l[o. 85. -1933] cAMpor,A p]rnroD o]- obr.LoN nrs.

lony 2iil
260 JOUR,NAL. n,.A.s' (cEYLoN) fVor. XXXII.
2. X'rom the cletails of the reign given ir.t Mhu it ,ruy
be-concluded that it wa-.{ of ,o11" t*gtir.
llhe orrly clle a.s
to iLs end is. that supplierl by the ,n,irlrro of Mtidav:r,]a Vihar6
in H6'rispattu issLrcd in saka 1677. This rehea,rses tlie
TIIE GAMPOLA PERIOD OF CEYtOt'l traditiorral history of the place. The vihare had been
folnded by Valagam Bd,hu, but had fallen into clisrepair,
TIISTORY when by reason of the rebellion of Boda mapaDandii
RY against
Pard,krama BA,hu of Kurunegala the priests
at the capital
H. W. CoonrNcttox. scattered and one of them, Ndgala Vanaratana
Sarni, w_ent
to the courrtry of Balavita ancl settled at Mtirlavala. Ho
Nearly thirty years have elapsecl since
Mr' E' W' Perera reportecl hi.q desire to restore tire vihA,rd to
of the tire king oI D[di_
prnfi.tt"J"lt o'utuoblu contribution to the :history
His Life and
gama, wlio, as we shall see, was pari,krama BAhu
V. It
b-"tf.ft periocl in liis paper " Alakesvara
thus seems probable that the reign of parakrama Bnhu
:fi*"* " gn'lS.Cn., XVIII, No' 55' 1904)' new ended in disaster.
material l,as been discovered since' It is' however'
material Vannl Bhuvanalka Bi,hu III,
,to place before the student in a concise form such
'i,l as writers on t'he period o{ten 1. The Mhu calls the next hing Vanni llhuvanaika
as ,,vailable, the more so
really surmise' It is hoped that in Bahu but gives no details. M Raj puts his accession in
fr.,r"nt a,g fact $'hat is fact' will be readily A.D. f327 and assigns to him a ,eign of 14 years. Thc
the {ollowing pages any tlerluct'ion from
distinguished from the fact itself'
Kurunegala tank is attributetl to him (Ceylon Literary
Refore dealing with the Gampola period
proper it is Register, VI, 380). The spurious Adrbulugala sannesc&
necessary to consicler the reigns immecliately preceding the purports to have been given by Sri Naika Bhuvaneha Rahu
year 1344-5.
at Jayavarddhanapura in the Vesak of Saka .1254 (lBB2) to
one Hifi Bandara ; it men.bions Sri Danta ph,ya as having
Parlkrama Blhu IV'
bcen built by the king's father (Bell, Report on the Kegatti
1. The Mha before its continuation under Kirtti$rt l)istrict, pp. 42, 104). Another of Algam Vehera, ir.r Ka!u_
encled with the reign of Pard'krama Bahu
IV' This king gampola Hatpattu claims to have been issued by Bhuva_
stat'ement of
came to the throne accorcling to the explicit neka Bahu in Saka l2b2 (1930), on Thursdal,, the fifth of
the contemporary Daladd' Si''ito in the Saka year 1247
the bright half of Vesak (?.1,.C., gg2).
review from thie
(1325^6), ur.,t it, is convenient to begin our
tlate. The accession of Bhuvanaika Bahu IV' the first of 2. The ?ao I Ahih Liieh, wriiten by Wang Ta_yuan
the Gampola kings, as we shall see' occurred
in Saka 1266 in 1349, speaks of Kao-lang-pu or. Oolombo as visited in
thereignsof twokings' Parak- November, 1330, in terms not inconsigtent with the tlescrip_
iisnn ul.' We thirefore have
rlama Bahu rv aml vanni Biruvanaika ]lahu lrr, ancl the fion of Ibn Batuta given below enAg. (,,,8., XX\rIIt,
or Vijaya B6hu V, No. 73).
rvhole or part of the reign of a third, Jaya
of a reign
iri this p"riua of ninetee'n years' The attribution 3. The name of Vanni Bhuvanaika Baliu frequently
modern Rajauali'ya in
of 24 years to Parakrama Bahu IV by a occurs in the traditional accounts of places in the northern
the lack
o-"rr", h"r"o{ter cited as M Raj, thus is impossible ; part of the Kurunegala District. This king perhaps may
making this king
of arithority in this work is betrayerl by its lrave been a contemporary of Vijaya BEhu V. On
or Saka yeat' but in the other
come to the tlirone, not in any Bud'dhist
the Christian Year 1303'

262 ,TOITIINAI,, R,.A.S. (CDYLON) IVOT,. XXXII. No. 86. - 19331 GAMr,or,A prnroD oI- cErrLoN rrrsror.ly
hand, a confusion between him and his better known name- Sheikh Uthmdn of Shir6z, which
furnished guides to pitgrim*
sake of Yd,pahu is not impossible. to the peak. ft seems fairly certair., thu"uforu,
" Konak6.r ,, cannot, be Kurunegil-;;;" that
Vijaya Bihu V. '
but must be sought at no great" di";;.; often assumed,
1. Buceessor is called Jaya Bahu by tb.e Mhu,
'Ihis king's the gem bearing country and north from Sripd,da in
but in the 1{S, llne RR, and the B-B is styled Vijaya B6,hu. which Ibn Batuta descended f"o*
oi Citi^utO, through
The ,11 -Baj assigns to him a leign of 12 years, which we mosque mentioned by - il" mountain. Tho
the traveller as yet has not
shall see is probably not far from the truth. He is described identified. As to thc ,,Sultan of been
,,He Ko.rui.a" ,, fbn Batuta
in lhe Mhu as being " a very powerful king " (rdje esi maheb- eays : is called by the name of Alkondr
balo). He rnust be the Vijaya Bdhu, montioned in the ola and possesses
the wh'ite elephant . . . rt happened
report oi Ekniifigoda Disd,va oI l82l on the Saman D6vd,l6 to it iu monarch that
the great men of hie
of Sabaragamuva, who " being victorious offered thevillages
and made his son kt"q:i1';"","ffi:f:til,1,1ffi;
Kotaketana, Dimbulwala and Dehipahala "; he is there F,
deprived of his sight.,,1 After visiting
li peak the- Ibn Batuta
placod between Pard,krama Bahu IV and Mahafu Pdrakum went to Dondra, Galle and Colomb-o.
of Jayavarddhanapura (cf. Ceylon Antiqua,ry, X, pt. 2, p. 96). This last place he
alser1\1 as in the possession of a Muslim
2. This Vijaya Bd,hu also must be the king of tho name named Jalasti,
who held it with an Abyssinian gur"irorr.--
belonging to the " Pard,krama varh6a." under whom Sile- Abyssinians were
often employed as elaves in IndiJ;
u fo"t."uu
varirda composed the Pdrami' Mahd, Sataka. This priest was of these at Janjira is mentioned in the and settlement
the pupil of Dharmmakirtti of the Palabatgala succession, Bombay Gazetteer,
1896, Vol. f, pt. ii, p. 84, The
point to be noted hereisthe
who lived under Bhuvanaika Bdhu of Yd,pahu. He himself presence of a foreign strongholJ
later assumed the name of Dharmmakirtti, under which he
in corombo. This in com_
bina.tion with the apparent removal
appears in the Gadal6deniya inscription of the third year of
of the royal seat,to the
neighbourhood of Adam,s peak and
Bhuvanail<a 'Behu IV. He presided at the Convocation
its undoubted trans_
ference to Gampola in the next
reign *r,rt qoufUy the state_
held in A.B. l9f2 (1369-70) a,nd died at the age of ll0. He ment of the Mhu as to. the might of
had ceasod to be Sarfigharaja before the Convocation of Vijaya tsahu. Even in
the Hill Country at this perioJ the
Sid,uiuoaq.a Kailaim_potr,
A.B. f939 (1396-?). At the latest then this Sildvadisa w&g shows the local bandaras to have
1""r, ,.""yiorbulent.
born about 1285 ; if he died shortly after the assembly of
1369-70, his birth must be placed at the earliest about 1259.
4. perhaps with Vijaya Bd,hu V has to be identified
the " Vijaya parakkari Behu ,, of Gu*poiu,
He can hardly have composed the Poramr, Mahd' Botalca tle []narhbuud,-Ttarampariiaa married twowho according
before the age of 20, Thus Vijaya Bahu of the Pardkragra fMd,yingamu-rafa, sisters from
varir5a must be the king now undor discussion.l
not as his principal queens, by
whom he had four children. :.ecessarlly
TLe son b;.;;" a priest under
3. fn August, 1344, Ibn Batuta le{t tlie Maldives for the name of Rahula anrl was given
Ceylon. He found the "sultan of Ceylon," Arya Cakra- Gaigatilaka Vihare.
Of the three daughters, one, Ratipathd,mi,
vartti, recently engaged in the pearl fishery, and was supplied died childless.
Pa,trpath6mi, marriei Danturd Banddra
by him with guides to Adam's Peak. The seat of the Sinha- T,"...:"13,
obtained the Unaribuva lands; she and
lese king was " Konakd,r," situated between two hills, Rubies had ;fi;;,J::
were found here, and outside the city was the mosquo of l. Voyages d,Ibn Batoutalr. .. rzffi
p. ttJ?-!:
t. n. f,he
tho nams as y...conar.,,
C";;;.i 1*""^,"'",
ru^'|\:P,: howsver.,is Lno translation gives
name'amo ,f::%::
Alkonir aa ,,c,,-r .-1lf f.l_.1bi", p".t""i[."i_r.i,Jir.i
l.-;rl**t M"ha Sk*k", loO-f ro,'J oaanor^*ainnaroyo, *,iilf"f
w'LUUr ane thenT:*ytlh
and rnen reneared--w-ith
re "*G;,;;;;'# iiit$;:;,ir ;*:";lifi
tho namo ,r .r"rr-
vv. 4"13 in tho colophon, p. 784; SE., p. 400. vowel. See.rn,,t,S. C'a., xxrxltcl.
zs,li'jo"ol "' "-."r.iu"J.ulli

but possibly may re{er to the inquisition estod O?tJoo. that is if this last named king ofthe(monastic)successionfromt'hereigno{Kit'silimevan' was not for some time a contemporary of Vijaya Bdhu V. Diigiri Kumdrihd. if the tenth year be expired. Another inscription rela'tes to a private clonation of fields Bhuvanaika Bahu IV. (cEYLoN) [Vor.lr'^s. As aiready stated. however' in the Gampola state of our knowledge we must' allow this king a reign from .na succession. and.-1933] cAMpoLA pEnroD or cEyLoN nrsrony 265 The Lirird.uiXr' guhu t.nX I. whpther ag sole ruler or not. li.)Q) shows that this is not the original grant of into the state of the Sarhgha and the Convocation presided Vijaya Bd. Karambavald. namely. Some colour is lent to this supposi- in A. of Pardkrama Bahu V. as it is clearly given in the Larhk6- year of Siri Saigalro Sri Vijaya Balru cakra'vartti' tilaka and Gadaiadeliya inscriptions of his third year as A secontl record <if this same year is mentioned on the Saka 1266 (1344-5). in which case the salru vr.. Vilgammula nrlaha himi of tlre Gairgatald' tion by the date A.s. it undoubtedly is wrong. abdication or deposition of his predecessor. was the great grancimother Bhuvanaika Behu's name in the Lafrketilaka inscription of Tennakon Maha Disava antl Kuda Disava'l in his thild year or about 1347 is an indication that his 5.hu but a schedule attachecl to that of Pald'krama over by Vanaratana of Amaragiri-vasa.rrt. fn the present same Saka year. the obverse of which contains wrong. Its contents wili be cliscussecl rvith the fourth year may be that of the king's rule counted from pedigree of the Alagakkonara farnilY' the death.5.hu III.dhik6. There can be no doubt as to the eleventh at vilvala Vihare in uda Hev[hti.o be but two 'insariptions ol'the reign' predecessor had to reign. Wickremasinghe's date Saka 1264 is reverse of the Kf. following these authorities.rg:":l'"-3"" t:YlY!-1in":'1"':1"': " 1344-5 to 1354.naika Bdhu IV.ualokanappradipikduo gives A. This record ih". or. who both came to the throne in the Saka 1337 and A. XXXII No. that is what later or about 1336. The M .H.la a. by the l?. Nevill's pr6cis m&nuscrrp[ . to 1353-4 at ieast. VijaVa-]-l]11v1.mr.flcipura in India.krama Bdhu IV whichhadbeenmairrtainedcorrtinuorrsiyfortengenerations and Bhuvanaika BE.. were received from the hing. the tenth irr the lineage of NiS6amka Afagak.le inscription. This The script ol both sitles clelinitely is later than that of the date seems to be connected with the activities of the minister Vilvala epigraph.-S and later books with A.r'rd is dated in the date of his accession.A.ragala slab.B. A}:a Narendracuitd.264 JOrIriNAr. repaired the vihdre' eleyen or twelve years for the reigns of ParS. doubtloes calculated {rom the year l8g4 in the . 1957 refers to a grant in the tenth year 1266 (1344-5)' its initial point will o{ this reign by Sri Parakrama Bahu Epa. may have to be put some- after the elapse of 1887 years of the Budtlhist era. not Slaves etc. This leaves konAr" who came of the Vairci desce. 86. be about 1333-4' Co-regen"ies.8 and Mhu Alagakkonara. the accession o{ Vijaya ceased The Kiilar. this king's fourth year is equated a clocument of the eleventh year of Parakrama Behu VI' by the Iv.Baj gives Bhuvanaika Bdhu IV a reign ol marked by the accession of Bhuvanaika Bahu IV and seven years. The V€giriya D6vd. We now come to the first of the Gampola kings.lut" is quoted wrongly by Wickremasinghe asr A'B' 1876' 1.B.Ol tt " templo Larhk6tilalra' brri tlLo rB l.D. however.B. If the year 1894 is meant to be the fourth from the officia.l and the Vilvala inscriptions refer to our Vijaya Iind that his reign lasted at least for l1 years' If its end is 2. ior the coronat.. 1894 (1351-2) assigned by the NB. and the style of the operring sent'ence of S6nnlamk6. to the fourth year of Bhuva. l8g0 against him. i344-5. oi his collect'ion calls the t<.ra at Kd.'l'liere seem t.B.l 6. 1894 or l35l-2.ion. .Assuming for t'he moment that both the K6ragala Behu V' we accession.. with the help of the minister S.liva Kitsirimevan Vihare epigraph relates l'hat Bahu. llut' his name is possibly belongs to t'he next reign' Bhuvanaika Bdhu IV- given. at Devunuvara "l8bcoeo rP @ cr:d cf c -6 aJ O oo mr the reveri o CIr @ I 5 cr'cJ and at Larirkatilaka.

