The brain-protecting nutrient that
almost slipped through the cracks
Why not even your doctor knows the secret to boosting your brainpower
If you’re concerned about Of course, 20th century biomedical for the brilliant colors we see in
preserving your mental function research scientists have been focused nature, especially in the fall when
(and you should be, considering on finding the single-ingredient the green chlorophyll in leaves goes
Alzheimer’s dementia is an epidemic “magic bullet” in these vegetables away, leaving the colorful carotenoid
in this country) you need to read this. responsible for their disease- pigments behind.
Because it’s the only place you’ll preventing benefits. And they can have just as dazzling
hear about the unsung nutrient that But the power of plants is not an impact on the human body—if
suddenly has real scientists and in a single component—it’s in we’re using the right ones for the
researchers talking. the hundreds of natural vitamins, right purposes.
That’s right. While the mainstream minerals, and phytochemicals they When research goes wrong
medical world was bickering about contain. And many of those are the
When the National Academy
beta-carotene—a carotenoid found ingredients that my colleagues and
of Sciences in the United States
in vegetables—my colleagues and I learned about through thorough
finally began to recognize that food
I were doing some real science and scientific analysis at the USDA
and nutrition play an integral role
discovering some true plant-based Human Nutrition Research Center.
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powerhouses. Here’s the really interesting thing,
Our discoveries went largely though: Among the hundreds of In this issue:
unnoticed (or perhaps intentionally nutrients found, one did emerge as
buried). But today I’m going to tell a powerful antidote to the cognitive
decline that is plaguing our nation. Skip the MRI before breast
you about one in particular that may
Only you never heard about cancer surgery........................... 3
very well make all the difference in
it—partially because deadwood Why those tired, old natural
helping you keep your memory from
government science bureaucrats were arthritis “fixes” don’t work
slipping through your fingers.
busy bungling their research looking Plus, the long-forgotten
The fallacy of the “magic bullet” for a supposed “magic bullet” (like ancient remedies that DO......... 4
Since the British Empire Cancer beta-carotene).
Campaign of the 1920s (described in The dangerous delusion of
As it turns out (and as we
more detail in my report Classified “detox” drinks
predicted), beta-carotene is only one
Cancer Answers that you received True detoxification doesn’t
of the many carotenoids found in
when you first subscribed to Insiders’ some leafy green (and yellow-orange) come in a bottle......................... 6
Cures), green, leafy vegetables have vegetables. Carotenoids act as The absolutely free, no-risk
consistently been proven to lower antioxidants to protect plants—which hot flash cure
the risk of just about every common is an important reason plants can Think you must have drugs or
cancer. This observation holds up stay outside all day, exposed to solar herbs to treat your menopause
today—nearly a century later. And radiation, heat, and other climatic symptoms? Think again............ 8
not only for cancer but for other assaults without just withering away.
diseases as well. Carotenoids are also responsible

