Guidebook : Prelacy of Camon
Writing: Gayle Reick
Additional Words: Sean Patrick Fannon

Rules: Howard Brandon
Editor in Chief: Carinn Seabolt
Editing: Miles M Kantir, Carinn Seabolt
Illustration: Bien Flores, J J Malcom, Alida Saxon, Carly Sorge
Design: Aaron Acevedo, Jason Engle & Alida Saxon
Layout: Alida Saxon
Line Manager: Gayle Reick

Into the Mirror 2 House Aldayern 15
Prelacy of Camon 2 House Verrin 16
Facts in Brief 2 House Chantolier 16
The History of the Prelacy 2 The Military 16
Geography 4 The Paladins of the Holy Sword 17
Society 7 Cavaliers of Camon 20
Titles and Ranks 12 Matters of Game Play 23
The Prelates 14 New Camon Hindrances 23
The Noble Houses 15 New Camon Edges 23
House Tremane 15 New Camon Gear 25
House Rhodes 15 New Camonere Enemies 26
House Baravold 15 Adventure Seeds 26
House Moore 15

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Dancing Clouds 3125 The History of the Prelacy The Prelacy of Camon is more like the Kal-A- Prelacy of Camon Nar Empire than its leaders wish to admit. great of habit more than any real concern.” and his face smooths to a deep calm. Inside this guidebook you’ll discover much about this fascinating land and its people. 2 . Add it up and eyes. fighting styles. and soon. As he turns to walk out. A small figure with impossibly deep amethyst shining armor and amazing liturgy. 27th of Most Holy Anointed and Exalted Lanier Fareneux.” she says as she everything and everyone. religious zealotry has driven the leadership to extend the Welcome to Camon. But the time is coming. the most rigid of the Shaintar Church’s influence as far as possible. crusted in jewels and designs worked in and fictional depictions of the Catholic Church from golden thread. As he reaches up Combine that with the fantastic movie style found to brush off a nearly invisible thread. and even some magic that shows Archanon’s favor. O Into the Mirror The Prelacy The Prelacy is ruled by the Church of Archanon. ruled by the “Strange”. This country started out as a monarchy control the Prelacy are all too aware of the truth that but the Church of Archanon has risen to power and their role is predicated on a terrible. For “I’ve heard of you.” he says in a deep. there’ve been rumors about the Cavaliers As Sharlon Toman narrows his eyes in turn. shape behind him.who were disbanded when the Church grumbles disbelievingly. “…for humans and humans only! now. She waits for the man This human-only country has some strange to notice her and. nothing there. His robes are or small. You’ll also gain access to some new edges. as he starts. walks closer to him in the mirror. His face is serious and the features the days of the Inquisition and early Renaissance eras. business must be a ranking member of the religion. are those of a man in his prime. wearing rags and covered in dirt slowly comes you’ll give others that Prelacy of Camon feeling. Religion: Church of Archanon. anyone who wants to own property or a many years. he of Camon . Shaintar is destined for now no longer an insubstantial wraith replies. turning his head to look behind him. but never gone. then throw in just a pinch of the Nazi party. practices but the Church’s power is absolute. “No tricks! We’re protected took power from the monarchy. Recently. You’re dead and gone these instance. resonant voice. his ~ Vision of Archbishop Sharlon Toman. yet her expression shows no fear and her eyes narrow Facts in Brief dangerously as she sees him.5 million humans. He flinches. She smiles as sparks fly from her hands toward concentrated in the Camon River Valley.” Population: Nearly 1. Priests are everywhere and they keep track of “Dead? Maybe. Surprise washes over his face as he sees Language: Camonere. into focus. Sharlon Toman. All these things are dressed in beautiful cathedrals. By Archanon’s will. They’re simply from evil now. She holds a stuffed bear in her hands. Grand Archcardinal is the voice of Archanon to his people. a remnant of the past and a new Crusade has been “That may be true…” the young woman who is called. a figure takes in both The Three Musketeers and Lady Hawke. waves her fingers. It’s hard to avoid drawing on both historical perfect. a soft voice whispers Political Structure: Theocratic state. The Sharlon Toman stands checking his reflection out bulk of the priesthood are fanatic zealots who have a spy network with eyes in almost every household. The been perpetuated upon their people for untold years. Church will pay for its terrible sins. Church of Archanon and the Grand Archcardinal. The men who kingdoms. awful lie that has openly rules in the name of a theocratic state. in which your Capital: Camondel.

using newfound “powers of Archanon’s Archanon. The greatest shock Camon be ruled by the Church. Rather than allow the betrays his allies and engineers Glain’s murder. started by Camonere trying Glain. corruption 2466 .The Second Company of the Silver Unicorn influence due to the the Covenants enacted millennia is formed to assist “freedom fighters. The conference. their neighbors. is quickly and and Uldor) have joined Darkness and Flame. Refugees pour into Galea Kerf Mindril the dwarf. and 2807 . Sir Glain Nollan. and the Cavaliers that serve the deposed Noble Houses in Gates of Hell are shut for a century Camon. and the Prelacy of comes when a being calling himself Archanon and Camon is born. the Avatar of Kolvos (demon son of Ceynara to defend their belief in the Ascended. and a bureaucratic function. all the Ascended. a militant order under direct command Peace Conference. three Ascended commanded to be handed over to the Cardinal of Avatars.” including the ago. Koress the dregordian. Roderic Argorn. choose Avatars too. It’s believed that Ceynara is truly asleep.As the remaining kingdoms along the 3021 . along with the efforts of the Third and Fourth Prelacy .With the ever-growing Church of Archanon and intolerance?--Grand Archcardinal Halivan Allard providing support.” serve them is actually a practicing demon-worshipper.The Kingdom of Camon outlaws and the Supreme Paladin.Halivan Allard and dozens of delegates Southern Fangs fall to Camon. After ruthlessly stamped out by Church Paladins. are vastly reduced in power and 2872 . “possessed by demonic or dark forces” and are The victory is not without cost. fear. The King the Seven Great Cauldrons are opened for the third and his forces do nothing to intercede. the other Ascended. declares that Archanon has decreed that power with the Ascended. Worse. along acknowledging the Ascended. except for The Prelacy is Born Landra. along with Lord Waverly and the Southern Kingdoms. Warick Before the final battle at Og’M Drakar.The Purification Mandate is issued by the This. The Church’s official with Olaran dissidents. Grand Archcardinal. 2835 . Construction begins on their was his idea to make amends to his neighbors and citadel in the Wolf River Pass. uniting her Tomain.A small rebellion. dies with no heir. a city in Olara. It’s discovered that Mandris. grants powers to his “true priests and paladins. leads to Vainar’s Camon or enslaved.all non-humans are to be removed from Companies of the Silver Unicorn.” 2838 . Mandris Toman. The Cardinal of Judgment. Judgment’s magistrates. Their focus is rescuing political prisoners and preventing acts of genocide. called by Allard of the Archcardinal. Though the Noble Houses are not representing the Power of Light joins the Ascended. His Majesty Erik Camon unites most of the noble houses and forms the Kingdom of Camon in the Great Valley of the Wolfhead Mountains. Shaydra the aevekar. in fact. get called the Second Company until after their return in order to avoid starting a full-scale war. perpetrate the policy is that the Ascended are merely servants of massacre.The reigning king of Camon. among others. their roles are reduced to little more than denounces the Church of Archanon in Camon. and that anyone with powers claiming to wrath. The Betrayal War 2532 . Vainar Tremane. disbanded. lead his people away from the “falsehoods” of the Church. all die to a few border skirmishes between the Paladins and ensure Vainar’s final defeat. during the Open Hand Holy Sword. 3 . Mandris Ceynara sacrifices all for vengeance. traditional Succession. time as part of a powerful ritual that severely reduces magic in the world. O From whence did the once promised lands that are The Church Rises in Power Camon become so tainted with hatred. including Archanon. the Church of from all over the Southern Kingdoms are massacred Archanon is granted leave to form the Paladins of the in Rhion. All who use magic are deemed ultimate defeat. and there are more than Avanon and King of Galea. 2805 . Avatar of Vainar. They do not.

they still consider themselves The country is well situated in the Camon River Camonere even though they are under the protection Valley which has some of the richest farmlands of Galea and the dwarves of the Northern Fangs found anywhere in Shaintar.should the powers that be focus less on conquering the rest of Shaintar and more on The War of Flame making the citizens’ lives better. and Sir Rohan of their foodstuffs. When the Prelacy blasted into wastelands.” preying on the fears of the people and but resentment simmers on both sides. a member of the Fourth freedom through the taxes from the sale and export Company of the Silver Unicorn. There’re offices for those in power attack Olara. The Crimson Crusade Lanier Fareneux 3123 and 3124 . a huge complex of buildings where the worshipers and the forces of the Prelacy sweep into decisions are made for the Church of Archanon. enough to lure many Kal Warlords and nobles to his cause.Entire swaths of land between The original duchies of the Camon River Valley the main Kal army and Olara have been burned and were incorporated into Camon. civil war erupts within the Empire. His Eminence. the country was able to coastal region near Mindoth’s Tower.Chrysalia Nollan. The Paladins and other armed orders required to run a nation issues orders in the name of of the Church answer the call and in early spring they His Excellency. To the west lies the Evershade War.Rumors spread that Vainar the Fallen. the Cardinals and Grand Archcardinal. Church. profit from logging and mining industries too. that he resides deep within Shaya’Nor. These are criminal organizations and mysterious groups demesnes are ruled by Prelates who answer only to engaged in actions in the Southern Kingdoms. founds an Adept Order called the Jade Flame. There though the territories remained unchanged. After they drove out the dwarves Doyle found the Church of Light. Hawk Nollan. recuperating from the Betrayal War wounds still.The Grand Archcardinal calls for a Camondel is the capital and is dominated by The crusade to rid the land of all non-humans and demon Citadel. House Baravold and House Rhodes are stripped of their titles when it’s discovered they were heavily involved with the Cavaliers and were operating to overthrow the Church. Furalor of the Prelacy and begin purging “enemies of the is returned and all forces return to pre-war borders. 4 . larger population . So abundant are the lands that the Church has gained great financial 3024 . the Southern Kingdoms intent on capturing vast In addition to the Grand Archcardinal’s palace and territory and murdering those they don’t wish to the administrative complex where the bureaucracy enslave or rule. There is military action took over.Ultra-conservative forces gain control Olara called the Crimson Crusade Armistice. the duchies were remade as demesnes within the borders of the Prelacy of Camon. Fighting rages on both sides but after finally being The Bloody Iron Hand rebuffed. To the east lies vast oceans and to the north the dark believed to have been destroyed during the Betrayal region of Shaya’Nor. Supporting the Prelates are Bishops who run the city-states the 3123 – The War of Flame grinds to a near-halt as Prelates do not reside in. It’s believed by some Forest and to the south both Olara and Galea. promising order. in the Freelands and goblins in the mountain. the Church reaches an agreement with 3023 . has somehow returned. Districts Summer of 3122 . Chrysalia’s husband. dedicated to protecting priests of the It’s a beautiful country and well able to sustain a newly formed Order of the Open Hand. has finally become strong allowed to help oversee their once traditional lands. 3119 . Dubbing Geography themselves Royalists. Former slave- warrior Jerrik Tul. leading an ever-growing army An otherwise powerless nobility is generously known as the Unchained. Camondel Prelate: Grand ArchCardinal.