dhikd. and close to the modern town of Gampola' Maharaja..larnkadhikd. Shortly afterwards ihu ur*y (senaga) Lhe Payogasidd. According Bandara 3. Vijaya vattd Gampaha. where his inscription is dated in the third year of becoming king obviously '. under Pardkrama no mention of Vikrama BAhu III. structed in Ceylon the Alavatur6 Parvata Vihar6' In late as 1360 in the Vrgulavatta record in the slcond place.rayan Kesiva. he became a monk but' put' ofi his robes' Patirdjayan Virasundara Kumd. Llahd' Sataka he wrote the Jdtd'. He was the founder of Gadal6.rayan i Anurd f""tfr" n". Ji vasiha Kumd.hu IV' He had already built a two-storied origin in the style . Local tradition plaees the palace at Godagama'-nuY&rB'' afterwards. It was he who presided over the Convoca.krama B5'hu' Senevirat.jayan DigiJi S6nanEyakayan . and According to the he was a Sid'uruaitTt'd' KaQaim-potct' Dangamu .. who was a priest and became king on the from Bhuvanaika Bdhu.. The Sarhghardia ol the period *u' Vutti'utana of to . B. becoming king as Larnkd ienevirat. the father of nalu- Sumangala of Dhfimadoni. an image-house. more commonly known as Vanaratana and while resting after eating the food broughl nll by h. To him is traditionally assigned would be king. own son of Pardkrama Bahu' of his brother Vimala Dharmma Sirryya I. The best known mi'n'ister of the time is S6ndlarir. The story that this minister built Laftk'tilaka after de4iya. 599) .r6 as well as the Alu_ attheAkb6Vihdr6. (cnvr. written towards the end of the century' 6. Suva Kumd.raja S6nalarhkd. tuilt Larhkh. following that of Sivalkolu Lakdivu Adhikd."..ra. his ancestral home'l This last' named temple that king Bhuvanaika Bdhu fel ofi his horse the marks are is in Rabb6gomuva village in Udunuvara' He also made still shown. The V6giriya D€vd.andlastbutnotleast'thegreatAbhinava de4iya Vihd.rayan .l. patir5jayan Kalu Sitdrran.rayan. who received the four requisites siriha fI. this work etates that its author was came to the place and offered him the kingdom. .hi.1933'l (.. however. PP.s of Devanagala.el'f. min . The chiefs mentioned in this reign are :_ speaks of t i.ra '. addition to the Pd. him Send. Nidsarhka patirdjayan .oN) [Vol' XXXII I{o. I.ramt.4a.vattd Senevirat Batddra was ploughing a field the Amaragiri'vdsa. that he became brother to a king Pard.ra. used in I the viher6 in India at Sri Dhanyakulaka or Amaravati on tho I inscription at that viher6.dhipati raja and speaks of him as a king. Suva soe tho Mad.as Senevirat and states that he was of the Gadalddeli ya inscription-seneviradun and Virasiha Mehenavara varhSa. in the volume for 1920.r6 are said to have been built or restored LarirkS. II7-118' .. a held the office of Senevirat to the king of Gampola.tilaka Vihdr6. ft was at Vegiriyl Siduruvd. ih"ru nuad. p.tilaka Vihdr6 on the Par4aSaila hill (Panhalgala) in by Aludefriyd Mayim BanclAra in this reign.rrdi- tion Urul6. i"E. he also oon' of the same year his name is found in the third ptu.+AMpoLA PEltroD OF CDYLON ursrony 267 266 JouRNAr. making kadhikd.aaft"pJfi tiC"'a"""-tt cl" Kefr"t' . Bdhu. Vannakkan .e.. aeath Another famous monk was the Dharmmakirtti..ge Historg of Ind'ia. . He thus seems to have Behu V. S"t NS.. He built a stone image-house at Kdiicipura in India' a three-storied image-house at Devunuvata.i is incorrect and perhaps has its Bhuvanaika Bd. who has been already mentioned.' which he interpreted to mean that he tion held in this reign. wife " saw a dream.so carita (SR. 86. rrhich calls 4. i"""'"iptlo^ 607 oi l9r9' Patird.ra Kumd.ed from U{unuvara Maha bis6 of llrul6'. who appears in this reign.l6 ancl Vihd.s. a90)' Tradition has that he was would seem to be little doubt.. an inquisition into the state of the Sarngha by the royal authority._trtarampard. Patirdjayan S6nd. Bisovala de- ba4{ara descend. fn the Gadaldde{riya l epigraph Kistna (Cambrid. The statement that he exercise.r-i the royal powet. This banddra Medhankara Yanaratana of the monastic succession of in later days was identified with Senaral.ras annuat'i. The -l{8.ra. . and for the last time in the fourth year of Vikrama been the predecessor in power of the great Afagakkond. also appears in the []nainbuad. Min Dahampasaknd.ua.lttarun . Devagiri Patirdjayan.A. uira u.

sarne statement is rnacle. but uifortunateiy he is not always for a time to clo so i.r"urures had gainecl possession of.rilnt lord of Ooiombo' Par5.iorr..NAl.digama in X'our Korales as the royal have been destroye<l in cornparatively recent it residence. who by meanspart Bd."Vol. rphich ancl Ga<lald. 2. These are in n. v. Marignolli was a' prisoner at large . The seat of government according to the . In this iast the date and the king's name years by the Vyta mdlii give Dii. 453.o**unai"g the only road' from Colombo leading port from 2. Accorcling to the sannasa. tirough not so explicitly. inland' .-In or shortly his way back from China land'ed at the "harbout of Seyllan l. Saka l28l (December 8. before 1348 Marignolli on parakrama B[hu V. The additiona'l in{ormal'ion as to K6ttE is oI name of the first is illegible . in the . we know that The posit'ion of the fortress Mr. of the Sinhalese against Colombo' The port to a very great from As Vikrama BAhu fII's first l<nown reccird is datecl the extent was protected by water and the approaches*- fifth of the waning moon of Asala.hu's mother was Sumitra l)evi.s. p' 231 . (cEYLoN) [Vor'' XXXII' No.B_l?. Vahala Larirkatilaka inscriptiorr. considerably greate:. l3bg).lment as the extent of the lancl dedicated is patird.ce.davala in these matters. He was an accursed Saracen.-19331 ceuror-A pntiroD or. {or the date' see J8'4S'' inscriptions recently found in PAnama pattu (Journat of it. the monk Nagala Vanaratatra.tilaka by Sonalantatiitikara' The fact that' the referred to. The accession of Pard.rttn thai " Kota " then was in the handsindeed' m6.ti*t in that direction rather than t'hat it was an outpost' fifteenth year. inscriptions Nos. Devi as the chief queen of trvo br.han) "hacl the mastery in opposition to the king thus came to the throne in the same yoar as llhuvanaika of his king. "". III.deniya recorcls of the third year already ment'ioned' throughout this period is foilowed by the Mhu.* fourth year. 86.i. and was robbed and in Saka 1266 (1344-b) as the Hapugast:irrna inscription "alled'Peroilis. Satruvan Patirajayan .other kings. The king's last known clate is the third of the waning built to protect this suggests tfrat it was originally moon of Uiiduvap. The detained. The M Raj gives him five years.t.g indicated by the lristory of the Md. rt must be later than the Larirkd- the Apd's .krama Bahu. The epigraph relates the building of Vihar6. when Ibn Batuta visited Mahd. The 'inscri1ttions of this reign are the LarirkSt'ilaka 3. w.CoyaJaan lawful . ft is possible that Pard. From the Vyta of the i"iir. If. That this last was tho case is Cathaq anC the Way tlt'ither' itr" t ingao-" (Yule. of that pla. in the Larirkatilaka inscription-sdnelarirkedhikdri. in his the north antl south were easy to defend' o. 19. " *1.krama Bd. But the Tisara Sandeiaya and the guta nl*rti.rd. General. 'rn" *trt"'or afiairs. so we may be in No. i" i" "luttt. 7. Parakrama Bahu may have ceased to reign before that day. Aiavala Amuna have been Gampola.ya. Parakrama Bahu in No.ho had fled up- kins came to see the new anicut' shows that this record hae eountry during the rebellion against Pardkrama Behu lV. Marignotli saw " Kota in Seyilan " (ib''p'244)' Science. pt.hu IV. tilaka docr. the kd.i.krama Bdhu iived here vandalism of the villagers' Miiller states that was of reliable before the death of Bhuvanaika Bahu. 454. 4DJ.5n*u1" Ja. Tliat he contiriuecl Pard.{orfourmonthsbytheMuslims. 6..eii to the time of Bhuvanaika Behu IV' as the i\ I . there{ore. alreacly Larhks.oN Htstotty 269 !6E rorrn. Faka 1282 (1360). l9l7' now rendered almost a certairrty by the Magul Maha Vihar6 eilition.".hrama Bahu V must be placed probably Beruvala. that of the second js pdrahumbd im"portance. this is given in the HapugastAnna inscripl. isstatecl to on the Kospotu Oya in Kurune- and a third at.a greater second of and father or two brothers.. ri. . and this has leci to the surmise that they rvele son g.v[ Adhikarayan . the script of the foulteenth century and mention Viher6 hootl was the same as in 1344. and from the Tisara Santleia. .la." equates the fifteenth year of the reign with Saka l2gl. 4b1).jas. cryr.. at golombo anctr its neighbour. The .A.

mi v'hich had descended on the top of a tree at H6rat Balddra. built the Unadrbuva tank in one night' The girlo were states that on Saturday. Muva- favourite residence and have been to Gampota what Han-" dora (Mutwal) and Alutpafantr. in Saka I124 (1202) king ParS.ampola . Navrisala. Alistof prominent monksisgiven intheVyta mtd. 86. already men- An ola report dated in A. marriage the seven daughters of Patipathdmi.43' (2) M6. Danture Ba4dAra.*1933j GAMroLA pERroD ox' cEyLoN ursrony 271 270 reported to the king at Diidigama his clesire to restore the 4. already merrtioned.la saw a golden wea. appear the king learnt of the existence of the vihard and ordered it to have left before or in this reign..ra in 1359.s.nna inscriptions. f895 in the reign of Sri Parikrama Bd. Vanaratana ancl Canclajoti were at the Vihdr6. The gurankota was to KandY.pandvatur&.cligama and G. spurious clocuments connected with this exist' One is a grant to liamacandraRdjaguru Brahmana r6'fa by Pard'krama 5. composed by the Anun5. 27. in l?atale District' A successor. maternal Vit at6. R. The evacua- ytard'ua calls Vira Parakkarir Bd'hu.yaka of the Gatd. ne&r Kandy. he assembled an army and dealing with the origin of Ammadu D6va16 in Sabaragamuva. the pressure on the Muslim kingdom ol Madura was not ft to be thig king whom the Unarhbuue'param- seems felt until some yeari after the end of fhe reign. and on its completion it was inspected by t'he Sene- nephew to Vilgammula Mahd sdrni.etl Vijaya Parakkarh Bahu and demanded in discussed later. i"". tioned. the dates. (cEYLoN) fVol.nister mentioned Bafru ot Garupola in Saka 1116 (1194-5)'.hu ig said to havePardkrama (l ) Magul Maha Vihd. Sand.ra pirivena. p' 48' n' l' The oxp. A king Bhuvanaika B6.. vacldd's (Lawrio.hu of The king ordered his execution. July 21. XXXII. who had been sent to carry out' t'he sentence' Ammaduva and reported the fact to the king."gni tn. l82l by Ekn?iligoda Dis6va.D. Dd. His elephant knelt down. pp:-?. ate mentiorr of KotF or of the Muslims.. brother.hu at Diidigama makeg no Behu of Dii. His name occurs in the Piidurugalpotta purports to be written by t'his Brahman. On being refused. reason for the withdrawal of the foreigners is not known. Mln XXIX. of course. General.. It was cremated at a place of Agalagomuva.igama may have been Pard'krama Bdhu's the meosage from Dondra proceeds through Colombo. but the bal{ara bo save Kott6 (sic) Rdmagiri Brahmana rd.. The date corres- ovor the spot.A. ji. According to this little tion perhaps was due to the Jafinese conquest. for lhe Tisord. An unfinished record il+r.-The Muslimr.eiaya to be repaired. the tithiya ended on Dantur6.ra and a seven-storied house built "Mudiyans6 built the temple and the king endowed it. . the lOth of the waxing moon of removed by their father.h". who held Colombo and to Kurunegala. to the Kd.pon himeelf from this cut olT his own head'l The king's emissary' of Kandasd. souti of Godagama-nuva. The baldira may be the Iha Bandera of at' Dodanva'fa D6vdl6'2 .. The insuiptions of the reign are the following :-- L Cf.krama Bd.ld. This last named monk virat and land dedicated by the king at Gaupola' Two is said to have been the SarirgharEja. vhich Adhikd. t." tradiLion utJo uuu-" to call this last king vijaya B6hu.iuly 22.Geigor's translation.Iani river.r6. and owing to this its neighbourhood in 1344 and the following yearr. which will be -work he succeecl.e . Kuruppu brought the head to the king.d. tells how. who held the Atakalan K6raf6. Vira BE'hu' il. oazelteer. who is worshipped . is Sivalkolu Lakdivu The only mi. r. This king can be no other than Parikrama addressed to Parhkrama Bd. The other.hu happened to go from Gampola 6.B.ionds with Saturday. No.r He'fought the Tamils and finally went to Sitdvaka to gucceod nrc apparently dated in the tenth year.nsrior sooms to mean that he cut his own throat' had a palace' at 2. and the bird carrying impossible. JouRNAL. 1352. when Amu4a and the Hapugastii. to Mdyingama' Asala in A.