www.DrMicozzi.com 1

in cancer in the early 1980s (more We warned them, but they
Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D., is a than half a century after the British didn’t want to listen to the REAL
worldwide leader in nutritional and Empire’s observations), the National SCIENCE. Instead, they persisted.
complementary/alternative medicine. Cancer Institute (NCI) launched an Even after we tried to warn them
He has had a distinguished career as a
effort to discover the “magic bullet” about our own results—that beta-
researcher and physician executive at
the National Institutes of Health and
ingredient(s) in foods that could be carotene is simply not present in the
Walter Reed National Military Medical isolated and used to help control healthy foods that do protect against
Center in Washington, DC, and the cancer. cancer—they went ahead with human
College of Physicians in Philadelphia While largely ignoring the massive trials on beta-carotene. And all they
PA. He has published over 30 medical
evidence already supporting vitamin proved is that beta-carotene had
and trade books, and founded and
C as an anticancer ingredient, NCI no effect on cancer…and in fact it
edited the first scientific journal, and actually increased it in some groups
the first textbook, on complementary/ decided instead to focus on a then-
of people.
alternative and nutritional medicine, obscure carotenoid, beta-carotene.
now going into a 5th edition (2014) and This was before they knew to what In my case, they didn’t just ignore
continuously in print since 1995. extent beta-carotene was even present the results of the basic science—they
in the healthy vegetables that had effectively tried to suppress them.
been proven to fight cancer. And I was not permitted to publish
Dr. Micozzi’s Insiders’ Cures is published them until after I left the NIH myself.
monthly by OmniVista Health Media, L.L.C., And that’s just the beginning of
When I ultimately did publish
702 Cathedral St., Baltimore, MD 21201 for how they missed the mark…
them they earned me the Young
$74 per year ($6.16 an issue).
New funding to help find Investigator Award at Walter Reed
POSTMASTER: Send address changes
anticancer agents in food went to the Army Medical Center.
usual fat cats of government research
to Insiders’ Cures, 702 Cathedral St., So the NCI put the cart before
at NIH (who knew next to nothing
Baltimore, MD 21201. the horse. And the public has been
about human nutrition) instead of the
looking at the wrong end of the horse
Author: Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D. government’s true nutrition experts
ever since!
Publisher: Katherine Wheeler at the USDA Beltsville Agricultural
Executive Editor: Amanda Angelini Research Center in Maryland. They wasted MILLIONS of
taxpayer dollars, all because they
All material in this publication is I had just been recruited into the didn’t do their homework. And the
provided for information only and may NCI’s new program on nutrition and public is still paying the price.
not be construed as medical advice or cancer, and the other young scientists
instruction. No action should be taken and I were hamstrung by the stodgy But not only did they miss out on
based solely on the contents of this pen pushers (who had been “re- finding the nutrients that actually
publication; readers should consult
organized” instead of replaced with could make a difference—they
appropriate health professionals on any
knowledgeable researchers). But we set back true understanding about
matter relating to their health and well-
didn’t let that stop us. The new team nutrition and cancer by decades in the
being. The information provided in this
quickly realized we would have to minds of many physicians, scientists,
publication is believed to be accurate
collaborate with the USDA to get any and the public.
and sound, based on the best judgment
available to the authors, but readers real answers. Of course Big Pharma was quick to
who fail to consult with appropriate
So we did, and quickly. But pounce on the botched beta-carotene
health authorities assume the risk of any
while we were entrenched in results as “proof” that nutrients are
injuries. The opinions expressed here do ineffective against cancer. Out of
not necessarily reflect the views of the discovering the basics about the
nutrient composition of foods, and one side of their mouths, anyway.
publisher. The publisher is not responsible
for errors or omissions. the metabolic effects of these “new” Meanwhile, they had launched a
carotenoids, the bureaucrats at NCI lucrative new industry for themselves
Copyright © 2013 OmniVista Health prematurely launched their infamous selling synthetic carotenoid
Media, L.L.C., 702 Cathedral St., Baltimore, human clinical trials on beta-carotene. supplements.
MD 21201. Reproduction in whole or Beta-carotene may have been a
In essence, doing the expensive
in part is prohibited without written
“advanced” research before the basic bust, but on the positive side, our
permission of the publisher.
research was ever done. own team of scientists did discover