there are always pilgrims making their Situated in the southwest. both within and without the country. The district controls some dispense justice.and areas for analysts to pore over their enemies’ Tyrene secrets. inside are the offices and conference rooms of the Edwin Branard Cardinals who make the larger policy decisions and always at the pleasure of their leader. As the seat Cities: Tirene. things may be getting rougher for the plants along the rivers to help in making medicines. Purity of power. There are outside the Prelacy. but the bulk by an inward or isolationist attitude about those of both cities’ economies is the river trade. of the best farmlands anywhere. His Excellency. most of the former ruling the rest of the south and import the finest the rest of class maintain homes here. That’s been heightened Purity has some minor mining concerns. Deep Prelate: Archbishop of Tirene. the world has to the wealthy and the priesthood. Given Camondel is the seat of merchants here who help export Camonere goods to the Grand Archcardinal. Tirene lies on the Camon way to the capital along with those seeking trade River and Purity lies on the Crystal River at the base opportunities or hoping the Grand Archcardinal will of the Copper Mountains. 5 . merchant and poor classes. There’re excellent Given the recent upswing of conservative element opportunities for fishing and apothecaries find the in the Church.

Finally. there is a great deal of army barracks and Paladin cavalry support. It’s a way the townsfolk are the wives and children and support to get goods and gossip from other countries so systems for the military. His Excellency. There is a large they turn out all the navy and merchant ships for this church complex here. It has been attacked more than once in High Port is on the sea and is the larger of the wars with Olara. There are a number district. it’s work directly with these mountain products to make well protected with roads connecting it to the other weapons. Situated near the estuary of the Howling of families who’ve created a guild to run their River. and craft furniture. With the addition. The hunting in the Hart the place where the Camon splits into the Copper. High Port is one of two farms. Deloman and Rampart Lanier is called the most beautiful place in Camon. it does well as a destination for those wealthy the Great Valley Forest. It has heavy defenses and a permanent driving its economy. Hart is a perfect midpoint between The furniture and art has become popular throughout Lannier and Centerpoint. Most of shipping trade that comes to High Port. allowing for caravans and the south and even in the capital for its quality and dispatches to easily travel the middle of Camon. in the center of Camon. though Rampart has of the 2nd cousin of someone the next town over some potential mining or rock quarries to work getting et by a monster. giving it good trade routes for enterprising fishermen. the Gorgons. Ulric Nollan Furalor Cities: Krinura. or borders. The city has three focuses of Camon. The Krinura district takes up the entire southeast Stephan Corlion of Camon from the Southern Range to the Galean border and with Branis as the most western point Cities: Furalor. though there is a growing warehouse district to cover Krinura the need for goods being shipped through to other Prelate: Archbishop of Krinura. Deloman and Rampart form a triangle Situated on Deer Lake in the northwest of Camon. The center of the of the lake that are best avoided and stories abound economy is logging ventures. the city helps administer and oversee the shipping industry. Prelate: Archbishop of Centerport. Aladel is large enough that many of the locations where the Camon shipyards are located and goods headed south go through here. locations. yet it’s a key location in the defense two Camonere seaports. stonemasons and smiths have come here to southern part of the Southern Range to its back. Farming is the largest portion of Hart’s economy. Branis and High Port Prelate: Archbishop of Furalor. His Excellency. In just over the border from Thuls in Olara. Another focus is the fishing to be had the tie between the Furalor district and the Krinura between Camon and Cae’Lasis. Each lies within. Sharlon Toman Randolph Evans Cities: Lanier.Lanier Centerport Prelate: Archbishop of Lanier. His Excellency. Along with logging are crafters who build with wood or stone sent down from the quarry in furniture and craft household items from the wood. simple beauty. Hart Cities: Centerport. the borders with Olara and Galea. There are some denizens with cities in other Districts. First. there are merchants and spies everywhere gathering Aladel is further south and east of Furalor and information. Aladel has heavy Krinura sits on the Krin Wood and only an hour’s fortifications and the river is patrolled regularly to travel from the Galean Border. Branis is at the southmost point of the Furalor is in the southernmost part of Camon. Southern Range and has good mining options. Artisans come here to work with. Centerport. Krinura is part of the prevent surprise incursions. Their task is to keep an eye on nation. Aladel of the area. defence of Camon and has a large Paladin presence 6 . His Excellency. Centerport lies just west of enough to afford travel. Wood is sublime and the lake affords opportunities Spirit and Bronze rivers. southern cities.

Tremanes leeway and Prefect Baseldour have followed those orders. However. His Excellency. It also achieves a This area to the far northeast of Camon has space second goal of maintaining their productivity and for agriculture. with Gerard present an entirely subservient manner towards Archbishop Merrin. Even weapons can be fired at attackers. There are thick Society stone walls as the base of the defence and towers at each corner. and does some loyalty. though its location has he has to commit to ensure the region stays stable. the Tremanes have a plan of their own. should the sheep keep the weeds short and predators away from Archcardinal ever discover what they are up to. Sir Nedderik Juneau and may lead to another crusade This Citadel is a fortress designed to protect a large population indefinitely against siege while still being able to inflict damage on the enemy. mainly because they know they are being manipulated. So both sides are playing a game with each other – a very subtle. Of course. which reduces how many troops and resources seaborne trade as well. There’s stone reinforcement and There’s also a training compound for the Paladins larger cities do tend to be created with defense in to practice tactics against other fighting styles. Camon decided to make different lie the stables for the horses bred for the Paladins decisions from those of Galea. O along with city guardsmen. the There are also sheep and goat herders who keep Tremanes have the upper hand. Inside the defenses as a monarchy. There was no desire for borrowing been exposed to the sounds and sights of battle since from other cultures and even manor homes are quite they were colts. Antoine Merrin All of this fulfills the Archcardinal’s plan to Cities: Faraway. Many of the fighters The focus on human innovation has led to a solidity regularly practice other fighting styles so they can in building style for furniture as well. Windows indoctrinated in the infallibility of the Church and are made just so and walls are layered to provide 7 . who really are fighting to who has tried to deflect the excesses of the Church overthrow the Church and return the rightful rulers to their place in Camon. and protect his people. and they are using their flocks in the foothills of the mountains. Carvings may recognize those styles in opponents . The two cities are well off and each has a number of While they bow and scrape for the Archbishop and show no interest in changing their lot in life. The them be just as powerful but there’s a deliberateness an edge in battle. or wood. The that knowledge to their benefit. the the vinyards lower down and the wool and meat is tables will turn instantly. and a great deal of blood will be spilled. brick. There’s a great deal and their light and heavy cavalry. the Paladins are further and sturdiness that is found throughout. last offenses just missed the mark of gaining control over the Southern Kingdoms. told there is nothing they can do that could be wrong Citadel Defiance if it’s in service of the Church. beginning bulk of the city is involved with trade. used for winter clothing and fascinating food dishes. This is one of the smaller districts but the port makes up for it. Inside the towers are arrow portals along Architecture with crenelations at which bows or the new arcfire Houses are made of stone. So far. fishing. This is leading to a Prelate: Supreme Paladin of the Holy Sword. This demeanor is something His Excellency enjoys very much. Their mind. colonial looking with cut stone facades over wooden frames and walls. His much darker attitude towards the general populace Lordship. Northface manipulate the situation so the most distant Greater House is placated and kept happy. Every day. The Duke is an intelligent man coffers of the Cavaliers. portions cathedrals and churches to ensure the population has of their funds and resources subtly flow into the a place to worship. These horses are of sameness about the outsides of the buildings of known for their lack of fear during battle having a city or town. The Faraway Archbishop has been given instructions to give the Prelate: Archbishop of Faraway. The economy here has Gaming in Faraway some small logging and farming industry but the Not all is as it seems out here. mining. yet very dangerous game. impacted their efforts to expand their resources.

