Class-AB Speaker Amplifiers

Stereo Speaker Amplifiers
BA5406,BA5417 No.11077ECT02

The BA5406/BA5417 is a dual OTL monolithic power IC with two built-in, high output speaker amplifier circuits. High output
of 5W×2 can be produced when VCC=12 V and RL=3Ω, and 2.8 W×2 when VCC=9V and RL=3Ω. The BA5406, which uses a
high allowable power dissipation package, has a simple heatsink design. The BA5417 not only exceeds basic characteristics,
but also has a built-in soft clip circuit, thermal shutdown and standby circuits.

1) Good low voltage characteristics (Operation from Vcc=5 V)
2) Ripple filter (6pin) also can be used as muting pin (Make 6pin GND potential)
3) Small thermal resistance package and simple heatsink design

1) Small pop noise when standby switches ON/OFF
2) Built-in circuit to prevent ripple addition when motor starts
3) Built-in thermal shutdown circuit
4) Built-in standby switch circuit
5) Built-in soft clip circuit

Stereo radio cassette players, mini-audio systems, LCD TVs, etc.

●Line up matrix
Part No. BA5406 BA5417 Units

Supply voltage 5 ~ 15 6 ~ 15 V

Power dissipation 20 15 W

Quiescent current 40 22 mA

Standby current ― 0 μA

Closed loop voltage gain 46 45 dB

Output noise voltage 0.6 0.3 mVrms

Total harmonic distortion 0.3 0.1 %

Ripple rejection ― 55 dB

Package SIP-M12 HSIP15 ―
1/10 2011.11 - Rev.C
© 2011 ROHM Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

15 mA VSTBY=VCC Activated VSTH ― 3.1 % POUT=0. www.0 ~ 15.Vcc=12V. f=1kHz Ripple rejection RR ― 55 dB 2/10 2011.5W.C © 2011 ROHM Co. Ltd. DIN-Audio Total harmonic distortion THD 0.5 ~ Vcc V ― Standby pin control voltage Not Activated VSTL ― 0 ~ 1.0 V ●Electrical characteristics (BA5406 : Unless otherwise noted. Vcc=9V) Limits Parameter Symbol Unit.0 5.VRR=-10dBm Crosstalk CT ― 65 dB VO=0dBm Standby current IOFF ― 0 µA ― Standby pin input current ISIN ― 0.0 6.2 V ― * Note: This IC is not designed to be radiation-resistant.0 ~ 15. RL=3Ω Closed loop voltage gain GVC 46 45 dB ― Output noise voltage VNO 0. Ta=25℃. .3 mVrms Rg=10kΩ. All rights reserved. Ta=25℃. Conditions BA5406 BA5417 Quiescent current IO 40 22 mA VIN=0Vms Rated output power POUT 5.11 .6 0.BA5417 Technical Note ●Absolute maximum ratings (Ta=25℃) Ratings Parameter Symbol Unit BA5406 BA5417 Supply voltage Vcc 18 *1 20 *1 V Power dissipation Pd 20 *2 15 *3 W Operating temperature Topr -20 ~ +75 -20 ~ +75 ℃ Storage temperature Tstg -30 ~ +125 -55 ~ +150 ℃ *1 When no signal *2 Back metal temperature 75℃ *3 Ta=75°C (Using infinite heatsink) ●Operating range (Ta=25℃) Ratings Parameter Symbol Unit BA5406 BA5417 Supply voltage VCC 5.Rev.3 0.0 W THD=10%.rohm. Vcc=12V) (BA5417 : Unless otherwise noted.

www.D 4 NFB1 Pre Power Driver 6 BS1 Stage Stage BS 5 INPUT1 POWER 7 6 POWERGND FILTER GND Muting Timer 3/10 7 FILTER 8 STBY Fig.11 .com ●Block diagram 1 (N.BA5417 2 BS2 BS OUT2 3 1 Vcc © 2011 ROHM Co. Ltd..1 BA5406 ST.S.rohm.BY 8 INPUT2 Pre Power 9 FILTER Driver 30k Stage Stage - + 93 FILTER NFB2 NF1 10 4 30k 10 BOOT STRAP2 45 5 11 OUTPUT2 11 IN1 12 GND IN2 12 45 NF2 30k 13 - + PRE PREGND1 14 30k GND1 PRE PREGND2 15 GND2 2011.2 BA5417 Fig.Rev.C Technical Note . 2 4 VCC OUTPUT1 Vcc 3 BOOT STRAP1 5 OUT1 T.C. All rights reserved.) BA5406.

.BA5406. Ltd.rohm.5V-Vcc Fig.4 BA5417 www.3 BA5406 *1 VSTBY=3.BA5417 Technical Note ●Measurement circuit SW: OFF only when measuring IQ Fig..11 .C © 2011 ROHM 4/10 2011. All rights reserved.