hu cakravartti. who strangled her in ihronc of tho Hiil Country apparenl. Saka t 281. was written. Tenth ot twelfth year. where it was cremated. Cli. kafida Biso B:r.nleherlavara_varhsa.rR./Sr4S.ra. Here Shandhalium5.l<rama Jlahu Vikrarna lld. As Parahramn pitiya. Her flower garden was at Ambiikho.les Saka 1281.rleniya is {1386-7).sthnna. was in A. Vikrama Ild. 86. According to M Raj it was of ri'ith the minister Alagakkonara he purged the Sarirglia. was buried in a hollow kahata log. 15) Hapuga.hu presumably takes place yearly at this spot.D..y 273 JOI. as it gives'six l. '). the foun(l.R. the statr_:ment is an absurtlity. the princess' great. near Matale. According to the ffB the harmony so establishecl lasted rrntil the fifteenth vear: of Bhuvanaika tsairu V or A. i. given numerals (A.: his godtless. Saka liis presence to his devotee. by carrsing lilood to issue from a lcaduru tree when cut.'J. antl Vrra Parfr. Maralantl':.u. o{ tlre Meirenavara clarr. a tomtom-bea. Datecl the 5th of the waning moon o{ sher became the chief queen of Vikrama Behu IIL She built Hila. XXII. g*. cutting ceremony of the lJdunuvara and Udapaltita clEvh. 'Ihe lring's name iir not given' Herideniya ViherE.l<rama Bi. A princess who lives in tradition is irirrr to be thc " fifth munubzrru " of Larirkti Sorrevirat nrattA rnantri th.ashed away in ing in Vikram'r BD..'f L{' thp ono nt'ar Kandv.hirui. A short and clamaged recotd at Garlald.ter of ll. l. cryr. Accorcling to (4) Pii. fifteen years. beauty led to her cleath I3ahu.as the pupil of Vilgam- Pard. Novill thought ilrat it was tho possossion of Mr. l28l (. or l)ecemlter 1359.oN rrrs.s.us lasterl from about 1356 or lreld the office of Barizgharaja in A. Vikrama Bd.l Bahu iipi are ment'ioned in the NiyangampS. Saka 1282. 'lvho matle Kandy lris capital anrl who came to t'he at tlre hands of the Kataragarna god. 65). lg2g Vikrama Bd'htr's relationship to his predecessor is not known.rori.B.ccorctirig to another pal1ta. who in his turn was the pirpil of Galaturumula ?. T. fn her memory the water Behu V was still making grant.lv in the third clualter lier palanquin at Pustrlpitiva and rnade he." lrula lli.angarua.tanuua.ndd.62-64\. Accortling Lo tlrc . when 1357 to 1374 at the least. one stor-v she rejcctecl all her suitorJ.\L.B.ra built Ambiihka Devale. So the Sinhalese colophon to Lhe Vimuktisaigratn. Vijri. If this ten.L[d-eli'ya Kathiiurt.ple .tika. fall.{thnviri and'rnakes Bhuvanaika Bahu IV.er of Larhhatilaka.. tho a flood and came to land at the place now hnown as Kaira{a- accession tock place about A. this was reported to the hing at Gampola and he or Hena- Vikrama Bihu III. but tiis was foutrleri by villages in llatalc-. LXXVI] 1.ticins for tho years 1317-1J71.hu at Garnpola €ganted L"trrpJe of the sarne narre at Polonnaruva. In the eighl.hu at nlu4dako4rlapola i'n'[krama Iiil. in I{enakaiida Bisd Bandd. was co-regent with him for some two years. 1356 or 1357.t C. No. the fountler of Gadalideniya.ya document" lllhe last perhaps may be identical rvith the prince of the narne lrho endowetl Vegiriya Devdic in the tenth year of 1. Dharmmakirtti I.eent}r year of Vikrama Bahu's reign Llrc Virnuldi Sahgraha was writberr by the priest of Lariikd" clated in the eiglith or ninth year of " Si"i Saiigabd Sri tilaka.ri11u. the god of Kataragama. accord_ ing to the Ambcikk| Varr. 159)' at Matgamuva :n Udunuvara of no hurnan parents in a bel'i fruit. . Fifbeent'h year. This king is often confused in tradit'ionwith Vihrama 'Ihree years later. during which the Vimukti Sahgra'ha 3. this last king lator orr wae ot Gampola' . He u.hr.a pERroD or.fugarnuV'l in Uda. lgl4 (lBTf_2). and therefore was called opapd.rrnr:ra. They are worshipped together at Anibiikka. In l'cbruary 1374. The reign ttr.s in the month of Uricluvap.ya Bahu flpn and Parahrama Mehimi.. No. Inscriptions). B. q (cEYLoN) l\roi'' XXXII. Her body The lifth of the wauing moon of Asala.u I 1. but was lr.durugalpotta Amuna in Ka.{:l/.r's lrrurlrlt vgar iv.N.. o{ the fifteenth century.ra.which Litils tho author Larhkti Senovirlat Pirivena l{ah6. No.A. She is said to have been born (3) Dontlra. fgl2 (1369-70).gur in Seven Korales . a ]trarlrncript' in the ':.1933i cAilrpor. Tlris.. Sunday. manifestetl i the 3rcl of the *'aning moon of Ui'luvap.l [{is last kno'wn year is the eiglrteenth.

finding it expedient that the enemies of the country and religion should bekept Tamils.holding the inter_ The Niyangamp6ya document of 1374. now existing vening country by a continuous line of defence. ha's continued to the present day. t No. In the Unainbuae-Ttarampardua SEnadhi' by way of Matale.nileiaya. to the two brothers the sun and moon' Rayigama. and stationed himself there with the army. crest jewel of the Valik v&rh6a.ja .a as having repelled the enemy. Pdrd. Negombo antl Chilaw.e. f g12 (l869-70).s.-1933] GAM"OLA pERIoD dF cEyLoN ursrony 27S 274 JounNAL. objecting to tbis tribute..f book called Alake6vara.Baj possibly may be clue to knowlecige of the varddhanapura at D6.yu ' PurAkru** Pal.hu. 'l'he 1{$. as ormy of Tamils at one and the same time by sea and land we shall see. ." encamped at Gorakdna in Demafagoda.tle4iya on the Mahavdligaiga. This Alagakkondra. 86. .ird. whioh gives the traditiortal account. and Virasirirha Patirdja' Cakravartti thereupon dispatchecl an army from Soli-ratra The government by S6ndlarirkddhikdra as Senevirat or the C6|a country with instructions to attack Gampola must be placed after 1360 and before the accession to power and Kdtt6 on one and the samo day. provisionecl it for a siege. f Cakravartti. (cEYr. R. In Saka 1282 (1360) t'he ministers ment'ioned in the I Arya Cakravartti levied tributo from tho hill and low I districts and the nino totamun\s.{lagakkondra is here oaid to be the " lord of the excellent city ol Vaflci.. however.A. of the but was clefeated. gives his birth-place as Rd. The flight to Rayigama. w&s Vira Alake6vara. rvritten in the oighteenth century. The rand force advanced of Alagakkonara. . was Kotte and dwelt thore. It is the first named of this pair who vartti took place in the reign of Vikrama Bdhu III. states that . The Rai. Afagakkondra capturing his encampments conqueror of the Tamils. advanced to Colombo and Parakkarir B6. XXXII. ' 4. landed at p6. the founder of 'Larhkatilaka. composed some ten years intended to restore tho discipline of the Saligha. The Jaffna troops. that is Arya 1360. which or so aftor his death. and went back to who are compared.oN) [Vor. which describos Bhuvaneika. however. the . of a Iater age..rugrd. Afagakkondra. The introduction of Bhuvanaika Bdhu by the at a d. follows Sitrar. According to this chronicle. apparently after the death of " Vita came by sea. Vattala. the Jaya Maha LE Si!5'4a' destroyed the ships lying at p6nad. in this Vigulavatta inscript'ion are Sivalkofu Lakdivu Adhikdra. and Bhuvanaika B6hu of Gampola fled to pati raja is saicl to have restored the Unafiibuva property Rayigama. nephew '.jagr6ma or had sufiered during the subjection of the country to the Rayigama.ma.ldhikar.' AlakeS_ only in copies." which norurally should mean be preferred. attacked the io the youngest of the seven daughters of Patipathdmi and Tamils by night and routed them. The confusion between the two at Colonrbo. and also of both him and Jaya Maha L6 5. the account of at. Bhuvanaika Bdhu returning to Gampola. the king of Jaffna. and then hanged the Jaffna king's tax collectors.istance.. r"tg" S*u Larirka. A.pd (Vira BEhu) as being at Gampola and Alagak- upon Arya Cakravartti. Tlte Mhu. The is tho chief figure in the reigus of Vikrama Behu III and of Niyangampaya record of lB?4 speaks of Alagakkondra his sucoessor.ur6. which Dantur6 Ban{Era. He seems to have risen to prorninenae after before that date as having beaten the Arva.nadurE." and Bhdskara Of the two acoounts the almost contemporary NB must to be o{ the " Yipra v&fr64. The Hill Country army.skara. built Jayavarddhana which is placed by the -l[B after ilre JalTna defeat. came with an kondra as at Rayigama. BAhu V Colombo. There' and the fi. It seems likely that the /l-R and states that Afagakkondra o{ the Girivatrr6a lived the Convocation of A. built the *no nua aheady appeared in Saka t28l in the preceding fortrese of Jayavarddhana K6ttE. Afagakkondra built the fortress of New Jaya' author of the . not far from the harbour ol Maydra Ba. It is certain that the attack by Arya Cakra_ the Rrahman casl. describes the activities of the two ministers vara defeated them in various engagements (O6aJ Od) .B. Alagakkondra antl Bhd..

nagaluuarhia. Vihd.":r_jfi LBTI-2. 'Ihe Jength oj the reign is uncerl. The Niyangampdya.'. proceetJs . Nr9. gampaya record speaks of his restoration of the Larhkd'tilaka the time of this king_after he had held swav for twenty years-had Vina. A..NAr.. 6. According to the -. When i."*nt*u. sth waniug moon of and Geiger transla.e.clavafa in Harispattu.r".no great value.s o". f OOZ in the VFgiriya has deserted an army such as we ? " perltaps resulted in the 1a. KaliYuga 4474' .276 the^r..o* tt'o al"). Navan amd"vasa.k koriara_i"..n cailetl Viralrahrr altuinetl tlrc ror.. third year."r. The NB.".s admitted into the circle o{ the not giyen in contemporary clocuments. 6606 (f65)' Another with (iampoia. The Kitsirimevan Vihh'r6 at the sum" pluc" had been restored in 1314-5 wit'h the help of the family. "*ir.tiii_#lr* until t405_6. Tlie actual year of Rhuvanaika B5hu.. built by Mit Seneviradun in t'he Daihba. about 1374.s. t. fourth year... ut r"u... as well as vihares in the the .. The insuipt'ions of the reigrr ale irtll. nf Bhuvaneka (3) Vigula'vatta.a ."^J'Ur"* the Mhu.i-i. The Rdjauaritia gives the year A.hrr. .h. or perhaps his :.r$:'ff:. 79' Now in tire Kandy supplied the material to tlie eighteenth century M. H."ionre. accession is fi ve ranks of princes @'ur." ilhe r-orrls ..uanaikaThe ffB Bd. Rayigama' The Niyan- family came to the rhronel. f. p. (cEYLoN) [voi-..pad'hi.. i' il|"']l ]J+"i n d:Tn.{'ioiO) Ohap.Arr. itself . ri-llyl.B." *.l il-. C. on the part howeyer.a in af ttrc Siritttala Atro..ili"[J-*r.. Vira Ud. ll: orl-"'it es to Bhuvanaika amplifiecl by Jaya Maha LE Sitdrra also about 1374' -Bdhu dedications in hjs 20th tl.*ffij (2) Mii. The l?1J.i.. to be attributed to Vikrama Bdhu III' and hi'g I No. : deniya time.n t. in the original AsaJa...oN Hrslony 27? frj repucliation by his army' " What profiteth us a king rvho insmiprion of Saka lBil7. I. n" reignecl. R. XXXII. There is no doubt' that he became the real ruler or nrreenrr year was if expirecl in "J..."r* . Saka 1282...sed on rhe ^. IgI4 (lg7l-2) states thathe "received the sovereignty " (dcd:s $ Czij from for the *::"'-probaLlv crlcutatit-.rdj a..s relates that the minister wa... Girivarh6a- sa1'B: " fn the twentieth y"u" 'of ttrat iln.UT.r''e etaremenr of rhe .rufu.oi"thjs man becamo Bahu V. tf""Or. (65. has : '.. The IIIS mentions the Siidurugiri 2. (I) Larirkdtilalia.ya {copies only' That in the British Irehu (Rh.....rl rti-.. (4) Niyangarnp5... ancl Nissariika Alakesvara.B.".n Ot rrrraneka_ bdh.o*". 8{i" lg3Sl cAMpor. ..entlr year is reeoltJed o}. was (ki'g).. 1916. . t<otto) t y tf. .i+rS1.1"" of defi'itely states that AJa gar.la4iya.ain.i+. 15th waxing lnoon of 3. third year.-. is conctusivo. .. mary(alikard'i a. ' Bhuvanaika Bnhu V.s relationship tJiduvap.. up to. the' Kegalla D'istrict.thin nil.. P' Bell).. Tlie evidence. 18th) waxing tleeds of Alagahkonar:1. the -Mehenavara neighbourhood of his birth-place.hu fff. a ma.uoeum.... in the next reign he is styled Srt' Lathk'id'lf i' aa..ut Kd. pirive4as called Vaflcipurapurandata.":::'::: ''l: e bv Vikrama Bd.r.h. after <lescribing the defeat of the Jafinese l.re.-"ro. _g"i^iinr. with whom he was associr of the tliircl year of Bhuvanaika Bdhu IV' wi j esirrh a. XC. and' anuidsakaraja)' The titie actually elapsed from the death of^ljfteenth year lg2g years hafl in use was prabh.n. hnruo..4l5..11:d.i"*. Slaka 1295' A..1j"lii Vegiriya i'scription of.n .r6. The king.Qu of bhat king. Published in tsell's Report on : to_.. ln tfrot o""'"rro.B. document our nuaana. .. Engraved immediately below tlrat to Vikrama R6. -EB. his antarabhogikirciia.li::::.sulnr.1 o. .io. The Niyangampdya VihSrE was restored and is_ ba.r. 1t tad'eiard'ja.uuo.A pDRroD A grant of the ser. I']lt t: that city (sc..lj dictator of the Sinhalese country' His religious endow- ments were many.neka Batti Bhuvanaika Museum is in Or. however.? . <lict'atorship of Alagakkorfira..r." . Ilr.l moon of UriduvaP.A. has JouB.hu Sekhara..tes .urriia.

