October 2013 • VOLUME II • ISSUE 10

Science caught “sleeping with the fishes”
What you REALLY need to know about
fish, omega-3s, and prostate cancer risk
Many men—including some of in general. So later in this issue, I’ll yes, you find these fatty acids in fish
my own doctor friends—have been also share those details—and tell and fish oil supplements. But the
asking me about the latest “fish story” you about my role in discovering the researchers couldn’t tell whether the
making headlines. In July, researchers single most important nutrient for men with high omega-3s took fish oil
from the esteemed Fred Hutchinson prostate health. supplements, or if they just ate a lot
Cancer Research Center in Seattle But first, back to the latest of fish, rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
announced that they had found a nonsense about fish oil and prostate And that’s a key point.
“statistical link” between fish oil and
cancer. Let’s fill in the “fishin’ holes” What real science says about fish
prostate cancer.1
these scientists left in their so-called consumption
The news was trumpeted from the research, one by one. If the men ate fish, how do the
rooftops. Every major media outlet
Aimless “fishing” expedition researchers know for sure it wasn’t
covered it. Unfortunately, the results
ends in a “maritime disaster” something else in the fish—such as
of this study are misleading at best.
First of all, when you design a mercury—that caused the statistical
And downright dangerous at worst.
scientific study, you are supposed to bump in cancer rates?
Sadly, I’m not surprised, make a hypothesis or a prediction The answer is: They don’t.
considering the source. at the outset. This is grade school
And to suggest otherwise blatantly
Over the last three decades, this science class stuff, right? But for this
disregards all the prior existing
Center happily received billions of study, the Center’s researchers went science.
dollars of research grants from the on a “fishing” expedition—literally as
National Cancer Institute to study diet well as figuratively. Continued on page 2...
and cancer. But they put these funds
into the hands of scientists who didn’t
They had no hypothesis. No theory. In this issue:
And they weren’t even testing a Perception of stress increases
seem to have any genuine interest
possible biological “mechanism” to
or expertise in nutrition or natural
see if fish oil could possibly cause
heart attack risk............................3
approaches. So I also wasn’t surprised
prostate cancer. None of that. A “Frat-boy diet” discovery leads
to find this particular study was filled
“perfect storm” for getting specious to ultimate prostate protection .... 4
with flaws.
results. Apparently, they just stumbled
To help get the story straight, in across this “statistical association” WARNING: New diabetes drugs
this issue of Insiders’ Cures, I’ll without having any understanding of have deadly consequences for
cover all the bases regarding this what could have caused it, or whether older patients................................ 6
particular prostate cancer scare. I’ll it was even real.
also go over the ins and outs of fish Common blood pressure drugs
oil and omega-3’s—what goes into a And this leads to the next hole in
their findings… triple breast cancer risk.................. 7
quality supplement, and other sources
of these essential fatty acids. And Yes, the researchers found that Follow the U.S. Air Force’s lead:
while I’m at it, this is the perfect some men with prostate cancer had Skip the flu shot!...........................8
opportunity to discuss prostate health really high levels of omega-3s. And,