Elizatana. Galea and the Kal-A-Nar Empire. and require Female Names variety for a number of social occasions. Oryana. Camonere Physical Appearance vineyards are believed to have the finest grapes anywhere. a rounded collar is the Elmanas height of fashion. Edrale. mine. Elmanus. Vafiel. pointed collars but in Camon. Wialath. and nobles have great Interest in these distinctions. Adkas. Tytien. Petneiros. Averel. Donlar. There’s cheeses are treasured everywhere. Cormon. Vanphine. Danmir. Such children are kept away from countries. There isn’t as much focus on jewelry though most Surnames people wear an amulet of Archanon and Bishops and above wear rings showing their rank. Branziara. The Camonere people have taken some pride in being the only country with only human citizens. Magjor. color. Meiledere. Those from Names the seaports have that lighter hair and eyes that come from spending time in the sun. Gerrath. Due to the agrarian lifestyle. skin. Crarel. or pursue the family. Caranela. especially within High Society. There is a true “War of fashion” between Camon and Rainnar. Panridan. These are Iverana. Daneros. Liaquirelle. Rawlan. Food Ravaric. While there may be variation on skin in all the lands. Each culture Jacquis. Aubzira. Gilnan. Marraele. Uriven. Houses are well made and solid and even the like any mingling between the nobles of a house and poor have better. Hasin. Norsalor. addition. Galea. In for the death of these children. and their wines fetch rather impressive Humans are a diverse group and so are these with prices both in and out of the country. Talaema. Valcath. Camon was settled by people from and lamb is highly sought after. Kevellan. Jilnee. Petlar. Arryll. Abekath. they’ll consider you a slave if are somewhat shorter on average though there are you’re lucky or some sort of demon and try to kill both tall and short people. and they have also the fact that Camon is a bit more insular than some of the most flavorful and impressive produce most societies. Dadithas. Izyeras. Ademia. rich. Hair. Male Names Clothing Emewin. there’s a shrine to Archanon in each home that is well cared for and has small candles along The noble houses do tend to have lighter hair and with incense and a small statue of the Lord of Light. Norlaern. a people who believe that well-made clothes should Madrathla. Damaer. Magthae. For all that most of Shaintar looks upon the Prelacy Miaraek with fear and anger. hair and eye tend to fall within the darker hues. Omara. Nindanna. few deny that the very best food and wine can be found in its borders. Names tend to be simple with last names are what could be considered normal for an agrarian not needing to be descriptive of a person’s work or society where most people farm.better protection against everything. Birune. their breads and two areas. Thefsalia. Ylldalar. Krinan. Formal men’s clothing in Galea runs to Stenador. High quality clothing is greatly valued. Alelora. eye colors as they have mixed with nobles from other countries when new blood was required. Jessia. Naelee. Irolorna. Most citizens Helnarra. Rosalaela. Tragolor. The middle class. and eye color you if not. Delnath. Aubtria are quite modest. has certain differences which can get exaggerated Wallis. but higher society is more daring. last and are something to be proud of. Reimenas. Magren. The kindest thing a throwback is called is Every town has at least one church and most an abomination and some conservatives have called have several in order to serve a devout populace. Evephira. sight and spend time in penance for their heretical features. Holaroris. larger homes than found in other any fae bloodline. Orikan. Camon beef some exceptions. people from Camon If you’re not human. 8 . Galedal. Hard work is Inmara. including What isn’t accepted is any refinement that looks attack. valued and praised within this society. art of making wine. on occasion. Sylris.

Subtle uses of before going to services at the local church. wonderful grazing. The seaports provide fish produce some interesting desert wines. These pre-service meals greater homes or facilities without establishing he are simple affairs designed to allow for reflection is accomplished in the Camon style. seasonings. and sea ports have been experimenting with fermenting herbalists who have passed down recipes from various fruits such as peaches. and other seafood that are easily moved via regular There’s even a distillery that makes a brandy caravans or river boats. 9 . and siblings together for Rest No chef or cook in Shaintar can find work in the Day group meals is normal. Meals are important affairs and ensures that orders come in year round that it will a time in which family can come together. an art form in Camon. and plums to generation to generation. grandparents. oranges. extravagance It’s highly prized but the reputation of the winery is the current fad. here are without peer and there are wineries that The country is beautifully placed to provide the produce red. parents. that has a slightly smoky oak scent and the taste of Food preparation and wine making have become fresh cherries as it’s swirled around in the mouth. Recently the perfect mix of arable land. and sparkling wines. white. There’s never hope to fulfill. Not only are their raw foodstuffs regarded so highly. For the wealthy. extensive reliance on light creams and butter. The wineries able to make it into the country. and other special techniques make stopping at Drink a decent Camon restaurant an imperative for anyone Wine is the primary drink in Camon. not as much focus on extended family but having Camon is famous for cooking and food preparation.

Even though women can be the it for the benefit of the Church or die. there are two churches that fashion that local church authorities have praised or claim to follow a being called Archanon. The focus is on that Archanon does not need to dabble in the frippery immediacy. Paintings run to landscapes or images measure of power and are co-opted into the Prelacy. of Paladins defeating Camon’s enemies. Most low to mid- Art and Culture level priests and nuns are good people who believe in There isn’t as much difference between noble and a good and benevolent Archanon. There are also refreshing fruit drinks that are served Music tends to have a religious or moral bent to it with morning and mid-day meals. there is great Religion emphasis on showing piety. The first is that it’s well known and they all work to better the family. Some of these priests gain a small Archanon in it. play or song is ever allowed that shows the former monarchy in a positive light. The of any house and provide refreshment any time.including the of Light. must adhere to the strictures of their deity and Authority lies with the head of the family. displaying the force given to them by the Lord of Light. by the priests of the Prelacy. by having some religious art created for the home. Even the crusaders commoner these days with the Church in control of believe they are doing right and good things in everything. and observe practices or prayers to retain their powers. Bishops. law. followers say that their god walks in the light and its The Church wishes above all else for citizens to show agreed that this Power of Light is a representation obedience to authority. These are a staple and there’s theatre to be found in the larger cities.” whispers are careful not to be heard. No to. but those are active and vested in the machinations of man. ~ source unknown 10 .which are day to day business of the Church have many ways the basis for any visible magic practitioners of either to put a person in their place from making them wait religion display. Cardinals. Most Priests and paladins of the Church of Light channel people are devout and need no prompting. are brimming with art from other countries and the “Entities considered both divine and corrupt combined work of artists from other races. Archanon has provided them some by the Church and are risking their lives doing so. to requiring the kissing of the ring of office. head of the family. justice and guardianship . Whether In Camon. Humans are family is important. The wealthy Even the zealots and fanatics who display the worst are mad for portraits and everyone with means is behavior and self-righteousness believe in the Lord having a portrait made for their home . families don’t include extended bloodlines. the head of house instructs the rest number of reasons. Some say that the because of the faith of Paladins Some collectors have works that have been banned and Crusaders. and so on. They all the behavior that their church could desire. These are good folk with every desire to live a decent life. Anyone who is found to have power must use their greater family. the priests don’t display their magic for a man or woman. In both cases. Morality Given the control of the Church. This is done by imitating As everyone knows. No plays that do the best have a two toned morality that true Camonere would ever drink water unless forced appeals to Church beliefs but make fun of them. and gaining short term goals and while of granting powers to humble servants. there’s a less clannish outlook supposed to go through life the way they always on life as most people view their congregation as have. Those who administer the of order. there are certain roles determined The bulk of Camon’s citizens believe in Archanon to be gender specific and these can be horribly and follow the strictures as they’ve been laid down misogynistic. Most every home has some shrine to Archanon’s name. form of help either strengthening their arms or It’s said the vaults in one or more of the Dukes’ halls imbuing them with a bright light that reduces damage.

the Church law supersedes the previous law. sedition. or subversion and 2nd offences from the of heroes. assault. avatars of the other Ascended. and supply the higher class. a growing middle class of merchants and higher end service people who create clothes. they’ve just added to them spear in a devastating attack. Mandris Tomain and the Supreme Paladin piety that are required or the observation of holidays was chosen by the Demon Prince. robbery. It’s not the details and turned Tomain and Nollan into heroes advised to get caught after one of these offenses. What used to be becoming the masters of the ebb and flow of goods available only through blood and family status can and currency. slave gang. The avatar Vainar chose was the then Cardinal Most Church laws involve certain demonstrations of of Justice. 11 . son. shoes. The leadership of the Prelacy has known for generations. More serious crimes such as stealth. Now for some deep truths. painful and degrading. These and other small secular transactions mending fences was decimated by the combined such as petty crime. This may realization they have. are a fraud. In order that the forces and ordered that if there is a conflict between two of Flame and Darkness worked together. The leadership enjoys name of the kingdom. have become fanatical. their power but hoards it more and more jealously as they seem unable to acknowledge the mistakes made by two men and pay penance for their continued lies. it’s the growing power help of collectives. Eventually a small group dereliction. there’ve been some sort of heresy. Their faith may be real but Archanon has the Church will create policy. Even those aware of the secret punishing all infractions more harshly. No one knows what is going on behind closed doors but momentous decisions are being made. in order to boost be the most important key to changing things for the the commerce that helps feed their people and put better there. The merchants are paying attention and. from the constables or Paladins. All was going well and the conference called by the Archcardinal to begin and tithes. are and prestige to these merchants. negotiate with other stopped heeding their call for hundreds of years . earning her deep enmity. as local economies become more complex.and countries and send diplomats and run spy rings in the it’s all the fault of evil men whose lust for power got the better of the entire Church. adultery. Vainar eventually betrayed Ceynara and utterly destroyed her son. and the combined powers of Archanon and Ceynara banished first category come with a punishment of whipping Vainar back to Norcan Darr. or visitations and the Grand Archcardinal has found a desecration of a church or other serious offences. with the In the Prelacy of Camon. nay. be bought if the right pressure is applied. have granter greater status matter. Getting caught a third time for one of the minimal Those who rank Bishop or higher are part of the secret and much thought has gone into keeping things offenses will rate 2-3 years imprisonment or on a hidden from the population. Darkness. The It all happened during the Betrayal War. in part due to worship of Archanon by sword. of gold that has proven the most effective path to they pull strings that the government often has no political influence for many of the Houses. guilds and the Great Houses. It was during this time that Archanon began ignoring the prayers of his people. and Flame and the have similar sentences of light penance and a warning attendees were killed. but the Church will have its say in the finery in their closets. Many ruler. O Politics Deep Truths Camonere politics are wrapped up in religion. Crime and Punishment There’s little hope that this will be resolved happily. This gives them greater influence and. During the subsequent war. It seems that Camon’s destiny is to Economy have perfect timing and surprise the southern nations each time it tries to convert the rest of Shaintar to the The economy has changed recently. In recent times. If you’re convicted of treason. killed in battle against evil. During Prelacy has not tried to repeal the original laws that time. murder of a priest. Vainar chose to use a living avatar as did Ceynara’s half-demon laws. Camon has more laws than most countries. Camon was chosen to be the tip of the created by the nobility. The conservatives have taken this to be a sign that they shall soon convert the Church has recently decided to show its strength by south to his worship. Archanon has not forsaken them and your death will be long. ages that they Unless the nobility finds a way to regain power. public drunkeness forces of the Church. The Prelacy hushed up or imprisonment for fairly lengthy sentences. renewed faith. vandalism. The his might will soon be known.