2 www.DrMicozzi.com

the importance of other carotenoids carotenoids that can penetrate the even more significant because the
in human metabolism. And now I’ll blood-retina barrier and the blood- best-researched herbal remedy for
show you what we ultimately learned brain barrier. Which makes it a cognitive function, Gingko biloba,
about one in particular that is a true critical tool in the emerging medical has been proven to improve memory
standout in the area of brain health. epidemic of Alzheimer’s dementia. in people with documented cognitive
But it’s important to note that lutein impairment but not in the general
The unsung brain-boosting hero
also has cognitive benefits for people population.
If you’ve heard of the carotenoid without dementia.
I’m about to tell you about, I can So, what do research scientists
almost guarantee it wasn’t about its Scientists have discovered that conclude about all these new
ability to protect brain function. higher levels of lutein-related findings? “Lutein warrants further
pigments in the eye are correlated research.” But for the millions of
Lutein is best-known as a vision with improved brain function. Global
helper. But recent research highlights aging Americans watching their
cognitive function, verbal fluency,
its cognitive effects as well. And memory slip away, waiting for
and memory retention were all
it’s little wonder that something that further research isn’t an option.
increased, and dementia decreased,
helps the eyes would be good for the in people with higher levels of these In the meantime, a dose of 12 mg
brain as well. The eye itself is a very lutein-related pigments. Even in per day of lutein just might be the
specialized organ originating from subjects who were 100 years old—or natural memory enhancer you need.
brain and nervous tissue. older.1 Boost the results by combining it
But there’s another obstacle when Yet another study found that giving with 800 mg/day of DHA omega
it comes to nourishing the eye and the lutein alone or in combination with an fatty acids. And don’t forget to
brain: The blood-retina and blood- omega fatty acid improved cognitive add berberine (500 mg per day,
brain barriers are highly selective in function, verbal fluency, learning divided into two or three doses). As
granting entry. This normally protects ability, and memory in older women. I explained in the December 2012
the delicate eye, brain and nervous issue of Insiders’ Cures, recent
Bottom line: It appears lutein
tissues against many toxic effects, research also shows very promising
can improve cognitive function in
but it also means that it takes a very older people in general—and also results using berberine in supporting
special nutrient to get in. help prevent dementia. In the world brain function.2,3,4 IC
Lutein is one of only two of natural remedies, this finding is Citations available online at www.DrMicozzi.com

Skip the MRI before breast cancer surgery
Researchers warn that pre-surgery MRI can lead to more radical treatment and higher cost—but not better outcomes.
I’ve reported before that many of the medical tests out there are a waste of money—or worse, a risk to your health.
Well, here’s another example of science proving that advice right.
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) may do a better job than x-ray or ultrasound at producing sharp images for
detecting new breast cancers. But once breast cancer is diagnosed, new research from Memorial-Sloan Kettering
Cancer Center in New York shows that preoperative MRIs for staging the cancer may do more harm than good.1
More than one-quarter of women with preoperative MRIs ended up having their entire breast removed by cancer
surgery. That’s compared to less than one-fifth of women without an MRI.
Researchers are now questioning whether the MRI leads surgeons to remove more breast tissue than necessary. This
of course leads to additional costs and complications, not to mention the cosmetic effects. And let’s not forget the fact
that an MRI itself adds another $1,000 to the overall medical bill.
Experts now question whether MRIs have any place in breast cancer surgery and findings show that you can skip the
pre-operative MRI.
For additional medical tests you should consider skipping, refer back to the November 2012 issue of Insiders’ Cures.
Citations available online at www.DrMicozzi.com


