by Martyn Hobbs and Julia Starr Keddle
with Cheryl Pelteret

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indd 3 16/06/11 09:34 . Contents Real communication & Exam listening Module 1 4-5 Module 2 6-7 Module 3 8-9 Module 4 10-11 Module 5 12-13 Module 6 14-15 Module 7 16-17 S Interculture Module 1 Life in Britain/Sport in Britain 18-21 Module 2 Places in the UK 22-23 Module 3 Out and about in the UK 24-25 A Module 4 Home and schools 26-29 Module 5 Multiculturalism in the UK 30-33 Module 6 Ireland 34-35 Module 7 British Food 36-37 M Stories 38-45 CLIL Module 1 Sport: basketball 46-47 P Module 2 Technology: gadgets 48-49 Module 3 Geography: deserts 50-51 Module 4 Civic studies: the UK political system 52-53 Module 5 History: the Romans in Britain 54-55 LE Module 6 Earth Science: volcanoes 56-57 Module 7 Biology: nutrition 58-59 Roleplays 60-61 SONGS 62-64 HL_REALelementary_LINKS INT 2011.

Family Guy film! BETH Jack’s coming. 6 _________ we go and see the new Harry Potter film. There’s Brad Pitt’s new film. it’s my idea. then. ALICE OK. 1 a Let’s b What shall we c Why don’t 4  3 Listen and check. 4 a what time b what’s on c what is 5 a stand b like c mind AMY It’s a bank holiday tomorrow. I don’t really like his friends. F i l e Unit 1 j Module 1 Real communication F i l e Unit 2 Asking for ideas Personal details What shall we do? What’s your. PETE Oh. thanks. the Canadian guy.30. 3 AMY Good idea. ALICE 4 _________ . BETH Seven o’clock at the bus stop? Perfect. six o’clock. AMY Quarter to three. I don’t think all the shops are open. let’s do that. 2 _________ . let’s not. 2 a How about b We can c What 4 HL_REALelementary_LINKS INT 2011. | I’m not sure | Sorry? PETE Here. Choose a. number? What’s on? Asking for personal Opinions information I love / don’t mind… S Are you…sporty / musical / I don’t like / can’t stand / interested in drama? hate… Do you … like chatting online / belong to any clubs Agreeing /societies A Good idea. ALICE 3 _________ ? Who? 8 _________ time’s it on? BETH The Canadian guy from school. What’s your school? What kind of music / TV Disagreeing programmes do you like? Oh no! I can’t stand… No.indd 4 16/06/11 09:34 . really. AMY No. b or c. 1 ________ do? 6 a let’s b why c shall PETE 2 _________ some shopping at the Clarendon 7 a love b can’t c mind Centre? LE 8 a Where b When c What AMY Hmm …Well. See you there. PETE _________ go shopping and then see a film. OK. Let’s look in the newspaper. Shopping at two. I 7 _________ Family Guy.. then? BETH Do you want to come to Jed’s party with me? AMY Too many kids. / Great. 2  2 Listen and check. but the cinema is. 3 a Shall b What about c Let’s P Complete the dialogue. What else? Look – a new ALICE 1 _________ . M Unit 1 1 Amy and Pete are deciding what to do.. half past four. You know… | Cool. Do you know 4 _________ ? Real talk PETE Sure. then film at 4. Pete. Well. You know I can’t 5 _________ him. Where shall we go? first name / surname / full name? Suggestions …address / postcode? What about… ? …date of birth? How about… ? …email address? Shall we go and see… ? …home phone / mobile I’ve got an idea. What time shall we meet? Right. 3 Complete the dialogue with these words.