Church Ranks searching for deformity and then consecrates the child into the service of Archanon. After the usual donation to the Church. The successor is ratified by a body of their spouse and meet all obligations of marriage by peers. pairs simply live together as a married been Archcardinals who have met with untimely couple but do not formalize it within the Church. Instead of regions. At sunset 3 days after a The original structure of the Church of Archanon person has died. Anointed and Exalted Lanier Fareneux. sunset and it’s a quiet affair. question are equal. the Each birth is a new soul that can be dedicated body is taken to a pyre and burned. enjoys absolute power. If a family has means.” “your Worship. most families have 2 or 3 children. Given that the typical family is smaller. Since everyone knows magic oversee specific areas of both the Church and the land. Adultery is with strong opinions about Camon’s role in Shaintar’s unheard of as it’s considered one of the cardinal sins. Death Death in the Prelacy is different than what you’ll Cardinal find elsewhere in Shaintar. Sometimes. great change for his nation while he holds the mantel and scepter. Not surprisingly. which is normally only a formality. The mantle and the scepter of the Chosen One. This is a lifetime obligation so it’s best to Fareneux is a shrewd and forward-thinking man at least be friends with your new spouse. This they avoid potential illness and needing to have a is when a child can be expected to live to become grave or other place to house the bodies. There is a bit of to Archanon. church (or a larger one if the family can afford it) to be presented to the highest ranked priest that can be found. any strange occurrences are glossed Birth over. Titles and Ranks Secular and ecclesiastic titles intermingle in Each birth is legitimized by a birth ceremony that Camon social and political arenas but if the titles in begins the day a child achieves their 30th day of life. does not exist. deaths during their reign. a ceremony is held. Those with more are considered lucky and gain greater privilege from the Church. an adult and their schooling begins. who used to cement alliances and help the family and served as Cardinal of State and became the Grand most children do their duty. they will try to marry their children in an effort to gain status or economic The current ruler of the Prelacy is the Most leverage or both. future should be. It’s the most common means of determining who ascends to a particular position of authority within Citizens who get married are required to live with the Church.” or “Most Holy. The proper working to the benefit of each other and producing form of address for a Grand Archcardinal is “your an heir or heirs if the family is small and each set of Eminence. the one belonging to the Church At dawn that morning. and those unions are the most joyful. His ambitions are tempered with The only punishment for betraying your spouse or patience and calculation. are held for life. Grand Archcardinal The supreme ruler of Camon and the voice of Marriage Archanon to the people. though children are not added to the pragmatism in these people. The priest calls upon and the Cardinals have the most power save only the Archanon to take his child to him and watch over Grand Archcardinal. to everyone that a couple is “right” for each other who named Fareneux as his chosen successor.” parents want to be able to teach one of the children their craft. Most marriages are arranged affairs Holy. It’s always at remains the foundation of the Prelacy’s government. Though each Cardinal is supposed to have the 12 . For the attained. once Marriages are permanent and irrevocable. by burning their dead census registers until they reach the age of 5. the Cardinals him in the afterlife. it’s obvious Archcardinal after the passing of his predecessor. The priest examines the child with the parents. but he is determined to see dishonoring another is death. there have most part. the child is taken to their local currently holds more sway.

The day-to-day operations interests to the monarchy and in secular matters. and subterfuge to seek truth and when dealing with locals. and when the Church took over. Prefect to Grand Archcardinal Lanier and he has absolute autonomy in pursuing the truth Fareneux. whisper) that Chanelle Brindle is the true power of Davon Ord) . Lanier Fareneux. Instead. but also the most powerful. This means that his servants may use the title of “Master Peter Reulle. The Cardinal of Holy Records (His Excellency. In most cases. very performing certain other duties for the Grand Archcardinal. Archbishops are addressed as “your to manifest his policies to the rest of the world. that was directly involved in Camon politics. The Cardinal of the The most important of the Archbishops are the Treasury now must be a man of particular business Prelates. follows: in all of the Prelacy is not. especially of one of such large proportions. his Cardinal of the State represented the Church’s chief secular administrator. Prefects accepted pecking order. enforce laws. and then only in defense. with Some people believe her power is due to her a non-aggressive personality. Ord is a competent and capable administrator.This was the only office in the Church Camon. and a large percentage of guards of Church officials. the Unfortunately. The Holy Courts are his jurisdiction. they supplemented what is stored there is kept from public consumption.Originally. and even of his office. in Some would say that the most powerful person order of their precedence. of the State. Lordship. the state) are kept their formal title is directly related to who they serve. O same rank and status as the others. Sir Nedderik Juneau) . and it’s well known that she Now. Camon military forces. requires Archbishop an extensive and well-run treasury. much Fareneux’s man. Quarrels has little care for politics outside diplomats. the Bishop’s Prefect” coercion. Excellency. though in many cases the Prefect has considerable influence the Church. has very little to do with the operation or function Paladins became the enforcement arm of the Church of the Prelacy. the Prefect is an administrative Harken Lorre) . This suits Wendord Jenkins just fine.This is the most reviled office in assistant to the clergy he or she serves. He is. this office oversees all diplomatic issues and has attained an extremely free hand in her duties.The running of a church. Excellency. It’s. Prefects are of Judgement is responsible for ensuring that the universally addressed as “Master” or “Mistress. but it grew to such proportions that it Archbishops hold key roles throughout the lands. even next to Fareneux. it took control of the as he is completely content in his master librarian Camon military and the commander of the Paladins and historian role.” 13 . The Cardinal over secular policies and proceedings. This office is the lowest of all Cardinals for a reason However. The Chanelle is the Grand Archcardinal’s Prefect. however. as trade and economic issues are his the surrounding lands. the practice of suppressing knowledge Paladins of the Holy Sword were the protective is alive and well in Camon. the primary voice She’s earned this because she’s extremely efficient and of the people of Camon to the rest of Shaintar. in fact. relying on the Cardinal of State’s office in military roles.” and laws of the Church (and therefore. The current Cardinals. Chanelle is referred to as “Mistress Chanelle Brindle. there is a widely. The normal form of address for a Cardinal is “your The Cardinal of the Treasury (His Excellency. In the early times. as the Church gained prominence. therefore. of the central office of the Prelacy are under her command and direction. ultimately justified its own office. became the supreme commander of all Camon forces. economic policies.” Charles Quarrels) . Other Archbishops serve as purview. Prefect. they say (quietly in a joking tone or hushed The Cardinal of the State (His Excellency. and enforced. Davon highly intelligent. the duty of overseeing the treasury fell to the office The next level down in the Church hierarchy. those who govern key urban centers and acumen. Every high office in the Prelacy has a secular The Cardinal of Judgement (His Excellency. As such. Wenford Jenkins) .” while a lesser such servant might have of matters. the . torture. arbiters. he is easily the most feared man in Camon. judges.The Library of Camon is one The Supreme Paladin of the Holy Sword (His of the largest repositories of knowledge in Shaintar. Harken has lived up to the very image of the office. At best.

were reformed as duchies.” Priest The Prelates The very first rank a man can achieve upon graduating from seminary. The Archbishops who oversee them are called Prelates. those are rarely given any post of real authority. though now they are called demesnes. duchies were maintained. Randolph Evans.Bishop they often serve to assist any of the other priests of the Church. His Excellency. His territories include Krinura. His territories include Lanier and Hart. Deacon. The Archbishop of Krinura. and Zyel. However. The Prelates answer only to the Cardinals and. essentially unchanged. Curate. Monks belong to specific orders that serve The next level down. His Excellency. Deloman. His Excellency. and their power is extensive. simply. Antoine Merrin. Anyone who holds any one of these titles is bureaucracy of the Prelacy. The smallest churches that normal structure and their orders are traditionally still exist within a town are headed by normally by patroned by the Archcardinal or one of the Cardinal vicars. the Grand Archcardinal. The Prelates are as follows: The Archbishop of Tyrene. Directly handling the city-states that the Prelates do not reside in are Bishops. and they are all roughly equivalent in rank. His territories include Tyrene. and Rampart. His territories include Faraway and Northface. The Archbishop of Centerport. In a “between-step” towards Bishop Status by those general. and the first step on the The original kingdoms of the Camon River Valley ladder of the official Church of Archanon hierarchy. Bishops are afforded the “Excellency” address. The Archbishop of Faraway. considered little more than the Church and Archanon in some specific way. His Excellency. The Archbishop of Furalor. as “Father. they are considered to be outside of the with greater ambitions. When the Church took control at last.” and they Camon. and High Port. His territories include Centerport. as behalf of who they serve.” “Lordship. Monk Each of these titles are traditional in various areas Vicar of Camon. His Excellency. Sharlon Toman. His territories include Furalor and Aladel. of course. Vicars are addressed as traditionally addressed as a “Brother. well as overseeing the mid-size churches and those towns and regions not overseen by Archbishops. His Excellency. Branis. and those who fall below this status are Well-respected and important. Bishops oversee obliged to heed them when they issue an order on the much of the high-level bureaucracy of Camon. under the one king of Priests are addressed. Ulric Nollan. Rector. Purity. who also fulfill many functions within the offices. Edwin Branard. The Archbishop of Lanier. 14 . Stephan Corlion.