Why those tired, old natural arthritis “fixes” don’t work
Plus, the long-forgotten ancient remedies that DO
I would have bet my right knee that that point us to real solutions for joint power to correct inflammation in the
at least 90 percent of my readers think pain. joints.
glucosamine and chondroitin are a I’ve spent years investigating Joint remedies that actually do
one-stop solution to arthritis pain. But history’s clues, and I’ve found the job need to address the cause of
since I researched the secrets to real alternatives to glucosamine and joint damage. And the fact is that
natural joint relief, I am going to keep chondroitin that actually work. inflammation plays a central role.
that knee after all. Which just goes
to show that “it pays to advertise,” or I’ll tell you in a moment about Here’s what you need to know
marketing works. that solution, but first we need about joints and bones, and why you
to understand what causes joint can’t treat joint pain effectively
If only glucosamine and problems as you age. without treating inflammation:
chondroitin actually worked as well.
The REAL cause of joint pain is (1) Our body is constantly absorbing
If glucosamine and chondroitin something glucosamine can’t and replacing old bone with new,
were truly the wonder nutrient touch healthy bone.
supplements that marketers claim Joint pain fits into one of four (2) Where one bone meets another,
they are, we wouldn’t still be talking categories: the bones are covered in
about arthritis. In fact, with all the
(1) Osteoarthritis. Deterioration cushioning called cartilage. This
“solutions” that have been dumped
from “wear-and-tear” on keeps bones from rubbing against
onto the public for decades, joint
joints that leads to painful each other.
pain should have gone the way of the
dinosaurs years ago. inflammation. (3) Cartilage is nourished by fluid
(2) Rheumatoid arthritis. The called synovial fluid, which fills
Yet, as long as there have been the spaces in the joints, between
joints, there has been joint pain. immune system itself attacks
joints, causing pain and the bones.
Historians tell us that, unlike many deterioration. (4) When the joints are inflamed,
common diseases that have become cartilage can’t get the
(3) Degeneration of the discs. The
more prevalent in our modern nourishment it needs from the
discs between the vertebrae in the
industrialized era (think cancer and synovial fluid. So inflammation
spine wear down, causing neck
heart disease), arthritis has been destroys normal cartilage tissue
and back pain.
afflicting humans since prehistoric and gets in the way of new,
times. In fact, paleopathologists (4) Pains of undetermined healthy cartilage being formed.
estimate almost half of early nature. These may be linked
to mind-body-immune system (5) If inflammation is controlled, the
humans—as far back as Neanderthal
connections, as explained in my body can again begin forming and
man—suffered some sort of joint
book with Mike Jawer, Your nourishing new, healthy cartilage.
Emotional Type (www.drmicozzi. The result? Normal, healthy,
Unfortunately, the best- comfortable joints.
documented health problem in human
But while there are different types In some cases of joint pain, such
history is plaguing us still. And it will
of joint pain, they ultimately have one as rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation
for generations to come—if we keep
thing in common—inflammation. comes first and destroys cartilage
putting faith in supplements that get it
and—if left unchecked—bone.
all wrong. So if we can treat inflammation, In other cases, like osteoarthritis,
But the good news is when an we can do away with these ailments. the “wear and tear” destruction of
ailment has this much history, we Simple, right? cartilage leads to inflammation in
have the benefit of millennia of But here’s the thing: glucosamine the joint tissues. Either way, what
trial and error before us. And our and chondroitin—the most common results is a vicious cycle that can
ancestors—from many cultures natural products used to treat joint only be interrupted in one way: by
around the world—have left us clues deterioration and pain do not have the controlling inflammation.

