Ancient cure for COPD and asthma
symptoms could make inhalers and
drugs obsolete!
This ancient solution to lung disease is still the best one
Most people don’t realize it. But But you’re not likely to hear it from It’s a never-ending cycle that
there’s another killer among us the “modern medical establishment” leaves practitioners with the same
besides heart disease, diabetes, and anytime soon. useless conclusion—more research is
cancer that’s keeping Big Pharma in Of course, the Yellow Emperor of needed.
big business… China had all the proof he needed And it’s all because western
Chronic obstructive pulmonary 2,000 years ago. He based an entire scientists are missing a very
disease (COPD). healthcare system on acupuncture. important tenet of Chinese medicine:
COPD is the 4th most common For the world’s largest population Everything is related.
cause of death in the United States. with the most advanced civilization, In Chinese medicine, there is no
And just like America’s other top no less! condition that exists independent
killers, all mainstream medicine has Unfortunately, western researchers of the whole body. So when you
to offer are drugs that barely keep have yet to embrace the obvious— treat the whole body with a holistic
symptoms in check and that are laden acupuncture works. Instead, they’re therapy like acupuncture, you’re
with side-effects that would (and obsessed with trying to figure out the going to get results for all sorts of
often do) make your head spin. question of, “Why? Why and how unrelated conditions.
All the while, a safe, proven, does acupuncture work for different But our un-holistic western
natural solution has been left in the medical conditions.” biomedical paradigm just can’t make
wake of Big Pharma…and lost in the In fact, every time a study proves sense of the results—even though we
quagmire of what western scientists acupuncture is effective, instead of Continued on page 2...
call “research.” focusing on the conclusion of “it
The solution I’m talking about is works,” western scientists are quick
to think they have finally come up In this issue:
with an explanation as to why it The low-stress pain cure...........4
An acute solution, lost in research works. And they tend to focus on that
confusion point, instead. When medicine becomes
While acupuncture is finally being But then proof of its effectiveness
well-accepted for the treatment of poison.......................................6
for yet another “unrelated” condition
pain, it still lags way behind as a sends them back to the drawing
treatment for anything else. Which is
Survival at the gait...................7
board. Because the reason why it
tragic. works for one condition appears to The single most important
Given its history and the science, be different from the reason why thing you can do to prevent
acupuncture could safely and it works for another—at least as
effectively help millions more interpreted by the modern mainstream premature death......................8
suffering from all sorts of ailments. biomedical model. 1

can all observe them with our own themselves from trypsin with an
Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D., is a eyes. enzyme called alpha-one anti-trypsin.
worldwide leader in nutritional and
A breath of fresh air Not so in people with a genetic
complementary/alternative medicine. abnormality of this enzyme.
He has had a distinguished career as a Maybe that’s why it’s taking so
researcher and physician executive at long for the use of acupuncture in lung That’s another reason that smoking
the National Institutes of Health and problems to catch on. While it’s easy isn’t the whole story when it comes
Walter Reed National Military Medical enough for mainstream doctors to to emphysema and lung disease.
Center in Washington, DC, and the
accept that acupuncture is effective for Back in the 1970’s I did a summer
College of Physicians in Philadelphia
pain, they’re speechless, so to speak, student research project on identifying
PA. He has published over 30 medical
about its breathing benefits. genetic variants of this enzyme,
and trade books, and founded and
and then wrote an undergraduate
edited the first scientific journal, and But the fact is acupuncture provides
dissertation on this topic for my major
the first textbook, on complementary/ serious relief for asthma, COPD, and
alternative and nutritional medicine, in chemistry. But since, we have never
other lung problems. Let’s take a
now going into a 5th edition (2014) and heard much about this important cause
closer look at those conditions.
continuously in print since 1995. of emphysema—it seems to get lost in
Emphysema. Emphysema is an all the smoke about cigarettes.
