and most effective diet
continuous feeding. I’ve ever tried for losing weight. It included plenty
On land, the “top dogs,” or the biggest animals of nuts, berries, vegetables, fruits, and some meat
at the top of the food chain pyramid, are fierce when available. In addition to the high nutritional
creatures like bears in North America and Europe, value of fruits, nuts, and vegetables, eating the
or lions in Africa, or tigers in India and Malaya. bear diet, like the bear, requires “frequent, small
These animals, because of their large size, tend to feedings throughout the day.” This provides plenty
eat alone and over relatively large areas… it takes of bioavailable nutrients and essential fatty acids,
a lot of food sources over a lot of territory to feed leaving the dieter satisfied but thinner.
them. They are omnivores (eating everything) or This diet also avoids health-sapping processed
carnivores (eating meat—the most concentrated sugars and fats, and provides basically the same ap-
source of food with plenty of essential fatty acids, proach that works in controlling diabetes, heart dis-
bioavailable minerals and nutrients, calories and ease, arthritis, and other chronic health concerns.
total nutrient density).
The proof is in the past—our
The exceptions to the solitary rule for animals hunter-gatherer history
at the top of the food chain are wolves and hu-
mans, who like to hunt and eat in groups. This may If you consider our prehistoric past, you’ll find
account for the unique affinity between the dog de- this approach makes perfect sense. Just don’t get
scendants of wolves and humans. However, while hung up on the misleading traditional picture of
humans are like canines in eating together, we are “Stone Age” humans that we’ve all been taught:
like bears in eating everything, omnivorously. “Man the Hunter.” For the reality is actually closer
to “Woman the Gatherer.”
A bit like the whale in the ocean, the bear feeds
by taking in lots of little things—pounds and In fact, we have had the fortunate opportunity
pounds of nuts, berries and other foods, including in modern times to observe actual human popula-
fish and meat when available in season. When tions today that are essentially living in the “Stone
some bears want to get their feet wet, they go jump Age” (Neolithic) in terms of the stone tools they
in the river (in season) and are able to feed on use. Populations like the Tasaday of Mindanao,
salmon making their return runs to spawn— Philippines, the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert,

The “Top of the Food Chain” Cure for Obesity

or even the traditional Inuit of the sub-Arctic. bioavailable minerals, vitamins, and other nutri-
And in these “Stone Age” cultures, we observe ents that are easy to digest and readily available
that, mostly, it is the women who gather a lot of to our metabolism. These lean, fresh meats will
plants, nuts, berries, and small animals. And be free of the processed sugars and fats that are
while the men may go away “hunting” large deadly causes of most modern ills.
game, they mostly end up fooling around and get- And by the way, if anyone tries to tell you that
ting into trouble. humans should not eat meat…take a look at our
A remarkable thing about wild game hunted teeth—do they look the teeth of a cow or horse?
and gathered is that the meat has only about 5% On the vast American plains during the 19 th
fat content—as opposed to the up to 50% fat con- century, Native Americans often suffered from
tent of artificially manipulated modern livestock what they called “rabbit hunger.” During the
raised for food. The USDA actually still considers depths of winter they could not hunt the declining
that higher fat, “grade A” meat to be the better populations of bison and other large game, in-
grades. But up until 100 years ago, cattle grazed stead, they had to rely on small game, like rab-
on the western plains were still relatively lean— bits, which have very little body fat—and are
they had to be driven by cowboys (the original very low in essential fatty acids. Contrary to some
long-distance truckers) hundreds of miles to rail- popular belief, not only is a little fat good for
heads for transport on trains to the stockyards in you, it is literally “essential” to health and life
Chicago and elsewhere. Like the cowboys them- (that’s why they are called essential fatty acids).
selves, the cattle arrived pretty lean. Native Americans with “rabbit hunger” were
So while eating meat can be part of a healthy starving from lack of essential fatty acids; when
diet—watch out for what kind of meat. Natural, given just a spoonful of lard (rendered animal fat)
free-range livestock and wild game have the they would return to normal health overnight.
healthiest nutrient composition and are full of In effect, getting the right amount of fat in the
diet has always been a problem for people. Before
the 20th century it was getting enough essential
Cholesterol in foods is not the enemy fatty acids, since they are rare in Nature, espe-
There is an old fallacy about foods high in choles- cially in plants. Today, we struggle from getting
terol. Any cholesterol naturally occurring in foods is too much fat—and too many calories.
completely broken down into harmless constituents
The Bear Diet provides just the proper bal-
when eaten and digested. It is the fat in foods that are
converted to cholesterol in the blood. So high-choles- ance. Plenty of bioavailable nutrients and essen-
terol, low-fat foods, like shellfish and seafood in gen- tial fatty acids, which will leave you more
eral, are healthy—and natural. satisfied…and thinner, too.
The same applies to the much maligned egg. Egg What to eat on the Bear Diet:
whites consist of the protein albumin which is a criti- Note that you do not have to count, measure,
cal component of our own blood proteins—and an im- weigh, or otherwise obsess over what you eat
portant but overlooked marker for good health. Egg down to the gram. This is a critical error that
yolks are higher calorie and contain essential fatty many of today’s diet “gurus” and physicians
acids. Eggs are not strictly on the Bear Diet, but the make. Obsessive behavior around an activity of
occasional egg is ok. First thing in the morning, in-
daily living, like eating, is not healthy and can be
stead of eating carbohydrates, an egg is a much better
just another source of stress, which is counter-
way to start the day for most people. An egg can be
productive. When you follow the Bear Diet, how
combined with many of the healthy foods on the list
on page 5 to make an appetizing omelet. much you eat won’t matter. And what and when
you eat will easily become second nature.

