G.R. No. L-21484 Nov.

29 1969

Agricultural Credit and Cooperative Financinf Administration, petitioner, vs. ACCFA
Supervisors’ Assoc., ACCFA Workers’ Assoc., and CIR, respondents

Ponente: Makalintal

Case is consolidation of two appeals for certiorari.

Facts: Unions filed complaint with CIR against ACCFA regarding unfair labor
practices, including: violation of right to self-organization, discrimination in
promotions, and refusal to bargain. In both original cases, ACCFA (and the
subsequent Agricultural Credit Administration, created by RA 3844 or the
Agricultural Land Reform Code) questioned whether the CIR has jurisdiction over
the case. In the first case, GR No. L-21484, ACCFA merely asks the question as to
whether their functions are governmental or proprietary. In the second case, L-
23605, ACA contends that it performs governmental functions, in pursuance of
Section 2 of the ALRC which states that “it is the policy of the state to establish
owner-cultivatorships and the economic family-size farm…and divert landlord
capital in agriculture to industrial development,” among others.

Issue: Whether or not the ACCFA/ACA exercises governmental or proprietary

Held: The ACCFA/ACA exercises governmental functions, precisely due to the
provisions of Sec 2 of the ALRC. The CIR thus has no jurisdiction over the case.