example of COPD. It is marked by an
Asthma. In asthma, the airways of
Dr. Micozzi’s Insiders’ Cures is published obstruction to airflow in and out of the
monthly by OmniVista Health Media, L.L.C., the lungs constrict, becoming narrow
702 Cathedral St., Baltimore, MD 21201 for and sometimes even closing off
$74 per year ($6.16 an issue). Emphysema makes lung cells lose completely. So it has an “obstructive”
their elasticity. Normally when air component too. That means it’s hard
POSTMASTER: Send address changes comes into the lungs, they expand to breathe in…and even harder to
to Insiders’ Cures, 702 Cathedral St., like a balloon. But in emphysema, the breathe out again. Thus, causing the
Baltimore, MD 21201. balloon is more like a paper bag. It has “wheezing” sound of breathlessness.
lost its “rubbery” ability to deflate. So
Author: Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D. The western medical approach
the person struggles to expel old air to
Publisher: Katherine Wheeler to asthma is to use drugs to open
make way for new air.
Executive Editor: Amanda Angelini the airways. These drugs, called
Emphysema happens when immune “bronchodilators” act like adrenaline.
All material in this publication is system cells and their enzymes enter
provided for information only and may Under normal circumstances,
the lungs to attack intruders. (Smoke
not be construed as medical advice or the body releases adrenalin when
and airborne pollutants, for example.)
instruction. No action should be taken it senses danger and has to respond
This destroys lung tissues. It’s no
based solely on the contents of this with “fight or flight.” That’s because
surprise that smokers are susceptible.
publication; readers should consult adrenalin increases heart and muscle
appropriate health professionals on any House painters were also performance and reactions. It also
matter relating to their health and well- notoriously prone to emphysema.
being. The information provided in this
expands airways, allowing more
The reason? Paint fumes—plus a air to enter the lungs more quickly.
publication is believed to be accurate
and sound, based on the best judgment
higher likelihood to drink and smoke That gets more oxygen to the blood,
available to the authors, but readers too much. When I was a medical muscles, and other tissues.
who fail to consult with appropriate examiner, I autopsied many house
But too much adrenalin causes
health authorities assume the risk of any painters who fell victim to this toxic
problems too. And so do these drugs.
injuries. The opinions expressed here do combination.
not necessarily reflect the views of the They can cause heart arrhythmia and
But genetics can be an even bigger fatal acute cardiac arrest. In the 1970s,
publisher. The publisher is not responsible
for errors or omissions. risk factor than smoke toxins. In fact, there was an epidemic of young
people with certain genetic variations people dying from using inhalers. The
Copyright © 2013 OmniVista Health can’t neutralize the enzymes that FDA finally took note in the 1990s
Media, L.L.C., 702 Cathedral St., Baltimore, break down tissue proteins in the and made some changes, which I’ll
MD 21201. Reproduction in whole or lungs. tell you about in just a minute. But
in part is prohibited without written
One of those enzymes is trypsin. first, let’s talk about some natural
permission of the publisher.
Normally, lung cells protect alternatives…


Nature’s breathing helpers Acupuncture’s “approval” almost alternative medicine in the United
As usual, better ways to deal with didn’t happen… States. In the very first issue, we
breathing problems can be found in In 1997, the National Institutes published a massive collection of
nature. of Health (NIH) looked at the research (mostly published in the
science behind acupuncture. Their U.K. and Europe) on acupuncture
Caffeine and theophylline in
conclusion: It helps dental pain, for the treatment of (you guessed it)
coffee and tea are both effective lung disease. The new journal and
bronchodilators. In fact, for general certain chronic pain, and nausea
and vomiting associated with this article got a lot of attention…
congestion from allergies, I recommend including by the FDA.
chemotherapy and pregnancy.
a strong cup of coffee or tea in the
morning. It will help get you going— Still, many mainstream medical In typical government fashion, the
without resorting to antihistamines practitioners and the FDA aren’t FDA bumped the reclassification of
and all their side effects. Or using sold. After all, we already have acupuncture. Which means it would
decongestants that make you feel like many “good” drugs for pain, nausea, be left sitting on the shelf somewhere.