It starts at 10. but 2 _______________________________ ? ALEX How’s the DJ thing going? TIM A NM19 9JN. hang on a minute! Can I just check Real talk some information with you first? S 1 ___________________________ surname? 7 Complete the dialogue with these words. M ALEX It’ll be fine. TIM Oh. Now. I have your address. Exam Listening Towards PET (Part 1) Listen to the dialogues and tick N the correct picture. Tim? This is Jodie Brook from the X Factor! 6  4 Listen and check. of course! JODIE Well. P 9  6 Example: Which sport does Amy watch on TV? 4 What sport is Mark good at? LE 1 What musical instrument does Dan play? 5 What has Vanessa got in her bag? 2 Where is Jessica’s mobile phone? 6 What does Tim do in his free time? 3 Which genre of film do Clare and Ben go to see? 7 What can Kirsty do well? 5 HL_REALelementary_LINKS INT 2011. Tim 7 ___________________________ of TV what’s your postcode | What’s your | have you got programmes do you like? your date of birth | what about a | what kind | have TIM Music programmes. Unit 2 5 Tim wants to take part in the X Factor. Amazing. 4 _________ . JODIE: And 3 _________________ an email address? ALEX 1 _________ ! Is it OK if I come along? TIM Yes. the show’s PA. it’s Nascimento.indd 5 16/06/11 09:34 .co.uk TOM 2 _________ . My dad’s Brazilian. these words. but 5 ____________ mobile number? TOM I’ve got 3 _________ of new music to play. I’m a bit nervous. TOM Really well. with JODIE So that’s 1/9/1991. Tim. One more thing. JODIE So I 4 _________________ your home phone ALEX Why? number. JODIE And 6 ______________________________ ? 8  5 Listen and check. 1991. TIM Oh. It’s timnas@coolnet. TIM 09991 199119. Don’t worry | loads | Sure | Awesome JODIE Interesting. Complete TIM September the 1st. good news. hi! Great! Does this mean I’m on the show? JODIE Well. I’ve got a gig tonight at Squelch. his telephone call to Jodie. There’s a screen test on … let me see … September the 1st! JODIE Hi.

kilos. 8 million people have a cat and 7 million have a dog. LE Britons drink an average of three cups of tea a day.5 P 80% of people live in a house. Seeing friends or relatives is also very popular. the traditional family dinner. Multiculturalism Only 40% of Britons regularly eat ‘meat and two veg’. Fish and chips is the favourite takeaway food. young people prefer soft drinks and mineral water. 2 pairwork Answer the questions.9 16 25 80 13 Watching TV is Britain’s favourite free-time activity. 84% of young people say they respect their parents. 1 Read the statistics above.9% of the British population are from ethnic minorities. 7. machine. Module 1 Interculture S j A Home and family Young people Only two or three people live in the average British home. Food Religion About 6% of Britons are vegetarian. fridge and washing 55% say they respect their teachers. Britons buy more ready-made meals than any other European country. People in Britain have the right to religious freedom. young people are allowed to do part-time M Britons watch about 25 hours of TV a week. telephone. Nearly 70% of adults can use the Internet at home. Most families own a car.5 84 7. 24% of 15 year-old girls and 16% of boys are regular 6% of families own more than three cars. vegetables or salad daily. 1 Which facts are surprising? The most common activity away from home is going 2 Which facts aren’t surprising? to the pub. work. but There are 8 million active members of a religion in the UK. Nearly 200 languages are spoken across London. Free time 200 5. At 13 years old. 18 HL_REALelementary_LINKS INT 2011. Find out what the numbers mean. 3 Which facts do you think are unlike your country? 50% of Britons regularly do a sport. Going to the cinema is the most popular cultural activity.indd 18 16/06/11 09:34 . The average weight of a British child’s school bag is 5. TV. Only four in ten young people eat fruit. 80% of families own a microwave oven. smokers. 4 Which facts do you think are like your country? Walking is the most popular exercise.

