July 2013 • VOLUME II • ISSUE 7

The little-known—but DEADLY—side
effect lurking in some of Big Pharma’s
best sellers
I’ve pointed out the shortcomings that some medical conditions merit lightly. Elevated blood pressure is the
of government Recommended Daily pharmaceutical intervention. And most serious, proven risk factor for
Allowances (RDAs) numerous times there are still a few truly effective and heart disease. This is why I generally
here in Insiders’ Cures and in my Daily innovative medications available by recommend taking one of the safe,
Dispatch e-letter (for example, “The prescription, and over the counter. proven drugs to get and keep your
RDA to nowhere”). Most RDAs are But turning a blind eye to the blood pressure as low as possible
outdated. And some can be downright potential negative effects these drugs (within a safe lower floor, of course).
lethal (like the RDA for vitamin D, for might have on nutrient levels could But as the new Swiss study
example, considering today’s science). make things a whole lot worse in the points out, even some effective
Despite all the academic posturing long run. Especially when the use of blood pressure drugs—the renin-
and public funding poured into these drugs is so widespread. Not to angiotensin-aldosterone axis inhibitors
“updating” RDAs, serious nutritional mention, many people take multiple (such as Captopril)—cause zinc
deficiencies are still an alarmingly medications. depletion.
frequent problem in the general US For instance, 40 percent of residents If you also suffer from congestive
population. And unfortunately, nutrient in long-term care facilities are given 9 heart failure or diabetes, which
deficiency is often the last thing or more drugs on a daily basis. When frequently accompany high blood
doctors consider when diagnosing I had my training in gerontology, pressure, these other conditions
patients. experienced doctors advised that when already compromise your zinc levels.
Instead, they typically put patients an elderly patient came in with new Continued on page 2...
on countless medications to alleviate complaints and there was no clear
symptoms. Then those drugs cause diagnosis, the best course of action
more symptoms (side effects), is to simply stop all medications for In this issue:
requiring even more drugs. It’s a 24 hours. And sure enough, 90% The simple vitamin “C-cret”
vicious circle. But a brand new study of the time, the patients improve
from the University of Geneva in immediately!
to lifelong, strong, healthy
Switzerland revealed another glaring So let’s take a look at some of
problem with this “Band-Aid” the most common drug classes, the
approach… nutrients they deplete, and how you Ancient mummies help
Researchers found that the very can protect yourself—beginning with solve one of today’s biggest
drugs doctors rely on to treat blood pressure medications. medical mysteries..................6
millions of patients each and every That bitter taste may be signaling
day may actually be making them a bigger problem Relaxation—it’s in your
sicker—by depleting their levels of
some critical nutrients.
While many non-drug therapies genes.....................................7
can help you effectively reduce
Now, as you know, I’m a firm stress and maintain blood pressure, Don’t get sick in July..............8
believer that scientific facts warrant hypertension isn’t something to take

