The (pain) killer in your medicine cabinet
For safe and effective pain relief, don’t look to drug manufacturers…
look to nature
Pain may be a part of life, but lucky Indeed cocaine can affect the body green light from the government!?!
for us, pain relief is a part of nature. in many ways. Native Americans of I’ll explain more on that shortly. But
Which is why a natural approach the Andes chew the coca leaf to help first...
should reign supreme. digest complex carbohydrates, for
Is inflammation the cause
For as long as humans have existed, energy. And probably to even help
thin the blood. The blood can become Narcotics work by interfering
they’ve experienced pain…and turned
thick and “sludgy” at their high with pain signals and perception.
to plants for relief. Which is only
altitude. But many pain relievers work by
natural. After all, plants pre-dated
controlling or reducing inflammation.
animals—dinosaurs and humans alike. In comes the strong arm of the law Redness, heat and swelling are the
This is why animals are “pre-adapted” Of course morphine and the opiates cardinal signs of inflammation. But
to use plants as a source of nutrition (such as the synthetic opiate diacetyl-
and medicine. what causes these symptoms in the
morphine, or heroin), as well as first place?
And through the millennia, the cocaine, are all either illegal or highly
When a tissue, body cavity
plants we’ve turned to are those that regulated as controlled substances
or joint space is inflamed, blood
either reduce inflammation, or pain by the federal Drug Enforcement
flow increases, fluids accumulate,
sensations. These sensations are felt Administration (DEA).
swelling occurs, and immune cells
by the nerves and perceived by the And in case you didn’t know, the rush into the area. The immune cells
brain and central nervous system. power of the DEA far exceeds that release histamines, enzymes and
Plants pack a powerful punch of the Food and Drug Administration other biochemicals. All these effects
The most powerful pain relievers (FDA). And thanks to the aggravate sensitive pain fibers. These
of all come from the opium poppy government’s ineffective “war on fibers send signals through the spinal
(Papaver somniferum). The poppy drugs,” many physicians are outright cord to the brain…indicating all is not
contains morphine and related plant restricted from prescribing the most well. Those signals are discomfort,
alkaloids. These plant chemicals effective drugs in many cases. Or, are irritation and pain.
deaden the brain and the central intimidated by the DEA and afraid
nervous system’s perception of pain, to prescribe what actually works. Steering away from steroids
and makes the patient indifferent to And laws on prescription narcotic The most potent (and dangerous)
pain sensations. pain relievers just keep getting Continued on page 2...
tougher. (See the premier issue of
Other plant chemicals such as
cocaine (from the coca plant) are used Insiders’ Cures and back issues of In this issue:
as local anesthetics. These include my Daily Dispatches for more on
the ineffective “war on drugs”—all The drug-free way to put
related drugs procaine and novocaine. an end to irritable bowel......... 4
Cocaine was once used routinely as searchable online at
a local anesthetic for ear, nose and In the meantime, an over-the- When getting it up gets
throat surgery. It even appeared in counter pain reliever—one that I can you down................................... 7
popular beverages and tonics for a almost guarantee is in your medicine Are you drinking
quick “pick-me-up” during the 19th cabinet—has long been proven to rooibos yet?.............................. 8
century. cause liver failure. But it still gets the 1

anti-inflammatory agents are acetaminophen was originally an
Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D., is a corticosteroids. But here’s something industrial chemical developed in
worldwide leader in nutritional and you may not realize—steroid Germany. Since then, it has caused
complementary/alternative medicine. hormones are actually produced more pain than it has cured. In fact, it
He has had a distinguished career as a
naturally by the body. has become the leading cause of acute
researcher and physician executive at
the National Institutes of Health and The center of the adrenal gland liver failure in the United States.