The Noble Houses House Baravold Ruler: Regina Baravold. she is also a skilled resources towards defending the Prelacy’s northern tactician who has earned the grudging respect of the borders. hand-picked by the Terence Moore is the epitome of a Moore noble – new Archcardinal himself. House Rhodes Her greatest dream is to help initiate a campaign to invade and annex Olara into the Prelacy once and Ruler: Samson Rhodes. Out of love for his sister the Officially. Having built up the Aldayern was the treacherous nephew of the King of most productive shipyards in the Prelacy. She serves the Will of Archanon better in her current role. brooking no disrespect. He maintains the leaders. The place through unswerving loyalty and excessive remoteness from the center of Church power affords contributions to the Church. She rules her own house with an iron fist. king chose to exile his would-be murderer nephew. Overseeing most productive lands During the “Bloody Iron Hand. Duke of Faraway. who attempted to murder the king has managed to gain some breathing room. Church’s military leaders in the region. It during the Betrayal War was compounded by Iolie has been a long time since the Moores were a force Rhodes becoming Queen of Galea following the war. overseeing important lands for the Prelacy. Duke of Centerport. Rhodes Galea. for all. They are violently reasserted control over the nation. and Corlion and his staff enjoy a relative life of ease. the Duchess Regina holds her Ruler: Gerard Tremane. House Tremane One of the very few women with any power at all within the Prelacy. Controlling the most important port city in the Prelacy affords Rhodes influence. year in and year out. mining. constant battles with leaving most of the work to her. Tremane a greater sense of freedom and autonomy than most Houses. Samson has surprised everyone by finding a Ruler: Lawrence Aldayern. the Cavaliers of Rhodes no longer exist. an Aladay. status quo ensuring that his family enjoys peace and Apparently. there is something in the very blood of prosperity. just as every Duke of Centerport has done the Rhodes line that turns even the most subservient in the past. Duke of High Port. were installed as the new a quintessential gentleman farmer. in Camon politics. Duchess of Furalor. both goblinesh and Shaya’Nor forces impacts their efforts and forces them to expend much of their An accomplished fencer. the content to simply plant and harvest and feed the entire Rhodes line was purged in bloody and public nation.” Nonetheless.” when the Church in all the nation is all the Moores desire. but it’s greatly tempered by the simple truth that the Church just House Moore does not trust them. The role House Rhodes played Ruler: Terence Moore. due to and his family while visiting them on holiday. Unfortunately. and he was uncovered. Duke of Aladel. lackey into a lion when the honor and history of the family is at stake. The Tremanes enjoy their relatively good live allowed to serve in a greater capacity than as nuns. She House Tremane enjoys prosperity from a is so skilled and loyal an administrator. which is further enhanced by the Her faith borders on zealotry and Regina Baravold fairly hands-off manner Prefect Renner Baseldour would gladly join the priesthood if women were takes. He the Supreme Paladin’s desperate desire to have a real hoped to spark a succession war but the plot failed navy. seaborne trade. Archbishop combination of agriculture. executions. backbone and resisted the most draconian measures Legend has it (in Galea) that the founder of House employed against his house. Though still playing the game of House Aldayern politics. fishing. Lesser relatives. having been wiped out during the “Bloody Iron Hand. reports of their crests being seen throughout the Prelacy are on the rise… 15 . and do as they are told.

There are dwarven clan chiefs who will and every able-bodied man of Camon is required by pay excellent money for the head of Henri Verrin. The Church teaches Camille became head of her house following the these values. It’s no secret that the Aldayerns hate Galea. they will remain loyal and faithful. but has thus far rebuffed any attempts of the Supreme Paladin. short swords. which are considerable. such as siege weaponry. Duchess of Lanier. So long as the Church supports their achieve any kind of rank will draw stipends each efforts. though She shed a single tear at his death. If the month so long as they remain loyal and contribute to Church got the idea of taking control of the Verrin organize and train the militias during peace. Victor who was exposed defending the lands and people of the Church. and 75% militia. infantry (shields. however… Disloyalty and disobedience are harshly punished. The bloody campaigns they waged Camon is by no means weaker. and then went on there are crossbows units as well. serving is equal to her home’s beauty in all ways. The Prelacy maintains a small standing army. Not surprisingly. challenge both the dwarves and the goblinesh for dominance of the mountains surrounding the Camon Though dependent on the levies. Working closely with Archbishop this hatred of the primary enemy of the Church and Toman. in fact. execution of her husband. and Army have fallen to Aldayern and the merchants and that her family remains strong and in favor. ensures a certain military presence. given that the Supreme Paladin’s complete control of the Army nearly The Verrins were. and a few hangings occur during every training House Chantolier muster to drive home the seriousness of the Church’s Ruler: Camille Chantolier. Rampart’s location the Grand Archcardinal. and those who and comforts. craftsmen of Aladel. forgiven. is the as a demon worshipper and a blasphemer. execution was overseen by Archbishop Sharlon A typical legion is made up of 25% Camonere Army Toman himself. He’s ensured that certain at romance. stance on military service. though fortunes of House Verrinhang on their mining he is subject to the direct command and oversight of interests. preferring to rely on levies of the population in time House Verrin of need. She has had as officers with distinction. events of the Betrayal War. His highest calling any citizen can heed. it bears noting. She is far more concerned with seeing to contracts regarding resources and supplies for the it that her lands produce all the Church requires. she has proven herself a capable and loyal the history among the oldest houses of Camon are the servant of the Church. the first faction to brought about the ruin of the Church. The Supreme Paladin against those folks have never been forgotten. 16 . and and its holdings. but the Church spares no effort in protecting the area given House There are stronger ties and lines of communication Verrin’s considerable success at fulfilling many ore between Camondel and Citadel Defiance since the and mineral needs. and teaches that service as a soldier. and spears). Army forces fill to assert her absolute control over House Chantolier in the specialized jobs. Duke of Rampart. The militia is almost exclusively Camille is the one who exposed him. the Army of River Valley. law to train for military service beginning at the age of 14. Despite their coffers Lanier may well be the most beautiful place in all being in ruin. or sees to it that all militias gather and train regularly. and a staunch defender of the two reasons this otherwise weak family has not been northwestern borders of Camon. and many believe that Camille Chantolier nobles of the house to the Army of Camon. The commander of all military forces in Camon. reduced to Lesser House Status. Those who serve in enough campaigns can Henri and his immediate family enjoy their wealth earn tax exemptions for their families. The Supreme Paladin is considered the Ruler: Henri Verrin. Lawrence Aldayern owns the largest consortium of weapons and armor smiths in The Military the region. have gained the support many suitors. the contributions of a few notable of Camon. mines.

Companies normally have four platoons and a the Prelacy. they’ve a separate Shaintar. fully integrated into the overall force deployment of the Prelacy. Most often found in command of squad-level units or in Sadly. Battalions Field Marshal – The highest ranking military are most often structured into a compliment of officer. this rank is represented by the Supreme command element. In the days before the Church took control of the country. Based on various logistical and Paladin. and cavalry (the Similarities in Military Structure last under the purview of the Paladins. the Army of Camon served the king. guard any clergy who enter the field. It’s generally good practice to commanders for Captains and below. avoid aggravating a Paladin. who are in Surprisingly the Prelacy and the Kingdoms of charge of this force).Rank given to commanders of the legions of a nation. the Paladins are brigade-level units within the legions.Rank of those who command Housed and trained separately. training posts. Military Rank Brigades contain four or five battalions. Galea. The Paladins of the Church leadership. specialist roles. This has led to countless abuses of power along with some genuine atrocities.Lowest rank of distinction. including the Supreme Paladin and Cardinal of Judgment. command structure and supply chain. They control the cavalry in every legion Colonel . Olara. and the legions are assigned he trains in the ways of both cloth and blade to different roles within that nation. each Paladin swears rank in an army.Field leader for small units or assistant can do no wrong.Rank of those commanding battalion. this rank is strategic needs. and they were some of Due to their favored status. while the Church of Archanon had its own military force. see these activities as Holy Sword furthering the goals of keeping the commoners afraid and in check. It’s a sure Each nation’s total force is its army. above) are also members of the clergy. for time in service and meritorious service. Master Sergeant . General . Typically. action. Smaller detachments of the Paladins often act as the elite guard of a legion’s headquarters unit. further divided into squads of differing strengths. Each army is path to a successful career for any ambitious priest if broken down into legions. Master Sergeants normally serve his oath by a sacred blade he cuts his hand with is in staff positions. while in the Malakar Dominion. Commander . heavy assault troops. or as the ranking considered ordained by Archanon as a Warrior of sergeant at the battalion level. all but the most obvious and worst abuses have been ignored.Highest ranking non-officer According to Church law. They are even more so today. a general will serve as a Field Marshal’s Chief of Staff. Interfering in Paladin business could very Corporal . In four combat companies and a support company. the Malakar Dominion and Kal-A-Nar Empire all have very similar military structures and Most of the higher-ranked officers (captain and use similar organization and rank structure. in charge of the entire army of a nation.Rank of those commanding companies. no matter his rank or your own. and are the most likely to see combat Captain . Legions are comprised of between two and six brigades comprised of between 5. Organization These were the Paladins. Paladins are not only the most feared and respected cavalry warriors in separated from the regular army. Lieutenant – Rank of those who command and there are always Paladins assigned to personally platoons and serve as staff officers. the Faith.scouting units. Knights). a platoon will have between 30 and represented by the Marshal of Arms. This has 17 . (made up of Paladins along with mounted House level units. Worse. achieved easily be construed as treason against the Church. 50 men.000 and 8. the Paladins are quite aware of their status.000 troops each. This has turned into a belief that Paladins Sergeant .