The “Top of the Food Chain” Cure for Obesity

1. Eat all you want (like the bear), of the following Grapefruit (one-half medium-sized = one fruit serving)
vegetables. (Eat them raw or cooked, without but- Honeydew melon (two-inch wedge = one fruit serving)
ter, fat, or salad dressing.1) Orange
Pineapple (one-half medium-sized = one fruit serving)
Bean sprouts
Beet greens
Tangerine or tangelo
Cabbage (and pickled cabbage, or sauerkraut)
Cauliflower 3. Spices and seasonings (all you want)
Celery Bouillon
Chinese cabbage (bok choy) Herbs, including:
Cucumbers (and pickled cucumbers, sour or dill, not sweet) Basil
Eggplant Chili
Endive Dill
Fennel (fenocchi) Garlic
Green beans Rosemary
Endive Sage
Escarole Paprika
Fiddle-head fern (in season) Pepper
Kale Tarragon
Lettuce Thyme
Mushrooms Cinnamon
Mustard greens Cloves
Onions Ginger
Parsley Mint
Peppers (red, green, yellow; hot or sweet) Nutmeg
Radishes Horseradish, red or white
Rhubarb Lemon, lime
Scallions Mustard
Spinach Tomato juice or paste (in cooking)
String beans Vinegar
Squash (green and yellow; zucchini)
4. Eat several handfuls of mixed nuts (un-
salted, not honey roasted). Especially almonds,
pecans, and walnuts. You can mix them with
small amounts of dried fruits (careful, high in
2. Eat no more than 3 servings of fresh fruits each
sugar). You can have handfuls from a zip-lock
bag throughout the day. This will definitely keep
Apple you from feeling hunger between meals. (Protein
Apricot bars and “meal replacement” bars are not a substi-
Berries (any kind; one-half cup = 1 fruit serving)
tute for anything. You will never need them and
Cantaloupe (one-half medium-sized = one fruit serving)
they should not form part of a healthy, weight
A little olive oil with the vegetables is ok if you must. While not strictly on the bear diet, a little olive oil, while adding some
calories, has other health benefits as demonstrated by the Mediterranean Diet. You can sautée with olive oil; or for fresh, raw
vegetables, make a dressing of a little olive oil with vinegar, or with lemon.