Walter Reed National Military Medical produces the “fight or flight” hormone Tylenol was actually one of the
Center in Washington, DC, and the adrenalin, or epinephrine. While the first drugs for which we developed
College of Physicians in Philadelphia outer core produces steroid hormones. protocols to monitor therapeutic
PA. He has published over 30 medical
The steroid hormones have a and toxic blood levels when I
and trade books, and founded and
wide range of important physiologic worked with a technical team at
edited the first scientific journal, and
the first textbook, on complementary/ effects. Including causing growth and McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing)
alternative and nutritional medicine, “body-building,” reacting to stress, on instrumentation from the manned
now going into a 5th edition (2014) and balancing fluids and electrolytes, space program.
continuously in print since 1995. playing a part in reproductive and Our job was to adapt analytical
other metabolic functions, as well as technology from the NASA space
influencing inflammation and pain. exploration program to everyday
Dr. Micozzi’s Insiders’ Cures is published
monthly by OmniVista Health Media, L.L.C., Problems can arise, however, when clinical use. We were also looking
702 Cathedral St., Baltimore, MD 21201 for steroids are used as drugs. They can at other potent and potentially
$74 per year ($6.16 an issue). be given as injections directly into dangerous drugs, like anticonvulsants,
painful areas, applied topically to amphetamines, barbiturates and
POSTMASTER: Send address changes irritated skin or taken internally as psychoactive drugs. That’s right: All
to Insiders’ Cures, 702 Cathedral St.,
prescription medication. And while of these dangerous toxic potential
Baltimore, MD 21201.
they may work, steroid medications killers were treated in the same
have serious side effects. category as a common household
Author: Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D.
Publisher: Katherine Wheeler Steroid drugs circulating in the pain-reliever.
Executive Editor: Amanda Angelini blood stop the normal metabolic I have known otherwise intelligent
production of steroid hormones. This people who kept taking more and
All material in this publication is more Tylenol until their knee pain
means that when the course of drug
provided for information only and may
treatment is finished, the patient must went away…just so they could keep
not be construed as medical advice or
instruction. No action should be taken be slowly weaned off—cutting back their appointments to play handball
based solely on the contents of this on the dose a little each day to give or basketball. They may have
publication; readers should consult the body a chance to restore normal won the match, but at what cost? I
appropriate health professionals on any metabolic function. Otherwise the guarantee you they won’t be thinking
matter relating to their health and well- consequences are dangerous…even about those victories when they’re
being. The information provided in this deadly. diagnosed with liver failure.
publication is believed to be accurate
and sound, based on the best judgment So you can probably see why Don’t get a headache over aspirin
available to the authors, but readers I advise avoiding steroids if at all Aspirin has seen its share of
who fail to consult with appropriate possible. controversy. But it still has its merits
health authorities assume the risk of any
Take two of these and call the when used appropriately.
injuries. The opinions expressed here do
doctor in the morning (for a liver This remarkable product of nature
not necessarily reflect the views of the
transplant) (acetyl salicylic acid) originally
publisher. The publisher is not responsible
for errors or omissions. Fortunately, there are some over- came from the white willow tree
the-counter drug and herbal remedies (Salix alba). It was well known to
Copyright © 2013 OmniVista Health that are effective—and safe—anti- Native Americans. They used it to
Media, L.L.C., 702 Cathedral St., Baltimore, inflammatory agents. But you may reduce fevers among other things.
MD 21201. Reproduction in whole or be surprised to learn that Tylenol Salicylates are prominent in nature,
in part is prohibited without written (acetaminophen) is not among them. also occurring in wintergreen. They
permission of the publisher.
Also known as paracetamol, are also used in many digestive aids


and in topical pain relievers. prominent doctors say drug makers Then, in the late 1990s and early
Aspirin is indeed the “granddaddy” with a commercial interest in 2000s, “cox-2” inhibitors became
of all over-the-counter pain relievers. disproving aspirin’s benefits have the new pain relievers du jour. They
It was grandfathered into approved exaggerated the prevalence of aspirin work by preventing formation of
use by the FDA, since it was already resistance. certain prostaglandin hormones
in common use before the FDA was In fact, the new study did not find (originally discovered in the prostate
created in 1906. a single case of true aspirin resistance gland) that cause pain. There was
among the 400 healthy people who a rush to market these new drugs,
But some argue that the but their side effects have been so
gastrointestinal irritation and bleeding were examined. They claim the
intense that one of them—Vioxx—
it causes (it is an acid, after all) would coating on aspirin interfered with the
was quickly taken off the market in
prevent it from being approved by the way that the drug entered the body,
2004 because of its toxic effects on
FDA today. making it appear that the drug was not
the heart.
