Agricultural Extension Communication I

OCTOBER 1, 2009


A. Modified True or False: Write TAMA if the statement is correct, otherwise underline the
incorrect part of the statement and write the correct answer on the blank. 45 points.
1. The extension agent gives medicine to a sick animal is an example of intervening through
2. Intervening is the extension agent’s practitioner work._____________________________.
3. Adaptation is acquiring or improving the ability to perform a behavior pattern through
experience and practice._____________________________________________________.
4. Law of effect is the basic law of learning.________________________________________.
5. Technology is any idea, method or object that is considered new for the individual._____.
6. New farming technology is an example of an innovation.___________________________.
7. Innovators are high risk takers and willing to experiment. __________________________.
8. The farmer will perform a given action of his/her own free will, every time it is considered
necessary. _______________________________________________________________.
9. Manipulation is a power exerted by an authority forcing somebody to do something.___.
10. Communication is a process consisting of seven elements._________________________.
11. The effectiveness of communication is achieved if receiver’s response is in accordance with
the intention of the source._________________________________________________.
12. The more we know and understand our audience, the greater is the likelihood of successful
13. The link that connects the source and the receiver is communication.________________.
14. MDG stands for Marketing Development Goals._________________________________.
15. Global warming took place when greenhouse gasses trap some of the sun’s energy within
our atmosphere and increase the warming of the earth’s surface and atmosphere. _____.

B. Discuss briefly and straightforward
1. What characterize an innovation to be accepted by the farmers? 20 points
2. Discuss the reasons why we cannot have effective communication in agricultural
communication. 20 points
3. Discuss factors that connect agricultural productivity with climate change.(20 points)

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