4 www.DrMicozzi.com

Here’s why that’s so important: not being absorbed properly in the one of the gifts the Queen of Sheba
once you control inflammation, the gastrointestinal tract. brought to King Solomon.
damaged joints and underlying bones
History holds the secret to joint If you’re looking for a joint
can begin to heal themselves. This relief supplement today, you’d do well to
self-healing ability of bones and joints
Modern science is proving what find one that has these potent herbal
is the basis of all natural healing in
our ancestors knew: Natural remedies anti-inflammatories, as well as some
all tissues of the body. No matter
can curb inflammation and promote specific nutrients whose effectiveness
how many so-called bone-supporting
bone and joint health. is proven by modern science.
nutrients you pour into the system
(assuming they even make it into your Do you remember what the wise The first is vitamin D, which even
joints), they won’t work if you don’t men brought as gifts to celebrate the the government recognizes as being
stop the inflammation cycle. birth of Jesus? Gold, frankincense, critical for bone health (though it
and myrrh. Believe it or not, all three largely ignores vitamin D’s other
Can your body even use
of those are proven arthritis remedies health benefits). A healthy dose is
glucosamine and chondroitin?
(and you can trust men who just 1,000–2,000 IU per day.
Many doctors and medical walked halfway around the world to
scientists have questioned for decades The second is best known for
know what soothes achy joints!). No
whether glucosamine (a sugar amine) preventing and treating colds—
wonder they were so valuable.
is even sufficiently absorbed into and even cancer—but it’s rarely
the joint tissues, believing that it is Gold injected into the joints discussed for bone health. However,
destroyed in the gastrointestinal tract actually does help arthritis, but its the importance of vitamin C for bone
and/or the bloodstream before it can expense puts it out of reach for most and connective tissue health should
even enter the joints. It is, after all, of us. Frankincense and myrrh, on not be overlooked. An effective dose
a combination of glucose or sugar the other hand, have a long history in of vitamin C is in the range of 500
(which is readily metabolized for supporting joints—and new research to 1,000 mg a day. But even without
energy) and an amine, which like continues to support their use. supplements, dietary sources alone
most protein constituents, are broken Frankincense, also known as can be extremely effective for bone
apart by digestion and enzymes. Boswellia, is best known in the West and connective tissue health if you
Chondroitin comes with its own as a potent incense that fills churches get enough of the right foods (see the
list of issues. Concerns have been with a familiar fragrance. But far Insiders’ Cures bonus report “Top-of-
raised about the source it comes beyond smelling good, frankincense the-Food-Chain” Cure for Obesity
from and how well the body can is valued for its medicinal properties. that came with your subscription).
actually absorb it, and to what extent. In fact, it has held an important place
A little bit of “un-learning” goes a
It seems like most all the “new” in Asian medicine for millennia.
long way
discoveries over the years when it Ayurvedic practitioners have known
for ages that Boswellia is a key I hope this article has helped you
comes to chondroitin have to do with un-learn what the natural products
some new, exotic species or location treatment for joints. And the reason it
works: It stops inflammation. marketing masterminds have led
from which this common natural you to believe about protecting and
substance is harvested. This has And, again, that allows your rebuilding joints, but just to make
made for some putatively attractive cartilage to rebuild itself. Like most
sure, let me put the issue to rest once
marketing pitches…but not evidence natural healing, rebuilding healthy
and for all…
that it is absorbed into the body and bone and cartilage to a permanent
actually works for joint pain. That’s solution is a slow and steady process Glucosamine and chondroitin are
why chondroitin has become widely that takes time. But if you take care NOT your one-stop arthritis cure!
regarded in the medical community of the inflammation in the meantime, Because they do not stop joint
as worthless. it helps stop the pain and increases inflammation! If you want to stop
Side effects of glucosamine mobility, while allowing the joint to arthritis pain today and give your joints
include digestive complaints such repair itself over time. a chance to heal naturally tomorrow,
as abdominal pain, poor appetite, Myrrh, found in abundance in the you need to stop inflammation. And
nausea, heartburn, constipation, Middle East, is valued for its anti- to do that, trust the natural anti-
diarrhea, and vomiting. Which inflammatory effects too. In fact, it’s inflammatories with centuries of
makes sense for something that is held in such high esteem that it was history backing them up. IC