Taken in low doses long-term, So, in short, Ibuprofen is the only
aspirin has been found to lower the The study was partly financed
over-the-counter (OTC) pain reliever
risk of heart disease (perhaps by by Bayer, the world’s largest
I would recommend, in addition
inhibiting blood clots). And recent manufacturer of brand-name aspirin,
to aspirin. Though, you may need
research shows it lowers the risk of much of which is coated.
to take the full 800 mg dose, since
cancer (see my August 21, 2012 Daily And, aside from whether coating the OTC 200 mg dose may not be
Dispatch). aspirin conceals its heart benefits in effective. I would steer clear of ALL
People who are taking blood some people, there is little evidence other OTC pain relievers. And if
thinners or who have a certain type that it protects the stomach better than aspirin and Ibuprofen don’t work,
of age-related macular degeneration uncoated aspirin. you need to talk to your doctor about
(of the eye) should consult with their A rare modern therapeutic other options, including natural
doctors before taking aspirin (or other breakthrough approaches.
pain relievers). I had the opportunity to witness the Effective natural remedies
Avoid “sugar” coating development of a true breakthrough Luckily there are a number of
There’s another debate surrounding pain reliever when ibuprofen (Motrin) safe, effective anti-inflammatory
aspirin related to a commonly used came on the market while I was still compounds that appear to function as
coating on the tablets. This is done in training. natural cox-2 inhibitors but without
to theoretically protect the stomach. Many patients with a variety of the dangers.
However, some question whether or conditions from arthritis to menstrual • Curcumin (Curcuma longa), or
not these coatings make a difference. pains who could never find relief turmeric, is the spice that gives
And they may in fact obscure the suddenly were swearing by Ibuprofen. curry its bright yellow color. It is
benefits, leading doctors to prescribe Initially, it was available only by also an ancient Ayurvedic remedy
more expensive prescription drugs. prescription in 800 mg tablets, but that appears effective at a dose of
This is according to a recent study later the generic form (Advil) became 200 mg per day.
published in the journal Circulation.1 available in 200 mg tablets. • Omega-3 fatty acids also appear
The conclusion about coated Ibuprofen is one of the original to be cox-2 inhibitors and can
aspirin was only one finding in the “non-steriodal anti-inflammatory reduce pain and inflammation,
study. The main goal was to test the while providing a host of other
agents” or NSAIDs. This approach
hotly disputed idea that aspirin does health benefits.
to pain relief did represent a rare,
not really help prevent heart attacks or therapeutic breakthrough. It provided • Capsaicin, an active ingredient
stroke in some people. pain relief with something other than in hot peppers, is also an effective
For more than a decade, aspirin. And without having to resort pain reliever. It is generally used
cardiologists and drug researchers to potent and metabolically disruptive in topical creams and ointments.
have speculated that anywhere from steroids. (Of course, effective narcotic But it is also taken orally,
5 to 40 percent of the population pain relievers were already off the list including as a staple of several
is “aspirin resistant.” But some due to government political agendas.) Continued on page 4...


traditional cuisines worldwide. Ayurvedic remedy with potent anti- bowel syndrome in this issue for a
• Resveratrol also appears to have inflammatory and pain-relieving discussion of several other mind-body
these activities. It is a prominent effects. It is also considered an therapies. But before you choose one
constituent of red wine, among “adaptogen” like Chinese ginseng, that’s right for you, take my quiz at
other natural sources. The moderate or South African Sutherlandia to find out which one
levels of alcohol in wine, of course, frutescens. is best suited.
are also well known as an effective There are also many specific In my book on the topic, Your
pain reliever. herbal remedies for headache (such as Emotional Type, I go into even
• A traditional Chinese herbal butterbur and feverfew), which affects greater detail to help you find the best
remedy known as Thunder God the majority of Americans either approach to start living pain-free—
vine also appears effective. acutely or chronically. Some have while reversing a number of other
• A number of flavonoids and now been recognized by the American ailments as well.
phenolic compounds, which are Academy of Neurology, as we have The good news
prominent components of many described in recent Daily Dispatches.