The “Top of the Food Chain” Cure for Obesity

loss diet.) “treat,” instead of snacking on the nuts and berries,
5. Once per day: Eat 4 to 6 ounces (about the you can have a small bag of pretzels, or other salty
size of the palm of your hand) of fresh grilled snacks, once in a while, but NOT sugary treats.
salmon or other fish, shellfish or seafood, squid You will find that nuts and berries take the place
(calamari; cuttlefish), or octopus (wild caught). of all these sugary snacks and desserts.
Grill fish with dill, natural yogurt, other fresh Helpful Hint: Take a few minutes to prepare
herbs, lemon-lime, cilantro, or onions to taste. zip-lock bags the night before so you can accom-
Shellfish, while high in cholesterol, are low in modate work and school schedules during the day.
fats. Eat mussels, clams, shrimp, lobster, or scal- Most teachers and “bosses” will not have a prob-
lops cooked in their own broth, or sautéed in garlic lem with your eating this way throughout the day.
and olive oil. Prepare your mixes of nuts, and also cut up some
HOW to eat on the Bear Diet: fresh fruits. Pineapple chunks are particularly good
foods on which to snack during the day.
Start by completely eliminating carbohydrates
from the diet for the first 2 to 3 weeks. No sugars, By measuring out your snacks into zip-lock
breads, starches; no corn, no potatoes, avoid bags the night before, you will avoid “overdosing”
“pulses” like beans (except green beans) and peas. on nuts. Many people don’t realize that many
This will help get your metabolism back on track “seeds” in Nature (some of which we call nuts),
and also provide some relatively rapid weight loss, like almonds and apple seeds, for example, contain
which will be a source of motivation important to minute amounts of cyanide. (Don’t tell that to the
the psychology of dieting. government bureaucrats in California—under their
ridiculous “Proposition 65” they would have to
Start the day like a “hungry bear” coming out of ban almonds, grapes, and other agricultural prod-
hibernation. Try to start with the largest meal in the ucts on which the economy of much of the state re-
morning, since your metabolism will have all day to lies.) This trace amount of cyanide acts like a
burn. However, if you are someone who just can’t pesticide to keep the seeds from spoiling even
eat in the morning, then go with what your body is after long periods in “storage” so they can eventu-
telling you. Don’t eat when you aren’t hungry. ally seed and sprout. It is theoretically possible to
On this diet, there is nothing magical about overdose on cyanide (though it would take many
breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The cultural tradition pounds of nuts and seeds per day).
of “three meals per day” is not a metabolic reality. If you are a “Mad Man” who just has to have a
You can actually “snack” throughout the day, like meal with clients once in awhile for business…
the bear, with frequent, small feedings. after the first 2 to 3 weeks, go ahead and enjoy
You can eat the recommended foods in any yourself. We can’t live like we are in the Spanish
order at any time. If you could not finish dinner Inquisition, banning foods and condemning eating
(stop eating when you no longer feel hungry—it (we’ll leave that to the White House). All things in
takes the brain a few minutes to catch up with the moderation (after the first 2 to 3 weeks).
“satiety” of the stomach) have the left-overs the Mix it up
next morning.
A diverse diet is also important to gain a bal-
After 2 to 3 weeks, and observing some real ance of different nutrients. Poor diets, and fad
weight loss, slowly add back some carbohydrates diets, that rely heavily on only one or few foods
in the morning, like a slice of whole grain bread, are inherently unhealthy and may lead to malnour-
or a cup of steel-cut oats (not rolled oats), or even ishment. Europeans had a hard time achieving di-
a bowl of Cheerio’s (no- or low-sugar). etary diversity before their “discovery” of the
After another 2 to 3 weeks, as an occasional Americas. There were only 16 different cultigens

The “Top of the Food Chain” Cure for Obesity

(plants cultivated for foods) in Europe from an- can—and you will be very well nourished, keep
cient Rome until the introduction of foods from your metabolism going, and be guaranteed to ex-
the Americans in the 1600’s. Tomato sauce did perience healthy weight loss. When you achieve
not appear on an Italian menu until late in the your desired weight there are many other foods
1700’s. and food preparations you can add back to your
Of course, the bear may not typically eat all of diet to maintain your health and your weight.
these foods (like eggs and olive oil), but you

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The “Top of the Food Chain” Cure for Obesity