www.DrMicozzi.com 1

In fact, just three years ago, this this new study had high levels of
Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D., is a very same group of researchers omega-3s because they took fish oil
worldwide leader in nutritional and reported that consumption of fish is supplements (vs. high consumption
complementary/alternative medicine. not associated with any increased risk of fish), that’s a whole different set of
He has had a distinguished career as a
for prostate cancer. questions…
researcher and physician executive at
the National Institutes of Health and And in 2010, a group of Canadian What you don’t know about your
Walter Reed National Military Medical researchers conducted a meta-analysis fish oil supplement CAN hurt you
Center in Washington, DC, and the (looking at all studies that had been Another “fishy” thing about the
College of Physicians in Philadelphia done to date). The results indicated a new Seattle study is that the omega-3
PA. He has published over 30 medical reduction in aggressive, late stage, and levels (EPA + DHA) were well below
and trade books, and founded and
fatal cancers among cohort studies.2 those typically seen in people who are
edited the first scientific journal, and
the first textbook, on complementary/
These are the best kind of statistical actually taking fish oil supplements (as
alternative and nutritional medicine, studies, since initially healthy people documented in well-done studies such
now going into a 5th edition (2014) and are followed over time to determine as the Framingham Heart Study).
continuously in print since 1995. who eventually develops the disease
But, just for argument’s sake, let’s
Dr. Micozzi’s Insiders’ Cures is published
say the men in this new study were
And there was no overall taking fish oil supplements…
monthly by OmniVista Health Media, L.L.C.,
relationship between prostate cancer
819 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21201 for The prostate cancer association
and fish intake.
$74 per year ($6.16 an issue). noted by these researchers could
POSTMASTER: Send address changes But here’s (another) important point simply mean these men took poor-
to Insiders’ Cures, 819 N. Charles St., missed by these researchers—and all the quality fish oil supplements.
Baltimore, MD 21201. “experts” who have been discussing this
You see, when it comes to fish
Author: Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D. study—both pro and con: Prostate cancer
becomes very common as men get older. oil, there is a big difference between
Publisher: Katherine Wheeler
In fact, the majority of men over age properly distilled fish oils and crude
Executive Editor: Amanda Angelini
75 will actually have prostate “cancer.” fish oils.
All material in this publication is
provided for information only and may However, most of the time, this is a Fish oils that are not properly
not be construed as medical advice or “silent” cancer that is so slow-growing distilled can contain oxidized omega-3
instruction. No action should be taken and benign it rarely causes any problems. fatty acids, which are known to be
based solely on the contents of this
So, what you should really be harmful. And even cause cancer.
publication; readers should consult
concerned about are the aggressive Remember, any “anti-oxidant” can
appropriate health professionals on any
“late stage” and “fatal” prostate become oxidized and harm cells under
matter relating to their health and well- the wrong circumstances.
being. The information provided in this cancers. The kind these same
publication is believed to be accurate researchers found are reduced by fish Beyond that, without proper quality
and sound, based on the best judgment consumption. control procedures, fish oils can
available to the authors, but readers
But setting aside all this double-talk contain contaminants such as arsenic,
who fail to consult with appropriate
from Seattle, the bottom line is—other lead, mercury or other heavy metals.
health authorities assume the risk of any
studies have also found higher fish These can also act as carcinogens.
injuries. The opinions expressed here do
not necessarily reflect the views of the intake to be associated with lower Specificity matters
publisher. The publisher is not responsible prostate cancer incidence, and fewer Lastly, the researchers did not
for errors or omissions. deaths from prostate cancer. distinguish between different forms
For questions regarding your subscription, And consider prostate cancer rates of omega-3s. For example, ALA is
please call reader services at 443-353-4398 in Japan, which are much lower than the inactive precursor of omega-3
(8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EDT Mon.-Fri.) those in the U.S. The Japanese eat fatty acids. EPA and DHA are the
Copyright © 2013 OmniVista Health eight times more fish, on average, active forms.
Media, L.L.C., 819 N. Charles St., Baltimore, than Americans. If there were any real Healthy men (and women) convert
MD 21201. Reproduction in whole or problem with fish it would be obvious inactive ALA into active EPA. But
in part is prohibited without written
in this kind of comparison. men who are not well convert ALA
permission of the publisher.
On the other hand, if the men in poorly, or not at all.