The dangerous delusion of “detox” drinks
True detoxification doesn’t come in a bottle
Here we go again… A tried liver can’t effectively metabolize and Insiders’ Cures, mainstream medical
and true tenet of natural healing is the kidney can’t adequately excrete. “experts” were quick to claim it was
being potentially misunderstood by Metals like lead or excess iron can the vitamin C—not the chelation
mainstream medicine and meanwhile accumulate and poison virtually therapy itself—that was responsible
exploited by the quick-fix (and quick- any and all tissues of the body. for the positive effect. (Yes, these are
buck) “health” marketeers. Fortunately, there is a real medical indeed the same “experts who are
This time it’s with the delusion treatment for effectively eliminating usually quick to claim that vitamins
of so-called “detox” products and lead that I will tell you about shortly. have no effect on heart disease, or
drinks. But unfortunately, the detox- Other toxins, including chemicals anything else, for that matter!)
in-a-blender fad bears no resemblance from pesticides, for example,
Is your body poisoning itself?
to any authentic detox regimen. accumulate in body fat.
“Alternative” or natural
What is detox, anyway? Note to dieters: One of many medicine holds that everyday food
reasons I recommend slow, steady consumption results in toxic buildup.
Some of the new drink marketeers weight loss is that accumulated toxic
may not know it, but it actually stands The idea is that when we break
chemicals trapped in fat tissues are down the food’s constituents and
for detoxification. And that can mean released into the blood and body
two very different things from a our gut bacteria carry out their own
when fat is metabolized due to metabolism, the result is that we
health perspective: caloric restriction. A sudden release produce chemical products that are
1. To the medical establishment, it’s of toxins into the bloodstream can “foreign” to the body—termed “auto-
about appropriate treatment for temporarily poison other tissues in intoxication.”
drug or alcohol intoxication or the body, causing symptoms that may
addiction. convince you that your weight loss is This is a 19th century concept
doing more harm than good, at least that we now realize is more complex
2. In natural medicine, it’s a way of in terms of the microbiome and the
restoring the body, mind, and spirit temporarily. That’s another reason
to follow a sensible diet for weight role of probiotics and fiber (see last
to their most cleansed, balanced month’s Insiders’ Cures).
and healthful state. loss or maintenance, such as the one
I outlined in the “Top-of-the-Food- Modern research validates
The characters running around Chain” Cure for Obesity bonus report genuine detoxification
promoting “detox” drinks (who seem that came with your subscription. Some of my own research in the
hyped up on their own adrenaline)
But back to the medical treatment late 20th century actually validated
could use a good detox themselves.
I mentioned for eliminating excess some of the 19th century ideas
They need to slow down, and take
lead from the body. Chelation about auto-intoxication. Based on a
time (and even lie down) for an
therapy using infusion with a theory from Dr. Nicholas Petrakis
authentic, natural detox treatment…as
substance called EDTA has been at University of California, San
I’ll demonstrate in just a moment.
approved for use by the FDA for lead Francisco, I performed an analysis
Heavy metals and other “toxins” poisoning. The EDTA chemically with colleagues at the National
A really unfortunate thing about traps the heavy metal so it can be Cancer Institute (NCI) on the US
the wildly incorrect messages about eliminated in the urine. After many National Health and Nutrition
detox is that real detoxification is years of study, research recently Examination Survey. We found that
an important cornerstone of good established that chelation therapy less frequent bowel movements
health. It’s something we should all with EDTA, together with vitamin C, (constipation) in women is related to
do periodically to get rid of toxic is effective for treating and reversing higher rates of breast cancer.
accumulations that slow down our cardiovascular disease (theoretically Dr. Petrakis thought that
bodies and cloud our minds. by removing the mineral calcium constipation allowed toxic,
The human body accumulates from blocked arteries).1 carcinogenic breakdown products to
toxins, like heavy metals, that the As I reported in last month’s accumulate in the intestines, which

6 www.DrMicozzi.com

would then be absorbed back into bound to be good for whatever ails practitioner, who will design a
the blood and could cause cancer you. program just for you. The program
in tissues. We found such results Ancient detoxification rituals get entails a customized, combination
for the most common cancer in new life herbal remedy, modified diet of
women. But we were quietly told easily digestible foods, a schedule
The idea of accumulated toxins
by our political bosses at NCI not to that honors nature’s daily cycles,
actually goes back before the 19th
pursue this research because nobody and daily treatments performed by
century—way before.
really believed in those old ideas highly trained therapists. PK can last
anymore…despite the evidence we Ayurveda, the 5,000-year-old anywhere from a few days to more
had just found. healing system of India, recognizes than a month. Some facilities offer
toxic buildup, and that’s why outpatient services, but many people
Change your body and your life purification plays such a crucial choose to stay at the treatment center
with true detoxification role in Ayurvedic medicine. The so they can focus without distraction
So far I’ve covered two types of difference is that while Western on the intense purification they’re
detoxification: alcohol/drug detox natural medicine is concerned with undergoing.
and removal of heavy metals and products of digestion, Ayurveda And the treatments? While they’re
chemicals from the body. But it’s the places emphasis on the toxic effects not quite like what you’ll experience
cleansing of this “auto-intoxification” of poorly or undigested food (or at a typical spa, they are incredibly
that applies to the vast majority of us. thoughts, or experiences—all known relaxing and balancing. Well—most
What I hope you take away as ama). of them anyway.
from this article is that the true Did you notice I referred Some of the actions of PK are not
detoxification, or cleansing, that I’m to “purification,” and not practiced in the west because they’re
about to describe, can change your “detoxification”? Rather than thinking somewhat extreme and unpleasant
body and your life. All those ways in of the process as “de-” anything, (bloodletting and therapeutic
which you feel sluggish, “stuck,” or Ayurveda takes a more positive vomiting). And one, the basti, or
foggy—this type of detoxification can approach. The mainstay of Ayurvedic enema, is frequently included as a
reverse them. purification is an intensive treatment substitute, but may not constitute
But here’s the thing: You’ll have regimen that’s custom tailored to what you might consider a typical day
to slow down and take your time to each individual based on constitution, at the spa. But together with the PK’s
reap the rewards (in fact, the slowing season, medical or emotional heat-based massages, aromatherapy,
down is a reward in itself). This detox conditions, and other factors. and stimulating treatments, it creates
does not come in a bottle. Rest and Panchakarma (PK), or “five a purification experience like no
relaxation, good air, pure water, and actions,” is not a just a quick “do- other.
“energy” form the foundation of any it-yourself” detox in a bottle. It While PK is based on age-old
authentic detox. This approach is requires the help of an Ayurvedic Continued on page 8...