.5 BA5417 OTL mode circuit Fig.6 BTL mode circuit Fig. Ltd.BA5406.7 www.11 . 5/10 2011.BA5417 Technical Note ●Application circuit BA5406 Fig.Rev. All rights reserved.C © 2011 ROHM Co.

18 Muximum power dissipation Fig.Rev. Ltd.12 Distortion vs power supply voltage Fig.19 Ripple rejection ratio vs Output power(3) vs Supply voltage vs Supply voltage www.BA5417 Technical Note ●Reference data BA5406 BA5406 BA5406 with heat sink without heat sink PCB installed 6/10 2011.13 Distortion vs Output power BA5406 BA5406 BA5406 Fig.14 Output power Fig. .16 Power dissipation vs power supply voltage vs Output power(1) vs Output power(2) BA5406 BA5406 BA5406 Fig.10 Voltage gain vs frequency vs Supply voltage BA5406 BA5406 BA5406 Fig.rohm..BA5406.11 . 17 Power dissipation Fig. All rights reserved.9 Quiescent current and voltage gain Fig.11Crosstalk vs frequency Fig.C © 2011 ROHM Co.8 Thermal derating curve Fig.15 Power dissipation Fig.

BA5406.Rev.C © 2011 ROHM Co. All rights reserved. Ltd. standby pin input current vs.2 1 1k Rg=10kΩ 0.4 NO (mVrms) Vcc=9V RL=3Ω Input both channels Input both channels f=100Hz DIN AUDIO 0. Supply voltage BA5417 BA5417 BA5417 Stereo (OTL) Drive both channels Fig.BA5417 Technical Note BA5417 OTL mode BA5417 BA5417 BA5417 TOTAL HARMONIC DISTORTION : THD(%) 100 0. Frequency Fig.20 Rated output power vs Supply voltage Fig. Supply voltage vs.01 0 0.. Frequency Fig.24 Ripple rejection vs.1 7/10 2011.30 Closed loop gain vs.29 Power dissipation.rohm.3 OUTPUT NOISE VOLTAGE : V 10 1k DIN AUDIO 10k 200-80k BPF 10k 0.23 Crosstalk vs.1 1 10 0 5 10 15 20 OUTPUT POWER : Po (W) SUPPLY VOLTAGE : Vcc(V) Fig.11 . circuit current Fig. .26 Maximum power dissipation Fig. Supply Voltage(RL=8Ω) vs.25 Quiescent.21 Total harmonic distortion Fig.28 Power dissipation. Frequency www. circuit current vs.01 0.22 Output noise voltage vs Output power vs Supply voltage BA5417 BA5417 BA5417 (Standby pin supply current) Fig. Supply Voltage(RL=4Ω) BA5417 60 BA5417 Drive both CNF=100µF CLOSED LOOP GAIN : Gvc (dB channels 50 40 CNF=47µF T=Normal 30 Vcc=9V CNF=22 RL=6Ω Filter 20 ~10k DIN AUDIO 10k~ WIDE BAND 10 OTL=(Stereo) 0 10 10 100 100 1K 1000 10K 10000 100K 100000 FREQUENCY : f (Hz) Fig.27 Thermal derating curve Fig.1 DIN AUDIO 100 0.

