Do not run the turbine on load with control valves servomotor in full open condition.

During shut down do not open the drain on steam adiftissidn pipes and cylinders till the metal
temperature falls below 200°C.
Do not allow the turbine to run in the steamless conditions for more than 4 minutes.
Do not drain the oil, saturated with hydrogen into Main Oil Tank.
Do not allow hot rotor to stand without rolling (Barring gear).
Do not allow to rotate the rotor by hand if there is not at all oil supply to bearings.
Do not try to engage barring gear unless turbine rotor is completely stopped.
Do not supply the steam to turbine and sealings if the machine is not on barring gear.
Do not overlook abnormality in any important reading.
Do not hold the set in the critical speed zone while raising the speed of the turbine.


Partial load throw off (due to high frequency).
The steam pressure at ESV : FSSS operator will control the boiler pressure.
will increase
The turbine load will decrease : Governor will control the load. If it fails, then
throttle the control valves suitably and maintain
pressure to normal till the frequency comes down.
Disturbance in differential There should be a constant watch on the
expansion, vibration, axial supervisory instruments.
shift, eccentricity.
Disturbance in condenser level. Adjust and maintain the hotwell level
Disturbance in vacuum Check and adjust ejector steam pressure and gland
steam pressure Xo normal.
Turbine lub. oil temp, will change. Deaerator pressure tends coolers water flow as
Disturbance in Deaerator pressure Deaerator pressure tends to fell, maintain it through
extraction on 16 ata.
Partial load thow off due to Aux. failure.

There is a provision for initial load In case of the tripping of these equipments
throw off by help of a relay without operation of partial load relay will reduce the boiler
time delay which reduces turbine output suitably in a sequential manner through
load to 100 MW in case of tripping of FSS Scheme.
following equipments