www.DrMicozzi.com 1

So adding a blood pressure medication the ancient natural herbal remedy
Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D., is a to the mix can put you on the fast track Galegine (or French lilac—a.k.a.
worldwide leader in nutritional and to full-blown zinc deficiency. goat’s rue). It was well-known and
complementary/alternative medicine. commonly used in ancient Egypt
He has had a distinguished career as a And zinc deficiency can cause
serious problems—from impaired and Rome right through the Middle
researcher and physician executive at
the National Institutes of Health and immune function to slow wound Ages and Renaissance in Europe.
Walter Reed National Military Medical healing to abnormal cell division. And it enjoyed its own “renaissance”
Center in Washington, DC, and the in Europe and the US once drug
Of course, those aren’t necessarily manufacturers were able to offer it
College of Physicians in Philadelphia
problems that you would notice on
PA. He has published over 30 medical as a patented drug (it has now gone
a day-to-day basis. But there is one
and trade books, and founded and generic).
edited the first scientific journal, and telltale sign that’s much easier to spot.
the first textbook, on complementary/ If you notice a bitter or sour taste But anyone taking Metformin
alternative and nutritional medicine, while taking these drugs, it’s because needs to be aware of one downside: It
now going into a 5th edition (2014) and they have resulted in zinc deficiency. depletes vitamin B12.
continuously in print since 1995. (This taste occurs not when actually I told you about this in the
swallowing the drugs, or even food, but December 2012 issue. But it bears
Dr. Micozzi’s Insiders’ Cures is published
when your mouth is empty.) repeating. Especially since studies
monthly by OmniVista Health Media, L.L.C.,
702 Cathedral St., Baltimore, MD 21201 for But taking 25 mg of zinc each day have shown an almost three times
$74 per year ($6.16 an issue). should easily prevent blood pressure increased rate of vitamin B12
POSTMASTER: Send address changes drugs from depleting your levels. (Of deficiency in people taking Metformin.
to Insiders’ Cures, 702 Cathedral St., course, this amount of zinc is three Vegan and vegetarian diets further
Baltimore, MD 21201. times higher than the RDA. Which just increase this risk, since these diets are
Author: Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D. proves the point, once again, that these a poor source of B12 (not to mention
Publisher: Katherine Wheeler recommended allowances are nothing many other bioavailable vitamins and
Executive Editor: Amanda Angelini short of useless in most instances.) minerals).
All material in this publication is And don’t forget that certain foods— How can you tell if your vitamin
provided for information only and may such as organ meats, red meat, seafood, B12 levels are low?
not be construed as medical advice or nuts and certain legumes—are also high Some of the common symptoms
instruction. No action should be taken
in bioavailable minerals like zinc. include weakness, fatigue, easy
based solely on the contents of this
publication; readers should consult Of course, diabetes is close on bruising or bleeding, and tingling or
appropriate health professionals on any hypertension’s heels, when it comes numbness in your extremities. This
matter relating to their health and well- to potentially deadly diseases that do last symptom sometimes gets mis-
being. The information provided in this warrant a prescription drug. Because diagnosed as diabetic neuropathy.
publication is believed to be accurate high blood sugar can be just as much a But if you increase your vitamin B12
and sound, based on the best judgment
killer as high blood pressure, I generally levels, it may very well go away.
available to the authors, but readers
who fail to consult with appropriate
recommend patients with Type II In fact, when my own blood sugar
health authorities assume the risk of any diabetes take the drug Metformin. And began inching up two years ago, I
injuries. The opinions expressed here do while Metformin offers the life-saving quickly started taking a low dose of
not necessarily reflect the views of the benefits of reigning in excess blood Metformin. Three months later, and
publisher. The publisher is not responsible sugar (while also lowering the risk of 30 pounds lighter (on my “Top-of-
for errors or omissions. cancer, dementia, and other chronic the-Food-Chain” diet, detailed in the
For questions regarding your subscription, diseases), it’s not without its potential free bonus reports you received as a
please call reader services at 443-353-4398 drawbacks… new subscriber), my blood sugar was
(8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EDT Mon.-Fri.)
Keep an eye on your Bs back to normal. But I began noticing
Copyright © 2013 OmniVista Health
Overall, Metformin has the numbness in my feet. Fortunately, it
Media, L.L.C., 702 Cathedral St., Baltimore, wasn’t due to diabetes but to simple
properties of a “good” drug. Its
MD 21201. Reproduction in whole or
benefits far exceed any toxicity at vitamin B12 depletion. And I was
in part is prohibited without written
permission of the publisher. normal, therapeutic doses. Which is not able to reverse it in just three months
surprising since Metformin is actually taking the vitamin B ingredients found

2 www.DrMicozzi.com

in my Core Brilliance and CoreCell vitamin B12 injection (usually 1 mg and Metformin—can have their
Essentials supplements. (The intramuscular injection weekly). drawbacks. But the Swiss study I
combination provides an optimal mentioned earlier also turned up more
But B12 isn’t the only essential
amount of the B vitamins, which are bad news about a couple of already
B-vitamin that Metformin can
best taken as a complex). questionable “bad” drugs.
interfere with. It can also deplete your
In general, a 2 mg per day dose folic acid levels. Supplementing with Statins go from bad to worse
of B12 should be plenty to get your 1 to 5 mg per day should keep blood
blood levels above 200 picomoles/ Cholesterol-lowering statin
levels normal. (Once again, these drugs may be blockbusters for the
Liter—and avoid any potentially
doses are higher than the RDA—up pharmaceutical industry. But they’re
dangerous deficiencies. (And, yes, in
to 20,000 times higher.) an all-around disaster in every other
case you were wondering—this dose
is higher than the RDA. By nearly So, yes, even “good” drugs—like respect. While these are among the
1,000 times, in fact.) Or you can get a proven blood pressure medications Continued on page 4...