the top of your head is coming off. and vomiting, so why bother with But fortunately for you and me,
something exotic like acupuncture? some dedicated and courageous FDA
But for the serious breathing issues
(Could it maybe have something to scientists petitioned their boss to be
discussed above, we can look back to
do with the fact that acupuncture allowed to work on it on their own
Chinese medicine. The Chinese had
takes 15 minutes to administer, while time. They gave up their evenings and
solutions for obstructive lung disease—
writing a prescription and popping a weekends to complete the approval
not only with acupuncture, but also
pill only takes seconds and results in process, without interfering with
with a powerful herb.
more revenue?) the regular 9-to-5 priorities of the
This herb, Ma huang comes from the “overworked” agency.
But other results of acupuncture
bark of a tree containing ephedra (the
on lung disease (missed, of course, To save time and trouble, these
source of the drug ephedrine).
by the NIH) did catch the attention scientists asked me to send them the
Ma huang was one of the first of FDA. These guys were located a computer disc with the hundreds of
Chinese remedies western medicine mere three miles down the pike from scientific citations and references I
picked up on. In the mid-20th century, the NIH, but they didn’t manage to had compiled for the journal.
Karl Schmidt and K.C. Chang studied share their knowledge. Same old Sure enough, the FDA approved
it at my alma mater, the University of government bureaucracy… the acupuncture needle as a
Pennsylvania. therapeutic device in the late 1990s.
FDA knew that the drugs available
Ephedra, too, acts like adrenaline. for asthma were dangerous. In And we can all be thankful that a lot
And that, unfortunately, led people principle, the FDA should be of pain and suffering is now being
to use it in unhealthy ways. Dietary concerned not only with finding legally alleviated. Especially given
supplement manufacturers put it into more effective treatments, but also all the government interference with
appetite suppressants and performance with finding safer treatments. So, effective pain-killing drugs (see the
enhancers. And no surprise, people if acupuncture (perfectly safe) 11/9/12 Daily Dispatch “DEA or
misused them. So ephedra was even were effective for asthma and lung DOA?” for more on that topic).
implicated in some deaths (that also diseases, it should be very interesting But there is always room for more
involved other factors). And the FDA to the FDA. news about proven treatments that are
banned it. Meanwhile diligent attorneys such thousands of years old.
So in our culture of “more is better” as Jim Turner had been petitioning New developments in old
we’ve managed to take one of Chinese the FDA to stop classifying medicine
medicine’s effective remedies off the acupuncture as an experimental Shortness of breath is a
table. device. Experimental devices are major problem with COPD (not
Luckily acupuncture hasn’t only allowed to be used in research surprising). This is called dyspnea.
been outlawed—it doesn’t pose the experiments approved by the FDA. It’s particularly bad during physical
risks of drugs or even some dietary And at the same time, I had exertion. Dyspnea on exertion (DOE)
supplements. But it almost wasn’t an started the first medical research is a major symptom of COPD. It’s
option! journal on complementary and Continued on page 4...


notoriously difficult to control—even of course, for ethical reasons, the Safe, effective, and available
with the drugs currently available. patients still had to be given the As the researchers continue
A new study performed by drugs that weren’t working anyway, trying to prove this age-old
Japanese researchers—in which because the experimental acupuncture medicine, I believe the evidence is
acupuncture was actually performed treatment might not have been more than strong enough to trust
properly, instead of blundered as effective! that acupuncture does work. Not
it often is in western studies— just for the standard uses (pain
proved acupuncture beats placebo The researchers concluded that and nausea), but even for more
in improving DOE in patients acupuncture is a “useful add-on” complicated problems like COPD
with COPD receiving standard therapy. So if you suffer from and asthma. And all without side
medication.1 COPD, keep taking those drugs (that effects.
