Leovillo Agustin v.

Romeo Edu (Land Transpo Commissioner), Juan Ponce Enrile
(Minister of National Defense), Alfredo Juinio (Minister of Public Works, Transpo,
Communication), Baltazar Aquino (Minister of Public Highways) (GR L-49112, Feb 2
 Petitioner Agustin assailed LOI 229 of then-President Marcos (and its IRR promulgated
by Commissioner Edu) requiring all motor vehicles to have an Early Warning Device
o This LOI was promulgated to prevent road accidents involving stalled vehicles,
and as mandated by the Vienna Convention on Road Signs & Signals
 Agustin argues that, as an owner of Volkswagen Beetle Car having front & aft blinkers
pre-installed, the EWDs are unnecessary
o He further argues that the LOI is an invalid exercise of police power, undue
delegation of legislative power, and oppressive & confiscatory
 Whether LOI 229 should be declared unconstitutional
 NO, the Court ruled that it was a valid exercise of police power, valid subordinate
legislation, and a matter solely within the ‘wisdom of the law’, not its validity
o *discussions on these ratios are impertinent to Sec 2
 FURTHER, the Court noted of the provision in the LOI mentioning the Vienna
Convention on Road Signs & Signals and the UN itself as cognizant of the hazards posed
by a stalled vehicle
o Since the Philippines ratified that Convention, it cannot repudiate a commitment
to which it had pledged its word because, the concept of pacta sunt
servanda stands in the way of such an attitude, which is, moreover, at war with
the principle of international morality