the sun did not shine.

it was too wet to play. – Tuck Jump
so we sat in the house - Tunnel
all that cold, cold, wet day.

i sat there with sally.
we sat there, we two. – Sit crisscross
and i said, 'how i wish
we had something to do!' – hands facing
upwards in
“I don’t know”pose

and then something went BUMP! – slap both
hands on floor
how that bump made us jump! – donkey kick
we looked!
then we saw him step in on the mat!
we looked! – mime “looking around”
and we saw him!
the cat in the hat! – airplane with hands on hips
and he said to us,
'why do you sit there like that?'
'i know it is wet
and the sun is not sunny–stand in straddle, both
arms swing
around motioning “the sun”
but we can have
lots of good fun that is funny!' – straddle prone
fall, slide
transition to laying straight
but our fish said, 'no! no!
make that cat go away! - Log roll with “hugging
tell that cat in the hat
you do NOT want to play. – Shake head “no”
he should not be here.
'now! now! have no fear.
have no fear!' said the cat. – knee scale
'my tricks are not bad,'
said the cat in the hat.
'why, we can have
lots of good fun, if you wish, - needle
with a game that i call
up-up-up with a fish!' - jump ¼ turn to right

'put me down!' said the fish. – candle stand
'this is no fun at all!
put me down!' said the fish.
'i do NOT wish to fall!' – let feet fall to floor, to
lay flat

'have no fear!' said the cat.
'i will not let you fall.
i will hold you up high – squat balance with arms
as i stand on a ball.

that is what the cat said...
then he fell on his head! – bump head on ground
he came down with a bump
from up there on the ball. – somersault
and sally and i,
we saw ALL the things fall! - straddle and reach
far out

Then our mother came in
And she said to us two,
‘did you have any fun? - kneeling with “I
don’t know” pose
Tell me. What did you do?’

What would YOU do
If your mother asked YOU? – point out at