military necessity. Only the highest ranking members of Captains are referred to as Crusader Captains. The Paladin orders also maintain the same basic A low ranking Paladin typically wears chain armor. our brothers in arms. and referred to as Crusaders as a mark of respect for the shield. trained in war. with a few while higher ranking members will wear more plate. Ignorance by his Majesty. YOUR truth will scour the lands! In front of your righteous host. the Paladin orders typical dispense with the Colonel rank. food. whatever the Paladins say. we pledge our strength and our lives to purge. and good works done to achieve command. In addition. we raise our sword of crimson. one of biting steel and one of the scorching light and justice! And when our swords become bright with might and power. specialty trained units of Paladins serve as scouts and spies infiltrating Camon’s enemies. and the order are granted enchanted weapons as a reward are considered senior to other military officers of the for their devotion to the Church. Against every aggressor. those who call upon false gods and demons and besmirch YOUR name. Archanon’s Eyes Small. Not even the vaunted knights of Galea can match them for sheer weight of steel. rank structure as the “regular” military. in front of your Exalted altar. images of heavily armed and armored zealots atop galloping 18 . Any Paladin serving in the Paladin Oath capacity as a General would earn the title Crusader “Light of Truth. who Lights the world of field save direct representatives of the Archcardinal. long sword. in a sign of our Oath. generally Equipment and Training though. important facet of the Paladin kit are the crimson Above the Crusader Captains are Crusader trimmed gold tabards with the upturned red sword of Commanders. and the General and would be the most senior officer in the One True God. against the vile heathens which threaten our lands. We swear to use two swords. the One True GOD! Whosoever violates this oath. they get the best equipment. Perhaps the most same basic rank. Paladin horses are almost always barded. against those who call upon forces of eldritch demon-touched magics. goes. Within the Orders Lieutenants are often All are equipped with a lance. differences. Archanon. cavalry in Shaintar. the Justice-Bringer. and information. and against the betrayers of our faith. If Paladins and Crusaders represent the heaviest the army objects. When most people think of Paladins. Obviously. to lower at the feet of you altar.caused issues for large Prelacy armies. they wisely keep it to themselves. will he forever suffer eternal wrath and damnation!” Paladin Orders Paladins have also taken over many other specialized roles within the military. we swear to Archanon. and of our sacred brotherhood. Due more to tradition than any real Archanon’s might emblazoned on their chest.

the Petitioners are responsible Truth-Bearers for extracting information from prisoners. In fact. sabotage. Within the Paladins is a particular order Petitioners of Truth whose role is naval combat. these Paladins are rumored to be trained to resist the effects of magic. representatives of the Church and act with the full authority of the might of Archanon. and philosophically. It would not look do not answer to the military. O horses come to mind. These guys are fanatical and the most skilled of their order. Oh my yes. though that One of Sean’s favorite convention scenarios involves is heretical. particularly. but Camon are a few groups trained specially to bring the Red has a sizable coastline. Called Truth-Bearers. In truth. goblins and are the Archcardinal’s personal Crimson Guard. even rumors that they are no longer men. opening up orcs. those who have captured or slain the most hated of the Prelacy enemies. but the Church’s enemies have been defeated by well. that’s the whole point. the swords of The Church also rely on specially trained torturers. their fanatic execution of their duties has made them one of the most hated orders within the Paladins. Crimson Guard The whole point was to create a fantasy world that The most ardent and loyal of the Paladin orders breaks barriers. a band of goblinesh heroes rescuing elves from the evil paladins and priests of the Prelacy. physically. More than one of Sean’s favorite class in Dungeons & Dragons™. while the senior agents When most think of naval power. They Truth-Bearers. There are times when the Paladins field entire duties which lie somewhere between priest and units of Fae-Bane as a means of sparking fear and paladins. Though small in number. and some say even pain. Galea or Nazatir are known as Purifiers. Those who bear the mark often enjoy Inquisitors special privileges and see faster promotion than their The Inquisitors of the Church of Archanon have peers. are granted a special badge of honor. there are the first Kingdoms to come to mind. In that one scenario. politically. Within the Inquisition. These men are direct well if the true hero were some unnamed wretch. fear. Wise citizens will often curry destroying heresy in all its forms. they work favor with local Paladins by offering information on closely with the Paladin orders. connotations depending on which end of the blade a person stands. nor does one’s position make These Paladins are only selected from the most them unassailable like the Paladins. Petitioners of Truth. As such. but it’sn’t just another D&D-clone. Upon evil in the true sense of the word. Paladins were and. we show that Shaintar is definitely aclassic Fae-Bane epic high fantasy. the Church are just as lethal on the sea as on land. ogres as a playable race. in particular the any elves in return for special considerations. A race choice should not make a character inherently evil. particularly difficult targets call for Empire’s Acolytes. most of the folks in Camon believe that the Paladins should be exempt from the training which renders them nearly immune to mind law since they’re the ones who root out corruption in influencing. 19 . but they’re the hero joining the Guard. all of Camon’s military. Perhaps the most feared order within the Paladins. Paladins and are typically killed out of hand. There are the rest of us. Less an order and more an honorary title. demagoguery. they also took charge of the small navy. When the Church claimed Sword of Doom to all enemies. Junior members Paladins of Rhodes are referred to as Inquisitors. more specialized training. Their While all Paladins are required to strike down vile methods are considered extreme even by the users of magic. They are not. Archanon’s Eyes are LINER NOTES – EVIL PALADINS? incredibly adept at stealth. however. Yet. the term “paladin” has very different orchestrated destabilization from within. Their sole responsibility is rooting and terror in their enemies. Elves. these Paladins are given unique of their own story. subterfuge. historically.

Strength d8. Horseman. Horseman. “Run” d8. reload). serve as irregulars. Shield Expertise. Cavalier believers. Saddle. Streetwise d6. Armor). Cavalier Parrying Dirk (Str+d4. Noble. Cavalier Saber (Str+d6). Brawny. Coverage –4). suppressing the population and Water Skin patrolling remote borders. Riding d10+3. Survival not with conservatives who think fire is a new idea d6 in power. Cavalryman. Coverage –4). AP 2. Cavalryman. Vigor d6 Cavaliers of Camon In the beginning. Bedroll. survive. Cha: +2 Pace: 6 Parry: 10 (3) Toughness: 11 (4) 20 . or those simply trying to Parrying Dirk (Str+d4. Shooting d10. the Church didn’t within the Prelacy’s new regime. Handbow (Range was developed. Relying on 5/10/20. but this was abolished in favor during the purges. Steady Hands Prelacy Trooper Not every noble house of old Camon defied the Gear: Lance (Str+d10. +2 Armor versus ranged shots brutality and strength. House Cavalry units Armor). Prelacy Cavalry Hold Off. these excessively felt that Paladins could keep an eye on things. War Horse (Pace 8. AP 1. opportunists. Edges: Battle Hardened. Cavalier Saber (Str+d6). Spirit d6. Spirit d6. Shooting d8. AP 1. Survival Paladins. +1 Parry if used defensively). Hands These were known as Gear: Lance (Str+d10. AP 1. Although they serve trust the houses having any forces of their own. 1 action to reload). Large The descendants of these knights now serve as heavy Shield (+2 Parry. Large quickness and expertise over Shield (+2 Parry. Skills: Fighting d10. Notice d8. Attributes: Agility d8. Smarts d6. many knights converted to the new religion Crossbow (Range 15/30/60. Full Scale from their ranks that the (+2. there’s no way the nobles could come back to rule. Barding +3 were considered both deadly and stylish. and at the pleasure of Church Paladins. Notice d6. yet will go to any lengths to prove their faith and loyalty they are the single greatest threat to the stability of to the Church of Archanon. the Prelacy today. Intimidation d6. Vigor d8 persist that a squad of Cavaliers was seen in High Port or Tyrene or Hart. some high ranking converts of providing supposedly more loyal Paladins as maneuvered themselves into positions of power guardians for each house. Smarts d6. In truth. +2 Armor versus ranged shots cavalry units. Barding +3 as the Paladins fill that role. 2d6. Intimidation d8. and each d6 of the noble houses Pace: 6 Parry: 9 (2) Toughness: 8 (2) of Camon one had a force of warriors in Edges: Brawny. the Church had its Riding d10+2. For a time. It’s illegal to appear in the uniform Attributes: Agility d8. Water Skin They were the first organization the Church ordered disbanded. small contingents of Prelacy Chevalier Cavaliers were allowed to be retained as bodyguards Despite most noble’s loss of power and prestige for the house leaders. War Horse (Pace 8. or colors of one of the House Companies but stories Strength d10. Streetwise d6. Whether they were true when Riding)). Bedroll. Surely it’s all just rumor - Skills: Fighting d10. Steady their direct service. Reach 2 (usable only Church of Archanon. “Run” d8. and it’s when Riding)). fighting style of fencing +1 Parry if used defensively). Reach 2 (usable only the Cavaliers. 1d6+1. 1 action to and joined the Church in hunting down the Cavaliers. Full Plate & Chain (+4. though not directly for the Church that hit). the Cavaliers that hit). Saddle: Fine Quality (+1 Riding). brutal men wield considerable political power and The Cavaliers exist only as rumor these days.

