August 2013 • VOLUME II • ISSUE 8

The word “breakthrough” gets come from different kinds of highly important topics we’ve consistently
thrown around a lot these days. But specialized research. Suddenly, by covered this past year—vitamin C,
REAL breakthroughs are few and putting it all together, we reach a new omega-3s, and vitamin D.
far between. One reason is because understanding. One that explains
Any one of these breakthroughs
modern research is done by sub- and reconciles all the individual
observations that have come in over would be enough to fill the pages
specialists with very narrow vision.
the years of piecemeal research. of other newsletters. And, normally,
Today’s “experts” seem to learn
more and more about less and less. any newsletter would spread out
Indeed, over the past year, I have
Unfortunately, that is what gets breakthroughs like these over many
used my 35 years of experience
encouraged and rewarded in the ivory months. But I just couldn’t wait—and
to carefully comb through many
tower of modern universities and by want to share it all with you now,
different kinds of research studies,
government research grants. So these across medical and scientific sub- without any delay.
“experts” just can’t see the big picture. specialties. And a number of different So on our first anniversary, please
(And it often seems the government kinds of studies that have been done enjoy this special Breakthrough
doesn’t want them to!) recently have led to not just one—but Edition of Insiders’ Cures. And I’m
But real breakthroughs come when three TRUE breakthroughs. confident I’ll be sharing more real
we are able to piece together the many These are genuine breakthroughs breakthroughs like these with you in
little pieces of the puzzle that typically in understanding three of the most the months to come. IC

Vitamin breakthrough for
In this issue:
cancer targets tumors at
the sources Red wine a probiotic?............4

New research proves it’s safe and side- Big Pharma’s blockbuster
effect free—even at massive doses cholesterol “cure” goes from
bad to deadly........................5
When the National Cancer Institute nutritional cancer research on
started its studies on nutrition and beta-carotene—which had no real
cancer 30 years ago, there was 10
Breakthrough study reveals
evidence to back it up whatsoever.
times more evidence for the anti- This misstep set back this field of the secret to fish oil’s heart
cancer effects of vitamin C than for research for decades. And is still benefits.................................7
all other vitamins combined. Yet, the causing mischief today. (In June, a
NCI blatantly ignored the mounds of biased editorial by another medical Vitamin breakthrough could
evidence supporting it. “expert” with no background, training,
put an end to hypertension
Instead, they followed a politically or real understanding of human diet
driven agenda (not a scientifically and nutrition in The New York Times and heart disease..................8
driven one). And chose to focus Continued on page 2... 1