As I’ve described, nature has
fruits and vegetables, are also being Beyond oral pain-relievers provided us with countless ways to
investigated for these effects. Since pain has its origins in the reduce inflammation and control
• Boswellia (the ancient fragrant body, many therapies that work pain. So there’s no reason at all you
incense known as frankincense) directly on the body, or through should need to turn to the dangerous
is another traditional Ayurvedic “mind-body,” are also very effective pain killers on pharmacy shelves.
remedy with potent anti- for pain. For example, spinal manual And remember: Pain is a signal that
inflammatory and pain-relieving therapy is the most effective and cost- something is wrong in the body. So
effects (400–500 mg per day). effective remedy for back pain, which rather than masking it, pay attention to
• Winter cherry (Withania somnifera, is the most common cause of pain and the pain and allow time for your body
500 mg per day), also known as disability in working Americans. to heal. IC
Citations available online at
Ashwaganda root, is another Look to the article on irritable

The drug-free way to put an end to irritable bowel
To know the end of digestive distress, you first have to know yourself
Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) the mind and body are connected. concept” to explain differences
is becoming more commonly known It’s no surprise that the people in personality type. He found that
each day. Which is good, because who experience it and the chronic people have differing levels of
it can be a debilitating problem. So gastrointestinal pain or discomfort boundaries, ranging from thick to
the more people know about it and it involves often have a history of thin. Thin-boundary people tend to
talk about it, the more comfortable childhood trauma such as physical or be more artistic, more connected
sufferers will be to seek help. sexual abuse, parental divorce, major with their dreams, and more likely
However, it’s critical to choose illness or accident, or death of a loved to see themselves “merge” in their
the right kind of help. And it’s not one. It’s the body’s expression of the relationships with others. Thick-
just people with diagnosed IBD mind’s suffering. boundary people see clear divides
(a.k.a. Crohn’s disease and colitis) IBS also runs in families, so between themselves and others and
who need to be concerned about it. biomedical scientists are quick to tend to see the world in black-and-
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), with claim some kind of genetic basis—but white.
related symptoms that afflict up to lifestyle factors run in families just as My colleague Michael A. Jawer
15% of the U.S. population, may be a much as genes do. and I suspected that this boundary
warning sign that IBD is coming for How thin are your boundaries? concept could explain some mysteries
those who don’t make a change. Tufts University professor Ernest of physical health, and we were right.
IBS is a prime example of how Hartmann developed a “boundary In our book Your Emotional Type, we


demonstrate that people with thin people with thin boundaries. (See beyond the mind-body disorder of
boundaries are more susceptible to the premier issue of Insiders’ Cures.) IBS, as a powerful treatment for IBD.
a dozen illnesses with mind-body Biofeedback is another safe and My colleague, Joyce Frye, DO, who
components—including IBS. effective technique for thin-boundary has contributed several chapters to my
A common denominator among types. And acupuncture can be a medical textbooks over the years and
these ailments? Low serotonin levels. powerhouse across the board—even is now associated with the Center for
Serotonin is a key neurotransmitter for many people who have had no luck Integrative Medicine at the University
found in the brain—but 95 percent is with other therapies. of Maryland School of Medicine, was
found in the neuroendocrine tissue of recently interviewed on this topic. “It’s
the gut. (Ever wonder why we have “It’s not a question of if you not a question of if you should use
“gut feelings,” and feel like we’ve these alternative and complementary
should use these alternative therapies,” she emphasizes. “It’s a
been “punched in the gut” when we
get bad news? It’s likely related to and complementary question of using them correctly.”
these neurochemicals—chemicals that therapies...It’s a question Another reason I urge you to find
relate to thoughts and feelings—that the CAM therapies that are proven
are actually present in the gut.) of using them correctly.” to work for you—based on your
A mind-body solution for a mind- — Joyce Frye, DO individual type.
body problem According to Dr. Frye, “The
If you have IBS, chances are you When the syndrome becomes a first goal is to treat the underlying
are a thin boundary type. (Find out disease imbalance that has caused a problem,
your boundary type at www.drmicozzi. If IBS progress to an inflammatory so we can allow the body to heal
com.) Since the mind is clearly a bowel disease like Crohn’s, treatment itself. The second goal is to provide
critical part of what happens in this is a lifelong process. For many symptom relief in the meantime.”
syndrome, your best bet for treating it sufferers, conventional treatments One of the best things about
is using a mind-body therapy that is offer little relief. Experts recommend CAM therapies is that they are safe
most effective for your type. complementary and alternative and unlikely to interfere with your
medicine (CAM) approaches, even
Hypnosis is perfectly suited for Continued on page 6...