2 www.DrMicozzi.com

And the Center’s researchers did the quality of the supplements you Post production testing should be
not specify which kind of omega- take, or study, you don’t know what done by a reputable independent lab.
3s they found in their subjects’ you are getting. And what you don’t This ensures that the delicate active
blood. For all we know, these men know can hurt you. ingredients (DHA and EPA) have
could have had a lot of ALA in their So, to that end, let’s move on and not been harmed during processing
blood—which would indicate they and remain in their most healthy and
discuss what to look for in a fish oil
were not well in the first place. beneficial form.
In the end, we cannot and should Of course, it’s impossible to know
Quality control
not draw any valid conclusions from whether the brands of fish oil lining
As I mentioned above, it is the shelves in your local pharmacy
this flawed study. This study proved
important that crude fish oils are live up to these standards. (And don’t
nothing…except how clueless cancer
distilled under nitrogen (which look for the average pharmacist to
researchers still are about nutrition.
is chemically non-reactive). This know, either.) So I’ve tracked down a
Even worse, however, is how these process protects the delicate and source that does—a company called
researchers appeared to knowingly easily damaged active forms of EPA PERQUE. They offer two high-quality
mislead readers. You see, a scientist and DHA from becoming oxidized fish oil formulas: EPA/DHA Guard
should point out both sides of an and rancid. and Triple EFA Guard. To learn more
issue. You should always cite studies Distillation also removes mercury, about PERQUE fish oil supplements
that both support and refute your volatile organic compounds, and go to www.vitamins-today.com or call
conclusion. (Again, you’ll probably solvent residues that are present in the (800)525-7372. I use PERQUE for
remember this from your grade crude fish oil. (It also preserves fresh myself and my family.
school science class.) taste, which I’m sure you’ll agree Nordic Naturals also makes several
But these researchers only cited is critical when it comes to any fish great fish oil products that I have
studies that support their own products.) personally tested in years past.
incorrect conclusions. And they Aside from being distilled, any fish Assuming you choose a high-quality
ignored mounds of published studies oil supplement you choose should be brand, I recommend 1 to 2 grams of
that don’t support their conclusions. in capsules (not tablets or pills)—and DHA/EPA from fish oil per day. IC
The sad truth is, without knowing preferably softgels. Citations available online at www.DrMicozzi.com

Perception of stress increases heart attack risk
Some scientists are finally beginning to recognize that it is stress (not salt) that causes high blood pressure and heart
disease—and contributes to other chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and even some cancers.
A British study previously found that the measurable physiologic changes associated with stress can have an adverse
effect on health.
Now they’ve found just the perception of being stressed leads to an increased risk of heart disease.1
This study was comprised of several thousand British civil servants. And while you may correctly consider government
and its employees to be the main source of stress in modern life, perhaps they are the subjects of stress as well—at least in
Britain, where good government may still mean something.
The question was: “To what extent do you consider stress or pressure in your life has an effect on your health.” Multiple
choice answers were: “not at all, a little, moderately, a lot, or extremely.”
Those who answered in the highest two categories showed more than double (2.12) the number of fatal heart attacks
over the following years.
Of course, the experience of stress can be subjective. And one man’s meat may be another man’s poison, so to speak. For
example, for a fighter pilot, just sitting at a desk can be stressful, relatively speaking.
But regardless of what causes it, this study shows that people know when they are stressed. Since determining “stress
levels” can be difficult among different people, this study may offer a “new” way to “measure” them:
Perhaps we can just ask the patient. Citations available online at www.DrMicozzi.com