4×0.4×0. Frequency Fig. Ripple filter capacitor BA5417 BA5417 (RL=6Ω) 10 BA5417 NEGATIVE FEEDBACK VOLTAGE : VNF1 (VF) 9 Nomal Vout1 8 temperature RL=6Ω OUTPUT VOLTAGE : Vcc(V) 7 6 5 T= Normal 4 RL=6Ω 3 T=Normal VIN=-39.34 Close loop gain vs.4×0. Supply Voltage Fig. Output power vs. Supply Voltage BA5417 Normal T= Normal Vcc=9V RL=6Ω VIN=-10dBm Fig.0dBm 0 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 POWER SUPPLY : Vcc(V) Fig.1cm) 0. Supply Voltage Fig.1cm) Heat sink used 20kHzLPF Heat sink used (≒4. Supply Voltage BA5417 BA5417 BA5417 60 10 Normal 9 T= Normal f=1kHz RL=6Ω CLOSED LOOP GAIN : Gvc(dB) POWER DISSIPATION : pd(W 50 200HzHPF 20kHzLPF 2 8 Heat sink used 40 7 (≒4.37 Starting time Fig.8×5.8×5.1cm) 2 Pd 10 0.11 . Supply Voltage vs.1cm) 6 1. Ripple filter capacitor www.38 Starting time vs..5 1 Vcc=9V 0 10 100 1K 10K 100K 0 Icc 10 100 1000 10000 100000 0.4×0. Fig.BA5417 Technical Note BA5417 BTL mode BA5417 (RL=6Ω) BA5417 BA5417 TOTAL HARMONIC DISTORTION : THD (%) .1cm) 50 1 40 30 T= Normal T= Normal RL=6Ω f=100Hz Normal f=1kHz 0.8×5.4×0.35 Power dissipation.41 Ripple rejection vs.4×0.1 1 10 0 5 10 15 20 OUTPUT POWER : Po(W) POWER SUPPLY : Vcc(V) Fig. .40 Output offset voltage vs.0 10 60 Heat sink used (≒4.0dBm Vcc=9V f=1kHz 2 RL=6Ω 200HzHPF Normal 1 VNF1 Input 8/10 2011. Ltd.C © 2011 ROHM Co. 100 80 T= Normal f=10kHz 70 RIPPLE REJECTION : RR(dB) Vcc=9V (w) RL=6Ω 10.1cm) f=100Hz (≒4.1 1 10 100 FREQUENCY : f(Hz) OUTPUT POWER : Po(W) Fig.33 Ripple rejection ratio vs.Rev.39 Output voltage.0dBm 20kHzLPF Input level=-39.36 Starting time Supply current vs.1 20 Vpp=-10dBm THD=10% Heat sink used 200HzHPF 20kHzLPF f=1kHz 10 (≒4.BA5406.8×5.5 T= Normal Vcc=15V Vcc=12V Icc(A) 30 Vcc=9V 5 RL=6Ω VIN=-45dB 4 7 20 Heat sink used 3 (≒4.8×5. Frequency vs.32 Total harmonic distortion Fig. All rights reserved.31 Rated output power Fig.8×5.01 0 0. Input coupling capacitor Negative feed back voltage BA5417 vs. vs.rohm.

5) Thermal design Perform thermal design. 2) Although ROHM is confident that the example application circuit reflects the best possible recommendations. www. should be implemented when using the IC at times where the absolute maximum ratings may be exceeded. in which there are adequate margins. Wrong mounting direction or shorts between 9/10 2011. Assumptions should not be made regarding the state of the IC (short mode or open mode) when such damage is suffered. may result in IC damage. 7) Operation in strong electromagnetic field Using the ICs in a strong electromagnetic field can cause operation malfunction. 3) Absolute maximum ratings Use of the IC in excess of absolute maximum ratings.BA5417 Technical Note ●Notes for use 1) Numbers and data in entries are representative design values and are not guaranteed values of the items. such as a fuse.11 . GND.Rev. Make sure that no pins are at a voltage below the GND at any time.C © 2011 ROHM Co. All rights reserved. Ltd.rohm. by taking into account the permissible dissipation (Pd) in actual states of use. regardless of whether it is a transient signal or not. be sure to verify circuit characteristics for your particular application. Modification of constants for other externally connected circuits may cause variations in both static and transient characteristics for external components as well as this Rohm IC. 6) Short circuit between terminals and erroneous mounting Pay attention to the assembly direction of the ICs.. .BA5406. 4) GND potential Ensure a minimum GND pin potential in all operating conditions. such as the applied voltage or operating temperature range (Topr). or other components on the circuits. A physical safety measure. can damage the IC. Allow for sufficient margins when determining circuit constants.

9±0.1 4.1 4.8 0. www.1 6.3 21.0±0.4±0.2 Direction of feed Direction of products is fixed in a container tube 6.5 14.5±0.5±0.1 13..3 20.9±0.5 9.BA5406.8 24.2±0.2 Quantity 300pcs R1.6±0.3 28.2 1.0±0.7 ± 0.3 1.0 (Unit : mm) ∗ Order quantity needs to be multiple of the minimum quantity.rohm.2 1 15 0.6 Direction of feed Direction of products is fixed in a container tube 0.3 12.2 3.BA5417 Technical Note ●Ordering part number B A 5 4 0 6 - Part No.54 0.3 8.2 1 0.35±0.0 1.2 (Unit : mm) ∗ Order quantity needs to be multiple of the minimum quantity.4 ± 0.5 0.2 Quantity 300pcs R1. Package Packaging and forming specification 5406 None: SIP-M12 None: Tube 5417 HSIP15 SIP-M12 <Tape and Reel information> Container Tube 29.0±0.6 12 2.5 1. Ltd.6±0.0 ± 0.6 2.8 ± 0. Part 10/10 2011.1 1.5 7.C © 2011 ROHM Co. HSIP15 <Tape and Reel information> Container Tube 30.0±0.2±0. .8±0.Rev. All rights reserved.11 .

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