Potty mouth for the lowest common denominator
In Washington, DC, organizations like the National Health Council seem to exist to make sure that every disease
gets equal attention from the media, taxpayer funding from Congress, and private donations from the citizens. So
much so that Congressional staff refer to these groups as proponents of the “disease of the month” club. They have
all become part of the apparatus of the permanent government-nonprofit bureaucracy that keeps tax dollars flowing
to the medical status quo—without finding real causes and real cures.
There are so many now that we are beginning to run out of space on the calendar…and colors on the rainbow for
the different ribbons. But a new campaign from the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America shows just how far
(and where) some are willing to go to gain notice and notoriety.
A new IBD campaign shows a closed bathroom stall, with the gap below the door revealing enormous clown
shoes worn by the occupant. The message? “I.B.D. is no laughing matter. If you have inflammatory bowel disease
(I.B.D.), life can feel like a three-ring circus.”
Moving down the bathroom row, other stall-door ads show a view up to the shins of a woman in a wedding gown
(“I.B.D. gave her a day she’ll never forget”).
The foundation hopes that by raising awareness it would help others understand that friends and relatives might
be too embarrassed to disclose their condition.
Since this is all part of the competition among the Washington-New York disease-of-the-month crowd, it is
unlikely to yield any real breakthrough findings in IBD. All the messages are devoid of any of the new insights into
the true nature of this serious problem. And the people running the campaign seem more set on shock value—and
raising money—than on sharing useful health information.


conventional medical treatment. Mind/body techniques University of Maryland as to the
What’s more, they can actually help Meditation, guided relaxation, real reason for success—matching
you to replace essential vitamins and yoga, and tai chi do not treat Crohn’s the specificity of hypnosis for a thin
minerals your body is losing because disease directly, but they do reduce boundary condition—but they still
of the disease. (See “Nutritional stress—and stress is known to trigger have not caught on. As a reader of
help for digestive disorders” sidebar flare-ups and worsen symptoms. (If Insider’s Cures, you’ll learn of these
below.) you choose the technique best suited connections even before the best-
Here’s a closer look at some of the to your emotional type, you may have known academic CAM centers.)
most effective mind-body remedies for even better luck.) Massage
bowel disorders. Hypnosis Although it has no clear effect on
Acupuncture According to a review by the Crohn’s disease, massage is a popular
A recent review of studies on University of Maryland Medical stress reducer. If you experience the
acupuncture and gastrointestinal Center in Baltimore, hypnosis may relaxation that comes from massage,
diseases found acupuncture help the functioning of the body’s ask your doctor for specific guidelines
treatments to be helpful. One study immune system and also give you based on your medical condition,
in particular found that quality of the expected relaxation benefits of including whether the massage
life for Crohn’s patients improved other mind/body practices, such therapist should completely avoid your
significantly after acupuncture as easing stress and anxiety. abdomen and how light or deep the
treatments. (We’ve already tried to clue in the massage should be. IC

Nutritional help for digestive disorders
Dietary Fiber
Fiber, complex in any diet, is even more complex for people with Crohn’s disease. Whether you should eat high-
fiber foods or take fiber supplements depends on your specific condition and where you are at any given point in
the disease. In some people, fiber supplements like psyllium powder (such as Metamucil) or methylcellulose (such
as Citrucel) may stop mild diarrhea. On the other hand, if your Crohn’s disease has caused adhesions and strictures,
high-fiber foods will cause discomfort.
Probiotics are a type of normal bacteria that are found naturally inside our intestines and aid in digestion.
According to Frye, “There is plausible rationale for why these would be helpful. If altered bacteria in the gut aren’t
the cause of the IBD, it certainly is an effect.” Probiotics can be found in some yogurts with active cultures and
other cultured foods, or they may be taken in capsule form. But make sure you are taking a truly effective probiotic
supplement (as I cautioned in the January issue).