pointed to the old, failed beta-carotene/ And now, a new toxicology study
Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D., is a cancer research as a reason that has been performed on intravenous
worldwide leader in nutritional and “vitamins don’t work.”) vitamin C. And the results are very
complementary/alternative medicine. revealing.
He has had a distinguished career as a Meanwhile, the “experts” have
researcher and physician executive at wasted years issuing unfounded The dose administered was 1
the National Institutes of Health and warnings against vitamin C for cancer. gram (1,000 mg) per minute over 4
Walter Reed National Military Medical More on that in just a moment. consecutive days each week for a total
Center in Washington, DC, and the
First, though, I’m tremendously of 4 weeks.1
College of Physicians in Philadelphia
PA. He has published over 30 medical excited to tell you that, despite the That dose—1,000 mg—is more
and trade books, and founded and best efforts of the Medical Mandarins than the government’s recommended
edited the first scientific journal, and at the National Institutes of Health, daily allowance of vitamin C. And the
the first textbook, on complementary/ research on vitamin C and cancer HAS subjects in this study got 1,000 mg
alternative and nutritional medicine, continued…And the results of several every minute.
now going into a 5th edition (2014) and
new studies have allowed me to bring Researchers then determined how
continuously in print since 1995.
a lot of thinking and observations from quickly vitamin C is eliminated from
Dr. Micozzi’s Insiders’ Cures is published the past 35 years together. Into a rare— the body. They did this by finding the
monthly by OmniVista Health Media, L.L.C., but very real—honest-to-goodness nutrient’s “half-life.” (Half-life means
702 Cathedral St., Baltimore, MD 21201 for cancer breakthrough. the time it takes for the concentration
$74 per year ($6.16 an issue).
The truth about high doses of in the blood to be reduced by half. The
POSTMASTER: Send address changes vitamin C radiation oncologists who burn out
to Insiders’ Cures, 702 Cathedral St.,
There has been a lot of interest in cancers are familiar with radioactive
Baltimore, MD 21201.
the ability of vitamins and minerals half-life.)
Author: Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D.
to lower the risk of cancer for many The half-life of vitamin C was
Publisher: Katherine Wheeler
Executive Editor: Amanda Angelini
decades. But the way a lot of the measured as 2.0 hours. In this sense
research is done just doesn’t get it you would think of vitamin C as
All material in this publication is
right. They use the wrong nutrients, “short-acting” if it were a drug. But
provided for information only and may
not be construed as medical advice or the wrong forms of administration, the the clearance time for all vitamin C
instruction. No action should be taken wrong doses, for the wrong reasons. to be eliminated from the body was
based solely on the contents of this Then, if they don’t find a positive result, roughly 21 days.
publication; readers should consult the “experts” have been all too quick to I think a possible reason for
appropriate health professionals on any say, “See, it doesn’t work!” this difference is that the body
matter relating to their health and well-
being. The information provided in this Vitamin C has endured more than (particularly the muscles) acts as a
publication is believed to be accurate its share of this shoddy research and reservoir for vitamin C—and can take
and sound, based on the best judgment scientific bias. Especially when it up and store a large amount.
available to the authors, but readers comes to its anti-cancer potential. But it’s important to note that none
who fail to consult with appropriate
health authorities assume the risk of any
And thanks in large part to this inept of the study participants suffered
injuries. The opinions expressed here do research, many “experts” have been any ill effects from this high-dose
not necessarily reflect the views of the warning cancer patients against vitamin intravenous administration of
publisher. The publisher is not responsible C for years. vitamin C.
for errors or omissions.
When we began offering high- This basic toxicology information
For questions regarding your subscription, dose, intravenous vitamin C to cancer is very important. (I wish I and my
please call reader services at 443-353-4398 colleagues had been authorized to
patients at Thomas Jefferson University
(8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EDT Mon.-Fri.)
Hospital 10 years ago, we first had to study vitamin C like this back in
Copyright © 2013 OmniVista Health prove to a number of hospital review the 1980s instead of just looking at
Media, L.L.C., 702 Cathedral St., Baltimore, carotenoids. Although at least we
committees that it would be safe. (It
MD 21201. Reproduction in whole or
was.) And that it wouldn’t interfere with were able to discover the importance
in part is prohibited without written
permission of the publisher. other treatments (chemotherapy and of lutein and lycopene at the same
radiation). (It didn’t.) time I was exposing the lack of any