Apparently the “standard” apparently don’t help for shortness Now that should give you cause
medications were not helping. They of breath). But for real relief, also try to breathe easier. IC
were still considered standard—but something safe that really does work. Citations available online at


The low-stress pain cure
Research reveals the hidden link between stress and pain
When you’re dealing with chronic pain, the last thing you want to hear is that it’s all in your head. But research shows
your head—or a specific area of your brain, to be exact—has a lot to do with pain.
That part of the brain, the hippocampus, was first described by Venetian anatomist Julius Caesar Aranzi (1587). He gave
it the Latinized (from the Greek) name for sea horse, since the shape reminded him of this marine creature. But the
funny shape of this brain component belies its important functions…and some are still being discovered today.
We already know that the hippocampus has an important role in converting short-term memory to long-term memory.
In fact, it’s one of the first areas of the brain to be affected in Alzheimer’s dementia. But now neuroscientists are finding
that the hippocampus has an important pain connection, too.
Recent research shows that people with a smaller hippocampus tend to have higher levels of the hormone cortisol. And
high cortisol levels are linked to stronger responses to pain.
Cortisol is recognized for its association with chronic stress. So again we see the pain/stress link.
One of the most mysterious of all chronic pain/stress conditions is the spectrum of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.
In fact, there’s such a strong link between these painful conditions and stress that they can be initiated by sudden
traumatic injury or viral illness.
So it’s no surprise that chronic pain sufferers can help manage their condition by avoiding the effects of stress. The good
news is stress-management techniques abound…and there’s one for every type of person. It’s just a matter of figuring
out which one will work for you.
In my book with Michael Jawer Your Emotional Type, we explain that a person’s emotional type helps determine whether
they’re likely to develop chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia in response to chronic stress.
While being interviewed on radio recently about our book, I was asked what was the most significant result that I found
personally. Having worked on all the topics for decades, it was in writing this book that I had the insight to understand
for the first time how the psychometric spectrum of your personality boundary spectrum (“emotional type”) determined
whether you fell on one end or the other of the chronic fatigue-fibromyalgia spectrum as a result of chronic stress.
You can determine your own emotional type so you can choose a mind-body stress management technique that is sure
to work for you. Check out the book for the full evaluation, or take a short online quiz at
There’s no need to continue suffering from chronic stress—or with chronic pain—when the solution can be so simple.
You just need to know how to find it.


When medicine becomes poison
How one popular heart drug went so wrong
Once upon a time it seemed disrupting the normal processes that when I was a medical student at the
medical technology was evolving in cells carry out. They disrupt your University of Pennsylvania. I used
a better direction. Moving toward metabolism. to take courses at the vet school
honoring the doctors’ Hippocratic because, frankly, veterinary medicine
But most doctors don’t know as
Oath to “first, do no harm.” Indeed, kept a stronger connection to real
much about poisons. In fact, unless
it seemed that we were beginning to biology and ecology in terms of
they had a special interest or pursued
choose less harmful treatment options health and disease.
training in forensic medicine (like
over more harmful ones. I did), they did not learn anything In fact, animals continue to receive
For example, if you could take about toxicology in medical school. better care from veterinarians in
a drug to manage heart disease, terms of nutrition and so-called
That’s unfortunate, since some
wouldn’t that be better than being complementary/alternative therapies
newer drugs are turning out to test
subjected to open-heart surgery? than people are getting from
our toxicology knowledge as much as
But of course it wasn’t that simple. our pharmacology knowledge.
As all doctors learn when studying But back to cholesterol…
Which brings us back to heart
pharmacology, any drug can have any disease… I can still see pathologist Dr.
effect. For something to act as a drug, Herbert Ratcliffe shaking his
I mentioned that the medical
it first has to be absorbed, be carried head about the “new” interest in
establishment promised heart health
in the blood, enter the cells, and be cholesterol as a key to heart health
through drugs instead of surgery.
able to bind to the cells to have an in humans. Because he knew all the
These drugs are called statins.
effect. In this process, other side studies that had already been done
effects of drugs are to be expected. The theoretical appeal of the statin in animals disproved any real cause
drugs is that they lower cholesterol. and effect. In the meantime, Dr.