No one is “immune” to nutrient deficiencies
Of course, it’s important to note that, common as they are, these four types of drugs aren’t the only cause of nutrient
deficiencies. And people taking them aren’t the only ones who need supplements. In fact, there’s increasing evidence
that many common diseases and medical conditions—such as age-related eye diseases, depression, heart disease and
chronic inflammation—actually occur primarily as a result of vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
Ideally, you would be able to get all—or at least most—of the nutrients you need from a healthy, well-balanced
diet. Unfortunately, it’s becoming clear that even if your diet consisted of the healthiest foods available, the average
American couldn’t possibly eat enough of them for optimal health and nutrition. Some of the essential vitamins,
minerals, fatty acids, and amino acids humans need simply cannot be made in the human body, and you can’t get
enough from foods available today.
In fact, my little old, neighborhood medical school and hospital (Harvard University and Massachusetts General
Hospital) just did some research on this topic. They set out to determine whether or not women could possibly eat
enough of the recommended foods to get sufficient intakes of the nutrients they need every day.
To make a long study short, the answer is “no.”
The researchers concluded that a woman cannot meet her nutrient needs, even on an “optimal” diet of 1,500 calories
per day.
For instance, some researchers have concluded you would need to eat 13 to 14 oranges per day to get optimal vitamin
C levels. Meanwhile, the government recommends five servings of fruits and vegetables per day. And now, the FDA is in
the process of mounting a new “war” on apples and oranges and other healthy fruits, as I told you in the Daily Dispatch
“Big brother takes away those tempting apples” back in May (you can read it on my website, www.drmicozzi.com).
So the case for supplements is becoming more and more compelling.
Unfortunately, the dietary supplement industry is full of non-science based sales and marketing firms that promote
their products based solely on the latest fads—not on the latest medical and scientific findings.
Information you can trust is the first step. And that’s why I began writing Insiders’ Cures and the Daily Dispatch. And why
I developed my SmartScience Nutritionals line of nutritional supplements.
Just as the name implies, the products are based on science—not hype. And I’m also proud to be able to say we’re
working with what I have found to be the highest-quality, science-based dietary supplement formulators and
manufacturers in the world (which I found after two decades of searching and due diligence on site).
The bottom line is, if you’re going to take supplements—and, based on the mounting evidence, it certainly appears
that you should—it is necessary to seek out the highest-quality formulas available. Otherwise, you will not get the
results you seek and may come to the incorrect conclusion that nutrients don’t work well enough. Which would be a
shame…considering the alternatives.


most prescribed drugs in the world, pump inhibitors (or PPIs), are a bad which put you at a disadvantage
their effects on micronutrients have idea. They’re also ridiculously over- in the first place from an optimal
been rarely studied. It’s already prescribed. nutrition standpoint for many of these
relatively well-known that they PPIs (e.g., Omeprazole) treat micronutrients.
deplete coenzyme Q10. (In fact, heartburn, or “acid reflux,” basically Between the inadequacy of
Merck took out a patent on a statin/ by interfering with digestion (reducing RDAs and the common use of
CoQ10 combination years ago… acid levels in the stomach). Not nutrient-depleting drugs (even ones
but never brought that product to the surprisingly, they also interfere with I generally recommend as a first-line
market). But now you can also add absorption of several key vitamins— defense against the common killers
vitamin D to the list of statin-depleted including vitamin B12 and vitamin C. of diabetes and high blood pressure)
nutrients. it would be wise for essentially
PPIs also interfere with the complex
Since CoQ10 is critical for muscle everyone to at least supplement with
metabolism of the key minerals
health, including the heart muscle, vitamin B12, vitamin C and vitamin
calcium, magnesium, and even iron, D as well as the minerals zinc,
and vitamin D is now proven to lower causing iron deficiency. They also
heart disease and mortality, this is selenium, and magnesium. IC
interfere with the normal flora of the
troubling indeed for your heart health. intestine, or the microbiome. This
If you’re going to take a statin could have potentially far-reaching The aspirin warning you
(and, again, I don’t necessarily think effects on health (see the December haven’t heard
you—or anyone—should), then 2012 Insiders’ Cures cover story).
Prescription drugs aren’t the only
supplementing with 1,500 to 2,000 Anyone taking a PPI should medications that can deplete
IU per day of vitamin D should supplement with 2 mg per day of your body of valuable nutrients.
be required. (This is two to three vitamin B12 and 500 mg per day of Even common, over the counter
times higher than the government’s
vitamin C (which is five to six times drugs can have these unintended
confused and clearly inadequate
the RDA). Cranberry juice can also consequences.
help reverse interference with nutrient For example, aspirin (acetyl-salicylic-
And you’ll also need 100 to 200 mg absorption caused by PPIs. acid) can cause vitamin C deficiency
per day of CoQ10 (three to six times
Keep in mind many of these over time (after three years or so of
higher than the RDA amount).
common drugs are prescribed in treatment). Especially when it’s used
Problems with PPIs are enough to combination, which potentially in high doses, like those typically
give you heart burn! depletes micronutrients even further. needed to relieve inflammation or
I have always thought proton And beware of vegetarian diets, rheumatic conditions.