65)' This prabhurd'ja cannot be t'he great may thus be explained. bnth at.uasa clay of Asala Rd. 'Ihis really rnay refer to the undoubiedly are the brothers Alakedvara and Ileva Mantri' Sinhalese. that c.. a Brahman "Saka d. 1821).ia (M 4) states nrentioned in a contemporary document'. verse 236.-'Ihe Alamprlndi plate of Virupdksa of Vijavanagar. General.'a rrari. records that " having conquered the kings of Tuldira. the application of the narne " I(alladi " or Canatese Bahu according to the Sagama to the people of Jaflna in the lhkila Bancleiaya. An ola report by Mahavala- Bahu V. The royal personages mentioned by the Mogdra 7. (ancl) the Sirirhrilas. 65).6a I)evaraksita. This d.vaka." the king of Sitd. P' 491)' with Yep5. Satrsirhha The Mhu depart's from its source in makrng Bhuvanaika I(ufljara.. to reign. (2) Larnkatilaka.jauarh. and the yuvaraja the Alagak. his " nephew.larirked. who afterwards went to the throne of Uda- The Mhu attributes a Convocation to Bhuvanaika kaltuva or the Hill Country.f a sdnd. 'Ihe 'insuiptions oI the reign of Bhuvanaika Bd. III. which later on certainly v-as tributary to Vijaya- Ganavii'si kula on the maternal. alreacly rvhen accorcling to line Mltr compiler this king had ceased r'eferred to. uncler one canopy. fought Parakrama Bd. the clueen. written in Saka 1305 (for 1307) or 1385-6 Sand'eiaya are Jayasiri Biso. A small was the elcler brother of Vira Bd'hu Epe' palm-leaf document. and Ji'nabod'hd'uali' and vas Larirk6. The contemporaty May6'ra Sanile\aya konara. ISth year.. perhaps on the ground that according to the NB td. as lrell as power. staying at Md. A shrine was set up the pupil of Dharmmakirtti I. R." who according to the SB The following two accounts are traclitional.nayaka or divisional commancler. are :- of Vira Bahu E. XXII. bound up with the Colombo Museum 5.yaka. XXII.1933-] eAM"oLA pERroD oF oEYLoN nrsronv 279 however.. About two hundred Yenrs later tutor io Vimalakirtti.A. successor. as he was of the GrrivarirSa.s. the composer of the S'R under this king's " third grandson.ate is the last known for the great Alagak- Bd. wrote lhe Saddharmmtt.B. gives Gampola as his seat'.hikara certainly wielded the supreme gives the nanles of Sri Larirhd. but must be Vim Rlut "Sv. but after the t'rventieth year # (l) Saganra (JRAS. No.s a' parallel to the tradition that also became king' Senelatukidhikera' 6. CB. or ipd iti-i. being a Saturday niglit. incomplete.ara.. No. Cola. IncI. No.nnd Disava also ascribes the foun<lation of Uggal Alut- the harmony ln ttt" Sarirgha brought abolrt under Vikrama nuyara D6val6 to the time of Sflriya maharaja (Board of Bahu III in 1369-70 lasted until the fifteenth year of his Commissioners. .hu V the Convocation in A. who were serving Bhuvanaika inscription (JRAS' CB'' nagar . No. 86.l(iuatiira Sannaya'.$.r.ua arnd. 1939 (1396-7) under the auspices . \t'ho united hnkiraga. he (Vimpakga) presented konara or Alakedvara and Dev himi at Rayigampura' The crysta)s and other jewels to (his) father " Ilarihara of Vijaya- three princes are described as brothers' The last two nagar (Ep. raja.dagama in Sabaragamuva harl revealed to him aaU.hu reign at KottE.pd. 32).ra. AJagakkond.uathia of Saka 1304 (1382-3) S6n6. The only monk holding the office of Sothghardja that on the o. Lhe Mayd'ra San. in 1304 (1382). But the contemporary chronicle only knows of 8. Gampola.clhisvara AlakeSvara of the probably and Afagakkond'ra Vaflcipuill gotra and his brother Artthand. This Sarlghard'ja was Maha.e. otherwise Jaya Bahu' He was in a dream the weapon of KandasEmi.fafina. (oEYLoN) [Vor.. is interesting a.278 JouRNAr. is Dharmmakrrtti II. Tlre hiiftala Attamgnltr. as does the 'Eaj' 4. and prabhur5'ja and Pandya. but it is possible that the " couquest " w&s of of the Mehenavara varir3a on the paternal side and the . XXXII.hu VI (B-8. ancl the aflair reported to Suryya maharaja. Bd.4aya. This oI course took place while Bhuva- naika Rahu was on the throne.

attributed by llr. 86.T) ancl the accession Up to this fifteenth year there hacl elapsed lg29 vears from to power of Vira Bd. After recording the Convocation held by the death of our Buddha and 1722 years from the establishment Dharmmakirtti I and Alagakkond. is to be Alagee- vara . is based on or raiher merely reproduces the _l[S. utju. naika Bahu V or A. tsell (Reltort bhrrrdja called Alagesvara .oN nrsronv 2gl 280 JounNAL.ion of A. XXXII. His son prooably enjoyed po*"" fo. . rulecl here twelve years.'. lgl2 which led to the trouble betryeen the two brothers. lg3g (1896-7) under the of 1385-6.. The A'-8..his fact. .' yet Vira Bdhu ha<l secured naika Behu V was still alive. after the Vira sentence " The harmony . the religion in Larirka in the month of poson hacl treen it continues : completed " (BR.aa and quite likely is spurious.B. W. implying as it did the right of succession to the 2. p. his younger brother Vira BAhu 6pd. etc. Iasted until 1386_?. rvhich he estab- lished in A. Moors and the consequent struggle for his place as dictator. After l. (1382-3). the cousin german (suhurubadu) o! fI].raltll. granted at Srtdvaka in Saka lg2l (1399_1400). Bahu apa was with the king and queen at Gampola and " opponents ") and to have driven away foreign enemies. that Bhuvan6kabEhu. IIl. Afterwardg when he went away being caught in the Chinesc stratagem thro'gh his lcarmmai' a p. [IJ] lron of the great Alagal_konara.B. l9l2 of (136g_20i. .hu of the Mehenavara have seen that Alagakkondra is last heard of in SoLa tgOa family came to the throne. his father. throne. No. the Dpe named Virabd. .akeSva. and the first periocl of power of Vira .clha janayan. when the yuvaraja Vira [III] or betrveen. appointment as yuvaraja. 1387 and l3gl-2. govornmont.B."_rior* " The Seven . struck terror into the hearts of fierce Loes (uirud. . 9l fI. D'Oyly mentions a sannasa of Blruvanaika llehu oiffOtte his uncle (lit. unbroken up to the fifteenth year of Bhuvan€kabdhu V. ft was in his time that the _ly'B was completed.hu about l3gl-2 we have to place the rulo the dea.. Rulers or Mayors of the palace. that king.B. his younger brother Tunayesa. His ing the first dictatorship of Vira Alahe6vara military arrangements are described ancl he is said to have say.B.hu Epd. lg2g (lJg6. 1or descendant. ancl it probably was l. our Buddha. his broilrer the prabhurija ancl Deva Mantri at Rayigama.s bdyd.ra Alage6vara.. yfta on the Kegalla District. Afterward.th cf our Buddha.hu 6p6. ft is clear that between the fifteenth year of Bhuva. l^T^l: !"yl his successors figurcs refer ro rho order oi ahg"kko. Bhuva. Malalas. ilhe -l[B deals very briefly with the reign of Bhuva_ seven persons had passecl arvay. assignecl to Bhuvanaika Bahu yII (Epigr.sa. gave gifts to religious persons and cause<J ir he may have been clead before the Vijayanagar invasion Convocation to be helcl in A.a.s. " The harmony of the church then establirhed prevailed 3. timo only.-1g33] GAMroLA pERroD oF cuyr. " After that Kumd.2gb). p. R. Rut (yonalca). father) the above mentioned Vira Alage6vara. which up to the Convocar. quoted above.) of Tamils..g"" to belong to a cycle of documents connected wibh the Malala brother Vira Bd. As the harmony of the Sarirgha. lg5g years from these naika Bahu.rakrama Bd. pp.ra in A. l9f2 (1969-20). Zeyt. Vira Ala.) to this reign..dun (rulecl). The chronir:le then relates that he "overcame all the it is not unreasonable to suppose that this last clate marks his cleath disturbances (sora siyalu uiEaatl. own Bon of that pra- The Gan6go da sanna. 62). . The Maydla Sand. This seems being clefeated at Rayigampura in battle with (his) "yoor. munuburui of the above mentioned Senevira. in the 20th year of of KurnEira Alalcesvara.. (cDrrLON) fVor.. then proceecls : in t hiTi-Jicto.eiayaseems to have been written dur_ mula. granclson existence. his son Vij"aya epd... went to the Coast and cominglgain Kathd.he6- It is to be noted that he is always spoken of as dpa. Pa. a short presidency of Dharmmakirtti II and Maitreya of Galaturu. vara \ilas the elder brother.

in all probability he rulod for more than five. XXIV. pion-i- c.i proteoion. Igl2. as La-cho (Parakrama Bd. The king Ya-lieh-k'u-nai-erh (Al gak. "]. ZeyI.".B26. rhe TJonoured. Tamil. the cleposed according to tlie S-Il lasted twelve years and he was carried ruler and his family unanimously choseyeh_pa _nai-na(d.Wo.l"r"d by . afterwards .r The now prince according to the Woo-heo_pden (b.. as we shall see. he almost certainly cannot have been pard..:jlJitl-tl-g-?t. As this B.". 66. R.'and "".... fi. Th"*" arrived in China in A..A. On being As Vrra AlakeSvara's second period of power bidden bythe Bahu VI.. and sent u p"iJoner to ohina with his late v'ork. ofi by the Chinese not later than 14II. for we have to allow for his trvo to Oeylon. 1409. i:'dri.nig'.. or mrslorbulro and journoycd states anil that frecluent border raids wore the reslrlt. kidnapping is uselJs.:*ptives arrived in China a. (cDYLoN) [Vol.. We Vijaya Bahu IV. . f939' China. p. The irscription of l40g from its date and theienor of itslvordingz The Raj gives the Sinhalese version of the affair. Ch". have governed at the most for some severl years. l4lL. The almost contempora. 86. makes the captured king to be.'. "u. Vira Bd'hu [IV] must who was sent out as king uncler Chinese suzerainty. but the authority for the that this K6ffE king..s. Lviii.J his date as A. :_S an account of the presents power for twelve years.. arrived in C:ylon... j:"X ' 'uu' offerirrgs in ricomp. But this aut'hor 'rnd Dondra (spotia Zeyl-.I.n rhey havc statecl that the king was at enmity with the neighbouring .r. XXXII. and rlrrriirg to announco olu mandat€ t. 1941 or 1398-9. No. . oriruiio"i". hov'ever.f on. The /?B assigns to him d reign of tn trne nmth year of yung_lo on the 9th clay of twelve vears but omits the subsecluent rulers up to Pardkrama the seventh month. VIII. . and leading *"rr.our iupr. ..u that he was in any hulry to get to China. No.j:":1.hot."nfly present before '. xxx.. f934 (139I-2). Accord- ing to the Chinese sources Cheng Ho was sent' out in 1405 by the emperor as ambassador to the Western Seas and _. .. b) sons Vijaya ApalVl and Tu4ayesalVll. p.. was sent from the . returned from India..R. re-assumed the government. tribute to the emperor.pd. pt. llg. a was himself captured. Cj.p.uo. l'Ir.lespatched rnissions kxAra[III]) plotted mischief and the ambassailor left. Later t' ovr'rlasting recognition in s. ii:lppose ""a'tfrl.Alagexerol.: 2.."ihu o"ou.hu's reign. Ettigr. who in r4BB anri rater paid statement is rtot' hnown. :l. It is I f. 9rj T"nnnri..:s to the preciso date the.r11^ virtue.B puts encl of July. The NS mentions the domestic and foreign troubles Accorcling to Couto the deposecl king on his return to Ceylon at the beginning of Yira Bd.y lb. The king tried to entrap the ambassador.u or brother-in-lalv of the king' There the fshnd..:.s peak attributed..JRAS. Cheng Ho again was sent to foreign countries and visited do'nor'. the Chinese_historian may well turru p"". c. j. *u.'di. Vira Alake6varaflll]. The . zeyl. but is no cloubt as to his name.'sing or ytur rrJ""n"u. doubtless is to the civil war between the two brothers.'"fie. C"yui'. The Rajauant"4a. a statement corroborated by the Chinese authorities.o was on a tour of inspection nappecl. i6.ru_"d pu_la-ko-ma five vears ..68.rha.rrrn.B. 337). wo have . Thev r^ u qrsdsrcr. Uing Shih. .t the king by the Chinese. lirly know of two visits to C"yf"" byback this officer.ru. calls him Vijaya Bahu and places lris accession ytl:.ry B. is no reason to The Raj. it is dated tho firs-t follows the same inversion of events as the Raj and makes aoy or the second month rn the seventh year of yung_lo o" Afake6vara to rule the country after the removal of the Fj".l{S was completed after the Oonvocation of A.oubt that it was Vira Alakesvara who was kid.ri.nse. This number of years is also grvrng oflered to Arlam..hu rdja). The reference t'rvo years after lris capture *u...B.*lg3B] cAMpoLA pnRroD ojr clryroN nrsrony 2gB Bahri was stthurubad. that ir superseded monarch also being dispatcherl the frorn 1391-2 to about 1398.tl$ren. and persian.. was identical with the prince chosen in china.krama Some manuscript notes of dates at Malvatte Vihd'r6 give Behu VI. 4.pi7nan).oiru. perhaps after the death of Vira Bahu. No.. and at the least for was Seay-pa-nae-na.'afotv of 5.of ir. " Of late.282 JouRNAr. emperor to select the most worthy person as king. and continued in ritl"gual inscription in Chinese. that is on July Zg. Speculation it beyond d. t4l l.othorefore. ItI. to " Alagexere " by Couto. 36) . p. nat ions.