“Frat-boy diet” discovery leads to ultimate
prostate protection
I’ve written before about the of lycopene among young college of consumption. For example,
government’s failed campaign to students from our local state school, population studies show that a
promote beta-carotene as an anti- the University of Maryland. When we minimum daily intake is essential
cancer solution. The more my broke this down further, we found the for disease prevention. Some studies
colleagues at USDA’s Beltsville students had very high consumption of have seen positive results with doses
Human Nutrition Research Center and some seemingly “unhealthy” foods— as low as 3-5 mg per day. But others
I delved into the research, the clearer like pizza, hamburgers, and French have shown more promising results
it became: There was no correlation fries. But all of these foods had one with daily consumption of 10-12 mg.
between dietary or blood levels of thing in common: tomatoes. The most recent study, published
beta-carotene and cancer. The pizza, of course, was topped in the journal Neurology showed a
In other words, beta-carotene was with thick tomato sauce. And the decreased risk in stroke with just
not the cancer savior the National burgers and fries were typically 10 mg of lycopene per day.1 More
Cancer Institute promoted it to be. doused with a hefty serving of than 50 percent decreased risk, to be
But something good did come out ketchup. precise. A truly remarkable feat.
of the research my colleagues and I In nature, of course, tomatoes are Especially when you consider how
conducted some 25 years ago… the primary abundant food source easy it is to get 10 mg of lycopene.
We found that while beta-carotene of lycopene. And when they’re Even without supplements. A wedge
doesn’t protect against cancer, other heated and concentrated during the of watermelon, for example, has
manufacturing process to produce about 12 mg of lycopene. And a cup
carotenoids—such as lutein and
ketchup, tomato sauce, or other of tomato juice has even more, of
tomato-based products, the natural course, at 22 mg of lycopene.
At the time, no one had ever heard
lycopene actually becomes more Even the most effective drugs
of these carotenoids before. Of course,
concentrated and remains bio-
since then they’ve become much more
well known. In fact, lycopene has The surprising origin of
taken center stage for being highly Contadina tomato paste was famous this Italian staple
protective against prostate cancer. And for getting “eight great tomatoes in
Tomatoes were originally
it really should be at the top of every that little, bitty can.” And tomato
called tomatl and cultivated
man’s prostate cancer prevention paste is essentially like a concentrated
among the Aztec in MesoAmerica
priority list—followed by a few lycopene supplement. (modern central Mexico). When
other specific nutrients. There’s also Even lycopene’s “side effects” are the Spanish brought them back
one very important step you should benefits to Europe in the 1500s, they were
take when supplementing with these Since our discovery of lycopene initially considered poisonous as
nutrients to ensure you get their full at the USDA, numerous studies have a member of the Solinacea family
protective benefits. demonstrated that this nutrient not which includes other plants such
I’ll give you all the details in just a only reduces prostate cancer risk, but as “deadly nightshade.”
moment. But first, let’s take a closer also heart and circulatory disorders, Believe it or not, tomatoes did
look at lycopene. immunologic dysfunction, and general not appear on an Italian menu
Pizza, burgers, fries…and healthy inflammation. until the 1700s. But by the time
prostates? Granted, not all the studies on mass immigration of Italians to
When we performed our original lycopene have been positive. But the U.S. occurred in the later
study on dietary consumption and this probably represents differences 1800’s, tomato sauce had been
blood levels of carotenoids, we were between using a therapeutic firmly established as an “Italian-
initially amazed at the high levels “dose” and an ineffective level American” dish.

4 www.DrMicozzi.com

hardly come close to this magnitude of toxic and dangerous “sun blocks.” As foods with lycopene also have an
benefit. And they’re usually associated an added benefit, it still allows you to extensive array of other antioxidants
with negative side effects. get enough sun for healthy vitamin D and phytonutrients. It is important
Meanwhile, the “side effects” of levels. And getting optimal vitamin to remember that other carotenoids
lycopene are a simply more benefits. D is important for cancer prevention, and flavonoids in foods often have
For example, studies completed at including prostate cancer. synergistic benefits.
the University of Kentucky show that Four more nutrients to round out Of course, how foods are grown
elderly individuals consuming 30 mg perfect prostate support is also important to preserve their
of lycopene had significantly enhanced Speaking of nutrients to support nutrient content, as well as their taste.
preservation of memory. prostate health, here is the complete Harvesting your health
And lycopene was enough to list of my specific recommendations: I admit that I’m more than a little
keep a substantial segment of Lycopene 5 – 15 mg skeptical of the so-called “organic”
the population free-living and Selenium 100 mcg movement—at least since big
independent—without requiring an Vitamin D 2,000 IU government and big industry have
extended-care facility. Such a simple Vitamin E 50 IU stepped in. I wrote about this topic
step would result in substantial at length in my Daily Dispatch last
One important note: All of these
savings in health care costs. Not to year (8/22/12, subject line: “Big
nutrients are fat-soluble—which
mention a great improvement in the Food takes over the organic market,”
means taking them with an oil
quality of life for senior citizens. and 10/1/12, subject line: “Deep
increases their absorption and their
In other studies, eyesight problems, effectiveness. into organic.” You can access these
including macular degeneration, articles for free on my website,
So I also recommend taking a fish drmicozzi.com.)
were significantly decreased by the
oil supplement, 1-2 grams per day. If
consumption of lycopene. And a recent study from Stanford
you absolutely can’t bring yourself
Lycopene even appears to offer to take fish oil, at the very least, you University Center for Health Policy
some “anti-aging” and cosmetic should opt for some other source has cast more doubt on “organic”
benefits. The consumption of lycopene of omega-3 fatty acids. And don’t farming. Researchers examined data
has been shown to decrease the forget to eat plenty of fish, tomatoes, from 237 previous studies. They
development of wrinkles. And it may and other food sources of the above found that when it comes to certain
be able to diminish your reaction to nutrients. See the box below for a list nutrients, there is not much difference
sunburn. of good options. between organic and conventionally
grown foods.2
So this simple nutrient can protect Remember, people eat foods,
you from harmful UV rays without not nutrients. Tomatoes, and other However, studies have shown that
the levels of lycopene in organic
tomatoes are at least double those in
Prostate protection on your plate conventional tomatoes.3,4
Nutrient Food source These days, it’s easy to
Lycopene Tomatoes, tomato products (ketchup, substantially improve your health
tomato sauce, tomato paste, tomato with in-season consumption of locally
juice), guava, watermelon, pink grown tomatoes and other brightly
grapefruit, cherries colored fruits and vegetables. They
Vitamin D Swordfish, salmon, tuna, sardines, not only taste better, but will yield
liver, egg yolk long-term health benefits.
Selenium Brazil nuts, tuna, halibut, sardines, But as the harvest season winds
shrimp, ham down this year and we head into
winter, you can keep up your healthy
Vitamin E Sunflower seeds, almonds, hazelnuts,
levels of vitamin D, lycopene, and the
peanut butter
other nutrients mentioned above with
Omega-3 fatty acids Fish oil, salmon, mackerel, cauliflower, high-quality supplements. IC
chia seeds, flax seeds, walnuts
Citations available online at www.DrMicozzi.com