The simple vitamin “C-cret” to lifelong, strong, healthy muscles
We’ve known of the importance of vitamin C for bone and joint health for a very long time. But recent research indicates
that vitamin C may also be critical for maintaining muscle mass. So let’s extend that thought for a moment to the entire
musculo-skeletal system—which accounts for about 85% of the body’s weight, mass and size.
Maintaining skeletal muscle mass, as well as healthy bones and joints, is critically important as you age. And
unfortunately, the government recommendations for daily meat intake are woefully inadequate to help anyone maintain
healthy muscle mass. So it’s more important than ever to be sure you’re getting enough vitamin C.
And, yes, you have to make a conscious effort to do it.
This nutrient is so important in so many ways—in every cell in the body—that most animals make their own, as part of
normal metabolism. In fact, all animals make their own vitamin C except for two—humans and guinea pigs. (This is one
reason why guinea pigs originally became such an important laboratory model in scientific experiments.)
A minimum daily intake of vitamin C is 2,000 mg.

4 www.DrMicozzi.com

Ancient mummies help solve one of today’s biggest
medical mysteries
What causes heart disease? Science finally begins to connect heart disease, is no exception. And we
Perhaps you thought you knew. The the dots now have thousands of years’ worth of
government has been feeding us Of course, if the results aren’t proof.
their politically correct, pet theories from the latest laboratory using Mummies bust long-held heart
for decades. But one by one, they the newest technology from the disease myths
are being shot down by real science. hottest universities, they’re not The last week of October 2012,
From cholesterol, eggs, meat, and considered important, and never I sent out a Daily Dispatch e-letter
saturated fats, to salt. make the major media outlets. Most about some interesting research being
The government has certainly of today’s idiot-savant medical conducted on mummies from around
been happy to spend your tax “super-sub-specialists” know more the world. Ancient mummies dating
dollars handing out all kinds of and more about less and less. And from as far back as 4,000 years ago
mythological recommendations understanding the past is not even on were examined from four different
about diet and heart disease over the their radar screen. geographic areas: Egypt, Peru, Native
years. But it looks like they’ve been But as an Insider, you’re well Americans of the southwest Pueblo
wrong on all counts. aware of the important clues we learn civilization, and hunter-gatherers from
There is no connection by remembering our medical and the Aleutian Islands in Alaska.
between cholesterol in the diet health history. The environmental conditions in
and cholesterol in the blood. And Paleo-pathologists have these areas allowed preservation of
the connection between blood documented heart disease going back soft tissues (like the heart and blood
cholesterol levels and heart disease to the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. vessels) and not just the bones. So
looks weaker all the time. (Although (It may not have been just a figure researchers were able to thoroughly
low cholesterol does appear to of speech when the Pharaoh of the examine their cardiovascular systems.
be associated with higher overall Exodus “hardened his heart.”) And All of these populations had
mortality in studies around the archaeologists have found evidence evidence of strong physical activity.
world!) of inflammation going back to They all ate animal protein of
And the smoking/heart disease prehistoric dinosaurs. some sort. None of them had high
link appears so flimsy that the What has been hiding in plain cholesterol, or obesity, or cigarettes.
government seems to have given sight is the line connecting these But what they did have was high rates
up on it altogether. (Instead, dots. Linking the occurrence of of atherosclerosis (heart disease).
getting ever more disgustingly and inflammation with the development In fact, despite an average age
unrealistically graphic in depicting of heart disease. of only 43 years, a third of all the
connections between smoking and When it comes to inflammation, mummies had heart disease.
cancer.) you probably think of its visible Researches did note several
The fact is, none of the modern diet effects—pain, redness, heat, swelling. important differences in diet and
and lifestyle issues can really explain All of these occur as a result of lifestyle amongst them. But across
heart disease. (Except stress, which an acute injury. And, indeed, the this wide range of time and dietary
can cause high blood pressure. And inflammatory process is the first step patterns, they found that heart disease
high blood pressure is—and always toward self-healing whenever you’re was not associated with any specific
has been—the No. 1 known risk injured. But there are many causes, diet or lifestyle. However, infections
factor for heart disease and stroke.) types, and effects of inflammation. were a common occurrence. And in the
And not all of the effects are good. April 6th issue of the medical journal
But now we have new information
from the oldest of sources that sheds In fact, some doctors believe Lancet, researchers finally connected
some more light on this medical inflammation may be at the root of the dots.
mystery. all diseases. And the No. 1 killer, Continued on page 6...