that is of S6ndlarhkd'dhikira' i l-I1 Tunayesa j I lB98 o. whictr counts oach periocl of Lildvati's add themissing five Tamils and Gaja rulo rs & s"para. To sum up.he*u*k. Tho next' and seventh ruler' according [trII] Vira AJake6vara c.hu VI. XXfI.at rrma Bdhu 5'palVffi' " grandson " 1m'unuburu) oI --.975 (sic)' The of tho al if be read fot solosak' 115 for 116 kings pasalosaft {l) Sri Buddha varSayen ekv6. howevlr' . however.. whose years. t*o y"urr. p.. 13g6-7 6. From Mah6. Parakrama Bdhu VI counting his reign from A. lgbb until Both the S"R and the until 1405-6..:*nd count Yira L Cf."-ifl" first. 1397-1409 i-p"rriUf" that he wasideniical [YII] Parakrama Bdhu apa l4l0-l4tb 1409.B itself.loiotes and. p. in addition to the definite statemepi perhaps 'early in l4l0' li. No.ke6vara 1397 with Parekrama Bdhu VI ' filll Vira c.B. 86. It.. which began in 1405' and'' until fresh evidence find that Par5krama Behu VI actually rvas the llbth king availa.D.284 JouB. of him as Vira Alake6- Chinese authorities agree in speaking vara or Afagakkondra [III].l we is . return may have been Bahu with the fr. and SE agree' {2) Tri Si(rn)halddhisvara The number of kings in the Pil'id'aaliya counts Pard'krama Bd'hu II as The Pfi'jdaoliya.krama Bd..hername'There rulers are as follows.yage rather than belongs AlakeSvara tlr. pt. before Dhatusena tfte fsgra king.oas of the period are :_ numbers of kings from Bd.hu V. Bell : correct sum is arrived the total being 707. is conclusive in l4l2' 'against any identification of this pardkrama io. 65.t is to be placed in 1409 or from Ceylon of the B.-l397_8 r39l-2-1397 *u.B. hi. 1953 (1410-ll). as is actually done by the S. Vira AJake6vara ruled for some years during at least two. dahas nava siya te panas Suluvarhsa.pd.. Sammata Sudovun to ' ' 707 '797 JnAB.. who was one of . R'A's' (cDYr'oN) [Vor'' XXXII' No.B" 19d7 (1415. never completed. pu. viii. the seven .l .hu VI came to the throne U Cooto is right in stating t'hat he was absent after " the seven " rulers had passecl away.ble.'o*''byanyot. and there is contemporary 7. cxxxi. A. The approximate dates of . -"y not have been the prince selected in China' It is Ala. The inseripti.ice.\ He may l! I vlJaya apa th" S"n"oirudot.. CB.the tho seven. Saka lBB7. A. if not 1407-8' il4l2)as well as from lg58 (l4lb). January). is read by Mr..a..NAr'.-f933] GAMpoLA pERroD or cEyLoN srsrony 2gE " *Jr" totorully to the second v:. This. seem to have been contemporaries for a few reign lasted lifetime of Bhuvanaika Bd. to tho SA' IIII Kumdra Alake6vara c. The 5. therefore' no such king as " Vijaya Bd'hu Vf'" The bhe supposition that the year of the Galle inscription is that Bdhu of the l(d'ragala irrscription must be Vijaya of the capture of Vira Alake6vara :- "** Bd.B that Pard. 63 From YijaYa to Mahasen From Kitsirimevan " to t'his time " 116 _ {3) Ambekka.hu V. the liya. Yana. 1387-8-I391-2 the sixth i{ we exclude one government of Vira Alakesvara' ![V] Vira Bahu l39l-2-c. CB. -no evidencethat.wemayconcludethatthekidnapBingofVira of the SuluvaftSa. Queries (JRAS.B'lg58waswrittenintheseventhyearofPard'krama 8.294. 1898-1410 c.. The second column gives the dates on was. A. of the same name.). 1409. It gives the following (l) Galle trilingual record.1415 which makes his rule for the following reason' The B'E' endinA. because the six Tamils is-nrnitted' If we are reckoned as one and Gaja BEhu II Bl. Mahd Sammata (PP' 70-?t):- {2) Vdgiriya.to "t\ .

The Raj then relates the was in the reign of Vikrama Bdhu III.oN) [Vor. in whose time Dosraja landed in Ceylon to his five sons and to his nephew Vira B1'u and the tilh a host of Tamils. tells how his queen Sunetrd.o the Ptirakumbii Sirita. The ourious Tamil poetical inscription found et riate as A.as Pard. attained the age of sixteen. (cEYr. B. the revort of Arakesvara against the Tamil domination. let alone others elsewhere of Yesak.B.ualiya. when the monk visiddgama then. It is clear.krama Bd.tilaka and Gadal6de4iya. places the story o{ the capture of the king in the sixth year The situation of this epigraph iu the heart of the Sinhalese nf Akbd II. The subjection to Jaftna. This frorn the Sinhalese country. cDyLoN ursrony . 127) after the death of parakrama -Bahu rr inter- THE PROBLEM OF THE RAJAVALIYA. the ?th day of ttre brigtrt nail Larirkd. lrolates from the Dalada ptrjd. Jaffnese domination is proved by the assertion in the Rai but the minister Alakesvara lived at ll. and the record.krama Behu at Gampola. having of of the Muslim ganison from Colombo perhaps was a result caused AlakeSvara to be put to death. and the ensuing campaign. Up to this point the chronicle adheres to the shorter form 1. Thereafter there was no king in Larirka. while Arya Cahra_ revenue (a31abadu) to Arya Cakravartti and then hanged vartti dv'elt at Yd.-1933 GAMporrA pERroD ox.pd.286 JOUBNAL. 86.uatiya the reigns of Vijaya ilriihu IV and Bhuvanaika Bd. may have occurred later on in the reign of Bhuvanaika produced him before the people on Thursclay. In Ibn Batuta calls Arya Cakravartti the 1344 of the Pd. represents the kidnappers as Tamils ancl not as country presents an interesting problem for solution. and the l. As is well known there is ri.s. Jayatilaha in his introcluction of the fifteenth century. raisecl the prince oI the Tamil conquest. domination.ayigama and the that Alakesvara fortified K6tt€ as it was not fitting to pav nephew of Pard.. fortification of K6t!d.gama.elivery of the kingdom to the eldest son Vijaya Bahu IV' u'iis carried o{I. from'his account that in the. cluring which It might be supposed that the removal of the Sinhalese Bhuvanaika Bdhu fled from Gampola to Rayigaml. But the script is. ancl..iIuseum. The capital from Kurunegala to Gampola was due to the Tamil chronicle then goes back to the capture of Vijaya Bahu. (XXXII' The version of the -Baj known to Valentyn (book V) No. referring {Jhinese. ft then states that Vijaya Bahu f. 1973 or lg74 (l43f or l4B2).A. XXXII. the ?th day Behu IV or in that of Pard.hu f.jd. 85. A.paluna or Jaffna and levied tribute the Jaffna king's tax collectors (bad'uaala{a sitiyauun).reign of Vijaya BEhu one Dosraja king of Great that this king did not gor''ern. But the construction of such temples as which it dates o'Th'rsday. ft then immediately proceeds to state Suitan of Ceylon. P. 214). No. in the early years of Bhuvanaika Bdhu IV's reign and the Devi took refuge in company with her son at yisicld. however. quoted by Sir D. cannot t. The withclrawal the bright half of Vesak. Rajaualiya (Colombo ftiuseum. . the Sinhalese china craftily carried away the king and kilecl his four clistricts of the Island' At the same time the fact of the younger brothers. The Vanni relate to the period now under discussion. therefore. rpughly speaking. A.hu VI.iscussed recently in this Journal.B. This last also is the case with a Raj inthe British Sinhalese. f958 (1416). and encls the narrative with a pecligree of parakrama as it does to some victory of the Jafinese king over the llahu VI. Kolagama near Rairbukkana and now in the Colombo Museum has been d.hu Y. Variants give this last 2.n hiatus in lhe Raj account of that of following its account of Parakrama Bahu II's aclmonition liruvanaika Bahu fI. lg44 (1402).krama Bd. ti the throne. R. of the middle .B.2g7 The Tamil Domination. building of the anicut on the Kospotu Oya (Alavala Amu4a how the prince was sent to polvatta in l-our KoraLs to inscription) presuppose wealth and prosperit'y and are not escape Alakesvara and lived there in obscurity until he consonant with a recent conquest. at least directly.

not free from ambiguity.h. no sons' chagatar been that they were the next heirs to the crorin.- Sunetrd.8 ced ooot eoo. Zeylr. lg55 Bdhu II).l o}l?$tio 669 @'. o. it was Dambacline Pandar Pracura Mabago or Bao (Pard'krama The accession of pardkrama Bdhu Vf is <iatecl in ".A.\t c5ctsQ gc6f. by AfakeSvara.krama Bahu VI.tra-ii os a grandson or king 'rvrra. . Ahe Rajhas confused the great AlagakkonS'ra [I] and -a 86o his " nephew" UI!. Tradition is unanimous that his life was sought embarked.i':r.dition knew the king carried ofl by the Ohinese either as Jaffna war. rule.. He left.aiasir...'. led by the great Afagakkond'ra lI]' a5g 8tf s/d.ama mean (a) " grandson (or descendant) in the time o{ Vikrama B6hu III._wlrich gives"u.f a)ac. therefore' tite Pciralcumba Birita. fi wit be came to be known in noted that (l) some BR. . is the earliest account of the capture of the versions of lhe Raj contained a pedigree of pardkrama Bahu Sinhalese ruler which we possess' We may observe that rioarly taken from the parakuiba iirita. il not three. seized the kingdom and tried to get hold secret stay in Four Korales to last the twelve jea"s of etu- of the princess and her children. xit _' al )lS _ ocont gcodd -.[ii.A ^^Eg@-?t-o ^s9s9 Eci3 . the to have been Vira AlakeSvara yuvaraja of MayadununuYara..t e**-{Lb oa*06 1411..ter times as Vijaya Bahu.years which elapsed between the capture of Vira AJake6vara escaped at the time of the capture. Now verse 2T of 2..*...s. The reason for his pursuit of the princes and a (Buddhist may have for ten years. but she hid herself and them l<eSvara's rule.af *rr"J. b3 ff). and also (2) that there is no mention of the fortification of K6t'tE and the i.. Alagexere.vwJEJ ?tdgd e?ra-d. is.ir1g (who was) Savulu Vijaya Bahu. a fleet Alakesvara by the chinese. 197..NArr. did have a brother. The traditional story of his emperor being angry at the affair sent him back to Ceylon' hiding in Four Korales can harcily be assigned to the few This king's wiclowed claughter with her two little sons had . grandson of king pr. lr)Jwcl e q sources that he arrived in that country in the middle of :* s Grl 5dOro 8:qeOo. Devi.b11t from that ihe twelve years here assigned to Alagexere agree with india .?rJ Er:. No. Atter Alagexere had ruled !)evi and her two children fled.krama Bahu of Dadrbadeliya as in Couto. Two.sirirha o1@ cog w&s son of sonarat by D. Apart from the contemporary [III]. pardkrama rf priebt) exercised. and Couto seems to make the period of iis ment of the realm. have been incorporated in the Rai. not on th" abcluction from China brought back of Vira for a little over two years. The words coQO 6eUOl -g€Ojr'may against Arya. but Alagexere murdered him an<l reigned _{ndia. To take the story of Sunetra Devi and t *orrr. 196. After the Chinese had IIIII and 1412.. pp. the adventures of the ]li: ly"l:h"]g4) l. vv.r " young prince. Cakravartti. 1ay . R&1. who was carrierl away by the Qhinese' The (Epigr.ie J. e. the length of the reign allotted to Vira AlakeSvara by the 4. One relates the revolt . (cEvLoN) fVol. and' illil:t T:g separated from this by the Jaffna war. .:i.s account or as vijaya Behu as in the text of oan Raj. : The U.< 6lO v=r.be Raj. catharina. A.B. and gave to his brother Madune Pracura 'r. the Iater Par5. his brother thus will have been an infant in arms. It therefore seems probabte ihat Sunetrd in the parts about Ceitavaca.--f933] eAMpoLA pDRroD or cDyLoN ursrony 2g9 Couto also has the story of the kidnapping' But'w'ith him B.son of king Savuru of the capt'ure of the Sinhalese ruler by the Chinese.. independent stories.288 JouB.-c---- . Another gives an account of f. 1*rg eclcd. L':lr6. and also that Parakrama Bahu VI according to the iiinhalese ruler. 86. il.. but on his return from exile in the captive king ..#iil:i. XXXII. as so often in Sinhalese poetry. /a.e@ _a*'ay6O "fiai. to whom t'he king had given the govern. We know from the S-R that t'he ruler carried viri*_. and his mother o. cr6zc$t6 ococ off to China was Yira AlakeSvara IIII] and from Chinese v*c 6me". Couto'.rqdu. ?he question now may be asked how the captured BR. he must have been born about 13g6 ancl have been Ilabago the dominion of the Four Korales' It will be noted tyo years of age when Vira Alakedvara returned 1.III. he restored the elder prince Maha 1laht1 VI was sixteen years oltl at his accession as stated in Pru"*^ Mabago. tho pedigree of R.*il. whom we know from contemporary evidence Pareui Sanrleiaya.