WARNING: New diabetes drugs have deadly
consequences for older patients
A new article in the Journal of the blood. And it provides an average Old standby offers safe, effective
the American Medical Association estimate of how high blood sugar gets blood sugar balancing
(JAMA) is questioning whether in the blood, over an extended period Of course, before you get scared
controlling blood sugar in older of time. away from diabetes drugs altogether,
adults with diabetes might do more Diabetes drugs lower your let’s make one thing clear. Not ALL
harm than good.1 Hemoglobin A1C level over time. But blood sugar medications pose these
This is not to say that you are not this measurement really only gives risks.
better off with lower blood sugar. you an average—and doesn’t account It’s the expensive, newer drugs (still
But, all things being equal, there are for times when your blood sugar goes on patent) that appear to have the most
side effects and complications from too low. worrisome complications.
drug treatments that may leave you So the authors of this new JAMA Sulfonylureas (chlorpropamide,
worse off than just living with higher study suggest that the way diabetes is
blood sugar once you become elderly. glipizide, glyburide, etc.) are the
currently being treated in this country biggest offenders when it comes to
Fortunately, that isn’t a choice you is a “one size fits all” approach frequent and prolonged episodes of
really need to make. You can lower leading to many adverse events. low blood sugar (they also increase
your blood sugar safely—without Big On average, over a 10-year period, heart disease risk). Pioglitazone
Pharma’s new “wonder drugs.” More insulin (and new drugs that make the (commonly known as Actos) increases
on that in a moment. But first, let’s pancreas secrete insulin) will cause the risk of edema, heart failure,
take a look at this new study—and 4 to 7 severe episodes of low blood bladder cancer and osteoporosis. And
the dangers it uncovered. sugar in people who undergo this sort newer, incretin-based drugs (like
New drugs TOO effective at of therapy. Victoza and Byetta) not only remain
lowering blood sugar? The older you are, the higher your very expensive, but their long-term
So what’s the problem with drugs risk of having a serious episode of safety record still isn’t established.
that treat high blood sugar? low blood sugar. Taking multiple But there are diabetes drugs that
Low blood sugar. drugs (which also becomes more don’t cause these complications. Such
common as you age) adds to the as the old standby, Metformin, which
Diabetes drugs are designed to
problem—increasing your chances is long proven to be safe and effective.
lower blood sugar. But sometimes
of another drug interacting with your The main “side effects” are decreased
they’re too “effective”—and drive
diabetes medication and resulting in risks of other chronic diseases,
blood sugar too low. This can be
low blood sugar. And such episodes such as cancer (including dramatic
a real problem (especially in the
can have more serious consequences reductions in pancreatic cancer, which
elderly) because low blood sugar can
in older patients. is notoriously untreatable).
cause fainting and dangerous falls.
In fact, this study points out one Indeed, Metformin should be the
Blood sugar fluctuates—going up
of the biggest dangers of low blood therapy of choice for most patients.
and down before and after meals,
sugar: Increased risk of dementia. Except the FDA actually warns against
with exercise, and daily cycles.
Initially, blood sugar is measured I have pointed out before that Metformin treatment in patients over
after 12 hours of fasting to try to prolonged high blood sugar increases 80 years. This warning stems from the
reduce these variations and find a the risk of developing dementia. old red herring of lactic acidosis. This
“baseline” level. After that, doctors (In fact, the problem is so serious, is a metabolic condition that results in
typically use Hemoglobin A1C to dementia can really be considered a buildup of lactic acid in the muscles
measure average blood sugar over the “Type 3 Diabetes.”) due to changes in levels of sugar
long term. But this new JAMA article and oxygen. In extreme cases this
indicates that low blood sugar is also condition can be fatal.
This test measures the level of
hemoglobin that is bound to sugar in a risk factor for dementia. But as the new JAMA study is quick

