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Emma Lambert
Social Justice
Period 2
Trump’s Immigration Ban

Donald Trump has imposed a temporary ban of refugees from seven countries Iran, Iraq,

Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Syria, and Yemen. These countries have been categorized by religion; all

holding a high population of Muslim citizens. Trump has created this ban through an executive

order which means that no part of congress has the opportunity to view, change, or veto it. He

has taken an aggressive stance by imposing this executive order on the United States that is

planned to continue for the next three months. The United States citizens have seen this proposal

take action almost immediately by the restriction of 109 refugees in airports. These intense

interrogations can last for hours at a time. Even though it is early on in his term Donald Trump

has already been acting on his campaign promises.

Trump is blatantly denying people rights is an issue of injustice. The Muslim community

is a minority within the United States and as a result has been isolated from the rest of the

country. By participating in these acts, we as a country are reverting back to our past ways of

discrimination and inequity. The various approaches to this issues are on opposite ends of the

spectrum. The debate is whether or not this issue is justified out of fear or is deemed


The United States has taken pride in its stance of equality, however how can they be

prideful when they are deliberately participating in discriminatory acts? This relates to the

executive order by Roosevelt that demanded the establishment of Japanese internment. It seems

to me that Trump is stooping to a level of fear and ignorance. He does not understand the

magnitude that his actions have over not only our country, but the world. By permitting
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discrimination and bigotry, he is leading an example of hate and aggression within this country.

Trump is categorizing all Muslims under the term radical terrorism. We do not have the

credibility or right to make these assumptions. It has been statistically proven that more U.S.

citizens are killed by other Americans, rather than Islamic radicalists (unknown source). The ban

ruins our connections and foreign agreements with these 7 countries. The United States is

allowed to be afraid, however it poses a threat when fear clouds one’s judgment leading them to

make irrational and heinous acts.