I’m sixteen and I’m A terraced house. I so sometimes she heats up a ready- made meal in the microwave. I live with my mum. dad and three brothers and sisters in a My name’s Ryan. Life in Britain S My name's Ellen and I'm fifteen. Project What about your country? Find out statistics from the Internet. My family is West Indian. doesn’t have time to cook every evening. 3b pairwork Discuss your answers with your ready-made. She has a sometimes go to see a film with cup of tea in the evening. be allowed to.indd 19 16/06/11 09:34 . life. and surfing the net. We haven't got a black. Do a project similar to the article and illustrate it with 3a Read about Ellen and Ryan. weight. Mum works really hard. meat because I'm a vegetarian . and I know I must stop. but I smoke. too much. Underline the ways pictures from magazines. and we often go and visit Generally I live a really healthy relatives. We go to church eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. Circle the information that is not ‘average’. an average (n). We car but we all have bikes. on Sunday. but I usually my friends. own. In my free time I it most evenings. My mum and I live in London in a flat. Glossary average (adj). I also like like playing football with my friends.I I respect her a lot. We've haven’t got a pet. we’re away from home got a dog called Toby. At the weekend watching TV. My mum works and she my family often go for a walk. I don't like fish or LE drink fruit juice. too. I’ve got a part-time job. P and my dad goes cycling. takeaway food. right partner. in which their lifestyle is ‘average’. I M I like watching TV and we watch work in a clothes shop. 19 HL_REALelementary_LINKS INT 2011.

The season is from the all over the world. They are worried about the tennis players come to play on its nation’s health. watch it on TV or play it. M matches against international teams including Chinese dragon boats and such as New Zealand. It is a mixture of P Britain and people consider the players high fashion. Module 1 Interculture j www. Running Football Many people go running and also enjoy Millions of British people go to running marathons for charity. S The London Bikeathon is for the breakdancing and DJ mixing. It includes BMX riding. the West Indies. through winter and spring. Millions LE place. most famous one is the Flora London Football is the nation’s favourite sport. in June. one of London’s parks. skating. Arsenal attracts thousands of competitors from and Spurs. near Nations and Cup Final matches take Liverpool. support of the Leukaemia Research Fund and goes past many famous Rowing London sights. Marathon. Top international sport. Twickenham is the home and women wearing incredible hats. is an annual race. There are 150 boats. The traditional food of prefer watching sport on TV or going Wimbledon is strawberries and cream. is world-famous. royalty. The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race between the two historic universities A Cricket takes place on the River Thames in This is a summer game and people London. They watch matches on big screens while drinking beer! 20 HL_REALelementary_LINKS INT 2011. But many people grass courts. in late June or early to persuade the British to do more July. autumn. of British people watch it on TV. There are cycle tracks in the Common. Australia. is a famous This sport is increasingly popular in horse-racing event. It is a 26-mile race and London is home to Chelsea. London it worldwide. Tennis Couch potato! Wimbledon Lawn Tennis The British government is trying Championships. Horse racing Rugby Union Royal Ascot. 400 million people watch play it throughout Britain. the best racing to be heroes. In September there is has two famous cricket grounds: Lords the spectacular Great River Race on and the Oval. South Africa and India.bsb/aboutculture Cycling Cricket Rugby Union Running Tennis Urban Games Rowing Horse Racing Football Couch Potato Cycling Urban Games Cycling is very popular for the whole This is held in July on Clapham family. The matches. to the pub. Hawaiian war canoes.indd 20 16/06/11 09:35 . countryside and lots of charity races. England plays ‘Test’ the Thames. of Rugby Union and it is where the Six The Grand National at Aintree.

report about it. pitch. racist abuse 21 HL_REALelementary_LINKS INT 2011. city sports ___________________________________________ 5 a bike race in London ___________________________________________ M 6 there are all sorts of strange boats ___________________________________________ 7 mostly English-speaking nations play it ___________________________________________ 3 Complete the table with the names of sports. and they celebrate the contribution that ___________________________________________ all ethnic groups make to football. posters and protests. British organisations such as Show Racism the Red Card and Kick Racism out of Football.farenet. couch potato.ord. match. P uses a boat rowing team game individual sport LE played with a bat or racquet uses wheels played on grass 4 groupwork Decide which two sporting events from the article you want to go and watch. visit schools and clubs and have websites. 4 Visit one of the sites in the article. war canoe. increasingly.org. 2 a race where women wear fashionable clothes doesn’t matter. 1 What three organisations help fight racism in football? 2 What do they do? Glossary 3 Is there racism in football in your country? cycle tracks. Use the website article as a model. 4 for unusual. Do a project about sporting events in your country.kickitout. Write a short grass courts. ground. www. health. DJ mixing. charity. Sport in Britain Football 1 pairwork Look at the pictures on page 20 and discuss the sports. 2 Read the web article on page 20 and write the the European FARE (Football Against Racism in Europe) names of the events. 5 Read the newspaper article on the right and Project answer the questions. ___________________________________________ A srtrc. against racism 1 What is the name of the sport? Football is the biggest sport in the world. or where he or she is from. 3 a 26-kilometre race in London They organise petitions.org and www. and many famous footballers aim to force racist abuse 1 a historic race between universities and violence out of the sport.indd 21 16/06/11 09:35 . not traditional. but there are 2 Do you like doing or watching that sport? unfortunately many incidents of racism both on and off 3 Is it popular in your country? the football pitch. They believe that the ___________________________________________ S colour of a player or fan. such as www.