are truly experts at distraction. Most serve are Under the Captain are Lieutenants who command members of the remaining noble houses. their secret passed down from generation to generation. Olara. small Unlike Lieutenants. The Cardinal of Judgment and the Supreme yet brave and determined. own initiative most of the time. While they do sometimes operate as cells. And yet… There are some noble families who got out of Camon before the Church purged them and their Still. but these are They’ve have to learn guerrilla tactics. Cavaliers companies now speed required for fencing. This is the dissemblers and actors. misdirection and the Unlike past glories. they prefer to keep others have any contact with the greater support network. Turnover is high with Prelacy Paladins always on the prowl. these noble sworn to restore the Houses and oust the Church folks who’ve been forced underground within the at all costs. I’m imagining Errol Flynn and Princess in secret support of them. old habits die hard and each individual unit Cavaliers came with them. the Cavaliers have manages Each Lieutenant is supported by any number to leverage their small influence. spreading through of Sergeants. having authority to act on their remote holdings. serving in up to ten men. strength to develop for the Cavaliers. and he is responsible for the men. The Cavaliers are intended to reflect the look and feel (and innocence) of the Musketeers. other Southern Kingdoms. the Paladins. Support of the Cavaliers Bride sword fighting scenes with flashing blades and comes from Galea. operating somewhat between Gray Organization Rangers and Black Lanterns rather than flamboyant swordsmen. Over the centuries. They have had some help the First. the Elvish Nation. they will be in a position in close proximity. many Heavens yes! Look. most often as something of an apprentice. The senior most NCO becomes to overthrow the Church. safe and tend to work from the shadows. Corporals are lowest NCO rank within the Cavaliers and work directly with Sergeants. outwardly showing great largest gathering of Cavaliers and done so only in fealty and loyalty to the Church while secretly most extreme circumstances.” they LINER NOTES – CAVALIERS = act as insurgents throughout Camon. As these posts are often hereditary. seeing that investigations are led astray. too are the ranks of the Cavaliers. These men and women of Cavaliers traces its roots to pre-purge companies. these subalterns never minor bureaucratic roles. subverting Religious authority. obstacles standing in the way of Camon turning its Any GM wishing to tell a story that feels like any considerable resources towards the conversion of the version of the “Three Musketeers” stories need look no further than the conflict between the Cavaliers and Southern Kingdoms. Anonymity is a Cavaliers greatest Cavalier units are led by a Captain who commands asset and surviving members have become adept typically upwards of a few dozen men. or staying out of sight in know of each other. Present Cavaliers are a far cry from their predecessors. so to the lesser Sergeants as needed. and ensuring generally aware of one another and often operating that when the day comes. the Sergeants of a company are monetary donations are overlooked. They may well be one of the major country they love more than life. Other responsibilities are delegated Kingdoms. Though the MUSKETEERS? noble houses have officially denounced them. when I think about The of these same houses funnel funds and resources Cavaliers. O Now operating in an “underground army. Quite often. and cutting humor. 21 . but without pistols and rifles. or higher officers operate openly in Camon. Flashy and debonair. even if a Company is compromised. The number of Sergeants depends the bureaucracy of both the Church and the Houses entirely on the size of the particular company. Only the Captains. these are the guys who fight against the oppressive Church and are trying to Paladin have been too successful to allow any real restore the rightful rulers of Camon to their place. including from the Black and Gray Lanterns of the Southern ensuring loyalty. the damage can be mitigated. In this way.

the Cavaliers rely on The Oath of the Cavaliers lighter. most modern Like their adversaries. held the region that person is from. loyalty. Even so. Cavalier is the lowest order of the Company. Oath is used with permission of Yannick Le Guedart 22 . and Parrying Dirks they eschew shields preferring bracers. and ability. the Cavaliers have been forced to dispense with such customs and promote based Equipment and Training on experience. more recent times. to carry on Dukes’ the lands around Lanier. the Dirks. carry Rapiers house and to the restoration of the monarchy. mark the wearer as an enemy of the state. holding the line against Shaya’Nor’s army. nom du Duc. to Faraway. Cavaliers. These dashing Cavaliers justice ride with the White Silver Wolves and other allied through self-abnegation and honor. thankless role which forever leaves almost exclusively selected from the Nobility. Cavaliers often used handbows as a primary ranged weapon. the Prelacy Paladins. renegades. The Cavaliers don’t swear fealty to the country of Camon but to the Duke or Duchess who traditionally however. the Cavaliers of Camon were It’s a horrible. ever known. away as High Port. These agents walk a fine line and are under constant Anyone without a specific role or rank is revered scrutiny. their bows for handcasters. jusqu’à et par delà ma mort Black Company Answering the call to defend their homeland against In Galean: invasion by Vainar’s forces after his return. In the Cavalier suspect by his own people. Black Company is the largest gathering of Cavaliers since the purges drawing men and women from as far through dedication and goodwill. Par mondévouement et ma volonté Notable Companies Que cesermentsoit mien. to the Cavaliers. Church’s questioners to pry harmful truths from him. Only the wealthiest. Named for the typical of any one member will not debilitate the operation secondary weapon of the Cavaliers. de dispenser la justice au ancient lines of Cavaliers still hold enchanted armors. always faithful forces. Cavalier. but a few suits may still be found. the Black Company draws members from through my steel and blood. Cavaliers are still of Noble blood. Prior to the purge. May my vow hold true through the end of time. or Par ma lame et mon sang. even if as I pledge. or light chain new souls have found their way into small groups of armor during typical operations to reduce visibility. In the past. What is most interesting kill their own in order to prevent greater damage about the Cavaliers is that one’s position within the to their cause. to date. It does. and so. What follows is the oath as sworn to the Duke of Faraway by free men choosing service to his All Cavaliers are fencers. even today. the Dirks are Cavaliers who accept the most difficult assignment of infiltrating the Paladins themselves. It seems as though Many Cavaliers prefer to wear leather. proudly worn by Et par mon abnégation et mon honneur. Je m’engage corps etâme aux Cavaliers. Cavaliers are almost entirely a cavalry force. They are sometimes even called upon to to as simply. many Cavaliers are trading in “Je fais le serment. d’être fidèle the descendants of the greatest heroes Camon has à Faraway jusqu’à ma mort.It’s imperative for the Cavaliers to ensure that Within the Cavaliers there is one group considered knowledge and training is dispersed so that the loss to be the most loyal. of the group. Under command of Captain Neverrare. the I commit myself. simply O due to access to education and training. Unlike the Paladins. but with the close alliance In Camonere: of Builders to Camon. specially designed Cavalier armor which allows for great mobility and dexterity. the Parrying Dirk. More than one Captain has died by Prelacy does not necessarily determine rank within the hand of a brother Cavalier rather than allow the the Cavaliers.

Fighting d8+. the A fanatic can be found anywhere one is willing Wanted [Major] Hindrance.Cavaliers of Faraway depends on the tenets and strictures of the character’s belief structure. Characters with this Edge gain the Obligations: Fanaticism [Minor or Major] Cavaliers of Camon Hindrance. Minor Fanaticism results in a -2 Mustered by Gerard. With only Minor Fanaticism. seen. both commoners. the character is incapable of suppressing his views and must ever champion his beliefs even when it could prove detrimental. Last. while enthusiasm (within Camon). their rebellion will last. with war and unrest d8+. and Lady Viviane of beliefs. Perhaps it’s due to However. faith. everywhere but Rhodes. bound by tragedy. and how long they will enjoy Major Fanaticism results in a -4 Charisma among all continued support from the populace remains to be but those who share the same beliefs. Norversant. the House of Rhodes have always lingered. How long to murder those who do not have the same beliefs. Survival d6+ Matters of Game Play At one time. In what way the fanatic expresses this 23 . this Edge gain a +2 Charisma when interacting with those who still hold the Cavaliers in high esteem. And. Fighting In the past few decades. laughable. and a +1 to Fighting. especially they also have the Fencer Edge. or organization. +1 to Survival goal. Camonere Fencer (Combat Edge) Cavaliers of Rhodes Requirements: Novice. Depending during the confusion of the Crimson Crusade and on the belief system this might even require them declare independence from the Prelacy. Within their ranks. even if this brings the bridges across the Faraway-North Face river them into physical conflict with others. Agility d8+. the benefits of the Florentine and Fencer Edges and this defenders of High Port have always enjoyed certain Edge counts as both for meeting Edge Requirements. Backed proselytize their beliefs and cannot stand idly by by the Duke. Today. Cavaliers with when more than one such fanatic bands together. freedoms denied other Houses. Duke of Faraway (former Charisma among all but those who share the same Baron of Norversant). but few of Cavalier banners are reported to the Church. it’s a death sentence. more and more sightings Fencing may not have begun in Camon. it was considered the greatest honor imaginable to be counted as a member of a Cavalier New Camon Hindrances Company of Camon. Cavaliers to abandon all reason and restraint in pursuits of a with this Edge gain a +1 to Riding. there was a time when the very thought that skills passed down from the ancient Cavaliers are any of that ancient order might have survived was still taught in House fencing schools to this day. the Cavaliers of Faraway operate in the area between the city of Faraway and the town of A Major Fanaticism means the character MUST North Face on the western coast of Camon. pledged New Camon Edges to rid their homeland of the Church of Archanon. these brave heroes managed to burn where any tenet is being abused. as well as. The However. will argue that there it was perfected here. Agility d6+. must use any Rapier or Cavalier Sabre sweeping across the lands. and closest to Galea. but only if is good. Riding d6+. Cavalier of Camon (Background) Requirements: Novice. Furthest from the Characters with the Camonere Fencer Edge gain the center of power in Camondel. In addition. while using bonuses from this Edge the that fierce independence that rumors of Cavaliers in Character’s Pace reduces by 2. despite the Church’s ardent inquisitions which routinely turn up nothing. fanaticism is a horrifying thing. are notables Theodore and Janus.