uenenavara to the and ( 2 ) ot V rra Bfr.. the that his father was a king.. his mother naturally thus becoming 6.Alagexlre f.-XXII' .. l. L€na Savufu pard. This Vijaya Bahu's queen. No. Alakesvara was in the Malvatt6 Vihd.XXXlII.. .290 JouliNAL. Bd. . Pard. however. t. Another point is that Vira Afake6vara VI. w.krama Bahu on . Traditionally the Garupola princes belongetl But..ujru. after his capture.e Eaj that Bhuvanaika.. No. but this t'erm is used vory loosoly' . The RR.. that the Alagakkondra-or. Once this last vievr of tlie pedigree identity of the Alake6vara said by tnu is the was accepted. R..p[i'* oi ll. t5l<ratna 'ba ntt tl (Mnu" L)(X XL varhSa. though there seem. VI was son oJ Vijaya Bahu. That Pardhrama Bdhu VI's father was not a to the throne. The time of Vira Alake6vara. 36.witli very claim descent {rom Sumitra. For this reason alone Pardkrama deceitful demon- strations " *uy be compared with Behu VI cannot have been the son either of the ruler caried the lo"ot t. .hu. Couto "u " by . The end of the document shows that the father fled from Gampola. 3351 ealls Parikrarna Bdhu V['s father " Java Md Io mahipatl' f .krama Bahu VI of the 5. the last king of this name very near that of pardkrama. quite certain' The .hu is. Yet it nowhere says that his father was & The tradition related by the Raj no [III] himself. The Gampola Dynasty. I think.in tlto time oLMagna r.A. the Kott6 kings in their documents alwayg Couto's story of the murder of .a ' 5. inscription) . ncither was a king' S1t.a little over two on early in his reign and contains a mass of material laudatory y"or. cited in support of the content'ion 7. the insertion of the name Vijaya Bahu easily killed when parakrama Bahu VI noi to have been followecl. BEhu for tho assertion of father.Kandf ^a1 Mhu ot well h#e boen c"onferrecl t v ttt" t ittg on his nrother after his accession' I'll{rama l3ahu by tradition and in his own documents. his name also was Vira Bd. If used in its striet sonse it may i'i. from whom he haa been Devi his wiclowecl daughter.. seems to be of Pard'krama Bdhu wo".s accession and his removal was necessarl the security of the was of the Mehe4avara varirSa on his father's side (Sagama {or . Tlre Vrtcr' Ratndkora Pa'it'ciker' VRAS: CB'. reigning king and it knows of no Vijaya Bd.hu among " the doubt is true.f.pa himi of llot po"rn was vira BEhu.eiaya was confused with his .p6.-lg88] GAMpoLa pDRroD ( or cEyLoN rrrsrony 291 difficulty of interpretation rvas not felt merely in our times A strong point against the iclentification is the is shown by the fact that Couto. according to which off by the Chinese or of his brother Vira BEhu as stated slain at his coronation festival. also calls Sunetrd of the rul6r.. select'ed by the Chinese fhe statement that the nephew of parakrama BAhu II lived emperor to succeecl the kidnapped ruler' As already stated' 'lt Gampola is explained.rt was " Srr Parakrama Bahu V!ida'un-tii'n'" The script [III] of the Mayura B*nd. cf' Epigr' Zeyl'' nntnuburu of Jaya Maha II."rr* in the tl:re Raj to VicJ. 46: LXXXVIII' ti7).s.. A possiblo explanation has been suggested a.n". while the compiler of the existing childhood . XXXII. rf oo.ry if he was Raj clearly took the pedigree to mean that Parakrama B5'hu carried oII to China. states that the founcler D:vi is called bzlso-. says the deported ruler was murdered Vijaya Bd.. 86.911 p.1""*O.i"g. perera.ut ".. whose informant made improbability of par5krama Bahu having great been at the court Parakrama Behu II to be the captive king. ntaht put i is used 1 I ) o[ Rhuvanaika Bdhu ffpd. tlife deui was *o "o..r6 manuscript notes of dates' The Kudumirissa inscription. it seems almost certain that the two were diflerent persons' .s to be no contemporary e .hu. But the deported ruler was Vira Al#esvara o{ his descent.iye Ba4dita's wiIo. by Mr' E. on the""*night of his landing after a reception .hu have been being Vijaya Bdhu V. was tir. (cEYLoN) [Vol. No comments are necessary on flre story of forbification of Kott6 and the Juffrru.AlakeSvara ".tll cvidence therefor. It confirms a grant made by the reigning king's tl:. One matter still requires elucidation.Alagexere . called Vtra V. yet his presence there in hiding since his is necess€r. A short note is desirable as to the identification with ilf The compiler of the Raj may also well"'of have known that the yuvaraja or fi. the n. . It rs apPirecl rl a capital.ru-"*t is notthat of the time of Pardkra.s return from China rnust seven " who preceded him.N-t' .bove VIII.ou"t of lonour.S-B was written his return to Ceylon.ma Bdhu VI'l the Girivarir.

lived or whence hiir believe the "Niyangampaya record. Now Savuluva or Havuluva was That there was some kind of revolution seems certain. Against the contention that the Gampola kings It was from the last named prince that the Kdt!6 kings belonged to the Mehenavara varir3a it may be urged thit Vira BEhu is specifically stated to be of that clan bracecl their origin.n. 12. The Moriya country.hu was the treasure antl how his daughter.lallen ruler he calls the capital.hu V. ? is possibJe that the story of the peahen arose from a misunderstanding of the The Mehenavara varh6a claimed descent from the prince name and a popular derivation of it from Skt. was the egg was found.ri"cl to Stryyagotra. therefore.. is nothing unusual .krama BEhu I. to whom it is applied. Koral6.s. ii maha l6na " and his brother Sumitra " Jaya maha l6nd"" 2. This was in pard. The bcrn in a peahen's egg. and in lhe Daladd' V were of a different familv. if we may particular king.mani) race.ybilunna. the village in which who was associated. and a number of other villages in R'ayigam of another clan. But Vira BAhu was the suhurubagu Sirita lhe royal family appears divided between these and d . who brought the Bo tree.A. of course. laya Mahdlana ancl three others.as composed or finishecl. by his marriage with Sunan<16' the ex-nun (mehet. south of Kala Oya. " peahen "). merchant or VaiSya caste. 'Ihe district perhaps is the same as Havuluva. descended from rvith royalty. another of the princes who brought vara vam6a.l of. (cnYLoN) [Vol' XXXII' No. We have appeared out o{ it. were that the Gampola liings or at least Bhu'anaika BEhu known by the general name of Ganavbsi. it The egg was taken to king Devanap6' Tissa and a princess only becomes so when taken from the context. that is AfJgakkonara. India. Granted. and therefore brothers of A6oka's llueen. it seems certain that the family was connected Mahelana. which was laid over the treasure' mention of his descent. the Bo tree. this clan. what was their connection descendant was the Jaya Maha LEna Savufu Pardkrama with bhe kings of Dadrbadeniya and Kurunegala ? Bd. According to the Pil'iiiuatiya Bodhigupta was created " Lak . the family took its origin. covering roughly the same king as having been deposed and blinded. rvith his predecessor on the throne.r . 86. country. Kumara AlakeSvara of the GirivarhSa had been in . Whatever the truth as In chapter LXIX. of the Mhu we find Larirkd to this last may be. was ruler under whom the -l[^_g v. pali Bodhigupta. Md. The clescendants of the Sakya princes' in the -l/B and the works depenclent thereon.ra (Ld. and further power The RE relates how a Brahman in Mdyd rafa hid a before. that these kings were all of or reputecl to be of the Mehenavara clan. inflamed by cupidity.-1g33j GAr'por. derived the other than Vikrama BShu III accoriling to t. JouRNAL' R. clwelling in the Moriya Bahu II his . Kurundgal K6raf6. mayira. 13. She was given Baluvatta. Tlii.hu mentioned above. was of the valik varirsa. Now the probably in its origin was the name of the place *1ts1s fhe jflaSlkkonara family r-as of the GirivJrirSa. 58). this last Vihrama Behu can hardly be any i.s to royal names has been taken to mean SAlrya lcula' but' Alkonir.zi)' . originally from Vaflci in tlie C6ra country . state tt name from the Maurya princes.A prRroD on cEyLoN Hrsror. Bhuvanaika Bahu and not in the clirect descent bhe Kifirh or Kdliiga clan (P. it seems unlikely that Bhuvanaika Bd. It is also to be rememberect that Vira Bd.for the name of an extensive gabad6gama or rather group of 1344 speaks of the father of the reigning lbn Ratuta in royal villages in Seven Korales. corrupted later into Savuluva' Her 3. for in the twenty-second year of pard.krama the Lambaka4r. and SiduruvS46' The villages where her <laughter lived were called S6bala (sdbaQa. and as still living in coontry as the modern Mayuravati K6ral€' Saaulu prefixed . She was called Mayuravati and was seen that Vikrama Bdhu III traditionally was of the Mehela- ma. and it its of our knowledge.s principality theonosicleantlofVikramaB6huoftheMehenavaravam6a before he became king and therefore somewhere on the other . who with his brothers brought the Bo tree from moro..he prrlsent. 2g3 .

the The question is whether he was Bhuvanaiha Bdhu' fII or name-gy which ho was known to Ibn Batuta.hu IV and even have been associated with his are the following : (l) wife's son.rs to all this or as to the relationship of Vijaya Bdhu V to l. I bo o . however. (2) rvife's sister's son' father on the throne. he may have claimed the throno by rightofclescent.2 yet his " fat'her.". may be ciue Vijava Bdhu V. was brohen. Tho i'.r was not Vijaya government with their father. mahes no mistake r'vhen he calls the cleposed kir-rg Alhond'r' was not fo.cf.hu VI.s. ib.ra.. therefore.-'f the Gampola kings given by Wickremasinghe is largely o. Tho " Pard.l ft is quite possible.ZI.. The " victory " referred reputecl to be of tho llehenavara varhsa . l. Ibn Batuta. Tirus it is quite possible that tho isee below. XXXIT. qo"."noli.that Alkond."-lttglrtv linoage"' Brrt eoe frloy.:)n queen. nor this reason not. Against this view is the omission of (3) sister's daughter's husbantl. *" have seen.fromParakramaBS. speaks of one the length of their reigns it may be judged that they were son as having been matle king in his place.krama Bdhu VI "). No. that Ibn Batuta We may be sure that the flaw in his pedigree.". it is possible t'hat the inclependent rer'gn of Bhuvanaiha Behu IV began about 1347' So far as the dates go. In this case he may actually have been the father It must.r jli son to his predecessor. The double accession thus is harclly likely to have been the result of revolution . (5) mother's brother's rlaughter's son. t h. ff he was his son. be emphasized that there is no certainty . he may have in Hayley's Sinhalese Laws anil Customs. then a normal procedure' Bd. On l. minors at that clate. u6a-l'o Omr og8-o oo 6:dOocotdrordoJO'I'howortr l.o <i'goo o. deposecl and blinded.gotten by his enemies. *i".--1933] GAMPOLA pERroD ox. (4) f:r'ther's sister'g daughter's Fardkrama Bdhu II from the ancestors of Pardkrama Bd. v"". and (6) mother's sister'g son's son. '.294 JouliNAr. to this.'.hu V. it may well have been Vijaya Behu V who was The internal disturbance. if such existecl.hu anc'l Par5krama Bdhu were brothers and had a moro than. p' 160' Those by i 1 been responsible for the success{ul revolution against pardk- which the " son " ig of a different clan from his " father " rama Bd..he whole perhaps the balance of the evidence is that Vijaya d..A.. X'or the Niyangampd...hu V and the anccstor of the Gampola kings.r just as rvell may have been Vijaya Behu V.NSundor lho reignof SenaI' 2. that the mother of Descont oI Paidkrama Bdhu VI"' ^urri.ased on surmise. he presumably was orwas that the direct descent. The pedigree ttert.rj 66o*.krama BAhu V. Girivarir3a.at All<ond. that is the of Vijaya Bd.krama Bd.' ti.rr. Vihdra Mahd Devi . and Alagakkond.ya rocortl.oposecl ancl blincled king may have been of the Girivarir$a' llShu V was not own son or own brother's son to Bhuvanaika On ttt" other hantl. was Alkondr or Alagakkond'ra' dedications points to Vijaya BEhu V as being the first of the ThevariousEuropeanrelationshipscorresponclingwiththose new line. is. For Sunetrd D. if this Kotte king was descended from Vijaya BEhu V son. The two brothers Bhuvanaika Bahu IV and Pard'krama Bd. R.s co^o Q q co31 td o' { . This may have been the case if he was not own "{ rechoned as " father " and " son " by Sinhalese usage appear .hat..:irqr!. i. All that is actually known is that Bhuva- bso*i shouldbo SaOceo .luama Bd. however. (cEYLoN) [Vor.hu IV appears to have closed. " The Descent of Pard.oN nrsronv 2g5 chief queen was Sunetri Devi of tho Girivasa. o' i. favours the *u o**rr-" him to have been the fzr'ther of Bhuvanaika Bdhu supposition that a new dynasty came to the throne or at least IV and Pard.. Alutnuuara LJ.. oEyr. with which the reign of ruling when Ibn Batuta visitecl " Konakd'r " in 1344' If l Par6.hu Y but his predecessor. or.ing . 86. soe British trfusoum' Or'DEadlE 666O ilhuvanaika Bahu IV and Pard.hullanrlhisGirivarirsa Flehu III. .krama varh6a " of tho Pdrami Mahd Satoka" may laika Bd. more and for the considerations already given touching the double accession of Bhuvanaika Bahu IV and his brother it p"ot ut ty it was due to the association of the sons in the perhaps seems more tikeli. 6606 (115)." to in connection with the Sabaragamuva Saman D6vdlE *ho *u.hu V came to the throne in Saka 1266 (1344-5)' X'rom It may be argued tl.