real evidence for beta-carotene. But I can become an oxidizing agent, mechanism by which an agent can
digress…) depending upon the surrounding prevent cancer without having to
The new study also tells us that molecular environment, acid-base actually kill the cells. If you can
it is probably impossible to achieve balance, and other factors. prevent the cancer from getting blood
blood levels of vitamin C high And this probably explains why supply, the cells will starve to death,
enough to treat cancer by taking oral test tube laboratory studies showed without having to actually poison
supplements. that high enough levels of vitamin C them.
actually cause direct cancer cell death. And a convincing new study shows
IV vitamin C enhances chemo
When ascorbic acid gets so high, it the anti-angiogenic properties of
So that answers the safety question may reverse action and become an vitamin C. In fact, three of them.
about vitamin C for cancer patients. oxidant, or may simply just act as an
But what about the concerns regarding A triple play against tumor
acid. Which poisons cells. growth
vitamin C’s impact on other cancer
treatments? However, in lab studies, vitamin In lab models, researchers used an
C was also effective against intravenous vitamin C dose of 25 to
Well, new lab studies show that experimental tumors even at lower 60 grams.3 (A dose you could safely
IV vitamin C actually enhances doses that could not kill cancer cells get in 25 minutes to one hour with the
chemotherapy drugs like gemcitabine directly. “1-gram-per-minute” approach used
and erlotinib against pancreatic cancer
So, how does it work? in the human toxicity study reported
cells (notoriously difficult to treat).2
Well, it turns out you don’t have above.)
Researchers observed this effect even
in cancer cells that are otherwise to kill cancer cells outright (and risk First, the vitamin C inhibited
resistant to gemcitabine treatment. poisoning yourself). endothelial (blood vessel) cells
from multiplying—without harming
This means doctors may be able to Starve cancer cells to death
normal, healthy endothelial cells.
lower the doses of toxic chemotherapy There is a two-stage model of (Remember, chemotherapy drugs
drugs they give their patients if they cancer. (This model was key to my prevent cells from multiplying
also administer them with safe IV own PhD dissertation research,
by poisoning normal cellular
vitamin C. which recognized the importance
So this new research finally of early childhood nutrition in the
long-term risk of cancer.) The first Second, the vitamin C also
allows us to set aside old myths and
stage involves some chemical damage decreased the migration of endothelial
misconceptions about administering
that alters the DNA in normal cells, cells. This prevented new blood vessel
vitamin C to cancer patients.
“mutating” them into individual cells from going to the cancer.
Of course, there will undoubtedly cancer cells. This is called cancer And, finally, the vitamin C
be the hardened skeptics who will initiation. prevented the endothelial cells from
refuse to believe it until someone
Then the cells have to grow into organizing into new blood vessel
answers the age-old question “but how
actual tumors. This stage is called structures.
does it work?”
cancer promotion. That’s a triple play against cancer
Well, new scientific research now
The ability of cancer tumors to tumor growth.
has that aspect covered too…
grow (promotion) is based upon them Oral vitamin C supplements
Not just an anti-oxidant hijacking the body’s blood supply. aren’t enough to treat cancer
Early theories about the role of A process called angiogenesis (as I Now it’s true there is a lot of
vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in preventing explained in my special report, The evidence that lower oral doses of
cancer focused on its role as an “anti- “One Word” Battle Plan to Crushing vitamin C (but still higher than the
oxidant.” Cancer. You can download and view RDA) will prevent development of
But oxidation and anti-oxidants this report for free by logging on to cancer in the first place. But you have
are more complicated than they seem. the Subscriber section of my website, to give vitamin C intravenously—
It all goes back to Chemistry 101: directly into the bloodstream—to get
Chemically, any oxidant can become And it now appears anti- high enough levels, long enough, to
an anti-oxidant, and any anti-oxidant angiogenesis is an important Continued on page 4...


stop cancer once it is growing in the another cancer—the list goes on). approaches to make the time pass
body. (So any “negative” studies using Intravenous vitamin C can be just as more pleasantly and productively.
only oral doses to try to treat cancer effective against cancer—if not more (I’ll tell you more about some mind-
don’t really mean anything.) so. And it doesn’t cause ANY of these body approaches to controlling
This may sound extreme. But toxic effects. cancer, improving quality of life, and
all cancer patients receive various Getting an IV vitamin C infusion is extending lifespan in a future issue.)
intravenous therapies anyway. In similar to having kidney dialysis—but The Clinical Laboratory Inspection
fact, chemotherapy drugs are so much less invasive. You have to sit for Act governs the laboratories which
toxic they have to be administered awhile in the doctor’s office while the formulate vitamin C intravenous
intravenously. If you swallowed them, nurse is monitoring and administering infusions to ensure they are accurate,
they would poison and destroy the the infusion. At Thomas Jefferson potent, and fresh. So look for
gastro-intestinal tract. Of course IV University Hospital I set things up a licensed physician that offers
chemotherapy drugs cause enough so that patients could also listen to intravenous vitamin C infusion with an
physical devastation as it is (nausea, mindfulness meditation oral exercises, on-site certified laboratory. IC
hair loss, fatigue, weakened immunity, visualization, and other mind-body Citations available online at