Can you overdose on vitamins?
Toxins aren’t the only things that can build up in fat and other body tissues: So can seemingly innocuous
Water-soluble vitamins such as vitamin C and the Bs are simply eliminated in the urine.
Fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, and E, on the other hand, are stored in fat and can accumulate in the liver. So it’s
theoretically possible to “overdose” on them. This is also the reason vitamins A, D, and E are best absorbed when
they’re taken with dietary fats or oils—and why fish oils are often high in these vitamins as well.
But even though vitamin overdoses are possible, they’re as rare as hen’s teeth (especially compared to the
hundreds of thousands of drug poisonings every year). In fact, the Recommended Daily Allowances for vitamins
may be too low to even get a “real” dose for purposes of health and wellness. The doses I outline in Insiders’ Cures
are optimal and do not pose an overdose danger.


understanding of toxic buildup, energy drink (which the FDA is C. Everett Koop used to tell me,
it may address the more modern now warning are actually toxic sometimes the “tincture of time” is
variety as well. Preliminary research themselves). A major benefit to the best medicine of all.
has shown that its treatments can following any of the authentic, If you need help finding an
mobilize and remove toxic, fat- natural approaches is that they make Ayurvedic practitioner near you,
soluble pesticides and agrochemicals you slow down and take time to try the National Ayurvedic Medical
from the body.2 focus, relax, and rejuvenate. No one Association at www.ayurvedanama.
A final word has figured out how to put that in a org. Their website has a directory of
So as you can see, an authentic bottle just yet. practitioners. IC
detox is nothing like downing an As former Surgeon General Dr. Citations available online at www.DrMicozzi.com

The absolutely free, no-risk hot flash cure
Think you must have drugs or herbs to treat your menopause symptoms?
Think again.
Women spend one-third of their Applied relaxation is just one way
lives in menopause—an awfully long of learning how to release tension Hot and Cold
time to struggle with its exasperating and relax muscles. And it makes Hot flashes are one end of
effects. The hot flashes alone are sense that it would be effective the spectrum, but how about
in controlling hot flashes, which cold flashes? Or a cold shoulder
enough to drive women to extreme
happen when blood suddenly flushes anyway…
lengths, including shelling out hard-
earned money on the latest herbal a particular region of the body due Research shows that when
promise, or even taking medicines to rapid shifts in blood vessel tone. a woman gives you the “cold
with unbelievable risks. The mind influences blood flow shoulder,” it’s more than a figure of
by communicating with the small speech—it’s a physiologic reaction.
In fact the most popular hot flash muscles in arteries and adjusting the
medication (estrogen) can increase The chill of isolation and rejection
blood vessels’ tone, size, dimensions, actually causes the skin to become
the risk of heart disease, stroke, and flow. colder, according to researchers
blood clots, and EVEN CANCER!
So learning a mind-body at the University of Tilberg in the
And other options—including
technique to relax the blood vessels Netherlands.
antidepressants and, believe it or not,
is a perfect no-stress way to get a Working with graduate students
anti-seizure medications—may not be
handle on hot flashes without the as subjects, researchers found
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