6 www.DrMicozzi.com

to point out, this FDA precaution is I was in medical training, the rule of The basic principle of homeostasis and
not based on good quality evidence thumb for “normal” systolic blood metabolism.
anyway. Studies have shown no pressure was to add a patient’s age And let’s not “experiment” with
difference in risk between diabetics to 100. So at age 20 years, a normal dangerous, unproven drugs in older
using Metformin and those not blood pressure is 120/80. But at age Americans (or anyone else for
using the drug. Most instances of 80, it climbs up to 180. Of course this that matter)…especially based on
this problem were actually due to was “normal” only in the sense of long-outdated, untrustworthy FDA
underlying medical conditions among providing a rough statistical average “guidance.” As I’ve said before,
diabetic patients, and not the drug itself. in a population subjected to a lifetime Metformin remains the best, safest,
of stress. and most economical drug treatment
So the FDA warning against
Metformin simply perpetuates an old, The bottom line is, any time you option for controlling high blood
outdated myth. And it limits access to use drugs to achieve a therapeutic sugar.
many older patients who could safely goal, there are always trade-offs. Of course, if your blood sugar is
use Metformin. These are the very And this new study suggests perhaps only mildly elevated, you may be able
same patients who need it most—since we can achieve a better trade-off to keep it under control with simple
between the effects of aging and the lifestyle modifications. Losing weight,
they are the most vulnerable to episodes
effects of drugs by setting somewhat exercising regularly, and eliminating
of low blood sugar and its effects (not
more modest goals for everyone. sugar and processed foods from your
to mention the potentially fatal side
And recognizing that, among older diet can all go a long way in helping to
effects of the other, newer drugs.)
Americans (like everyone), a balanced balance blood sugar.
Are your health goals “age approach is most appropriate.
appropriate”? However, if your blood sugar is
I couldn’t agree more. more than slightly elevated—or if
The JAMA study also suggests
Ultimately, just as persistent high you have full-blown diabetes—drug
revising Hemoglobin A1C levels
blood sugar is associated with poor treatment is probably the best bet. Just
upward based on increasing age.
long-term health outcomes, so is low stay away from the new diabetes drugs
This is an interesting idea. One that blood sugar. It is all about achieving I warned you about above. Stick
has been around for some time, for balance in the body. Not too hot, not with the old—proven—standby,
various conditions. For instance, when too cold, not too high, not too low. Metformin. IC
Citations available online at www.DrMicozzi.com