They determined that the high omega-3 fatty acids have significant among the best sources of these fatty
level of chronic infection—and the anti-inflammatory benefits. acids. Two servings a week is a good
inflammation that accompanies it— For instance, a new study published general “dose.” You can also get some
may have promoted heart disease.1 in the Annals of Internal Medicine omega-3s from certain vegetables,
They also pointed out that found that older adults with higher such as Brussels sprouts, cauliflower,
patients with chronic inflammatory, blood levels of omega-3 fatty acid and avocado. And, of course, olive oil
“autoimmune” conditions, like have a significantly lower risk of dying is another good source.
rheumatoid arthritis (as we discussed from heart disease than those with But this is one example of an
in last month’s issue), have higher lower levels.2 essential nutrient that’s almost
rates of heart disease. This strengthens One type of omega-3 in particular— impossible to get enough of from diet
the case for the link to inflammation. docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)— alone (as I discussed in the article on
lowered the risk of fatal heart disease page 1). So it’s also a good idea to take
The good news is, you can control
by up to 45 percent. Researchers also a fish oil supplement to make sure—at
inflammation using safe, natural
measured two other fatty acids— least 1 or 2 grams per day.
eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and The OTHER cause of heart disease
The best way to control docosapentaenoic acid (DPA).
inflammation naturally As I mentioned earlier, there is no
DPA was most strongly associated question that high blood pressure also
Of course, there is also a lot of old
with lower risk of stroke death, and causes heart disease.
folklore and new hype about foods
that can fight inflammation. But EPA most strongly linked with lower The increased pressure in your
real scientific research on the anti- risk of having a non-fatal heart attack. arteries causes simple wear and tear
inflammatory properties of food is still Overall, study participants with the to the linings of the arteries and
in its infancy. So there’s simply not highest levels of all three types of fatty creates damage—which the body
enough proof to support the claims. At acids had a 27 percent lower risk of then has to repair. This eventually
least not yet. total mortality due to all causes. results in occlusion, atherosclerosis
and obstruction of the damaged
However, there is ample proof that Fish like salmon and mackerel are
blood vessels, and contributes to the
formation of clots in the blood vessels
that cause sudden heart attacks and
Balance your immune system, prevent heart disease strokes.
In the 1990s, Dr. Bennett Lorber, my colleague and author and editor of a The reasons for high blood pressure
leading textbook on the immune system, presented a “textbook” catalogue itself, however, have been elusive to
of all the modern chronic diseases that appear to have inflammation at their modern medicine. They refer to the
base—from A to Z. vast majority of cases as “essential
And the onset of the inflammation that later results in full-blown disease is hypertension”—as if your blood
often a short-term infection. pressure just goes up for reasons of
So one of the first steps in preventing heart disease is to keep your immune
its own as you age. But as you know,
system balanced and in good working order (“modulated”), so it can stress is a major cause of high blood
effectively fight off infections—but also to know when to stop fighting. (Just pressure. And many mind-body
like blood pressure needs to know when to come down again). And one of therapies that relieve stress also lower
nature’s best balanced immune modulators is garlic blood pressure and keep it low.