Red wine a probiotic?
By now you’ve heard about the heart health benefits of red wine. These effects are so well-known that California wine
growers have petitioned the FDA to add a label to their bottles stating, “Consult with your physician about the benefits
of moderate red wine consumption.”
Of course, as usual, scientists inevitably want to know HOW red wine boosts heart health. And, for years, researchers
have been looking for the magic bullet “antioxidant” or other single ingredient to explain red wine’s benefits. I have
always suggested that they’re missing the forest for the trees (or the vineyard for the grapevines), so to speak.
I’ve always believed red wine’s health benefits come from the stress-reducing properties of moderate alcohol itself.
After all, stress is the main cause of high blood pressure. And high blood pressure is the main cause of heart disease.
Now, another new study (published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition) has attempted to sort out some of
these questions.
It was a small but thorough study on 10 middle-aged men.1 The researchers designed it as a cross-over trial so that
each participant acted as his own control. The men were given red wine, de-alcoholized red wine (DRW), or gin, then
“washed out” and given one of the other two drinks for 20 days.
The researchers were looking for effects on various measures of fat metabolism. And they found…
But they did think to sample the microflora of the intestines. And, as it turned out, red wine increased the amount
of probiotic Bifidobacterium and Prevotella in the gut. Which, in turn, led to lower levels of a certain type of fat that
makes up the cell walls of bacteria (lipopolysaccharide).
These results suggest that red wine effects bacterial probiotic growth and bacterial fat metabolism (versus human fat
Like NIH, the universal funders, these authors remain fixated on the role of fats in heart disease—they’re just shifting
gears from dietary fats to bacterial fats (what is now being called some supposedly new concept of “endotoxemia”).
As I explained in the article on “detox” products in the February issue, the concept of “auto-intoxication” (essentially
the same thing as “endotoxemia”) is nothing new. It has been extensively discussed since the early 1800s. What is
interesting in this study was that red wine had an effect on probiotic bacteria, but de-alcoholinized red wine (DRW) did
not. And of course we have known for a long time that alcohol has a profound effect on bacteria as an antiseptic.
So whatever complex mechanisms researchers pursue, I am still betting on the moderate alcohol itself as a major “active”
beneficial ingredient in red wine when it comes to heart disease.


Big Pharma’s blockbuster cholesterol “cure” goes from
bad to deadly
Cholesterol in foods has been or dying from heart attacks was are just as valid and just as important.
mistakenly portrayed as a “heart unchanged. So much so, an entire journal has
attack on a plate.” But cholesterol Appropriately enough, this study emerged to make such results
drugs are turning out to be a “disaster was published in the Journal of available.
in a pill.” This study covered nearly the
Negative Results in Biomedicine.
Some people can’t take cholesterol entire population of Sweden between
Of course, these days such a
drugs at all because of their almost the ages 40 and 79 for the years
journal isn’t just appropriate, it has
immediate crippling effects on 1998-2000. It included morbidity
become critical.
skeletal muscles. and mortality data from 289
As I’ve said before (most notably municipalities—urban, suburban,
Believe it or not, they are the
in my report, The Secret to Spotting rural, industrial, and in-between. The
fortunate few.
the Truth Behind the Headlines, numbers added up to nearly 4 million
Millions of others who have which you received when you first people.
been able to “tolerate” taking these subscribed to Insiders’ Cures), there
drugs are now turning out to suffer And results showed no benefit from
is massive bias among researchers, tripling the use of statins.
other long-term, chronic health funders (frequently drug companies)
consequences. and journals not to publish negative In order to try to make these
I have written previously about studies regarding drugs. Nobody ever results go away, critics would have
studies revealing that people hears about all the studies that fail to to find “something else” that must
taking cholesterol drugs don’t show benefit, although these results Continued on page 6...
have a lower death rate from heart
disease. In fact, overall, the World Beware generics!
Health Organization has found low
As if all the problems with statins I’ve told you about thus far weren’t bad
cholesterol to be associated with
enough, there’s yet another problem you need to know. Statins have been
higher death rates worldwide.
around long enough that generic forms are now available. Unfortunately, in
Now recent research is providing this instance, a generic version may not be worth the financial savings. In fact,
more details about statin drugs’ opting for a generic statin may cost you your life.
disastrous effects.
Outright fraud has emerged with generic Lipitor being sold by a
Statins offer no real health manufacturer in India. All along, problems with lab inspections, quality
benefits whatsoever control data and other requirements were evident. And the effects of this
Interestingly, we have to turn fraudulent generic drug are even more toxic than the patented statin drugs.
to countries outside the United The FDA was well aware of the situation—yet did nothing about it.
States for these revealing studies.
Countries that have unquestioned Eventually Congress and the US Department of Justice had to step in. The
high standards for medical practice manufacturer pled guilty to selling “adulterated drugs.”
and research—but are perhaps less Yet they are still in business, selling generic drugs in the U.S. and worldwide.
dominated by drug industry priority. Of course, healthcare reform has always mandated substituting patented
For instance, a recent study drugs with generic drugs as a way to save costs (a trend that will only
from Sweden shows that a massive accelerate as Obamacare takes over).
increase in statin use has provided no But true healthcare reform would involve substituting dangerous, expensive
health benefits whatsoever.1 At the drugs (and the costs of managing their frequent complications) with natural,
height of the statin craze, the number non-drug treatments that are effective and much safer—or at least offsetting
of people taking statins tripled in just their toxicity with natural products (as in the case of CoQ10).
two years (between 1998 and 2000).
Yet the number of people suffering