The flip side of pharmacology But we’re now learning that statins Mark Hegstead from Harvard came
Unfortunately, medical schools were the wrong approach…to the to give a special lecture showing that
don’t dig deeper into drugs in wrong problem. Plus, these drugs are cholesterol in foods had nothing to
pharmacology courses. If they turning out to be metabolic poisons. do with cholesterol in blood. And this
did, more doctors would get some was all known in the 1970s!
Debunking the cholesterol myth
important insights.
If you’re still counting cholesterol So why the confusion?
Drugs used to be based primarily in your food, you’re wasting your The body makes its own
on plant chemicals from nature. And time. You wouldn’t know it from cholesterol, which is a wholly
biological organisms (like humans) the medical establishment, but natural substance. It is a building
are already adapted to obtaining there’s absolutely no relationship block of cells and hormones for
nutrients and medicines from between food cholesterol and blood the body. Cholesterol has many
botanical sources. But pharmacology cholesterol. important functions in the body,
continues to get farther and farther including helping repair injuries.
But it’s still worth getting your
away from natural approaches, as I’ll After an injury, one of the body’s
cholesterol levels checked, right?
illustrate in a moment. first reactions is to naturally increase
Maybe not. In animal studies,
Toxicology is the field of studying including primate studies, only cholesterol levels.
poisons. In some ways poisons are very weak connections have been But that’s not true in people who
similar to drugs—they have to be found between cholesterol and heart are on statin drugs. Statins lower
absorbed, enter the circulation, and disease. cholesterol by poisoning a normal
be able to get into cells in order to I knew this as far back as medical and necessary enzyme in the body
have an effect. school. In fact, I vividly recall taking called HMG-CoA reductase. The
The difference is, poisons act by a course at the veterinary school Continued on page 6...


poisoned cells can’t produce as much because of their successful new If a statin interferes with the ability
cholesterol. cholesterol drug, so we wrote to ask for muscles to heal, is that good for
When Merck came out with the why they weren’t making the combo your health? Or for your heart? Of
first cholesterol drug, Mevacor, it available. They replied that they course not!
was heralded as a great achievement. “never comment on products they are It makes sense that one of the
Careers were secured, fortunes not marketing.” common side effects of statins is
made, corporate profits assured, Bungled by bureaucracy crippling muscle cramps. The pain can
and buildings built to honor the Industry experts point out a possible be so severe that it makes it impossible
discoverers. reason for the decision not to market for many people to tolerate these
At about the same time, some this helpful combination. Merck drugs—even when they’re incessantly
doctors (like myself) were telling had already done clinical trials on pushed to do so by medical drug
the world that we believed in the Mevacor to prove it lowers cholesterol treatment protocols.
power of complementary medicine. levels. (Whether that ended up doing Listen to the numbers
That we believed the wise use of any good, or even more harm than Statistical studies back up my
nutrition and natural medicine could good, was not part of the trial.) CoQ10 concerns about the modern obsession
“complement” the drug-dominated as a dietary supplement was already with cholesterol. The World Health
practice of human medicine. on the market and widely available. Organization (WHO) looks beyond
And one prime use for However, the FDA would have the borders of the United States for
complementary medicine, we knew, required a new multimillion-dollar health trends. In every country where
would be to help counteract the clinical trial on the combination in WHO has collected data, the lower the
“known and accepted” side effects of order for it to be approved! average cholesterol level, the higher
drugs. As two separate pills, the FDA the overall death rate in the population.
These natural substances support saw no problem. Multiple individual My late colleague at the National
normal metabolism, especially drugs are given together to millions Cancer Institute, Dr. Arthur Schatzkin,
when the body is bombarded with of people every day. But combine the was very good at ferreting out
drugs that interfere with normal two into one pill, and the FDA sees it statistical associations. In large
metabolism. as a new drug. Even though the only databases he found lower cholesterol
“side effect” of CoQ10 is to reduce the levels were linked to higher death rates
If the high quality and scientific from cancer—and that was back in the
toxicity of the statin. Apparently the
standards of the pharmaceutical 1980s.
