Good morning sir


1. It is against my wish and personal desire to keep on writing for a decision to be effected at a time it is
necessary with negligence.

2. You will recall the day you gave the electrical/mechanical services of the proposed workshop at
Fed.polytechnics Damaturu, all their mode of operation is known to you because you have been working
for them ever before then. I was not in the picture but cannot tell you my price because of the
assumption that the job is purely consultancy.

3.I was shocked with the drama that went on later when you were asking me how I arrived at
N900,000.00 as the amount payable to me if it is to be paid outside consideration for consultancy. You
made me to understand only Two blocks of buildings will be considered for construction now and I
provided services for Four blocks of buildings which called for my asking price. I am still wondering that it
is almost two months since we discussed last.

4. Please your immediate response is necessary.