have counter-acted the “benefits” of to severe pains and cramps), hepatitis, prior to being treated with a statin.
statins. A huge upswing in unhealthy swelling of the blood vessels, hives, After a 14-year follow-up, researchers
diets or other lifestyle factors, for shortness of breath, edema, severe skin again found the more intensive, high-
example. But lifestyle factors take itching, and blood in the urine. dose statin drugs showed increased
many years to show their effects. And And more new research offers yet rates of diabetes compared to the
this study occurred over a matter of another dangerous side effect. As well more moderate treatment: atorvastatin
only two years. During which the only as another clue to explain why statins (22 percent higher), rosuvastatin (18
significant change was the massive percent) and simvastatin (10 percent).
don’t appear to decrease death rates
increase in statin drug consumption.
from heart disease, but do increase There was also an increased risk
The fact is, once you have nearly overall death rates. of diabetes from moderate-dose
the whole population of a country compared to low-dose statins.
It turns out patients taking statins
taking a drug, it provides the ultimate
may be dying of diabetes instead. (Again nobody in the study escaped
“post-marketing” surveillance—well
without being on some such drug,
beyond anything that can be observed A full-scale public health crisis
so we don’t know whether non-drug
in any clinical trial. One recent study found that statins
users have an even lower rate of
From this standpoint, it’s a shame pose an increased risk of diabetes.2
diabetes. But based upon average
the study didn’t look at all the negative Just as diabetes has emerged as the
population studies, it is highly likely)
effects statins also cause, in addition to No. 1 growing threat to health.
the complete lack of any benefit. Although the researchers didn’t
The study looked at more than
comment on it, this is a classic dose-
Negative side effects like 17,000 patients age 65 years or older
response effect: The higher the dose,
pancreatitis, rhabdomyolysis who had been hospitalized for a heart
the greater the toxicity. In this case,
(destruction of muscle cells that leads attack. Just over half (52 percent)
risk of developing diabetes. So, if this
were treated with intensive statin
drug were being studied as a poison
Statins poison your therapy (higher doses of atorvastatin,
(and it probably should be) it fulfilled
blood sugar metabolism rosustatin, simvastatin). The other 48
one of the primary proofs of toxicity.
percent were given only moderate
The good news is, we also now statin therapy (lower doses of the three But these studies aren’t even
know one important “mechanism drugs listed above, or any dose of the first ones to uncover increased
of action” by which statins are fluvastatin, lovastatin or pravastin). diabetes risk among statin users.
actually poisoning blood sugar This effect first emerged last year in
metabolism and causing diabetes Five years later, there was a 5
the JUPITER study, which found a
(and its many complications). percent higher rate of developing
27 percent higher rate of diabetes in
diabetes in the higher statin group.
Last year, FDA issued a “warning” patients taking rosuvastatin.4 And
Of course, since everyone in the
that statins raise blood levels of The Women’s Health Initiative (the
study received statins, it wasn’t
Hemoglobin A1C, or glycosylated forerunner of which I helped get
possible to compare the rate of
hemoglobin. These are hemoglobin started at NIH in the 1980s) found a 48
diabetes with patients who didn’t
proteins in the blood that are percent increased risk in women.5
receive the drug at all. (They would
bound to glucose molecules, and In these large cohort studies, it was
probably argue that it would have
they provide a good measure possible to perform comparisons with
been “unethical” to “deprive” any
of high blood sugar levels over people who were not being given
long periods of time. The higher
heart patient of the drugs.)
statins at all. Thus the much larger
your HbA1C level, the higher But it’s not the only study to find
risks of 27 and 48 percent.
your risk of developing long-term this damning evidence.
complications of diabetes—like These rates aren’t just some
Another study published in May in
heart disease, kidney failure, statistical finding. They represent a
the British Medical Journal also found
blindness, and peripheral full-scale public health crisis.
that patients are at an increased risk of
neuropathy. Not to mention Type III new onset of diabetes after being given So, what can be done?
diabetes, or Alzheimer’s Disease, as
statins.3 Protect yourself with CoQ10
I explained in the December 2012
issue of Insiders’ Cures. This study looked at 471,250 For a long time, some REAL
patients with no history of diabetes experts have been recommending that


