Sawing will never

be the same again.


connect th and pull the lever. blade to the bas then with the res .GET A GRIP ON WHAT Hold the handle horizontally First.

. The blade is now safely in position.FAST K! CLIC he base of the Push back the lever until you se of the handle.AT WE MEAN . Secure the lever st of the blade. hear the click. with the security spring.

The Bahco Ha The Bahco Handsaw System A new. revolutionary and professional approach to sawing! Incorporating the most advanced and comfortable Bahco ERGO™ handle ever and a range of interchangeable Bahco Superior™ blades. this truly flexible system combines maximum versatility with superior sawing performance! Interchangeable blade system • High performance Bahco Superior™ blades • A selection of ten different blades to cover all common materials and applications • Simple storage. easy handling and straightforward replacement of worn blades .

andsaw System .

Patented locking • Easy access to lever through opening in ha • Long lever for easy locking and release of t • Security spring locks the lever .

ensures no play between handle and blade when assembled • Extended index finger support . comfort and safety *Lefthanded handle is available in one size only. Comfort and stability • High quality aluminium body ensures rigidity as well as retaining and protecting the locking mechanism • Soft shapes and materials ensure user comfort • High quality blade locking system .andle end the saw blade The best ERGO™ handsaw handle ever! • The asymmetrical handle design eliminates pressure points and stops the hand sliding on the handle • Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) for optimum friction and a warm feel • The angle and position of the handle in relation to the blade teeth reduces sawing forces and increases efficiency • Available for left or righthanded users • Two different handle sizes* provide maximum grip.increases precision when sawing Thicker blade for stability and precision Low friction coating Hardpoint Unique XT-toothing .

Laminate and wooden floors. Fine cutting in hard wood. Dry wood. General purpose. Plaster and particle boards. wet wood and tanalised.BAhco hANDSAW SYSTEM A blade for every common application! For timber. IND-0335-INT . medium cutting.