Omega-3 fatty acids are key nutrients found in fatty fish varieties, such as herring, salmon, bluefish, lake trout,
and mackerel, and are available as supplements. Omega-3s have proven heart-health benefits, and they also have an
anti-inflammatory effect, making them helpful in treating IBD. If you’re going to supplement with fish oil, 1 to 2
grams is recommended.
Boswellia is an herb derived from the fragrant resin of a South Asian gum tree. In February I told you about
its anti-inflammatory effects on joint and bone health...and this month its ability to help control pain (see page 4).
It’s also commonly used to ease symptoms of IBD. A recent study confirmed that it can be effective in controlling
inflammation caused by Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis (400–500 mg/day).
Bromelain, an enzyme derived from pineapple, is a potent source of digestive enzymes. A recent study found
evidence that bromelain might have beneficial effects in the gastro-intestinal tract for people with IBD. A good
serving of fresh pineapple or pineapple juice will provide bromelain in a food matrix together with other nutrients.
Additional herbs that quell inflammation associated with Crohn’s disease are slippery elm, cat’s claw, and
marshmallow plant (as a tea made from the herb, Althea officinalis).


When getting it up gets you down
The curious case of “erectile dysfunction”
If you’re looking for a shining jar of wine (bi-jiu). This idea was from orthopedic surgeons to primary
example of Big Pharma creating an apparently down-sized to the red care practitioners, jump onto the ED
illness where before there was none, worm (gusano rojo) in tequila when and low-testosterone bandwagon,
just look down. the Spanish explorers exported what lawmakers are rightfully worried.
Ever since finding a “cure” they had seen to Mexico (although In New Jersey, Gov. Chris
for erectile dysfunction (ED), a new book by retired Royal Navy Christie’s State Attorney General
the pharmaceutical industry has Captain Gavin Menzies makes a office is working with the state
convinced men across the country compelling case that the Chinese set medical board to draft smart new
that there’s something wrong with up shop in Mexico themselves during guidelines for treating ED, low
them (and that they need drugs to the visits of the Ming “Treasure testosterone, and related problems.
fix it). As a result, there’s an “ED” Ships” in 1421-23, 70 years before I have been invited to participate
and now “low-T” epidemic in this Columbus). in their expert committee, and am
country, and the industry that created And in Africa men turned to the very impressed with the balanced
it keeps laughing their way to the bark of the yohimbe tree, which is manner in which they are developing
bank. now a popular natural ED remedy. professional approaches to protect the
The truth is, bedroom performance In comes Pharma… consumer. They’re also respecting
issues are much less prominent (and natural and holistic alternatives,
So as you can see, the desire to
profitable) than Pfizer and friends as well as the clinical judgment
improve sexual performance is as old
would have you believe. of legitimate private healthcare
as sex itself. But the pharmaceutical
practitioners—while avoiding the
ED throughout the ages industry, with the launch of Pfizer’s
hand of government from coming
When trying to gain new insights “little blue pill” (a.k.a. Viagra) has
down too heavily on the private
on natural healing, I like to look convinced us that this concern is a
practice of medicine.
back toward ancient health traditions problem of epidemical proportions.
which usually had solutions now Part of the impetus for this effort
In fact, they even enlisted the
validated by modern medical was the fact that many government
respected, retired Republican
science—and the test of time. employees were clearly abusing state-
Senator Bob Dole to serve as the
sponsored health insurance, obtaining
In India, men with performance national spokesman and embark on a
treatments for low testosterone for
concerns could consult the Kama national promotional tour in the late
inappropriate reasons without proper
Sutra and some of the (undiluted 1990s. And this campaign persists
diagnoses—all at taxpayer expense.
for western consumption) practices today, making it the largest, longest
I hope more states tackle these
of tantric yoga (see my book, Vital direct-to-consumer drug advertising
problems with the professionalism
Healing, London: Singing Dragon campaign in history.
and foresight now being shown by
Press, 2011). “Performance” pills catch the leadership in New Jersey.
