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This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device. space heaters.. measures: • Relocate the receiving antenna. other wet or damp areas. a trademark of Apple Inc. pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. •• Do not disassemble or repair. as nuclear facilities or aircraft). instructions E ng li s h However. receiver is connected. the user is encouraged to try to correct the it carefully before you start the installation and interference by one or more of the following setup. •• Do not expose your surge protector to direct sunlight • Consult the dealer or an experienced or place it near wall heaters. space prone to temperature increase. Warning • Increase the separation between equipment and receiver. may cause harmful interference to radio communications. Never dispose of your product with other household waste. uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and. or for medical or life support equipment. iPad is environment and human health. • Connect the equipment into an outlet on •• Do not operate your surge protector if liquid of any a circuit different from that to which the kind is spilled onto or inside the unit. in hazardous environments requiring failsafe performance (such which can be recycled and reused. which can be This manual contains important information determined by turning the equipment off and about the Philips power surge protectors. potentially negative consequences on the registered in the U. The correct Notice disposal of your old product helps prevent iPod and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc. •• The Philips surge protector requires a proper ly grounded outlet for safety and to protect the Recycling connected equipment. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. Contact your local authorities for Notice for USA information about how to recycle the packaging. with aquariums. Read on. or enclosed radio/TV technician for help.Manualslib. consult a qualified electrician. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception. •• Do not operate your surge protector in the rain or near wet areas. Caution Your product is designed and manufactured •• Risk of electrical shock! Not for use outdoors or in with high quality materials and components. If you are not sure whether your home’s electrical wiring has proper grounding. The packaging of this product is intended to be manuals search engine .S. Please inform yourself about the local rules on the separate collection of electrical and electronic products. there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. and other countries. 1 Important safety with the instruction manual. if not installed and used in accordance EN 3 Downloaded from www. This equipment generates.

com/welcome. register your product at www. 2 Your surge protector Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to Philips! To fully benefit from the support that Philips offers. Overview a AC plug b USB charging port B c USB charging port A d Screw e AC outlet f [PROTECTED] indicator light 4 EN Downloaded from manuals search engine

2 Plug the surge protector into a properly grounded outlet. Connect the surge protector 1 Remove the screw from the surge protector. »» The [PROTECTED] indicator light is on. other grounding wire or electrical connections with your surge protector. 3 Get started E ng li s h This surge protector is designed to guard the connected equipment against electrical damage. adapters. »» The connected device is protected. Doing so will void all Philips warranties. Philips offers an entire line of surge protectors to safeguard your home electronics and computer manuals search engine . Caution •• If the [PROTECTED] indicator light is off when you plug in the surge protector. •• Do not use any extension cords. the unit should be replaced.Manualslib. (Optional) 4 Plug the component power cord into the surge protector. 3 Install the screw through the surge protector. EN 5 Downloaded from www.

iPhone or iPad. •• In case some devices are only charged with its original adaptor. USB charging port B is for charging smart phones. you can charge from AC outlet. 4 Power/Charge your devices You can also use this surge protector to power or charge iPod. iPad. USB ports are for charging only. Power/Charge from AC outlet There are three AC outlets in this surge protector.Manualslib. USB charging port A is for charging iPod. Tip •• If your device is not charged. iPhone. There are two USB charging ports in this surge protector. tablets. 1 Plug a proper charging adaptor (not included) into the AC outlet. or other USB devices. »» The connected device is charged. Charge from USB port Note •• Devices are protected from power surges only when plugged into the AC outlets. tablets and other USB devices. »» The connected device is powered or manuals search engine . unplug the USB cable and try another USB charging port. 2 Connect your device to output of the charging adaptor. 6 EN Downloaded from www. smart phones. Connect your device to the USB charging port with a USB cable (not included).