In a recent study published in the Clinical Journal of Nutrition, men and There are also very effective blood
women who ate 2.56 grams of garlic daily (essentially the amount you’d get pressure drugs that have been around
in a serving of homemade pasta sauce) showed significant increases in the long enough to pass the safety test of
production of immune cells, compared to the placebo group. “post-marketing surveillance” by the
drug companies. (For more on this
Of course, garlic is also widely proven and used for the treatment and topic, refer to my article, “Survival
prevention of heart disease. Given this newfound connection between guide to blood pressure medications,”
infection, inflammation/immune modulation, and heart disease, chances are which you can find on my website,
good those two benefits are related. Citations available online at www.DrMicozzi.com www.drmicozzi.com.)

6 www.DrMicozzi.com

While there are good drug and Not likely. But don’t be afraid to tobacco, exercise, and stress) before
non-drug therapies to control blood ask. This is your health at stake. And taking your blood pressure. A fever or
pressure, unfortunately, studies show you’re entitled to a few extra minutes sudden changes in body temperature
that up to half of all people who of time to get it right. can also affect your blood pressure, so
should be treated for hypertension And to rule out “white coat avoid taking your readings while sick,
aren’t actually being treated. Mainly syndrome,” (that is, the stress of just after strenuous activity, or after being
because they’re not even being going to the doctor) it’s a good idea to in the heat or cold.
diagnosed. Despite the NIH and CDC take a few blood pressure readings at Remember our ability to raise blood
multi-decade, multi-million dollar home or away from the doctor’s office pressure when warranted (increased
campaigns to control the epidemic of for comparison. physical demand, high altitude, etc.) is
hypertension in America. critical for effective performance and
Also, keep in mind that blood
So let me tell you how to get it pressure naturally varies over good health. You just don’t want it to
right… the course of the day and night stay high all the time.
The American Heart Association (something called “diurnal After all of that…if it turns out
recommends taking two measurements variations”). Try taking measurements you DO have high blood pressure,
while standing, two while sitting, and at different times of day to find out don’t hesitate to get it under control
then taking the averages. when your own blood pressure tends immediately. IC
Has any doctor or nurse ever done to be highest and lowest.
this with you? And avoid stimulants (caffeine, Citations available online at www.DrMicozzi.com

Relaxation—it’s in your genes
As I’ve described in our books He told me 20 years ago that he energy, and sleep in the subjects who
Your Emotional Type and New World didn’t want his work to be associated meditated.
Mindfulness (available at www. with the arbitrary term “alternative/ The second gene response was
drmicozzi.com) meditative techniques, complementary” medicine because he seen in genes linked to insulin. This
such as deep breathing, yoga, or even insists it is just human physiology and effect also boosts energy in the cells
prayer, can help relieve many medical good medicine. by regulating all-important blood-
conditions. Since stress is really the
Indeed, his latest findings should sugar metabolism. So responses one
great killer of our time (not eggs, meat,
prove it once and for all. and two together influence the most
salt, saturated fats, or other commonly
misidentified government culprits), it Dr. Benson and his team of basic energy processes of the body:
makes sense that relaxation—which researchers found that relaxation oxygen through cellular respiration in
counters that stress—is a great healer. actually causes the genes in your the mitochondria, and carbohydrate
cells to switch to a different mode. metabolism for useful calories.
We already have a large inventory
of clinical research showing that In other words, by meditating, you Third, the researchers found that
relaxation lowers stress levels and can regulate your genes to kick-in to people who meditated had less activity
reduces blood pressure. But now, counteract the toxic effects of stress. in genes that turn on the inflammatory
new research reveals the “genetic (This effect may finally explain the response. In other words, their immune
mechanism” behind these benefits. long-observed profound control that systems were better modulated, or
And this is how the modern medical experienced yogis develop over all balanced. As you read earlier in this
establishment now judges all therapies. their vital functions, for example.) issue, an unbalanced immune system
My colleague, physiologist Dr. The researchers noted four and chronic inflammation may very
Herb Benson at Harvard Medical specific types of gene responses. well be the primary cause of persistent
School led this new, breaking research. The first involved genes related to chronic problems such as heart disease
Dr. Benson is actually the one who mitochondria, which power the cells. and cancer.
coined the term “relaxation response.” This response resulted in better mood, Continued on page 8...