oyt. and in th. XXXII' No. 1837 shows t'hat the Aftr'galdron[ra of the time was tenth lndian custom a Kqatriya s6uldr Ra11y a lady of the caste in succession from NiS6arhka AJagakkond. That this is correct is other possibilities of relationship. the cost of some unavoidable Arakmdndvan. The fact repetition.gakliona.hd. see Haylel'..na lhsam the forrner supposition not only Vira B5.huto power.n chiefs subordinate to Vira Bnhu not onlv lived with the royal familv at Gampola but obtained. But in the mother's son " in Wijesinhe's X[ha.ra livecl about t'he time of Vikrama a. As already mentioned. who hetcl the rank of 2.-f 933] G. Sen. The little work on the liistory The Alagakkoni. though at. Their chief tolvn was Tirukdvalur. Krishna- may have noted the fact in order t. 4) under massind.o explain the succession of swami Aiyangar in his Soali Ind. Irr favour of the second supposition Inaaders. Rayigama. in which this information is given. 13. As to the Ja. a prince begun in the reign of Kitsirimevan.ia and. But whether parikrama Bdhu fl's uncle of Parfr. therefore.. ancl that Vira Bahu NiS3arhka Alake$vara (i/B). The i/S mentions one Girivasd. On tan or king of Vaiici.n was the ruler of Malai-nd.krama B5.hu II. a GirivarhSa 4.'\rakkd. also was tenth in the monastic succession. her Muhammailan Vira Rd.hu's sister may have married the was a name of the CEra hing. borne out by the tradition related by Queyroz (lib. while his two brothers were at. Whether bhe Ceylon Girivarir6a was connected with these chieftains tlie dignity of yuvaraja and with it the right of succession. though the younger brother of the prabhurdja. may be mentioned t'hat the words " own bhat " Alagueg6ra " was a foreign merchant.. A separate account' of the AlagakkonS. the Niyangampdya It.hu but his brothers the Malaiyamd.ssind.'asiri Biso.miyd in the time o{ Sena f. Tlius Vira Bd. ihat this lady was the consort of the king does not of itself The Kii. Yilgamniula. For [I] as belonging to the Vanilr varirSa or merchant caste. '3 ages many of the Vaflcipura lineage. who came of the llext beneath his own. (for Girivasii) Abo to be desirable.s. \4re rnay conclude.A.ra farnily seems :Llso speahs of a royal officer. 1.rh case tlie author of the l[S. (cIxYLoN) [Vol..rf the Alutnuvara D6val6. Behu and Gaja Behu II.hu V. who ignores Vira A]akeSvara. c'it. . Accorcling to ancient A. XCl.pa was suhurubadu to Rhuvanaika Bd. We shall see ternple. Kudalflr as being under Malaiyamd. This ruler must be the . bhirteenth century we find a lady of the Girivarirda as chief queen to Parhkrama Bd.laliya Kitsirimevan Vihd.ra sister." the Cudamani l{ighanrlu. GirivafrSa-sekhara. The term suhurubarlu is the equivalent of the modern Jain work of the eighth century. R.. Whether }re was of the century were Vaiicipura purandara. rrnion with the Girivarhsa lady as his principal queen was not that NiSSarhka Al:r.B. and *rme faruily as NiSsarirka Afagakkonara in the twelfth century . is doubtful. that is in the second quarter of the twelfth century. (l or " hill clan.rf the Ldmani clan. I the C€ras.. fi. which had rhortly that Afagakkondra's sister actually married. states that Malaiyaman ma. Vaflci was the olcl Cera capital . It. whose queen was the family thus took its origin in the CEra kingdom. therefore. cap. then incumbent of the lraiSyas were of great wealth ancl power. speaks of the country west and north of is the fact that.hu {. . who also was knciwn as Vaflciven_ king or he himself may have marriecl the king's sister. The gotra-uirudu names of the f amily in the f ourteenth . is more likely that he had rnarried t'he king's record speaks of the great Alagakkoni.ra. und the C€ra country with his capital at Kovahr. m6salliance is anothe:' matter.. According to the Abhid.clu between Toldai also stood in the same relation to Rhuvanaika Bahu.ra Family and its eonnection with Royalty. p' 159. perhaps a relative of the queen. p. are not in the original.r6 inscription of lrove that she was of royal birth. in whi.{MpoLA pERroD or' cDyLON ErsroR:r 2gz Pa'rakrama lJahu was Sumitra Devi . Bhuvanailia Behu presumably was childless. I. Girivasfi. 16. 86.296 JouRNAr.

The name " Girivarir6a " *uy merely indicate .yaka. he seems to be the brother of Ala.ra.hrama Behu VI the Vanaratana Sarirghard. his pupil's pupil. " from the Daribaclerliya time in the monastic odOeidceOrrJ sOOsd eedOr ). 1932. the substance of which is preserved on t. Paranavitana on March 22. succession of Sri Rajaguru Vanaratna Mahasvd.ragala. traditionally is known as of Devanagala. (cDrrLoN) [Vor.. BAhu by Artthand. and was then still living. I think.y 2gg is not known.tmu. We may observe that this mevan Vihdr6 inscription. but from what ca. R.mi associated with a nrahii-le s. was not a cook.rE was built in the reign of Vijaya lrer guardian or protector. sister of Attaniyaka who was related was Alkon5. He is described as B6gary." namely. S. No.e as country. referring to the year 1344 Ibn V_attala.ja of the reign of parakrama Bahu (sod 8og o106@ q0cqd gO8oo erosry lordcre € VI.du.s..c{ to have existed " from sun and rnoon. of the monk Nagasena 3. be read fairly cortairrly as Oarrd ol1sd Tho letters are not velv well proservod . of course. can. [I]. To this same period belongs the grant of the eleventh $ gakkon5. whieh. 145). bo soen on the stone.ith the Joy* Uut.The Sri Rbjaguru Vanaratna of the Kd.mi o{ Kiiragala up to .ragala recorcl.B. Was the Dd. An officer with tho samo titie is montionecl in Ni66arirka Malla's Ruanviili .na in t3T4 were as the two brothers the endowment o{ the vihdr6 is state.4& of year of Vijaya Bihu. was Vana_ Relic lands.ratana of K5. Attand. In Epigr. who was LE of the time. { of inu Kd. already mentioned. Afagakkon6ra pdday5. darld. The relationship of Migantarun to padmavati bhe reverse of the K5ragala inscription of Parakrama Bahu Vf .nd. 1887.A pnRroD or. No. untlerstoorl in its 616E67 OodoJtrr Ooc cOc@rsl OooJstsod ecooOzrfQ natural sense. iRaiaguru the monk known as Vanaratana T ? Antl was 2.ragala (Pustaka Nd. A variant jn t.ga u. though he clearly was in the position of This states that the vih5.1933] eArrpor.hu has been taken to be this time. 3. the Kitsiri- t. of the recorcl.gaba insmiption (4. relates a T pedigree introduces another person. Sudasun. the Kfi.hod.C.md. Mr.ual. printcd text gives in v.i gathD.ord shouid be Miqantar is tho Tamil forrr of Skt.. is nowhere stated. the Daiirbadeniya time in the monastic succession of Sri Rejaguru Vanaratna Mahasvd. He was of K5.mi of Kfi..NAL.ara bahunaniyan) of have been identical with or connected u.isuru."l (. 86.ttottarniyd.ra nam amd.rd" a.298 rouR. ) )i .he irlenlitv of that the family so called came frnm Malai-n5. this reading is the only possiblo ono. from l. fn this and their graridson was Va'aratana MAhimi of the L:imani same or the following year.ragala ? Some support for the I The narne in lines 2.r (Alagakkonara). by name Padmavati. however. 8. Mahanta l' Dalasenga.1. namely. who appa- .hu IV.ragala. One of the princes who brought the Bd troo according to the Sirhhala Bodltiaaritiaya was givon the rank ol aralcmEnd.. \Vanaratana I also of Kfi.ragala inscription .ragala eAl up to this time " implies that the Rajaguru mentioned was an earlier monk of the name. that is with Migantarunz (tarnan lafi..n l-. undoubtedly high royal Rd. blinded by the nobles.yaka Migantarun of Dafasengamuva for " chief of the Bd tree establishment. She married Maha Lo Siflgand. His o{ficials.I.-. 183 thc rca:ling Alusengamtt. The inscription shov"s thab the first u. The Jaya Maha L6 Sitd. the President of the Convocation under Bhuvanaika has beon rendored..'.1 rently is different from the Artthandyaka Migantarun bhe tenth in succession from Ni3Sarirka Alagakkond.ra mentioned in the Sdrhhatra ANtanagoluuarh.A.Ttan (sic). that he had been deposed ancl to (baitctu) Alagakkonara. lVe havo seen that Alagakkonara- [1] ancl with him. wo fintl an arahtnehelcd.' and so perhaps may bhe devotions of the elder sister (sa.he manuscripts has Migunturu.. crtrrrr. Vanaratana I of the Amaragiri_ l. benefaction by Alagakkond. f.ragala inscription relating to the grant of Vijaya Bd.l clan. As already seen. that is in A.oN HrsToB.lhe Huitsa gatrileittga. as it Tlna aralckdmiyd undor Sona rvasa. There stayecl with him (ohu ueta zrz) piyamavavun of Batuta tells us that the father of the king then on the throne (Padmavati). ZeyI. Saka 1304. must have been written about the same ti.. Tho rvord Hunannaru.n). The wording. the " hill language. for thc purposo of settling disputos touching the Tooth rmonastic " grandson. tho reign of Pard. states ilrat Rdganisum Dalasengamu Migantarul was the . No. granclson . wrote : " I recently prepared a fresh estampago of Vijayabihu's inscription at K6. XXXII.

The t/S also speaks of him as o{ Amaragiri. 159. That he naika Bahu V. is taining lists of ministers and chiefs between 1344-5 and the impossible as his descent from Sinhalese royalty is certain. The prabhuraja's brother Artthanayaka is mentioned with liim in Saka 1304 (1382-3) 8. namely (l) daughter. or .1 GAMPOLA ?aRrOD oI' cEyLoN nrsrony 30I supposition that he was incumbent of the KSragala Vihd. Parakrama Bahu VI. fortifi.sbd..ragala may be explanatory additions made bv ellCq@QC 6$6d61 " King Pard. This view is supported by the identity.nothor.A.*1933. The statement of the . .ra [I].ra [I] was born at Rayigama. Suoli . i scions of the family of Bud<iha.gasena of [II. is rnentionecl by the y'[S as one of the prominent have been short. Ma Huan's statement should be compared genealogical details in the summa. To revert to the Kitsirimevan Vihar6 record. though it is merely a matter of opinion. the " Sekya raco. their clan on the father's side being the Mehela_ 4." though according to the popular 7. Yira AJake6vara [II! wa. the interpretation of " Suoli " as Sofi or Co!a. loEvr. ornament of the Savulu (race).. 'Ihe succession then passed to Alagakkond. It that " Soli .72 :-toQd e:ce qOeq<figd grant at KS.B. may r:efer to Nagasena. both he and tlie great minister Alagakkonara [I] are spoken 6. 86. 1887 (f344-5) is that Vrra Alakesvara was a Tamil and a Hindu.oN) [Vol. inscription to have come down in his succession. Buddhist inhabitants of " Soli " and states that the writing that the minister Afagakkonara of 1344-5 was of an earlier employed in Java resembled that of " Suo-Ii. and then to this prince.ry of Vijaya Bahu V's with the Pciraltumba Birita. himi Rdjaguru. This is the last occasionl Hayley.300 JOURNAL. Parakrama Bahu VI. monks tluring or before tlie reign of Par5. XXVIII. however.." The word Baaulu is often where we find his " nephew " Vira Afahe6vara [III] living I interpreted as Sdltya kula.ra Alake6vara of as of Amaragiri (-l/8). The Sagama inscription is witness to their royal descent.s . This of coulse is possible. seem to have taken place not long before 1369-70.The great Afagakkond. But.worthy I 5. which Ma Huan in 1432 says that the king. The Tao I Chih Liieh (JRAS.. has vara and on the mother's the Ganavtisi.. the suh. NS. op. gives the various relationships by onwhichAlagakkonara [I] isheardof. XXXII" No. brother Vira BehuepeflV].cation of Kdttd and the expulsion of the Jafinese. Athird brother was DevaMantri.B.E that he built for an Afagakkonara lady or was in some way connected was at FerAdeniya before he fortified KottE is repeated by with or maintained by the family is given by t\e fact that the Mhu. CB. therefore. v.. designation of the coins of the period as Daiitbaileqti salli Vira AfakeSvara [Iff]. o{ the language used inlhe Haritsa Sand.' seems probable.s younger including the Kurunegala kings. 73) makes the people of Ceylon . His tenure of power as his father's successor seems to Vattala.ra in any of the documents con. The pien-i- identical with the minister of Vikrama tsehu III and Bhuva- Tien states that he was a " Suoli " and a heretic.krama Bahu II.s. and it is probable that. in spite ol the language employed in the epigraph lived at Gampola with the king and queen. cit.ra of A.s bdnd." As to Pard. he also speaks of the fore seems to me..urubadu of Bhuvanaika for two of the three villages dedicated are stated in the Bahu V.ra Sanileiaya. all or some o{ the rama Bdhu. The " Dailrbade4iya time.) which one man is bdnd to a.4a. Alagakkonlra (that is. in the Siithala Attanagaluaarfu.ja was Kumh. but there is no adopted Hinduism during his exile in fndia may be possible mention of an Alagakkond. His r Buddha. if this was the case. So the tioned inlhe Mayfr.krama Bahu of the composer of the main document in the eleventh year of Dairbadenipura..rd he was dead by 1385-6. R.r. It. It has been asserted been held that the Alagakkond. simply represents Sauulu. It there- was of the " Soli " race and a Buddhist . the prabhurd. The son of the prabhurd.. career has been dealt with above. These three are men.l. Vira Afake6vara [III]) and Dev himi at Rayigama. The authority f or this is not hnown . p." the race of the later on.ra.k- generation. the yuvaraja or 6pE.eiaua.i of Afagakkond. On the other hand.ja nray be Vanaratana II.

