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What are global goals. Page 1

What is quality education... Page 1

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Actions for quality education. Page 3

Action I took for quality education.. Page 3 + 4

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What are the global goals?
The global goals are goals that 193 world leaders have agreed on for the sustainable
development for our future generations also known as the sustainable development
goals. This was a call to action saying something had to be done, if not our Earth
could suffer. These goals were made in 2015 in September signed by our own world
leaders. These 17 goals have been agreed on and are set to be completed by 2030.
Meaning no more extreme poverty, inequality, climate change etc. It has been said
that this will help the future of this Earth.

What is quality education?

VVOBs definition for quality education. An education that provides all learners with
capabilities they require to become economically productive, develop sustainable
livelihoods, contribute to peaceful and democratic societies and enhance individual

Enrollments in primary education is rising in
developing countries and has reached 91% but
still 57 million children out of school and do not
receive education. More then half of the
children that are not enrolled in school live in
sub-Saharan Africa. It has been estimated that
around 50% primary aged children live in
conflicted- affected areas, and is one of the
main problems that children may not attend
school. Some of the few reasons are family, work, health and disabilities. 103 million
children worldwide lack basic knowledge and literacy skills, more than 60% of these
children are woman. There are 10 major barriers to children and education.

Lacking of funding for education. In total the aid delivered for basic education
has dropped for 3 years in a row, resulting in 16% between 2009 and 2012.

Having no teacher or an untrained teacher. Teachers are of course the most

important thing children need to learn but without a trained or a teacher at all
they are unable to learn, basic knowledge.

No classroom. Some children are forced to
learn outside. Often children are squeezed
into overcrowded classrooms, just to learn.
In Malawi for example 130 children per
classroom in grade 1 on average.

Lack of learning materials. Outdated and

worn-out textbooks are normally used by 6
or more students in many parts of the
world. Many students have to share textbooks, workbooks, exercise sheets etc.

The exclusion of children with disabilities. Many children with disabilities are
denied access to school education. It is common for the world's 93 million
children with disabilities.

Gender. Gender is one of the biggest reasons why children are denied
education. Over 100 million young women, that live in developing countries are
unable to read a single sentence.

Living in a country with conflict or risk. In 2011, around 50% of all the worlds out-
of-school children were living in conditions with conflict.

Distance from home to school. For most children around the world it is common
to leave their homes at 5am after doing household work and coming home at
7pm. Many children are also vulnerable to violence on their long journeys to
and from school.

Hungry and poor nutrition. The impact of hunger on education systems is

gravely underreported, it creates impacts on the brain. Around 171 million
children are stunted by hunger by the time they reach 5.

The expense of education. The Universal Declaration of human rights (in the last
unit) makes it clear that every child has the right to free education, so that
money isn't a problem. But in many developing countries there are school fees
that families can not pay for.

How are we going to have a better future if the men and woman of today are not
educated with basic knowledge.

Actions for quality education

To achieve our level or requirement for these Global goals we of course have to do
our part to help. These following are what you can do for a start to achieve Goal #4.
Donate books to local book drop offs like Salvation army
Read to disabled children in libraries
Send money or school martials

Action I took part in / reflection

When I decided my action, I wanted it to be something different then going to a
meeting for cleaning up the beach or something, I wanted to do something more
personal for other people and myself. So I decided to donate to Dignity kitchen, I
would have donated to salvation army or some really big donation that is popular
world wide. I wanted to help the poor so I decided Dignity kitchen and I will explain
what they do later.

I gathered all my books that I didnt need, along with my families but I thought about
how other people will also have books that they will not be using that will be going to
waste. I went around my condo to ask a few people if they had any spare books. I
explained to them about how I was going to donate them to a charity who delivered
them to people all around the world in need of education. I spend my whole day
walking around and asking for books. At the end of the day I had a total of 100 books
and some more were still to come from friends around school and some neighbors.
The day after I got a second bag with another 47 books, making a total of 147 books
to donate.

On Saturday my father and I went to Dignity kitchen to donate the books. My father
wanted to come along to see what Dignity kitchen was all about and what they did
there. When we made it I found out it was in an area that is what we call the poor
side of Singapore or thats how some people refer to it. The main reason it is over
there is because it is somewhere for people to go if they dont have the money to
pay for food, our rich and bright Singapore isnt completely filled with people that
own enough money to buy their essentials. When we got there we were welcomed
by an organizer and she took in the books as my father talked to her. I found it very

interesting to learn about how people went to Dignity kitchen just to get food that
they cannot buy by themselves. People like these I admire for their strength to get this
far and help the world, even if a little bit, its more than what anyone else is doing.

Dignity Mama Stall

Dignity kitchen isnt something well known but the things that they do
and work for are things that many people dont think about. It is a
donation area for books of English and Chinese books, fiction and non-
fiction. What they add to the world is food for those who are less then
us, who have no money to even buy their own food like we can. They
all have a store of books for youths with special needs, selling books to
those in hospitals and disabled children.
The email from Dignity kitchen.

School awareness gathering

During Wednesday the 31st of May and Friday the 2nd of June we held awareness
gatherings for the students of GESS. During this time, I worked with fellow classmates
on the topic quality education. Out of the group of 4 we had the 3 had put together
a book donation at the school while I had done my own and more personal
donations. They will be sending these books of to different countries. During the
awareness gathering I helped out with the stand we had with information and a
donation box. But I also went around to other stalls and listened to their presentations.
I think this awareness raising could be planned better, maybe have posters set up
around the school so people know that it is coming up and they have the chance to
go see it. During the junior campus awareness raising some of the students were also
disrespect full and didnt take much interest so I think only people that do have an
interest in this topic should come then people that will be disrespectful about it.
Putting aside all these negative points I think it was a good idea to give people the
scariness that we have to clean something if we are going to achieve these Global
goals for 2030.

This unit was all about global goals and how important
they are to the world, how we need to make it to this goal
to achieve what is needed for our future. If we were to do
this again, I would do something for personal again,
because I think its better then doing something with others,
because you feel less involved. Something different I would
do is the stand we had when we were going the
awareness raising, I think we could have made a quiz at
least so people really learn something from walking around
our stand. When I was researching about the lack of
education I realized how lucky many of us are that we are able to get a sustainable
education, and live in the place I live in now. I couldnt imagine what it would be like
living in a world like how children around the world do. As I said before I did the
action, donating books to people who need it more then me. I think it was my favorite
part of the whole unit because I love the expression on peoples faces when they see
new books to read. During this unit I think the most effective action would have been
the obikes but since they didnt answer the mail on time, we not able to do an action
with them. In the future I will continue donating my old school supplies, clothes and
etc and that this simple action is so easy it can be easily done as a community. I
enjoyed working with my peers and if I got the change to do this unit, there wouldnt
be much I would change.

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