any patient taking a statin should also Like cholesterol itself, CoQ10 is doses—100 mg twice a day with
take coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). In fact, normally produced in the human body meals—may enhance absorption and
Merck even took out a patent on a and is found in all cells. It is present minimize any side effects. CoQ10
combination statin-CoQ10—but never in highest concentrations in the heart, supplements are generally well
made it available to the public. When liver, kidneys, and pancreas. CoQ10 tolerated and have minimal side effects
a colleague and I contacted Merck plays a key role in energy production
(although they may interfere with
about why they weren’t offering and acts as a powerful antioxidant.
certain medications, including the anti-
this formula, their response was “no In addition to being produced in the
body, there are a few dietary sources, platelet drug Plavix,which has its own
such as beef, chicken, and fish, that dangers, the anti-coagulant Coumadin,
In new research presented at the and even aspirin).
offer small amounts.
2013 Heart Failure Congress, Co-Q10
was able to cut the risk of death among However, statins disrupt the body’s Look for the CoQ10 product
heart patients in half.6 This new study natural production of CoQ10. So if Ubiquinol. It’s generally more
from Europe also found that patients you still take a statin drug, be sure to expensive than other CoQ10
with heart failure taking 100 mg of take a CoQ10 supplement to offset supplements, but it’s the active form
CoQ10 three times per day had fewer this effect. of the nutrient. So it’s worth the extra
heart events, fewer hospitalizations, Co-Q10 is fat-soluble, so it’s best investment to ensure you’re getting a
and a lower risk of dying from any to take a softgel formula, rather quality formula. IC
cause—including heart disease. than dry tablet. And taking divided Citations available online at

Breakthrough study reveals the secret to fish oil’s
heart benefits
It seems not a day goes by enough to know that something does ever examined how fish oil (omega-3)
without seeing another study on the work. But medical researchers don’t supplementation affects this link.
health benefits of omega-3s. The rest until they establish how it works. Researchers subjected 67
big story for years now has been So this new research is especially participants with normal blood
their ability to protect against heart interesting. And one recent study in pressure to a 5-minute mental stress
disease. More recently, studies have particular caught my eye. test before and after 8 weeks of fish
suggested that omega-3s have an oil supplementation or placebo.
It tested whether fish oil could
“anti-inflammatory” or (perhaps They found that fish oil
reduce blood pressure, heart rate,
more correctly) an immune- significantly reduced both heart rate
and nervous system responses—by
modulating effect—helping to keep and overall nervous system reactivity
blunting the body’s reactions to
the immune system in balance. At to mental stress.
mental stress.1
the same time, other studies are
These researchers were smart The researchers (perhaps focusing
showing that heart disease may be
enough to recognize something I’ve too much on their own study rather
caused by inflammation (or again,
told you many times—that the main than the bigger picture) expressed
an imbalanced immune system) as I concern that, despite its other
reported in last month’s issue. culprit behind high blood pressure
and heart disease isn’t salt…or benefits, fish oil did not lower blood
These ideas are getting us closer saturated fat…or tobacco. pressure. But considering the study
to understanding the all-important participants all had normal blood
“mechanism of action”—or how It’s STRESS. pressure to begin with, this particular
omega-3s actually work in the body The link between mental stress finding makes perfect sense.
to reduce disease. For most doctors, and heart disease risk is well- Other studies have shown that
and certainly for all patients, it is documented. Yet, until now, no study Continued on page 8...