What new sport can I invent? I need a game M to play indoors… Suddenly he has an idea! I know! We can hang up a basket. a great idea! LE needs a new game for his students to play. when the ball goes into the basket. P We throw the ball into the basket! What 1891 A PE teacher in Canada.indd 46 16/06/11 09:37 . called James Naismith. 1 CLIL Sport: Basketball Module Warm up Vocabulary 1 Answer the questions. and use a ball. They climb a ladder to get the ball out of Now. her Naismith has anot great idea! Students play the first game of basketball. 2 Match the words with the pictures. But what do we know about the history of this game? Let’s go back to 1891 to find out! A It’s cold 7 8 outside. it falls out the basket! through the hole! 46 HL_REALelementary_LINKS INT 2011. 1 Do you like watching basketball? pass | court | kick | basket | throw | bounce | ladder 2 Do you play basketball? | ball 1 2 3 Millions of people all over the world play 4 5 6 S basketball.

Pass. T / F 3 Twelve players from each team can play on the court at ) B Because I play with my friends. c only at weekends • To score a goal. a the other students • Jump up high and drop the ball into the basket. • Move the ball only with your hands. b or c. Include information on: • How many people play • Where you play Listening • What you play with (racket. Write 5 There is a break in the game after 30 minutes. b twice a week • There are two baskets. b Magic Johnson • Don’t kick the ball. c Jesse Owens Speaking M 6 pairwork Ask and answer about your partner’s favourite sport or activity. A a Michael Jordan • Don’t hang onto the basket. DO c She goes to a basketball coaching camp. There is a break in the middle. you get the ball into the basket. T / F two lists – do and Don’T.indd 47 16/06/11 09:37 . • There are two teams. Circle T ( A How often do you play it? P (True) or F (False). T / F ( A Why do you like it? 2 The game of basketball comes from the USA. 1 Basketball is more than 100 years old. you score Writing points. tennis. 3 What does she usually do in the summer holidays? a She goes swimming. 3 Read about basketball on page 46. Reading ( A What is your favourite sport? ) B Football. ) B I play it every Saturday. 6 It’s wrong to hold the ball and run on the court. You can score 2 When does she play matches? 2 or 3 points each time the ball goes into the basket. 5 Listen again and circle the correct answer 1 How do you play? Module a. How many English words about sport do you use in your Find out about the sport and write lists How do you language? play? and What are the rules? similar to the ones goal? corner? play off? time out? above. T / F Think about this! Project Choose one of these sports: baseball. but only five players from a a once a week team can play on the court at the same time. b the other activities c the coaches DON’T 5 Who is her favourite basketball player? • Don’t run with the ball. T / F 4 When the ball goes into the basket. T / F 7 Write rules about your favourite sport. 1 How often does Katy play basketball? • Each team can have twelve players. a every weekend • The team with the most points. What is she talking about? • The rules a her basketball team b a basketball camp c her basketball coach 47 HL_REALelementary_LINKS INT 2011. bat. Make a list. ball etc) • How you score 4  34 Listen to Katy. throw or bounce 4 What is the best thing about the camp? S (dribble) it. one at each end of the basketball court. What are the rules? b She coaches basketball. volleyball. wins! b every holiday c only during the school term • The game lasts for one hour. LE the same time.