FDA has to protect the public against
industry could be applied to the “wild
west” of the U.S. natural products being protected from drug side effects! But somehow I don’t recall that line
industry, we knew it would benefit Barking up the wrong tree of investigation being pursued.
consumers. But back to whether statins make The bottom line is that poisoning
For example, I recommend any sense to begin with. Sure they your metabolism does not make for a
Metfolin®, Merck’s pharmaceutical lower cholesterol levels—thus the healthy heart.
grade folic acid, as a reliable, high- FDA approves them for that purpose. We need to look at the real causes
quality source. Another example is But as I explained already, that doesn’t of heart disease—and stop ingesting
coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), which helps improve health. medicines that are actually poisons—if
reduce the toxic effects of statins. And recent research is showing we want to improve heart health.
We knew Merck was one of the how these drugs actually harm the For more on natural approaches
great science-based pharmaceutical body. we already know work, see The
companies. In fact, we were A study in the journal Muscle and Insider’s Secret to Conquering High
pleasantly surprised to discover Nerve finds that statins may actually Blood Pressure and Protecting Your
Merck had already taken out a patent make it harder for the body to recover Heart which you received as a new
on a CoQ10 and Mevacor combo. from muscle injury.1 Of course, the subscriber. If you don’t have your
heart is the most important muscle original printed copy, you can download
However, the combination
in the body. And the most important it online at under
treatment was not made available
the Subscribers tab. IC
to the public. We thought Merck healing is the ability of the body to
might be in an “era of good feeling” heal itself. Citations available online at


Survival at the gait
One of our most basic abilities—one that kept cavemen alive—may predict
our longevity even today
From an evolutionary standpoint, efficiently. So over time, human inner ear (vestibular), and limbs
there’s no doubt that mobility dictates infants were born at earlier and earlier (proprioceptive). Your eyes orient you
survival. Just think about it. If a stages of development, while the to your position in space. Your inner
mountain lion decides to pursue you brain is still immature. It means our ear is like a little gyroscope, sensing
and your tribe, which one will end up young are immature and dependent the position of your head against
as a tasty meal? The slowest one. on their parents for longer than other gravity. Your limbs send signals to the
But even now, though we don’t animals. (One look at the most recent brain about pressure, heat, vibration,
live in a world in which we need to generation will confirm that beyond a and other signals about the ground
outrun predators (at least not literally) shadow of a doubt!) under your feet. Maintaining balance
in order to survive, mobility still requires your brain to rapidly process
matters a great deal. Researchers From an evolutionary and integrate all this information to
are now finding that gait speed is a keep you upright and on your feet.
standpoint, there’s no Even more so when you’re moving.
great predictor of survival in older
adults. But before I explain the recent doubt that mobility Gait predicts longevity
findings, let’s take a look at why dictates survival. Just Back to that research I mentioned.
humans walk the way we do. It turns out that—probably because
think about it. If a
Setting ourselves apart of all these different faculties needed
The ability to walk upright on two
mountain lion decides to walk efficiently—gait speed can
legs is a distinctly human trait. It’s in to pursue you and your tell doctors a lot about your health.
large part what has set us apart from In fact, it’s as accurate a predictor
tribe, which one will of longevity as any other factor—
other animals—freeing our hands so
that we could express our creativity end up as a tasty meal? including age, gender, use of medical
and productivity to build the “man- devices, chronic conditions, smoking
The slowest one. history, blood pressure, BMI, and
made” world that we all live in today,
for better or worse. history of hospitalizations!
So there has been a grand
Another important factor in setting A 2011 study published in JAMA
evolutionary biological compromise
us apart is our larger brain. But that’s followed more than 17,500 people
between upright posture, freeing the
sometimes at odds with our ability to ages 65 or older for 6 to 21 years.1
hands, and having bigger brains.
walk upright. Here’s why. In order to Their gait speed (how fast you can
Being able to walk efficiently for long
walk and run efficiently on two legs, walk) was associated with better
distances, and being able to run fast,
those legs need to be close together. survival in every group of older
has been a key to human survival.
