Learning Disabilities and Inclusion in the Classroom

EDUC 2500 Contemporary Issues Project
Ashley, Sarah-May, Emily

Guided Note-Taking:

What are Learning Disabilities
 Special needs students: are defined as students with __________ to
______________________ and/or students that are ____________ or
Disorders of Learning Disabilities
 Students with learning disabilities can be _____________ to ______________
and create a plan for because no _________ students are exactly alike and there
tend to be other factors that can affect a student’s ____________ to
 Some learning disabilities can be due to ___________ or neurobiological factors
or ________________.

Key Components of Programming
1. _______________________________
2. _______________________________
3. _______________________________
4. _______________________________
5. _______________________________
6. _______________________________
7. _______________________________
8. _______________________________
9. _______________________________

Codes for Special Education
 A code can be given to a student anytime in their educational career, from
 Provides _______________ feedback the government
 The government and school boards follow the
 The handbook lays out _____ separate codes that each represent something
-The 18 codes are broken up into 2 parts: __________/_____________ including
gifted and talented for ________ and grades K-12, and severe for ECS and
grades ____________.
Code 54-Learning Disability
 Code ______ is only found for grades 1-12, because a learning disability does
not generally present itself for diagnosis earlier than ____________.
 The “_______________________________________________________”
-Learning disabilities affect the __________________, organization,
________________, understandings, or use of ___________ or
_______________ information.
-The DSM-5 uses the term “__________________________________” to
identify exactly what kind of learning disability is shown.
-A student must be diagnosed by a __________________
 It is essential to support individuals with learning disabilities by having
_________________ that are appropriate for the student’s specific needs.

Individualize Program Plan-IPP
 After a code is given to a student, the parents and school personnel need to
create an IPP.
 An IPP is usually create at the _________________ of the school year
 An IPP outlines many things, some of which are:
-The specific ______________________ of __________________.
-The collaboration between _____________, ___________, ____________ and
other staff who work with the student.
-_________________ and _____________ of a student’s progress and
specialized programming.
-A summary of the individualized _______ and _____________
-A summary of ________________.
-An ongoing record to ensure _____________________________.
-A guide for _________ planning.
IPP and Inclusion
 _______________ is a way of thinking and acting that demonstrates universal
______________ and promotes a sense of _____________ for all learners.
 Having an IPP allows every student to have ______________ opportunities to
learn and succeed, however they need to.

Classroom Communities and Support
 It is important that a child isn’t “_____________” as bad, or troubled because
he/she has a learning disability.
Who is in the Support Group?
 Teacher, support staff, administration, other teachers, other students, family, etc.
 An extensive support group promotes good _______________.
 It really takes a ____________ to raise a child...