fish oil can reduce blood pressure in Chronic stress causes that “set point” When you have a vicious cycle
people who DO have elevated blood to rise. The body eventually readjusts of patho-physiologic factors causing
pressure, or hypertension. So this at a higher blood pressure—causing a disease, you need a real cure that
simply appears to be another instance ongoing “wear and tear” damage to knocks out all the negative effects
where we should credit the “wisdom our heart and blood vessels. Stress (not just a drug that has one effect).
of the body” (and basic physiologic also causes increases in nervous And fish oil offers the “whole
processes) for not “fixing” problems system reactivity and heart rate. package” when it comes to heart
that don’t actually exist! health.
The ability of fish oil to reduce
And it certainly isn’t cause I recommend everyone take at least
heart rate and nervous system
to “throw the baby out with the 1 to 2 grams per day of omega-3 fatty
responses to stress within just 8
bathwater,” so to speak. Because this acids from fish oil.
weeks is a good sign it will also help
research revealed a real breakthrough
if you can see the bigger picture. keep blood pressure normal and the Ideally, you should be looking for
A valuable insight that moves us heart healthy over the longer term. dietary sources of omega-3s, such
closer to understanding how omega-3 And don’t forget that fish oil has as salmon, sardines, and other fatty
fish oils have their benefits in heart previously been shown to reduce fish. Of course, if you don’t like
disease. triglyceride levels in the blood and fish, purified omega-3s and fish oil
decrease growth of atherosclerotic supplements are widely available
Short-term results indicate long-
term benefits plaques in blood vessels—which (Nordic Naturals makes some
Over the short term, blood pressure result after the wear-and-tear good quality products that I have
constantly goes up and down—but of elevated blood pressure and personally tested over the years). IC
settles out at a resting “set point.” inflammation. Citations available online at


Vitamin breakthrough could put an end to hypertension and heart disease
So far in this issue, I’ve told you about recent studies that examine the roles of red wine and omega-3s in preventing
heart disease. And I also warned you that the most common drug treatments to try to prevent heart disease appear to
be worthless—or worse.
But it turns out there is one more heart-related breakthrough on the horizon—and it involves a nutrient I’ve mentioned
numerous times over the past year. Vitamin D.
I’ve reminded you many times in these pages about the health benefits of vitamin D—and the fact that most people
are deficient in this critical nutrient.
Now, a large-scale genetic study involving over 155,000 participants has made a truly tremendous discovery…
Low levels of vitamin D cause high blood pressure.
While other studies have found an association between low vitamin D and high blood pressure, this is the first to
demonstrate that low vitamin D actually causes hypertension.1
And increasing your vitamin D levels can have a significant impact on your heart.
In fact, for every 10 percent increase in vitamin D levels, there was an 8.1 percent decrease in the risk of developing high
blood pressure. That’s a nearly one for one benefit.
These researchers concluded that vitamin D may very well be the best means to reduce high blood pressure and heart
As I mentioned in a recent Daily Dispatch (7/1/13, “Can you get too much vitamin D in the summer?”), other recent
studies indicate that you can’t get “too much” vitamin D. So everyone should supplement with 1,000 IU per day. It won’t
harm those who have sufficient levels—but it will do a world of good for everyone else.
Citations available online at