Common blood pressure drugs triple breast cancer risk
Blood pressure drugs are one of cancer, they should be looking at But now they seem determined
the most common and widespread drugs, not foods. to under-interpret their shocking
medical treatments in the U.S. today. Turns out, calcium-channel discovery regarding blood pressure
And breast cancer is generally the blocking blood pressure drugs cause drugs and breast cancer.
No. 1 concern of women in the U.S. double to triple the risk of breast In fact, they were quick to say
So, why has it taken until now to cancer.1 there was no reason to change clinical
perform a study on the risk of breast Believe it or not, this finding practice in any way. Despite the fact
cancer from long-term treatment with comes from the Fred Hutchinson that women who took the calcium-
blood pressure drugs? Cancer Research Institute in Seattle. channel drugs for 10 years or more
The same organization I told you were two-to-three times more likely
For years, the NCI has supported to develop invasive lobular breast
research into dietary factors that may about previously in this issue. The
one that just published their clueless cancer (2.6 times) or invasive ductal
increase cancer rates. breast cancer (2.4 times).
study on fish oil and prostate cancer,
But it seems that in order to find and then selectively and wildly over- These cancer-causing, calcium-
the risk factors that really increase interpreted their suspicious “results.” Continued on page 8...


channel blood pressure drugs are now interpreted study on fish oil and say, newer is not always better—or
among the most frequently prescribed prostate cancer was shamelessly safer.
medications in the U.S. They account shouted from the roof tops. I outlined many of these other drug
for nearly 98 million of the 678 Now they’ve conducted a better options on page 4 of my report The
million prescriptions filled per year. designed study with a drastic Insider’s Secret to Conquering High
The Seattle researchers expressed conclusion that affects 100 million Blood Pressure and Protecting Your
“surprise” at their findings (again, women, nearly tripling their rate Heart. You can access this report for
having had no apparent hypothesis, of breast cancer. And what do they free by logging on to the subscriber
to test in the first place). But other conclude? Nothing. section of my website, drmicozzi.com,
scientists suspect that these drugs If you are taking a calcium channel with your username and password.
increase cancer risk by preventing blocker for blood pressure, consult Just remember, everyone is an
apoptosis. Apoptosis is a kind of with your doctor to see if you might individual and may react differently
programmed cell death. be able to switch to another blood to different medications. It may
Ironically, independent scientists pressure medication. When it comes take some trial and error, with very
have confirmed that in terms of to choosing a blood pressure drug, the close monitoring, to find the right
design and statistical analysis, this safest course of action is to work with medication for you. But the time you
was a “first-rate” study. Yet this your doctor to choose one that’s been invest could very well save your life. IC
Center’s poorly designed, mis- around for many years. As I always Citations available online at www.DrMicozzi.com


Follow the U.S. Air Force’s lead: Skip the flu shot!
Last month, the US Air Force announced it will not be providing flu shots this year. At least not to its civilian employees.
The mission of the US Air Force (as I can still recite from my days as a cadet at the USAF Academy) is “to fly and to fight.”
And a major flu outbreak could ground the Air Force in no time flat.
So, why are they skipping the flu shot this year? What does the Air Force know that you don’t?
Well, for starters, they probably know that, despite what other government health “experts” would like us to believe, the
flu is NOT actually very contagious. So vaccinating against it is a waste of time.
Epidemiologists assign a number called the R-0 (“R-nought”) to describe how contagious a virus is. This number tells us,
on average, how many people someone who has a virus will go on to infect.
Consider smallpox, for example. This virus had an R-0 of 3. So, every person who had smallpox infected three others, on
average. Polio is another highly contagious viral infection. It has an R-0 of about 5. And measles is even more difficult to
control, with an R-0 of 12 to 18.
The flu has an R-0 of just 1.
That’s not very contagious, as far as “epidemics” go.
Why does the influenza virus rank so low? Well, a lot of it has to do with how it spreads.
The influenza virus is a respiratory infection. But it spreads by touch. You must touch a contaminated surface. And then
touch your eyes or nose.
However, the virus cannot survive for very long on surfaces. So you have a fighting chance of avoiding infection simply
by not touching common surfaces.
Carry your own pen so you aren’t picking up contaminated writing instruments at the bank, post office, and especially
at the local pharmacy when you have to sign all that paperwork. Wear driving gloves when opening doors and pushing
a shopping cart. If at all possible, avoid crowded places during the height of the flu in your area. Particularly crowded
airports and airplanes. And, of course, wash your hands frequently. As you’ll recall from my previous articles on this topic,
plain old soap and water kills the flu virus.
But when all is said and done, the Air Force is right. You just don’t need an annual vaccine to stop the spread of this very
minor virus.

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