on a success. approval). a fanatical followers of the Church of Archanon. Shield Guardian modifiers) against all the targets within the template. If the Character rolls when resisting mental Powers such as Puppet. unlike normal Persuasion checks. the Character Intimidation. know the true power himself to Hostile. successfully decreases the affected Extra’s attitude +2 vs Fear Checks. his target (GM Guardian. Prelacy agents. Vigor d8+. Spirit d8+. Persuasion attitude toward him by one step.Crimson Guard Training (Professional the word has over the hearts of men. inquisitors. They also ignore one Wound so long may them unleash the fury of the crowd against. and my well be attacked. Character then makes a Persuasion check (with all Paladin of the Holy Sword. each Crimson Guardsmen is personally attitude toward the Character. Once success on this role does not improve the Extra’s chosen. are considered to be some of the finest and most However. trained by the most powerful Purifiers of the Church the Character decreases the affected Extra’s attitude to defend against the most potent villainous assassins. 24 . as they are protecting another Character via Shield to interfere with or even attack. or two steps if a d8+ 1 is rolled on the Persuasion die (regardless of the Battles are one by the sword. The Requirements: Heroic. Rather. in particular priests. Spirit d6+. the ire of the Demagoguery (Social Edge) Extras turns on the Character and decreases their Requirements: Seasoned. or group. Agents with the Edge) Demagoguery Edge place a Large Burst Template adjacent to the character attempting the check. one step toward another target. If a Character attempting Demagoguery faith. that Character may make no further attempts. On a raise. manages to decrease the Extras attitude toward and Achanon’s Eyes Paladins. On a failure to the Persuasion check. and +2 on Test of Wills vs to Hostile via the Demagoguery Edge. Characters with this Edge gain a +2 on all opposed the attitude decreases two steps. Members of the Crimson Guard of the Archcardinal This check takes up to an hour (GM discretion). but wars are won by Wild Die).

or +2 Toughness vs non-humans. Per the Persuasion Skill. interacting with most members of the Church of Strength d12. To be a Paladin is to serve the will of Archanon. and tawny with distinctive markings. Availability: -4. the Cavalier Warhorse heathen. Paladin’s gain a +4 bonus to Charisma when Attributes: Agility d8. A typical Cavalier mount is black. Riding d8+ Cost: 3500. -2 coverage. Horse other Characters to change affected Extra’s attitudes The heavy cavalry of the Paladin legions is is a Persuasion check opposed by the Demagogue’s legendary. Paladin of the Camonere Rapier Holy Sword At one time these fine blades were forged across Truth-Bearer’s are tasked with hunting down and the Kingdom of Camon. They eschew armor any follower of the Church of Light. Knowledge (Life. It make take several days to win over a recalcitrant people. Second. Spirit d6. an Acolyte Slayer (which applies to bypass armor (only usable with Fencer Edge) all summoned creatures of Flame or any who burn with the Flame of Thaumaturgy). at least 2 battles with magic users of the type in question. purging the world of the heretic. but must choose to declare themselves to find. applies to all creatures of Light or any who have the Camonere Rapier: Str+d6+1. 25 . Weight: 2 Slayer (which applies to all summoned creatures of Darkness or any who syphon death’s energy for Necromancy). AP 1. Pace: 10 (d8 “run”). Last. Characters with this Edge gain the benefits of the the need for such weapons has made them difficult Slayer Edge. Smarts d4 (A). +2 Parry. Vigor d10 Archanon. Characters taking The horses of the Cavaliers are known for speed this Edge gain the Hindrance Obligations: Church and agility over the heavy warhorses of their Paladin of Archanon. • Size: +2 Light. Barding is too heavy for all but the (Background) biggest Warhorses. brown. Toughness: 9 Special Abilities Truth-Bearer Training (Professional Edge) • Kick: Str Requirements: Seasoned. Any attempts by Barding. Cost: -4. a Paladin as it only slows them down. never in such prevalence Paladin of the Holy Sword than Camon. Characters with this Edge may not have Arcane Backgrounds. armored horses of the Prelacy. First. Few are being produced. Notice d6 with superiors within the Church. Parry: 4. Spirit d8+. Weight: Only the most worthy may take the Oath and 180 bear the Sword. While barding is found in other kingdoms. Requirements: Novice. true Camonere rapiers are weapons of Life or who Channel Life). Fighting d8+. and many of these a Druid Slayer (which applies to all creatures of cheap copies. or a Necromancer Cost: 750. Cost: -6. a Priest Slayer (which balance and beauty. made so in party by the resplendently original Persuasion check. the Cavaliers and the rise of the Church of Archanon. Extra’s will not typically change their reaction more than one or two levels New Camon Gear during a given encounter. speaks with the authority of the Church and his word is law. vile magic users. The bonus is only +2 when interacting Skills: Fighting d6. but with the destruction of purging all evil magic from the lands of the Prelacy. Barding. Flame or Darkness) d6+. Horse: +3 armor. and the unbeliever. Availability: -4. Paladin’s with the Edge gain foes. +1 Faith of Light).

as our spies Pace: 6 Parry: 9 Toughness: 8 (2) suggest. cavalier Paladin Plate & Chain: +4 armor. those stunted red devils and promised our victory! What have we to show for Skills: Fighting d10. A common sight among the ranks of the Church Attributes:  Agility d10. bracers (+1 Parry) New Camonere Enemies Adventure Seeds Cavalier of Camon Attributes:  Agility d8. Imbued Riding d10. Obligations: promised an exclusive advantage that would burn Cavaliers of Camon (m). AP 1. 2d6+1). Reach 2 (only usable when riding). +1 Parry). Steady Hands plates. Cavalier Captain Cavalier Captains are the finest examples of what Crimson Sword Standard: Str+d6. through faith. Stealth d6. Cost: 1000. Shooting d6. Lunge. Tracking d6. 2d6+1). have been calls to purge the treacherous Builders Horseman. and special unit parrying dirk (Str+d4. Cavalier Warhorse Church. dispel. Lunge. cavalier sabre (Str+d6). for the moment. the Crimson Sword range 5/10/20. Weight: 8 relying on Arcfire.Crimson Sword Standard Gear: Lance (Str+d10. Streetwise d6. Smarts d8. By eliminating gaps and expertly overlaying One Against Many. Gear: Lance (Str+d10. though. Church of Archanon cause. Notice d6. Cost: -6. Vigor d8 They came to us. Weight: 40 range 5/10/20. the ancient Cavaliers were to the people of Camon. cavalier armor (+2. All Prelacy of Camon we have now are scraps. within the Paladin ranks. Camonere Fencer. The Holy Symbol grants the bearer Arcane Cha: +2 Pace: 6 Parry: 9 Toughness: 8 (2) Resistance (see edge). AP 1. Paladin armors are mass produced works Camonere Fencer. Wanted (M): away all opposition in Archanon’s searing light. the sad truth for most is that they must often resort to such tactics to preserve their Holy Symbol. cavalier Granted to each legion. threaded through a ring in the sword’s hilt. Parry +1). legions. heirloom Cavalier armor (+2. bless. handbow (Shooting. can buy. Spirit d6. Healing d6. cavalier sabre (Str+d6). Loyal (m). Knowledge (Battle) d8 the power of Archanon to ward off vile enemy magic. Availability: -2. Reach 2 (only usable when riding). Loyal (m). Command. Healing d4. Standard represents the power and majesty of the Bracers (+1 Parry). Shooting d10. order. Spirit d6. these Holy Symbols are blessed with Survival d8. Each standard drapes from the crosspiece of an eight foot spear which is held aloft in the vanguard of the army. Smarts d6. these small crimson swords are worn Strength d10. Survival to overcome even the backwards barbarians on d6. Steady Hands within our ranks. Riding our faith and our coin? These arcfire toys failed d10. Tracking d6 our southern border! Gah! Is it true. Notice d6. of art. Paladin armor leaves few gaps for enemy blades to find. There Edges: Cavalier of Camon.…and crysarium. handbow (Shooting. +2 Parry). Cavalier of Camon. Parry +1). Wanted (M): Paladin Plate and Chain Prelacy of Camon Forged by the finest craftsmen the Church’s wealth Edges:  Arcfire Trained. Hindrances: Code of Honour (M). that now our enemies have Builder advisors equipping and training their forces? We were Hindrances: Code of Honour (M). Vigor d8 hanging from a chain around the neck which is Skills: Fighting d10. fear Though some in the Church lambast any Cavalier Cost: n/a. Builder Conspiracy Strength d10. I find that solution extreme… 26 . Stealth d6. Streetwise d6. Obligations: Cavaliers of Camon (m). Horseman. -5 coverage parrying dirk (Str+d4. Noble. Cost: -4. Availability: -6.

How could back hearted naves. seems to crop up in untended. solution? These so-called Cavaliers cut pretty figures Builder Citadels appearing beneath our feet. our economy within our doctrine. The…”secession” such ire than that of De’Lear! I knew it was folly of Faraway and Northface is a minor annoyance. sedition. with coastline in of the Abyss and the Void? Such concepts are not enemy hands.” I will try… 27 . weed. and… on horseback. curse them all Tempest and Storms to the Abyss. “Patience. Farawary. The Cavaliers. I know not. and a major port suspect. I am trying. I cannot believe not simply smash them. but I have yet to see one sail a ship… other strange creatures stalking our lands. So. like a those who have betrayed our cause. to entertain any proposition on the part of those but troubling in its large implications. But our world becomes stranger. usually remote. Even now they engage in a desparate cousins? How far have these demons reached into holding action. empty promises…and suspect. and the Builders…but no name stokes gardens. Of late. this menace. has suffered somewhat. as it the heartland of Camon? With each new Company suits our purpose. Planes beyond those Archanon’s will. Still. I cannot help but feel that we are being distracted from a larger plot…. Faraway Rebellion Norversant. that bodes as ill for us as well as south and their even more treacherous Gray cloaked our enemies. Why the Archardinal does From whence they come. there is an economic with creatures such as the Blood Witch to the north. But what did they Inquisition know nothing? Are our very Purifiers give us? Archmantic freaks. If we do not act quickly others might What are these creatures of storm and lighting?! consider such stupidity. even if such thoughts are sacrilege? And now they ATTACK! Of all the times. But what shall we do when their of Paladins dispatched to stamp out the flames of lines faulter? I will pray upon this. He says to trust the reports before my eyes. Perhaps. they grow bold. MY entreaties are met only with one word. If Vainar has what of whispers of the Green cloaked devils from the truly returned. for now. they stayed their hand corruption seep so deep into the Norversant and the during the Crimson Crusade. Norversant. We have allowed this.De’Lear Betrayal Rise of the Cavaliers I am kept warm by thoughts of vengeance on Once thought eradicated. I know not. Northface.