com manuals search engine . special and consequential Philips. under normal use. normal use wear-and-tear. at its sole option. any problems that arise will not be alteration. erosion. surge protectors sold under the Philips brand names. please visit our website www. but excluding lightning on products the specifications and warnings. You Limited Warranty and Connected Equipment may also have other rights that vary from state Limited Warranty) to the original consumer of to state. not directly connected to the surge protector at These warranties extend only to the original the time of the Occurrence. not to commercial. Incidental. The “Protection the product name and the date of purchase. warranty com/support. line with protective ground and telephone/coax incidental. family or household use. consequential or multiple lines. protector. war. (b) resulting from the use sags.Manualslib. Philips warrants that this product shall be free This warranty does not cover (a) damages from defects in material. repair or replace any Except as provided in Connected Equipment equipment properly connected through a Philips Limited Warranty (if applicable). or by momentary Philips surge protector. workmanship and caused by acts of God. (“Philips”) provides one or both damages are disclaimed where permitted by law. abnormal care or uses. (b) damages one year from the date of purchase. damage arising out of the use of the use of or other power transients. including flood. replacement of the product. Warranty institutional or industrial purchasers. These warranties apply only to natural Connected Equipment purchasers of surge protectors for personal. Working” indicator light will no longer be lit EN 7 Downloaded from www. special. obsolescence. purchaser of the product. (c) or resulting from modification of the surge depletion. which is damaged by impulses from lightning. caused by a sustained low voltage situation. for a period of with Power Blocker™ technology. or This warranty does not cover damages (a) as a a low voltage disturbance. in no event surge protector to a properly wired AC power shall Philips be liable for any direct. at its sole option. it will. (d) damage due to non-authorized the surge protector by a facility not authorized program or system equipment modification or by Philips. To exercise your rights under this of the surge protector. After any repair or modification of or abuse. 5 Limited For customer support or to obtain warranty service. in accordance with earthquake. and are not This warranty extends through the lifetime transferable. These Philips warrants to the original consumer that warranties are valid only in US and Canada. result of an accident. indirect. vandalism. (less than 1ms) voltage surges or spikes (an “Occurrence”) if (a) the surge protector did not protect the equipment (b) the surge protector Limited One-Year Warranty shows clear signs of damage. (c) damages caused by of parts not manufactured or sold by Philips. which means until the warranty. of the following warranties (Surge Protector This warranty gives you specific legal rights. you must provide proof of purchase in surge protector has exceeded its capacity to the form of an original sales receipt that shows protect against surges and spikes. Philips’ liability is limited to repair or. There are no other express or E ng li s h implied warranties. or assembly. or (e) damage to equipment that was remedied under this warranty. including brownouts. or power outages. Inc. and (c) the damage resulted from the Occurrence.

at his/ insurance policies the claimant may have. or (c) reimburse the consumer for manual for installation instructions). along with a copy of the which indicate on the packaging an accompanying sales receipt. a properly installed and operating “primary To make connected equipment warranty claim. Philips also reserves into a properly grounded outlet. and with a full written description of the will not be remedied under this warranty. Philips will either (a) authorize repair appropriate Philips surge protector. other grounding wires or electrical Equipment Limited Warranty covers the connections in conjunction with a Philips surge damaged equipment. at its number (RA#). whether consumer should send the Philips reserves the right to be subrogated under damaged equipment and the surge protector any existing warranty from the manufacturer of to Philips. Your Philips surge protector must be plugged and daytime phone enclosed. in secure connected equipment warranty. at a cost up to the To claim damage as a result of telephone service maximum amount set forth on the packaging line transients. including the consumer’s name. or by the consumer’s connect the coaxial cable protection properly. problem. (Such consumer must contact the Philips customer devices are normally added during telephone line service department at 888-744-5477. your connected equipment will not be covered by the Connected Equipment manuals search engine . (b) provide connected to a Philips surge protector which the consumer with an equivalent equipment offers telephone line protection (see the user replacement.) If you fail to connect the telephone line protection properly. under any such warranty or policy. including is covered under the Surge Protector Limited telephone and coaxial lines. homeowners insurance or renter’s insurance your connected equipment will not be covered policy. Consumer agrees the consumer with a Return Authorization to provide insurance information to Philips. of the connected equipment. All damaged as a result of the surge protector which wires leading into the equipment. Using any extension cord. discretion. and your the present fair market value of the damaged telephone service equipment must include connected equipment. and not seek The customer service department will provide duplicate coverage from Philips. if applicable. If the connected equipment or under any existing Philips so requests. to the specified location. or to an independent repair facility. at its sole request. After any repair packaging (to prevent further damage) with or modification of the surge protector by a facility the RA# clearly displayed on the outside of the not authorized by Philips. equipment must be properly occurrence. and that the equipment was protector will void all Philips warranties. connected to a Philips surge protector which This warranty is limited to losses that are not offers coaxial line protection (see the user covered by a warranty from the manufacturer of manual for installation instructions). address. and after a claims settlement. The capacity of To claim damage as a result of coaxial line the surge protector will be exceeded after an transients.Manualslib. installation. 8 EN Downloaded from www. All connected the right to examine the site where the damage equipment must be plugged directly into your occurred. Consumer agrees to first seek coverage by the Connected Equipment Warranty. If you fail to the connected equipment. any problems that arise package. If Philips determines that the Connected adapters. her own expense. Philips will determine. send the damaged equipment This warranty is limited to surge protectors and the surge protector. when this capacity is exceeded. surge protector. the consumer must. equipment must be properly of the surge protector involved. protection” device at the service entrance. must pass through an Warranty.

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or their respective owners. All rights reserved.V. Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited without the written consent of the copyright manuals search engine .V. SPP3038A_UM_17_V1. © 2012 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.0 Downloaded from www. Trademarks are the property of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.Manualslib.