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May 29, 2016

To whom it may concern,

I wanted to tell you a little about me so when you do my letter of recommendation it is easier. I am applying for the
Lead Preschool Teacher position for next year at Volta Elementary for the afternoon class. I have nine years working in the
school district in the School District State Preschool. I started as a Preschool Instructional Aide, then in a year I got promoted to
a Preschool Teacher Assistant at Westside Elementary, a year later then I moved to Henry Miller Elementary as the Associate
Preschool Teacher. I have been capable of running the classroom without the Lead Teacher for seven years whenever she is
absent. One of the outstanding qualifications I have is that in for the nine years of working, I only have been absent for three
days. One because the Lead Teacher told me I should attend my brother’s graduation and the other two was because of illness. I
understand we have emergencies but I can say I love my job.
I currently have two jobs, one in the mornings with the State Preschool at Henry Miller Elementary, and at Yellow
Brick Road Preschool and Day Care as a School Age Teacher in the evenings. Previously I was available to substitute in the
afternoons. So I substituted for a whole year in the afternoons at Miano State Preschool for the afternoon class. I have also
helped out for two years at Henry Miller Elementary during parent teacher conferences by translating. I am fluently in Spanish
and in English; some people are able to speak Spanish and translate it verbally but cannot translate in written as I am capable
of. I am familiar with all the Preschool Standards as I know how to complete the Desired Results Development Preschool Profile
for each student and submitted to the DRDP Tech web site. I am also familiar with having ECERS which is Early Childhood
Environment Rating Scale that the Merced County people comes and revise our center to see if we have a good quality
environment. In addition I am familiar with the CLASS tool which is The Classroom Assessment Scoring System. It is an
observation instrument that assesses the quality of teacher-child interactions in center-based preschool classrooms. CLASS includes
three domains or categories of teacher-child interactions that support children's learning and development: Emotional Support,
Classroom Organization, and Instructional Support. Within each domain are dimensions which capture more specific details about
teachers' interactions with children; this school year I had a Mentor Teacher Partner Coach that helped me improve my teachings
I am capable of doing all the objectives a Lead Teacher have to do. I can say that Preschool children are my
inspiration to continue my education and being the Lead Teacher is my dream job. I do not like to brag about myself and I
rather prefer that people who are able to see my work are the ones who praise me as describe me. The most rewarding thing
for me is to make a difference in every child and be their first teacher who gives them that positive enthusiastic experience
when attending school by implementing fun and learning activities. I really enjoy when previous students that I had six years ago
still know my name and still greet me with a smile on their face that means a lot to me, it means I did made a difference in
their lives. Finally all I can say is that I do consider myself a hard worker and I won’t let any of the people who believe in me
down. Thank You for the support!

Angelina Torres
Angelina Torres