In China, men of the Ming Dynasty lawmakers’ attention
The solution without a problem
had a bevy of curious cures to choose With the sudden innovation of
“direct-to-consumer” marketing of Don’t allow yourself to be
from (usually administered by their
modern new drugs and patents— convinced that you have a problem
ever-changing stable of concubines).
and the expanding customer base requiring potentially dangerous and
These aphrodisiacs included a
buying into the hype—the practice expensive drugs and hormones. The
number of symbolic fruits and plants
of medicine has been bombarded stress of thoughts like that alone are
that served purely as visual aids, as
with such force that state medical enough to “get you down!”
well as some actual remedies. The
most popular among them was a pair boards are busy rewriting the Getting older is a fact of life—and
of red lizards (mini-dragons) caught rules to keep up, so to speak. As generally better than the alternative.
while copulating and drowned in a traditionally trained physicians, Continued on page 8...


Don’t let pharmaceutical fat cats let’s come back to a concept I’ve A less well-known adaptogen out of
convince you that aging is a medical introduced you to before: the South Africa, Sutherlandia frutescens
condition that requires anti-aging truly revolutionary category of is showing tremendous promise for
drugs. Instead, embrace healthy aging supplements called adaptogens. its overall health and healthy aging
by following the sensible guidelines Adaptogens, like the classic benefits.
provided in Insiders’ Cures, together ginseng in the Chinese tradition or Any of these choices would be
with regular updates on the genuine Ashwaganda in Indian tradition, do a better option than hopping on the
new science that comes to light. as the name suggests—they help little blue bandwagon. And if all else
If you do want to take a your body adapt to changes. They’re fails, take a page from ancient Indian
supplement to balance your so powerful and can help with so medicine and pick up a copy of the
testosterone levels, go with a many conditions that I recommend Kama Sutra or Tantra. Your partner
balanced approach. For this, that everyone take them everyday. may thank you for it. IC


Are you drinking rooibos yet?
Another reason to start drinking this “miracle at red bush” now
I’ve told you before about the astonishing ability of the South African plant rooibos—or “red bush”—to tackle a problem
from which almost all of us suffer: dehydration. But research shows it may also help with another epidemic in our
As I explained in the Insiders’ Cures bonus report The Miracle at Red Bush, this plant that grows only in the Cedarburg
Mountains above Capetown, South Africa, has surprised researchers across the world with its effectiveness in hydrating
the body at a cellular level.
It was little-known until we started testing it in high-performance athletes, as well as weekend warriors on the golf and
tennis courts…with AMAZING results.
But it isn’t only athletes who need to worry about dehydration. I explained in January’s Insiders’ Cures that we’re all
susceptible to dehydration, even in the middle of winter. WHY? In winter, cold outdoor air does not hold moisture, and
heated indoor air bakes out what moisture there is—so you can get dehydrated just breathing the air. That’s one reason I
suggest drinking rooibos all day every day, instead of just WATER.
Now here’s another reason: New research shows green rooibos helps lower blood sugar. (Which, incidentally, will also
help with dehydration—high blood sugar is one of the things that can dehydrate you by pulling excess fluid into the
A major flavonoid in green rooibos, called aspalathin (after the botanical name of the plant), lowered blood sugar levels
in experimental models, increasing the uptake of glucose into cells. In fact, aspalathin was as effective as the potent
drug metformin in laboratory mice that had been made diabetic.
Personally, I was glad to hear my old friend the diabetic rat is still helping to advance science. When I was in high school,
my neighbor Dr. Richard Mahler was conducting research to develop a diabetic rat as an experimental model. Later,
Dr. Mahler’s colleague Dr. Patrick Mobley obtained research funding from Mrs. Ray Kroc (the wife of the founder of
McDonald’s) so I could conduct some experiments of my own using the diabetic rat. Mrs. Kroc was also quite generous
with her own good fortune back when private philanthropy would still support a good, new idea (see Daily Dispatch on
“Missing Philanthropists”)—and everyone did not have to turn to the medical minions at NIH for every drop of medical
research funding...
But back to the topic at hand…
Rooibos is not at all just another form of green tea. As a member of the legume family of plants, it has special properties
and is abundant in active phytochemicals called alkaloids and flavonoids—the sources of many of nature’s most potent
medicines. So while rooibos has a similar antioxidant profile to regular green tea, it also has a whole lot more.
I say we raise a toast (of rooibos, of course!) to the diabetic rat…and to lower blood sugar, and to good dehydration!
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