--1933] GAMpoLa pERroD otr cnyr. {ather's brother's daughter's son. the reverse was impossible.a.t|" royal family did not always follow the customary is not apparent why the Sll does not sav so.oN nrsrony 30. -p6di1svs1i Moh6TiQ:. have been l.the royal AlakeSvaras .y.s the for the sake of convenience. rB82-3. (2) and (6) are out no evidence that they were connected with that clan except through of the question unless tho Girivarilsa was included in the GanavHsi-varir6a. While a I{satriya ma.he wife of a Ganavti...Vt 9.--.. young Vrra A]ake6vara could have been named after his t"ni. T gakkonara's father's sister would have married into the n u' Ti# ?l *!i.s. then states tirat Pardkrama Bd. Vanarata. (7) mother's sister's therefore.the sons of Vira Bahu [fV] (Sfi). R... The fact that Vira AlakeSvara's I i motherwas of the Ganavtisi clan alone stands in the s.. unsafe to construct a Fedigree for them on thaf. unless and until it is proved that the uia. with rc6n6.na lf of Kitragala. history are Vijaya npa [V] and Tunayesa [Vl]. The last of the royal AlakeSva.L11*dn6.. if this were the case. .k..ra's wife.. a. has to be proved. IBz4. IVIII. fn either case the "lH I 12) I -. u "** "' "' "" MeJrenavara clan .'\t. nAd-ZO.". China. (4) would I l.lf. B. take it as certain that he was not the son of daughter's son. the last of " the seven " rulers.. {t should be observed that there is no DuOaSun t atu.-:-: -. But. II aiu.. XXXII.hu fi. GirivarhSa was included in the Ganaviisi-kula. aystem. This work i:iinhalese Bystem of it ls gives the relationship of the other rulers to one another. Tt has to be remembered that. (6) of Seneriradun.pd.B AfakeSvara and his brothors from the union. who according to Chinese authority were carried chitdren vi. We may. and (8) his father's rrife members of the Mehenavara clan. (cEyLoN) [Voi. Wickremasinghe suggests that Pard.Jo"n". princes were members of the GirivaftSa.) ". No.-. (5) father's sister's son's son.. the evidence points to the GirivarirSa being a VaiSya clan. Yira AlakeSvara's mother's clan.r Alaglklonara Artfhanayaka I illustrious relative.f. . :. by the second. prabhurdia[l] r ouo . Vira Alake6vara.u.si prince.tr] ujz.'a1".**lr_-. Nothing is known of the children of Vira !lIi- AlakeSvara. There I remain (5) and (7). There is in-larv's brother is not explained.r. it .hu 5p5. (3) brother's daughter's husbancl.3 hus'bancl.. and marriage. 1422-3.' the first of these relationships A_la. aud (8) mother's brother's son's son.' evidence for the supposed marriage of Alagakkond.ra's sister hu V. t1-l' o. urrl fi*"]t t yuvarajal.nr"..ll.A. which y13q" tholgh it is possible that the Gampola royal famiiy had VaiSya blood in their veins.? by lB85. (2) sistcr's son. IBJ2_J Vijaya Ba. f have used the expression . 10. his mother's sister would lt Vijaya Behu V.buru 4) wife's brother's son.larnk5dhikara Senevirat or for the birth o{ Vira ob. 86.-_-f.302 JouRNAL. and Ndgisena B"oJh"" accordingly both suggestions must be ruled out.ayl 6pa [v] Tuaafesa [vI] carriod oft to off with their father. odu. and not as implying that these bearing of the family name of the father-in-law or the father. rama Bd. that is o{ SEn5lafrk6dhikEra. was the munu. was the son of Vira AlakeSvara.-..u *. 1l n"ohh. as already pointed out.ras mentionecl in . #::lili. This is put X i Kumeri Alakedvara [II] forvrartl by Wickremasinghe. u*-. The pedigree is ae follows :_ make Alagakkond. (l) and (3) are improbable in the present case..n could law{ully (l) marry a Vai6ya \vomau.

ualiya")' The t"t{ilt oI Savnfu Vijaya Bahu.4a gives .6 olepOar@€ Or€z'49 ceRrso buru Lo be " descendant.' " The Problem of lhe Rd'id.A pERroD oF ourrr. wife Sunetrd Devi.krama Bd. likewise mentions Vijaya BAhu I Thu Descent oi Parikrama Behu and ParS. and in the next Parh'krama l. The Kott€ kings.i'd' ota=stoioE odrsoors Se princess.proig from the pure r&ce of the Sun.hu II son of Vijaya Bahu III. ft aho follows that Vijaya the Mehe4avara was descended from Sumitra and so was not of B5.s sasobn.ta. has: to be Vijaya B6. and that he was the founder of of the royal varirSa .krama Bihu VI claimed no descent from parh.hu.krama BAhu V. xiv. we may lio""g" of Mahd Sammata called Sri Vaivasvata Manu' note the following. Sunetr6. descended from Sacca R'aja have L:en of the Mehenavara varirSa. if Parakrama Bahu yI grandson was the descendant of Vijaya Bdhu V'and of Pardkrama Il. the womb of Sunetr6' Devi lnevan inscription gives ten generations for 200 years or five who was like a golden creeper clinging to the wishing tree to a century.'. ITere : .krama son of Savulu Vijaya Bahu' Jaya Maha L€' of course' Ba. and E. it carrnot have been in the male line. So all toxts.hrr l. calls this king Vijaya Verses 25 anci 26 of the Pciralcumbd"srjrt'la Bd. is possible ii we take munlt- 53. The /fB. the first mentioned of these two works aclcling was descended from therace lhe epithet " Nanbalibara.oi'already BAhu V. a nephew (or the other hand. but tracecl their origin cousin) of Praccaram Viga R'aja and son of Savluviga Bahu to Sumitra the Jaya Maha L6. of these kings (see verse 27 above)' In verso 7I descent is Bdhu is claimed from Vijaya. who appears among the ancestral kings in lhe Pcira- ment'ion Yijaya Itrtmba Siri. born of the clan of his descent as from the princes who brought the Bo tree: king Sumitra. however. did not belong to this. the lord named Jaya Md' L6.itbaileni A. 'pu"air**tl Bahu VI was the son of Jaya Maha LE and his If. Pdram. 27 oft'he Ptirakumbd' Si'rita is that here presumably the first holder of this office.lirama vaflSa.6 eoecod suppose that Pard. We have seen that he is described in the family.ihd. " descendant of " or " of the same family as . d€scendant. given in v. therefore.liriga oorprQ5^co oa bg.sO"ecordo6 SOA dcodcano9 @od5oo Idobli. The Atuanagalu V. In a later place he is mad'e insteadofnephew'TheBritishMuseumB.hu I and Pardkrama Bahu I of Pofonnaruve .. and munuburut of Jaya Maha LEna.krama Bahu If. Valentyn's version of the 'Raj states that Pardkrama whatever this may imply.hu III. and the Da. to wit.i Maha Sataka as of the " Pard.This subject has been discussed in part above (see VI wa. on and Ittahasammata Raja and Simit R'aja. IVe must remember that the Kitsiri- " Come from the cloud. The Gampola kings are saicl to Bdhu was o{ the Solar race.1933] c+AM?or. for his mother was a Kd. B. and tlien says that Paral<rama Bd.oN HrsToRy BOF 304 ' VI' Tlrc Kdaya.hu's son. of Dafrbade4rpura. prince Sumitra." the name of a village not far YijayJ Bahu. " called the ornament of tho Baozfu (raco). the poem ildlru Vathimi.iioa-oi6-g"sol$ot e{aoeo od zo0.s' (cEYLoN) [Vol' XXXII' No.cna wilhthe r?/J Kelinea then goes on to say that Pard'krama B6'hu VI or Savufu !/ijaya Bd. the father of Pard. for it is ambiguous.aja and Simittra Dewa. Nor can he have been grandson in the literal sense of ooOOOo Oga:oOLortl Oor co@:l cdQ:dc€orto @ the word to ParS. 86. Savulu Vijaya Behu be Vijaya Bdhu V.4ekhara.krama B6hu f." in this case great grandsorr.hu V's daughter married the 6aqd then Jaya Maha L6. The descent. Devi was of the Kdlinga branch a new dynasty..ra Varit. however.A. son of the great king Vijaya Bd'hu' Vijaya Bd. . grandson of the great king of the As to the identification of Savulu Vijaya Bahu with Pardkrama Bdhu. whom on the strength of the pedt'qree we must take mentioned.4 S* Or ed cOc@ ro9. The question is who I'as Savufu Vijaya Bd'hu' lrodhi. the p"aigr". and was munubunr of Pard'krama Bd'hu Pard." the Mho says that he was of the lineage of king Siri Sarigha- 2. JouRNAL.hu V rnade no such claim. Thus..

ra Mahd. 769... Vijaya Behu IV. This or expired. A strong point in favour oI the identification of the Tho Aseesslon Dato of parikrama Bihu VI.f'fier the full moon ancl III their last ancestor to sit on the throne. It will be remembered Bdhu II in his own work the Kaasi[umi. jf this commentary as Mahe. u: sumi'ir' Devil rama Behu fII.. pp.:#r*::n" therefore.. 770).hu in its sense ol Sakya kulcr. lggg.. :. for which there is no authority. 86.krama B5.4a calls himself that.s.reference to a specific_family. Pard. Sunetrd Dcvi 3.B.LA paRroD oF cryroN nrsronv 307 froilr Daribade4iya. XXXII No. t'M"th*-@ or rrt" r.hu son of Savufu Vijaya Bahu. Tlu Nd. There is no certainty about the pedigree. III. (cErrr. a position hardly likely were Pardkrama Bdhu II or a. Pard. Instead we have the statement that there was a lIayadunJ-.luug]h. the mention of both kings in the pedigreos..hu of the Pciralcu. This is f. though his. Jaya Maha Le : .A. While.krama Bdhu son of rcgnal year cannot be gata B6.mba Birita pedigree with th" l The date of pard. 43. This rrsult was obtained._.krama vati$a. Sauulu is not inappropriate to the third and fourth I Vijaya Bd. This Bhuvanaika Bdhu may be the first or second tsahu I.hu II.hu IV is out of the question.otrru.Lirr iu 1343 in the tenth year of parakrarna but on the supposition that the Pard.hu. "Dala Prirakum raja.du and pinnacle oi th" Kgatriyas of the Lunar race (ed. But it also is possible that would not preclude Vijaya Bahu V's deJcendants from styling ihemselves as of the Mehenavara clan.nere pointed out that the earlier *ort * urrd aocuments of the intelligible if the princes were near to the succession to the r*ign give this event as falling in the Buddhist year lgSb.liu was the fifth king of the name.father is spoken of as d.hu VI." rendered in tho 5. Further evidence as to the pedigree is supplied by j or u'o the Hahsa Banileiaya.hu. and afterwards Pard. as he was the son of Shuva- naika Bd.krame :{ ?. . Madugalld Sidclhattha Th6ra. or of Jaya .e acceesion has been fifth king of the name rather than with the second or third itiscussed in Epigragthia Zeylanieo. ft was is the persecution of SunetrS.uvara yuvaraja king of the Solar race. 4. R.rakum raja of the H.krama before the new mclon of poson.krama Bdhu. Here nothing is said of I xatingllan Pardkrama Bd. crown.nd that the actual date was in the month of Vesak on or ir. But this or even the third of t'he name. the taii'i in A. it is never found in Rhuvlnaika B:rhu IV : Vihtira trfahd Dovi : parekrama use.hu.krama Pd. bB ff.ria Baid.306 JorrRNAL. Vihd.i paratrama BEhu VI Maha L6. of course. Devi. Pard.oN) [Vor.rdyan origin. of pdr. as follows : Bd.pard.escerrded from the prin# rvho brought the Bo tree to Ceylon..{ B5. . descont may have been as follov's :. He was. The use of the term . a fact which may explain 'rf king_Paf. he and Par6.u" i_l Jaya Maha L6 . is knowrt by the name of Bdsat. the father of Parik. lgb4.eiayais pare.krama Bd.krama Bahu V were brothers ancl married of the lineage a common queen. for parEkrama Bhuvanaika Bahu IV may be meant. Devi and her children. it is. On the whole it seems more likely that Savulu Vijaya BidhrV Bd. perhaps may be explained that race came Bhuvanaika Bd.lg33] GAM'. from him or from has. .. for if so the accession Savulu Yijaya Bahu was the Gampola king of the name. v. vv.miiualiya is dated in the month of Vesak io.

when lgbg y"ears had expired since fore. Couto says: " This Maha Pracura transferred his court to the city of Cota.19331 GAM"or.. ft is a favourite date not uncommonly attributed to events in popular works.n error.. andthe Rai states that the king lived three years at Rayigama and then went to Jayavarddhanapura and fortified it. the sovereign of the that Buddhist year and the end of Vesak.. Sammata manifested from the Lambakarna Saka 1334.krama Bahu VI. oame to the throne between the commeneement of the omniscient great king Gautama.B. 1955 began on the full moon gotra. XXXII. for it was in 1958 according to the S-B that the tipd ol the same name passed away.B. (Pcirakumbii Bi'rita.ra Senevirat.oN) [Vot.s. The date.e-Ot$g oocgo. If this is not a. confirms this view :- € OtoOdjd 6toOd {i:cgr$ octq. Tire oponing sentence of the Denavaka sannasa.A pnnroD oF cEyLoN nrsrony B0g therefore. that of the first occurred in MahE..A.308 rounNAr. 71. may havo been at Gampola.s.6l (pp. In the -Boj itself it is that given for the capture of " Vijaya BEhu " by the Chinese. but otherwise stands alone.r R...... lgbg marks the Yesak. cit p'68). Tho first named date has found its way from the B-B into the eighteenth century Mha. whole fshnd' of Ceylon. being grandson of S6ndlarirkddhikd. Pardkrama 'Bahu. K6ttE as the scene of this is quite possible. esO@ csirlalo o rJlo dO O sorqtd roO8co c q euod Z:odrr::zr @ qgCqqan 8Cg tsq@ao:toO@a: ed:c$rr!.' moon of Poson. which he founded anew " (opt.@eff . after uniting uncler one canopy the of Yesak in that Saka year. seventh of the bright half of This seems to imply that the date A.csd g:tp8qo:O p6oaogQd Ssdtotdotoro 60 e:r. there. This trans' ference must. as this falls at the end end of civil war.krama Bd.tlo fi8]q. 295) for the accession at Jayavarddhanapura. and the year 1958 that of the refounding of KOttC. that is the new Law and chief of the three world. The year 1953 as well as 1958 is given in the B. who... of the Buddhist year and so in Saka 1335. 28). given by tha Raj does not.€ edr@@Org . No. The year 1955 (1412) perhaps was that of the coronation at Rayigama.. for Pard. suit. current. represent the final triumph of Pard. (cEYr. being descended frrjm year falling in Saka 1343. 86. the year 1953 (1410-ll) may be that in which Pardkrama Behu first pretended to the throne . 2.hu 6p6. and the Sinhalese numerals 3 and 5 are very similar. The Yesak of the tenth current regnal " Sri Pardkrama Bdhu. But A.. came to the throne.