So a more narrow pelvis, especially adults studied. There was a direct
at the hips, is better for walking and The many factors at play correlation between how fast you can
running. On the other hand, our larger Now when it comes to the opposite walk and your longevity across a full
brains mean women need to have end of the age spectrum, scientists are range of speeds.
wider hips to allow the infant to pass finding that gait speed in older adults So, for a real measure of “anti-
safely through the birth canal. That may help account for differences in aging” ask your doctor to measure
explains why humans are the only longevity. your gait speed. And the next time
animals who have such potentially It takes several important someone advises you to “slow down”
difficult childbirth—and why we call capacities to be able to walk as you get older, think again.
it “labor.” efficiently and quickly. First you I’ll tell you more about the
At the same time, women’s need balance, which comes from importance of gait and your skeletal
hips couldn’t be too wide, or they your brain’s ability to process structure in next month’s issue. IC
wouldn’t be able to walk and run input from your eyes (visual), Citations available online at



The single most important thing you can do to prevent premature death
As the U.S. government science bureaucrats continue dithering over recommendations about vitamin D
intake, some real scientists in Germany (and yes, even some right here at home) are making it perfectly clear:
Vitamin D prevents premature death. Plus, it reduces death rates from all causes.
So why is the U.S. hemming and hawing—and confusing patients and doctors alike?

Blind leading the blind
Over the past three decades, many scientists who study chronic diseases have stumbled into studying diet
and nutrition. They often lack any understanding of nutrition as a fundamental part of human biology and
behavior. And despite their ignorance on matters of nutrition, they publish their findings. And the government
science bureaucrats jump on the research—and the politically correct bandwagon.
But one source has always been an exception to the rule. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN)
doesn’t report spurious statistical findings like those that can be found in other journals.
And across the Atlantic, German scientists tend to put out reliable information on nutrition. That’s because
they know how to conduct scientific investigations on human biology. They have consistently been way ahead
of the United States in investigating natural and nutritional approaches to health and medicine.

Research you can trust
The trustworthy team at AJCN published a report in the April 2013 issue that takes a close look at vitamin D.1
In it, a team of scientists measured vitamin D levels in nearly 10,000 people ages 50 to 74 years. Another 5,500
participants were measured at 5 year-follow-up. All deaths were recorded during an average follow-up period
of 9.5 years. During the follow-up period about 10 percent of study participants died: 43.3 percent from cancer,
35.0 percent from heart disease, and 5.5 percent of respiratory diseases.
People with the lowest vitamin D levels were more likely to have died of any cause, and of cancer, heart
disease, and respiratory disease specifically.
They also found a dose-response relationship between low vitamin D levels and death—that is, the lower the
vitamin D, the higher the mortality rate.
This is the best kind of epidemiological study, with the strongest kind of results that can be performed on
human populations. It makes it perfectly clear: Higher vitamin D levels protect against premature death—as
well as all the leading causes of death.

It’s never too late to up your D
Plenty of studies prove the dangerous effects of lack of vitamin D in childhood, but these highlight the fact
that even in adults—and older adults at that—low levels of D have bad health effects.
On the flip side, that means that even later in life, you can improve your health and longevity by increasing
your vitamin D intake.
And here’s some more good news: Vitamin D can be free. All you need to do is expose your skin to the sun (it’s
the perfect time of year to get started!) and your body will activate its own vitamin D.
For the rest of the year you can build up healthy vitamin D levels with appropriate high-quality supplements. If
you have any reason to believe you are not getting enough vitamin D, ask your doctor to measure your levels
the next time you have a routine blood sample taken for testing. If you’re below 75 nmol/L—and especially
below 30 nmol/L—it’s time to add a high-quality supplement.

Citations available online at