Finally, meditation also influenced “emotional type” factor. This concept Until very recently, I was concerned
genes related to telomeres in cells. was initially developed just across the that all of today’s multi-billion, high-
Telomeres cap off the ends of river from the Harvard group, by Dr. tech genetic research was leading us
chromosomes and protect your cells’ Ernst Hartmann at Tufts University. away from safe, inexpensive, proven
genetic material (DNA), especially And my co-author, Mike Jawer, and I approaches to health and healing. So
during cell division and multiplication. described its importance for a dozen of it’s nice to see so much of it (as I’ve
And cells are continually dividing and today’s most stress-related and baffling shared in this newsletter, as well as
multiplying in order to replace older, illnesses in our book Your Emotional Daily Dispatches over the past two
worn-out cells with newer, healthy Type. The basic premise is that the months) is revealing how age-old
cells. So, they’re directly related to “mind-body therapy” that works best approaches of nutrition and natural
longevity. This means that meditation for each individual is based upon your healing actually work at the cellular,
can actually extend your life span “personality boundary” or emotional genetic, and metabolic levels.
(as has been well observed in the type. Without knowing this parameter,
these research results just represent Maybe now those great Mandarins
aforesaid yogis, or meditators, for over of Medicine at the National Institutes
generalizations in terms of helping to
a century). of Health can all finally accept that
manage actual medical conditions.
And just 10 to 20 minutes per day natural medicine does work, because
You can learn which techniques will
can have profound benefits. they can finally see how it works—in
work best for you by taking the on-line
Of course, there was one thing quiz at www.drmicozzi.com or getting their own, thoroughly modern terms—
missing from this research—the a copy of Your Emotional Type at your on the molecular genetic level. IC
personalized, or individualized, local bookstore. Citations available online at www.DrMicozzi.com


Don’t get sick in July
Speaking of relaxation (see page 7)…This is the time of year when many people take some time off—maybe go on
vacation—and unwind a little.
Let’s hope the health benefits from all that relaxation help keep you out of the hospital—especially in July!
You see, July is the month when newly graduated medical and nursing students go to work in hospitals for some on-the-
job training. And it’s when experienced hospital staff begin to take off on summer vacations.
This might sound like paranoia, but it’s actually a full-blown medical phenomenon. It’s called the “July effect.”
And in a recent issue of the respected medical journal Annals of Internal Medicine, one astute researcher likened it to
having rookies replace veteran football players during “a high-stakes game, and in the middle of that final drive.”1
One problem, for example, is that new doctors, un-tempered with their own experience, allow themselves to be
intimidated by government-tainted views of adequate pain relief (a problem I presented last summer in the very first
issue of Insiders’ Cures). So while the seasoned “pros” are away, patients are more likely to linger or die in agony due to
inadequate prescription of effective, opioid pain killers.
But it’s not just painkillers. Inexperienced doctors have trouble administering appropriate dosages for all kinds of drugs.
They also spend more time hemming and hawing over which lab tests to order and when…when and which specialists
to consult…and whether a patient needs to be transferred to intensive care or another service in the hospital.
Yes, it’s good for doctors to be thorough and to be certain of their professional medical decisions. But not at the expense
of precious time that some patients simply don’t have.
So, again, unless you absolutely have to go to the hospital this month—DON’T. Let the “newbies” get some experience—
and confidence—under their belts first.
Besides, as I mentioned above, summer is the perfect time to try out the benefits of a “nature cure.” One that includes
relaxation, sleep, clean air and water, healthy physical activity, and sunshine—and as far away as possible from the
modern hospital!
During the 19th century, these approaches cured about half the people half the time. No drugs—or hospitals—required.
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